Mission Mrs Dixit….
Natasha arrived in Paris. Just then she received a call. “Nats jaanu are you excited…”Natasha ” baby finally humari shadhi hone wali hain…”. Dev ” jaanu ab ek ladka aayega aur tumhe ek parcel dega woh tumhare liye surprise hain..” (jaanu now a boy will get a parcel it has a surprise for you) .Nats ” sweet baby”. Dev “acha Nats jaanu mein tumhe church ka address message karta hoon tum waha aa jana …I am waiting.”(I will message the address of the church you come there…I will be waiting) Natasha “ok baby will meet soon.. love you”. She hangs up the call. Natasha opens the parcel and is happy to find a wedding gown in it . It had a letter in it..
Dear Jaanu,
Its my wish to see you in this gown….
With love :Dev

Natasha had to change into the gown. She finds a house and goes towards it. She asks the lady of the house could she just change it was her wedding that day. The lady readily accepts. She also offers to book a cab for her to reach the church .Natasha comes out dressed and sees that the cab had already arrived. She thanks the lady for her help and leaves. The lady calls someone. The cab in which Natasha was going suddenly breaks down and stops. Natasha gets down and asks the cab driver how much time it would take . The cab driver replies that it will take atleast 1 hour . The cab driver suggests her just to walk to the church it was just 2 lanes away. Just then she receives a message “Jannu 15 min left , where are you???” Natasha decides she no alternative but to walk. She could reach their in 5 minutes if she walks fast. She leaves . The driver calls someone. Unknown to Natasha there were a lot of hurdles awaiting her. Natasha finds a mud puddle on her away at a side so she thinks she would walk on the other side. But to her luck a guy comes cycling fast and splashes the muddy water on her white gown. Before Natasha could scold he already weny away. She thinks she has no other choice. She cannot even change as there is no time left. She starts walking when a whole bucket of water falls on her accidentally by a old woman. Old woman “Sorry dear, wish to change…”. Natasha just says no and continues her walk as she had only 10 minutes left now. She was fuming with anger .

Her wedding gown had muddy patches on it and she was all drenched. Just then a boy was dumping garbage and all the garbage falls on Natasha. The boy helps her in cleaning it. She was at the verge of tears . Wow great now she dirty from top to bottom but she knew that Dev would accept her as she was. Now she had only 5 minutes left she had to just go through a lane and she would finally reach her destination. But to her horror a boy who was sipping coffee with headphones on his head stumbled and spilled the coffee on her gown. Natasha felt that it was just great Now how could she go to the church in this way. But she thought as there was no time left she had to just walk to the church with a muddy and coffee patch on her gown all drenched and also a slight smell of garbage coming from her . She went inside the church and was shocked to find another girl beside Dev. Natasha “DEV BABY..”???. Dev turns around and acts as if he was shocked to see her state .Dev”Natasha tumhari yeh halat kisne ki aur agar tum yaha ho toh jisse meri shadhi huyi woh ladki kaun hain ?”(Natasha what happened to you and if you are here then who is the girl with him I am married now). Dev looks at the girl standing beside him . She had a veil on her face. Natasha “Who the hell are you and how can you marry my Dev baby “. The girl holds Devs hand , takes out the veil and says “I am Mrs Sonakshi Dev Dixit “. Natasha was shocked how could Sona marry Dev even after warning her to stay away. She looks towards Dev . Dev and all the others start clapping. Natasha “Dev how can you clap…”. Dev “tumhe kya lagta hain Natasha ki mein tumhe Sona ke upar choose karunga. Tumne humare saath ek game khela aur meine tumhare saath. Agar bachpan mein apne looks aur makeup ke alava kisi chiz ke liye time tha tho tum ne aisi stories tho padhi hoti jiska moral hain Tit for Tat. Wahi meine tumhare saath kiya. Mein yaha aaj nahi aaya hoon 2 weeks pehle aa gata tha . Jab mujhe tumhara sach patah chala tabi meine decide kar liye tha ki mein tumhe Dev Dixit kya chiz hain dikhaunga. Jo yeh tumhari halath hain uske peeche bhi mera hi haath hain . Dekhogi guys come over here “.( Natasha what did you think that I would choose you over Sona. If you would have concentrated in your childhood without caring about your looks and makeup then you would have read the stories with the moral Tit for Tat. I arrived 2 weeks before not today. When I got to know your truth I decided to show you who Dev Dixit is. This was All my planning including your present condition) All the people who were responsible for her condition from the lady in the house to coffee sipper were present over there. She understood that they were all with him. Natasha was about to slap Sona when Dev holds her hand “Sochna bhi math..”(don’t even think”). Natasha “Dikha dungi tumhari aukat Dev Dixit. Meri maa tumhe chodegi nahi . Just wait and watch Sonakshi I will fulfill my promise “. She turns to leave when someone slaps her hard on her face. Sona “Yeh tapad hum dono ko alag karne ke koshish mein”. Natasha looks at the people glaring her and just walks away silently. Everyone around them clap. Sona hugs Dev.Dev “are you happy now Ms Bose…” . Sonakshi “Its Mrs Dixit for you”.

