Pyaar Ka Rishtha


The episode start’s with Hong Kong where Kailash calling vivan and riya for pujaa and to pack things
as they where going to India. In India(Kolkatta) at Gadodia’s house Ragini singing bhagan. She folds her hands infront of the lord and prays for her win in the musical competition.
At college her friends taunt that someone should break coconut on her head so that she will realize that it is not 1915, but 2015. A lady comes and tells that she is Ragini’s Dadisaa. She says she is proud thinking her Ragini is not like them. She points out at their clothing and says music can’t be learnt by wearing western clothes. Ragini comes and asks her to let it be. She tells that competition is going to start and asks her to take her place.
The annoucement is made for the music competition. He calls a contestant first. Dadisaa takes out evil eye from Ragini. A man comes and warns her saying fire is not allowed here. He tells Ragini that next performance is hers. Ragini nods. Dadisaa asks how do he know your name? She says you came here to learn music and not to make friendship. Ragini says she doesn’t know him. She says he is a panel member and just informed her that next performance is hers. Dadisaa says it starts like this only. She asks her to win the competition else she won’t talk to her.
She says she can’t lose from that bengalan. Annoucement is made for Ragini and Swara. Ragini tells Dadisaa that she have to go on stage now. Dadisaa pins her dupatta and asks her to go. She prays for her win and Swara’s loss. Announcement is made for Jugal bandi between Swara Bose and Ragini Katotia. Ragini sits and prays before the competition. Dadisaa nods. She thinks Swara ran away getting scared. Swara’s grand mother comes. Dadisaa says you got a good place. You will always be behind me. Swara’s grand mother says I will always be on you. Dadisaa tells her that Swara is hidden somewhere and asks her to search her. Swara is seen playing with kids, playing guitar. Her grand mum calls her. Swara turns. Ragini is asked to start playing the instrument. Ragini plays the veena. Swara comes playing the guitar and sings Sa Re Ga Ma…………….Ragini too plays veena and sings Sa Re Ga Ma……..Swara dances with full spirit.
They sing to compete with each other. Ragini’s veena string gets broken. Dadisaa gets shocked as Swara wins the competition. Ragini is shocked and teary eyed. Swara notices Ragini’s displeasure. Ragini sees her hurt finger and goes inside. Swara is declared a winner who will represent in state competition. Swara’s grand mum makes fun of Ragini’s grand mum. Ragini apologizes to her DadiMaa saying she doesn’t know how that string is broken. Dadi Maa eyes her angrily. Swara’s grand mum(Tanima Sen) says if you stares her, then she won’t win. She says I gave freedom to my grand daughter. She asks her to close the door as she will make good non veg food.
Ragini’s dadimaa start arguing with her and calls her shameless. While Yamuna, Sharmishta and Shekaar saw Dadimaa arguing with Dida and stops them fighting with eachother.Swara comes and asks what is your problem? Why you always fight with each other. Swara asks Ragini about her injury and touches her hand. Dadi Maa says she have to take bath now. Ragini folds her hand asking her to calm down. Dadi Maa gets angry at Ragini and goes to her house. Ragini cries.DadiMaa sit in the bus. Swara and her grand mum then enter the bus. Swara’s grand mum tells everyone that Swara won the competition and distributes sweets.
Swara’s grand mum gives sweets to dadi maa. She throws it in anger and gets down the bus. She comes to the jewellery shop and calls the saleswoman. She turns and calls her kaki. DadiMaa says you will also taunt me like your mum as your daughter has won. She says she won’t taunt as Ragini is also like Swara for her. She asks her to come. Swara gets angry at her Dida for fighting with Ragini’s Dadimaa. She asks her to tell what is the reason for the hatred between them. Dida says they don’t like each other since 20 years. Swara asks what had happened 20 years ago. Dida asks her to open the door. Door bell rings. Swara opens the door and finds her mum Sumi. Dida asks what is the matter? Sumi is teary eyed. Dida and Swara ask what happened. Sumi recalls Suresh telling Dadimaa that his wallet is fallen somewhere. Dadimaa offers to pay for his necklace. She blames Sumi later and refuses to pay for the necklace. She says she is not mad to pay for anyone. She says she is coming from the police station. Her boss hasn’t filed any case against her, but she has to compensate. They will cut money from her salary.

Credit to: Sriranjani

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    I think you and all will love this Pyaar Ka Rishtha its an remake of Swaragini*

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