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Dev and Sona bid farewell from their friends in Paris . Sona and Dev invite them for their wedding in India.
In Aeroplane..
Sona gets in and sits on her seat. Dev had received a call so he was attending it outside. Just then a guy comes and sits beside her. Sona “TUM” . The guy is none other than Rithwik. Rithwik “Hey beautiful tum mera picha tho nahi kar rahi ho na “(you are not following me right ). Sona “mein tumhara picha kyun karungi , aur mujhe tumse sorry kehna tha uss waqt meine tumpe bohut gussa kiya na”(why will I follow you, I just wanted to say sorry I scolded you a lot last time…). Rithwik “Ab itni beautiful ladki sorry bolegi tho kaun nahi manega … Waise boyfriend ko bohut marr ke aayi ho kya aaj itni kush lag rahi ho”. (If such a beautiful girl will tell sorry who will not accept, and by the way did you beat your boyfriend a lot you are looking so happy today). Sona “kuch bhi bologe kya tum ” Rithwik “iska matlab tumhara koi boyfriend nahi hain , wow I am so lucky…”(it means you dont have a boyfriend). Sona “lucky kyun”. Rithwik “mein tumpe chance jo marr sakhta hoon , acha tumhara naam kya hain “. Sona “sochna bhi math aur mein Sona “. Just then Dev comes and sees someone else sitting in his place beside Sona. He goes towards his seat.Dev”excuse me this is my seat “. Rithwik ” ja ke kahi aur baitona mein apne best friend ke saath baita hoon ” . (Go and sit somewhere else I am sitting beside my best friend ).Sona was enjoying all this so she doesn’t interrupt. Dev “arey yeh mera seat hain toh mein yehi baitunga na “( this is my seat so I will sit here only ).

Rithwik gets up “beautiful ladki ko dekha nahi ki aa jate ho… yaad rakho uske saath uska best friend kada hain “( remember that her best friend is with her ). Dev “aur tum yaad rakho ki uska pathi kada hain yaha “(you remember that her husband is standing over here. ) Rithwik “tho…, ek second kya kaha tumne pathi??? ” Dev “ji haan pathi “. Rithwik looks at Sona and she nods . Rithwik “sorry bhaiya “. He was scared of Dev . Sona bursts out laughing. Dev goes and sits beside her and beside him sits Rithwik. Sona tells Dev how she met Rithwik. Rithwik ” yaar Sona marne gayi thi tho marr dena chahiye tha na ” . Dev looks at him . Sona “Rithwik pathi hain mera kaise maar sakhti hoon ” . Dev “sorry Rithwik..” Rithwik “Mr obhodro”. Sona looks at him . Dev “Rithwik mein Obhodro ka meaning janta hoon Sona mujhe wahi bulati hain “. After some time Sona narrates Natasha’s story to Rithwik. Sona “toh yeh thi hamari story ab tum apni batao “. (So this was our story now tell us about yours ).Rithwik ” aisi koi story nahi hain mere pas …mein Paris mein kaam karta tha fir laga mujhe na apne desh mein hi kaam karna chahiye isliye vaapas Delhi ja raha hoon “(I don’t have a story like this…I use to work in Paris then I felt I should work in my country so I am returning to Delhi ). Dev ” Delhi mein konse company mein kaam karoge ..”( in which company will you work in Delhi). Rithwik “tum logo ne Dixit and Bose company ka naam suna hain mein wahi ja raha hoon”. Dev and Sona act as if they don’t know. Rithwik “Dev Dixit aur Sonakshi Bose ka naam suna hain the youngest business tycoons unke under kaam karne wala hoon …”

Dev “acha par inke baare mein aur kuch batao “( tell something more about them ). Rithwik” I am sorry tum log kisi chote se company mein kaam karte hoge na isliye nahi jante…Dev aur Sonakshi ke parents ne yeh company establish kiya tha uske baad iss company ko Dev aur Sona ne bohut successful banaya… Aur patah hain Dev aur Sonakshi ki shadhi bhi hone wali hain … Dev kitna lucky hain na usse itni sundar ladki shadhi karne waali hain …patah nahi kab mera chance aayega…”(Dev and Sona had made this company successful and do you know Dev and Sonakshi are going to marry…how lucky is Dev to marry a beautiful girl like Sonakshi…I don’t know when will I get such a chance ) Dev and Sona smile listening to all this. Rithwik continues “Par mujhe lagtha hain ki Dev Dixit tumhari tarah pagal hoga aur Sonakshi Sona ki tarah beautiful ” . Dev “acha Dev Dixit paagal aur Sonakshi beautiful “. Just then air hostess comes and addresses Dev and Sona “Mr Dev Dixit and Ms Sonakshi Bose which bussiness magzines should I get for you…”. Rithwik is shocked as air hostess rocked. Rithwik slowly turns towards Dev who was glaring him. “Dev Dixit and Sonakshi Bose ….”.Dev smiles and nods.