So guys how was it ? Actually i was planning to end this ff . .
Thanks to all who comment and silent readers please comment…

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  1. Fuggysona

    ohh god tooo funny
    she need it heavily
    i really love it a lot
    it is dev dixit
    and sonakshi dev dixit got married
    wow it is power pact..
    and slap
    coffee slip
    garbage dump
    and mud mump
    everything is really nice
    and dare don’t even think to end this ff?
    it is very interesting so no topic of end
    it is a kind request from ur best frnd(if so or not)
    and once again
    it is a good treat for me
    i was thinking and laughing a lot…
    well done..

    1. ShrutiP

      Thank you so much dear…
      Now there will be more fun ahead with Natasha’s moms entry….I am glad you liked it…and of course ur my best friend…I was thinking to end my ff as I am getting really less comments and I am in college so I thought I would utilise this time in my studies…but I will try to continue it… Thanks for the lovely comment dear.. it means a lot…love you ????

  2. Manya

    Ohhhh Teri????Natasha ki toh lag gayi?????
    Loved it❤️❤️❤️????
    Post soon
    Love u??

    1. ShrutiP

      Thank you Manya…Natasha ki toh lagne ho thi. .. ya i will…love you too…???

  3. First of all…congrats Mrs.dixit…wishing you a very happy married life but of course I want twists because I love them and I am seriously loving this twist and it was so fun reading this…this is cutest revenge ever
    And shruti I suggest you to write on wattpad it’s a great site and I love it and many Tu writers also write on wattpad… But your wish just a suggestion….thought being a reader of your story

    1. ShrutiP

      Thank you so much kriti…there are many more twists ahead.. I hope you are enjoying the twists… Thank you for your suggestion yaar but what will I write… I too read some stories on wattpadd and it’s great…but I don’t think my stories will be worth it…but thank you so much dear….????

  4. Nikkita0194

    Aare bap re uski toh puri Lanka palat dali apne Di but isko mat end Karo those se devakshi movements KO ad karke isko full of fun kardo kuki ap apne regular readers KO disappoint kr do ge Jo apki writing Ke diwane hai
    And Natasha ko pura time imagine karti rahi boht maza aya
    Love u Di aur isko band mat Karo is bachi ki bat sun lo ??plz
    Post soon?

    1. Nikkita0194

      *those – thode

      1. ShrutiP

        Tera comment jab bhi aatah hain bahut kush ho jati hoon..par abhi aur twists aayenge…haan mein aur devakshi’s moments add karne ki koshish karungi aur yeh ff bhi continue karne ki…mein college mein hoon isliye mein apna pura time sirf apne studies ko dena chahti hoon…par isse continue karne ki puri koshish karungi ab tu itne pyar se jo puch rahi hain ….. Ya i will post soon…
        Love you nikki?????

  5. Akshita

    What an epic episode yr ????. …. bt finally they are together ❤?

    1. ShrutiP

      Thank you so much Akshitha…????

  6. ShrutiP

    Tera comment jab bhi aatah hain bahut kush ho jati hoon..par abhi aur twists aayenge…haan mein aur devakshi’s moments add karne ki koshish karungi aur yeh ff bhi continue karne ki…mein college mein hoon isliye mein apna pura time sirf apne studies ko dena chahti hoon…par isse continue karne ki puri koshish karungi ab tu itne pyar se jo puch rahi hain ….. Ya i will post soon…
    Love you nikki?????

  7. Awesome episode dear

    1. ShrutiP

      Thanks princess…????

  8. awesome. post soon…

    1. ShrutiP

      Thanks Ritika…ya i will post soon…????

  9. Priya12

    Again, sry 4 late reply dr…what 2 do..something happens 2 me..stomach pain
    I enjoyed this epi a lot., luved it a lot…
    Natasha, got superbb things from dev and u…
    Coffee, slap, garbage, water superbbb di…
    Atlast …Dev’s dialogue …sochna be matt…superr…
    And don’t dare 2 end this…I will kill I can’t….becoz ur my sisy..
    Pls don’t end this di…
    Studies r important but write ff like ur break..pls…
    Pls post nxt epi asap

    1. ShrutiP

      Thank are you feeling now…you call me sissy and tell me sorry ….it’s not your fault then why sorry….Ok I will try to continue it…and I will post the next one soon…Take care dear…Love you….????

      1. Priya12

        Ok..di…no sry….k…
        Yeh, I m fine di…now I m feeling better di..
        Love u di…

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