Pyaar Ka Rishtha (Spoiler)


Sorry guys ? I think you were all felt bad
as there is no Swasan or Raglak Scenes wait for some time Guys Plzzzzzz…………?

Dadimaa, Ragini and Laksh’s Plan Will Go in Vain !!!! ??………………..But there will be an Twist…..?
At Riya’s Dadaji’s(Rajveet) Death Ceremony. A Saint Will arrive at Kolkata , at that time Dadimaa(Parvathi) goes to that Saint and ask him to Show the Way of Truth as what is the Secret that their Grand Daughter( Riya) Hiding From Them.
The Saint Will Force Vivan to Tell the Truth and Promises him that Nothing Will Happen To Riya as she will be Happy when truth come out..
Vivan will Say the Truth !! This Will make a Big Shock to Riya !!?


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