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Dev takes Sona for a coffee date.
Sona – Dev tum mujhe yaha kyun laye ho . Humme ghar jana tha na. Mein already itni tensed hoon aur tum enjoy kar rahe ho.
(Dev why did you get me here . I am already tensed and you want to enjoy ).
Dev places his hand on Sona’s hand.
Dev – Sona tum kyun pareshan ho rahi ho mein hoon na… Apne pathi par itna tho barosa rakho yaar.
( Sona why are you worrying …trust your husband)
Sona – Dev yeh baar baar pathi kehna band karo its really irritating
Dev gets shocked . How could she get irritated by him.
Sona – Dev socho agar mein aisi girlfriend hothi tho.
(If I would have been such a girl friend )
Dev – girlfriend ??? Sona tum meri wife ho girlfriend nahi…
(You are my wife not my girlfriend)
Sona – Haan ab mein janti hoon ki Mrs Sonakshi Dev Dixit ban gayi hoon par mujhe aisi feeling nahi aa rahi hain .
(I know I am Mrs Sonakshi Dev Dixit but I am not getting that feeling )
Dev – acha toh meri biwi ko feeling nahi aa rahi..
Dev comes really close to Sona . He moves towards her but she pushes him away .
Sona – sharam karo pati dev … Aaspas kitne saare log hain..
Dev – acha ab tak tumne hi kaha tha ki feeling nahi aa rahi hain aur ab jab tumhe mein feel karvana chahtha hoon to sharam aa rahi hain..
( Till now you were not getting the feeling and now when I am trying to make you feel you are feeling shy )
Sona – itni toh sharam kisi ko bhi aayegi. Acha suno mujhe bohut darr lag raha hain ki ghar par kaunsa bomb futega

(Listen I am feeling scared …don’t know which bomb is going to burst at home )
Dev – Hiroshima aur Nagasaki.
Sona – Dev kya bol rahe ho tum ..
(What are you telling)
Dev – aur nahi toh kya Sona tum itni tension math lo meine kaha hain na tumhara pathi tumhare saath khada hain
(Don’t worry I already told you your husband is with you )
Sona – I love you Dev
Dev – I love you too , 3 ,4
Ab chale
Sona – chalo chalte hain Mr Dixit

At home
Bejoy – Nahi Sona tum ghar pe nahi aa sakhti ho tum humse aise baathe chupake paris chali gayi aur waha itna kuch kiya chori chupke..
( No Sona you cannot come inside …you went away to Paris and did many things there secretively )
Asha – haan sona iss baar tune bohut galat kiya tere aur hamare life ka sabse important decision teri shadhi uske baare mein tune humse ek bhi baar nahi pucha…
(Yes Sona you are really wrong this time . Your life’s and our life’s most important decision your wedding didn’t even ask us about it even once )
Ishwari – hum chahte bhi te ki tum dono ki shadhi ho jaye par aise nahi
(We all wanted your marriage to happen but not like this )
Raghunath – Sona tumse humme yeh ummid nahi thi
(Sona we didn’t expect this from you )
Adi – tumne apni dosti dikhadi na Sona..
(You showed your friendship right Sona )
Sonal – Sona mujhe abhi bhi vishwas nahi ho raha hain ki tumne humse itni badi baath chupayi..
(Sona I am still not able to believe that you hid such a big thing from us )
Sona was not able to take all this . She hurt everyone who believe in her so much . She was on the verge of tears when a video starts playing . It was her wedding video. She gets shocked. Everyone starts clapping . She looks at Dev who smiles looking at her.
Bejoy – Dev ab mein yeh sab natak nahi kar sakhta …
( Dev I can’t do acting anymore )
Sona – acting ???
Dev holds his ears ???
Dev – sorry Sona meine humari shadhi ke baare mein inhe pehle hi batah diya tha aur inki permission bhi li thi.
(Sorry sona I already told them about our wedding and I had also taken their permission )
Sona – toh yeh sab tumhara plan tha…mein tumhe chodungi nahi…

