Pyaar Ka Rishtha- Spoiler-3


When the Marriage of Risid,Yamrem,Swasan and Raglak finished they go to the Maheshwari mansion.
The Mother-in-laws Take the aarthi and ask the Gadodia sisters to enter inside and the sisters keep their foot on they Red water and entered.
when Durga prasad Notices Riya’s footprint, he shocked to see that the bottom part of Riya’s Footprint got OM symbol.
Riya goes to Mandir to Lit the lamp. After the Prayers Durga Prasad ask Riya in front of everyone about the OM symbol on her leg.
Riya get nervous but not shown her Face expressions, she says it was her birth mark but Swara and Annapurna got Suspicious about the foot print and decides to find out.

Guys Actually Who is Riya? she is the big sister of Yamuna,Swara and Ragini and she is the wife of Siddarth and
what about the bottom footprint OM Symbol on Riya’s Foot. Whether Swara will be able to find out the Truth of Riya with her Team? and
I think some of you got to know about Riya.
Please Maintain it as an Suspense and It takes Time for Swara and Everyone to get to know !!!! Except Vivan,Kailas and Priya as they were in Hong Kong and in India only the Saint Knows about Riya.

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Credit to: Sriranjani

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  1. She is like devi

  2. i like it i think she is gd and she is a very grt person after knowing about her they respect all after this more but i don’t no the om symbol i like the suspense

  3. hey sriranjani dear ,
    i am piyali i read your spoiler and through the links read all parts but i didn’t get it all about riya , dear i want to read it so can you please give me a summary of your whole story and one more thing please include these two things in your summary
    1) how can swara be shekhar sharmishta s daughter if riya is their daughter as shumi was pregnent only once with shekhar’s child.
    2) did laksh love riya or it was just the plan of raglak and dadi.
    dear please clear my doubt as i really want to read your story but am not getting many -many points .
    the above mentioned are primary among them.

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