Dev was talking on his phone when Sona came out of the bathroom. She was looking very pretty. Dev opened his mouth. She had worn a black frock which was hoti the knees. Dev cut the call and came towards Sona and hugged her from behind. Sona ” mere pas kyu aaye ho apne jannu ke pas jao na “(why did you come to me go to your jaanu ). Dev”Jo meri jaanu hain mein usi ke pas tho aaya hoon agar tum chhathi ho tho mein chala jatha hoon.” ( I came to my jannu only but if you want I will go away). Sona “Nahi… Mein mazak kar rahi thi…”(No I was joking). Dev “Mein bhi tho wahi kar raha hoon ” and kisses her on the cheek. Sona ” ab ho gaya tho mein office ja rahi hoon “(now if it’s done I am going to office.) . Dev “kya yaar Sona acha mood kharab karti ho, aur tum mujhe chodke kyu jaogi…”(what yaar sona you spoiled a good mood and why will you leave me and go ). Sona “. Tumhe apne Nats jaanu ke saath baath karni hogi na isliye socha, mein tumhe akele chod du you know mein kabab mein haddi nahi bana chhathi hoon…”(you want to talk to your Nats jaanu so I thought I will leave you alone ,I don’t want to be kabab mein haddi). She makes faces. Dev” Acha mera bohut mazak uda rahi hoon , kahi se jalne ki badhbu nahi aa rahi hain…”. Sona “Jalne ki badhbu nahi gutter ki badhbu aa rahi hain tumhare mu se , ja ke pehle brush tho karlo”(it’s not burning smell I am getting gutter Smell from your mouth, go and brush now). Dev checks his smell but he doesn’t get it. Sona laughs. Sona “socho agar mein aisi girlfriend hoti tho “. Dev ” Tum pagal ho gayi ho kya mein itni door se tumhare liye aaya hoon aur tum mera se aise mazak karti ho…”.(are you mad I came for you and your making such type of jokes on me..) .He said this in serious tone. Sona was scared what did she do , she made Dev angry. Dev sees her scared expression and laughs “ab tum socho agar mein aisa boyfriend hota tho “. Sona beats him playfully and hugs him.

1 week later Dev and Sona are having lunch with Sona’s friends who now have become his friends too . Sona was cooking in the kitchen . She was helping Clarrisa. Dev was happy to see Sona smiling . Clarissa and her husband Steeves work in Their company . They were Sona neighbours . They knew Sona very well . They treated her as their own sister . Sona was very close to them. She could share anything with them . It was like her family in Paris. Steeves came to Dev. Steeves “I am so glad man you came here . I could see Sona happy after so many days . She always plastered a fake smile just to show she was happy . But now I can see her really happy. I was really curious to meet you . She talks about you so much man… Thanks…. You showed us another beautiful side of her. It was only me and Clarissa before she came here but after she came our lives really changed. We were blessed to meet her.” Dev “I know I guess that’s why I love her so much. You guys have supported us so much….Thanks bro..” . Dev hugs Steeves. Dev calls out to everyone . “Guys thank you so much for your support but we want one more help from all of you “. Dev “As every love story is incomplete without a villain we also have a villain in our story because of whom we suffered a lot. Now it is time to show her what we really are right Sona….. So I have made a plan to teach her a good lesson but it won’t be successful without your help …. So guys will you help us…”. Everyone readily agree. Dev tells them the plan…Later Sona and Dev go back to their flat . Sona ” so Dev ready for step 2 “. Dev nods. He calls Natasha. Natasha”Dev baby , I missed you so much…. Why didn’t you call me….”.

Dev “Nats mein teekh hoon , meine kaha tha na mein apne friend ke pas hoon tu call nahi kar saktha ….”. Natasha ” acha baby woh sab chodo tumne insta par mera naya pic dekha …jo dress meine pehna hain na woh 45000 ka hain…”. Dev ” nahi Nats mein nahi dekh paya…I am sorry” . Natasha “oh no baby…par aaj tum mujhe jaanu kyu nahi bula rahe ho , It feels so good to listen . “( Why are you not calling me jaanu).Dev glares at Sona. Dev “acha suno na jaanu mujhe tumse kuch zaroori baath karna hain hamare baare mein “(I want to talk to you something import ant about is). Natasha “kya hua baby sab kuch teekh tho hain na…”(what happened baby everything is fine right..)Dev “Nahi jaanu woh meine Sona se breakup karliya …tumhare liye…”(No jaanu actually I broke up with Sona for you ).Natasha was on cloud nine listening to this. Natasha “baby mere liye…”. Dev “I love you Jaanu… Sona Paris ja ke badal gayi hain lagtha hain usse koi aur mil gaya par tumhe dekho mera itna khayal rakhti ho….isliye mujhe realise hua ki mein tumse pyar kartha hoon ….”( Sona has changed a lot after going to Paris I guess she has found someone else there . But see your self you care about me so much… that’s why I have realised Ilove you…). Natasha” aww baby I always knew you will love me…Sona was never good for you…”. Dev “Nats jaanu kya tum mujhse shadi karogi …”(will you marry me..). Natasha was shocked. Natasha “Dev are you serious “. Dev “yes Nats I am..and I want to marry within 3 days that to in Paris..”Natasha “Dev 3 days is ok but why in Paris ?” . Dev “jaanu mujhe Sonakshi ko dikhana hain ki mujhe usse better life partner mil gaya hain aur 3 days isliye kyun ki iske baad mujhe patah chala ki sona kahi aur ja rahi hain…and I want this to be highly confidential…”. Natasha “but your family..”. Dev “don’t worry I will handle them “. Dev “bye Nats mein jaldi call karunga..”

Sona and Dev give hi fi to each other. Sona “so Mr . Dixit are you ready for Mission Mrs Dixit”. Dev nods.

Mission Mrs. Dixit…

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