(So this was your plan I will not leave you ).
She starts running behind him. Everyone laugh looking at their antics. After some time Ishwari does Sona’s ghar pravesh and all.
Doorbell rings…
A lady enters in. Ishwari and Asha are shocked to see her. The lady removes her sunglasses and walks towards Ishwari. Bejoy and Raghunath had gone inside the kitchen to get sweets for everyone
Lady – kaisi ho Ishwari. Pehchana kya mujhe. Waise pehchane ki koi zaroorat nahi hogi kyu ki tum mujhe kabhi bhul hi nahi sakhti ho
(How are you Ishwari did you recognize me. Anyways it’s not needed because you will never forget my face. )
Ishwari was feeling uncomfortable. Just than Raghunath comes and makes her eat sweets.
Lady – kamaal hain Raghu hum yaha kadhe hain aur tum mithai isse khila rahe ho
Raghunath gets shocked.
Raghunath – Radha tum yaha ?
Lady – tum mujhe nahi bhule na Raghu. Waise bhi Radha Rani ko koi kaise bhul sakhta hain
(You didn’t forget me Raghu. Anyways how will some body forget Radha Rani)

Yes the lady was none other than Radha Rani aka our dear GKB
Sona and Dev were puzzled .
Radha – toh tum Sonakshi ho..aur tum zahir si baath hain Dev hoge …
Sona and Dev nod. Radha turns towards Ishwari
Radha – mein phir se milne zaroor aungi Ishwari par abhi mujhe jaana hoga… Namaste… Bye Raghu darling..
(I will surely come to meet you again Ishwari but for now I should go)
Radha Rani leaves. Ishwari looks on tensed.

So guys this was it…tell me how it is …Thanks for your lovely comments…and there are many more interesting twists ahead…
Love you all ????

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  1. Akshita

    I have a confusion is this lady natasha’s mother?

    1. ShrutiP

      You will know that in the next one dear…????

  2. Manya

    GKB ghus hi gyi ff mein bhi chain nhi Milta use!!serial mein toh DEVAKSHI ke zindagi Kharab Kar hi Rahi hai yahan bhi aa gyi??Ishwari Ko pareshan Kare toh chalega???
    Post soon??
    Love u❤️

    1. ShrutiP

      Thanks Ayushi….
      Isme Radha Rani Ishwari ko pareshan karne aayi hain….
      Please Read the OS tale of Love…
      Will post soon… Love you ???

  3. awesome. post soon. waiting. take care. love u.

    1. ShrutiP

      Thanks Ritika …will post soon..
      Love you too….???

  4. Nikkita0194

    That’s fun but short
    Luv u a lot
    PR Di radha Natasha ki mom hai yeah kaise????
    radha toh ishu KO Jiji bolti hai na fir

    1. ShrutiP

      Meine todha uska character change kardiya hain….
      Isme she will be seen playing ….love you…do read the OS tale of Love…???

  5. Awesome shruti!! I think GKB is Natasha’s mom. You know even my sister’s name is shruti and I love her and love you too bcoz of your amazing writting and you asked me that if it was easy to read actually I really didn’t notice bcoz it was easy to read and I was so engrossed in reading that I didn’t really Pay attention

    1. ShrutiP

      Thanks Kriti…
      I will let you know that in the next one…
      Thank you so much even I love you too…
      Thanks for your amazing suggestions dear..also read my OS …
      Enjoying your life and tale of love…
      Thank you…???

  6. V.V.harshita

    Mujhe lagta hai ki Natasha ka maa GKB hai…..anyways awsome post soon dear

  7. Richa144

    Gkb….Eeeerrrrrr…I hate her

    1. ShrutiP

      Who doesn’t hate her Richa…

      1. Richa144


  8. Wow…. great surprise for Sona…:)
    GKB is here… i think here also she will create unwanted problems….
    Waiting for the next episode. Keep writing….:)

    1. ShrutiP

      Yes dear GKB knows nothing but creating problems…
      I will try to post the next one soon…
      Thank you dear….??

  9. Btw, when Sona was in Paris a stranger was commanding Natasha right? Who was that?

    1. ShrutiP

      Hmmm so you remember that stranger….yes I will tell you who it is in the coming parts…

      1. Muthash

        Btw, i have created an account in this site, so can get updates easily….
        So, no more guest….:)

      2. ShrutiP

        Awesome dear..
        Did a good job..???

  10. Aamu

    Hehe…raghu darling..,??
    Amazing one….
    N yaa natasha ki maa hai radha..??..?
    M cnfused…jldi jldi next post aro…
    N again srry for late cmnt

    1. ShrutiP

      I will tell you that in the next one…
      No need to tell sorry dear…
      Yes I will try to post as soon as possible…
      Thank you so much aamu..???

  11. Awesome episode dear but plzz the next episode soon as possible

    1. ShrutiP

      Thanks dear…yes I will try to post aa soon as possible…???

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