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  1. Priya12

    Di, wow..amazing epi…
    Rithwik got a nice bulb from dev….
    “Remember uska pathi kadha hain yeha”
    Luved it di…
    And saying about devakshi 2 devakshi itself..
    Airhostess nailed it….
    Pls post asap

    1. ShrutiP

      Thank you so much priya….I always wanted Dev to take a stand for Sona infront of Ishwari …chalo ab Ishwari nahi toh Rithwik hi sahi…. Ya i will post it tomorrow…????

      1. ShrutiP

        Dev ne apne pati hone ka haq toh jataya

  2. Richa144

    Awesome.. Please post soon

    1. ShrutiP

      Thanks Richa ..yes I will..????

  3. Awesome episode u write amazing post the next episode soon as possible plzz

    1. ShrutiP

      Thank you so much dear…I will post it tomorrow…???

  4. Akshita

    It was an amazing episode BT don’t get disheartened when you get less comments as we all love you lots❤❤❤
    abh next time post soon

    1. ShrutiP

      Thanks akshitha…yes I won’t…and iss baar jaldi post karne ki koshish karungi…
      Love you????

  5. Awesome… I loved it shruti and actually I have a piece advice for you you I think you should write the diaglouges with a dash sign instead of putting them inverted commas because it makes it much more easier to read and post soon

    1. And no offence
      It’s your choice

    2. ShrutiP

      Thanks kriti…even I was thinking the same …it becomes a bit confusing…from the next one I will try to do that dear…..???

  6. Manya

    Awesomeeee❤️❤️??as always
    Post soon

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    Awesome Post soon

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  8. Srush

    It was amazing i cant wait for next update…plz updatw soon

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      Thank you so much dear will surely update soon..

  9. Nikkita0194

    Such a lovely epi Di its fun to read this ff simple to imagine and easy to read and will let you to bite your lower lips but never get upset ki comments km hai kuki mujhe hamesha iska intazar rehta hai but mai kabhi apko bolti Nhi ki Di jaldi post Karo kuki kabi kabi log bura man jate hai mai Nhi chahti ki apko bura lage
    Sorry 4 commenting late schl shuru ho Gaye hai aur mera 9 th haina
    Luv u
    Never get upset

    1. ShrutiP

      Thank you so much Nikki… Tere comment padhte hi sara ka sara disappointment chala jata hain… Everyone is so supportive and encouraging over here…agar tum mujhse kuch bhi kahogi toh mujhe uska bura nahi lagega ….aur sorry bolne ki bilkul bhi zaroorat nahi…
      Love you????

  10. Fuggysona

    wow did not even imagine that rithwick will be funny
    it is awesome

    1. ShrutiP

      Thanks dear..???

  11. Heshine

    Wow…Shruti…this was amazing….pls post the next soon…
    Wow….really I would say…Ritvik…was such funny…????
    And he said…dev as rude… Hahah….I think he’s gonna get something….in bulk…in return…! Haha..!
    Awesome epi…!
    Pls post the next soon dear pls..!
    I can’t wait devakshi to say abt their sudden wedding to their family…!
    I know its gonna awesome…
    Is post soon..!
    Don’t worry for cmnts…!
    Surely, u would be even appreciated fa ur works..! ??❤❤???

    1. ShrutiP

      Thank you so much Heshine…There is a lot stored for Rithwik by Dev…Their family ya i myself have to think what to write…ya i will post it tomorrow… Thank you so much dear…
      Love you…???

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    1. ShrutiP

      No need to tell sorry aadmi dear…. Thank you so much…I posted the next one do read it…???

      1. Aamu

        k will read it……….

  13. Nice episode…. sorry could not comment for previous episodes, as I was busy with exams. Exams finished today…:)

  14. ShrutiP

    Thank you so much dear…please read the next two parts also and I have also posted an os enjoying your life…do read and tell me…???

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