Pyaar Ka Rishtha- A Review of FF


The episode start’s with Hong Kong where Kailash calling Vivan and Riya for pujaa and to pack things as they where going to India. In India(Kolkatta) at Gadodia’s house Ragini singing bhajan. She folds her hands infront of the lord and prays for her win in the musical competition.
At college her friends taunt that someone should break coconut on her head so that she will realize that it is not 1915, but 2015. A lady comes and tells that she is Ragini’s Dadisaa. She says she is proud thinking her Ragini is not like them. She points out at their clothing and says music can’t be learnt by wearing western clothes. Ragini comes and asks her to let it be. She tells that competition is going to start and asks her to take her place.

The announcement is made for the music competition. He calls a contestant first. Dadisaa takes out evil eye from Ragini. A man comes and warns her saying fire is not allowed here. He tells Ragini that next performance is hers. Ragini nods. Dadisaa asks how do he know your name? She says you came here to learn music and not to make friendship. Ragini says she doesn’t know him. She says he is a panel member and just informed her that next performance is hers. Dadisaa says it starts like this only. She asks her to win the competition else she won’t talk to her.
She says she can’t lose from that bengalan. Announcement is made for Ragini and Swara. Ragini tells Dadisaa that she have to go on stage now. Dadisaa pins her dupatta and asks her to go. She prays for her win and Swara’s loss. Announcement is made for Jugal bandi between Swara Bose and Ragini Katotia. Ragini sits and prays before the competition. Dadisaa nods. She thinks Swara ran away getting scared. Swara’s grand mother comes. Dadisaa says you got a good place. You will always be behind me. Swara’s grand mother says I will always be on you. Dadisaa tells her that Swara is hidden somewhere and asks her to search her. Swara is seen playing with kids, playing guitar. Her grand mum calls her. Swara turns. Ragini is asked to start playing the instrument. Ragini plays the veena. Swara comes playing the guitar and sings Sa Re Ga Ma…………….Ragini too plays veena and sings Sa Re Ga Ma……..Swara dances with full spirit.
She sing to compete with each other. Ragini’s veena string gets broken. Dadisaa gets shocked as Swara wins the competition. Ragini is shocked and teary eyed. Swara notices Ragini’s displeasure. Ragini sees her hurt finger and goes inside. Swara is declared a winner who will represent in state competition. Swara’s grand mum makes fun of Ragini’s grand mum. Ragini apologizes to her DadiMaa saying she doesn’t know how that string is broken. Dadi Maa eyes her angrily. Swara’s grand mum says if you stares her, then she won’t win. She says I gave freedom to my grand daughter. She asks her to close the door as she will make good non veg food.
Ragini’s dadimaa start arguing with her and calls her shameless. While Yamuna, Sharmishta and Shekaar saw Dadimaa arguing with Dida and stops them fighting with eachother. Swara comes and asks what is your problem? Why you always fight with each other. Swara asks Ragini about her injury and touches her hand. Dadi Maa says she have to take bath now. Ragini folds her hand asking her to calm down. Dadi Maa gets angry at Ragini and goes to her house. Ragini cries. DadiMaa sit in the bus. Swara and her grand mum then enter the bus. Swara’s grand mum tells everyone that Swara won the competition and distributes sweets.

Swara’s grand mum gives sweets to dadi maa. She throws it in anger and gets down the bus. She comes to the jewelry shop and calls the saleswoman. She turns and calls her kaki. DadiMaa says you will also taunt me like your mum as your daughter has won. She says she won’t taunt as Ragini is also like Swara for her. She asks her to come. Swara gets angry at her Dida for fighting with Ragini’s Dadimaa. She asks her to tell what is the reason for the hatred between them. Dida says they don’t like each other since 20 years. Swara asks what had happened 20 years ago. Dida asks her to open the door. Door bell rings. Swara opens the door and finds her mum Sumi. Dida asks what is the matter? Sumi is teary eyed. Dida and Swara ask what happened. Sumi recalls Suresh telling Dadimaa that his wallet is fallen somewhere. Dadimaa offers to pay for his necklace. She blames Sumi later and refuses to pay for the necklace. She says she is not mad to pay for anyone. She says she is coming from the police station. Her boss hasn’t filed any case against her, but she has to compensate. They will cut money from her salary.
Dadimaa laughs and tells Suresh that it is answer to Swara’s Dida for distributing sweets. Ragini hears it. Suresh gives the necklace to DadiMaa. She asks Ragini to keep it safely in the locker. Ragini looks at it and says it is not right. Dadi Maa scolds her and blames her for losing. Phone bell rings. Swara picks the call and puts it on loudspeaker. She is asked to represent the academy and asks her to fill the form. Ragini thinks Swara won the competition. Dadi Maa asks her to prepare for it. Swara comes and says congratulations aunty. Dadi Maa says what are you doing here? Go from here. She shows the fish saying it will enter your house. Ragini , Yamuna and Dadi maa put hand on their respective nose. Dadimaa asks her to go. Swara tells that she can’t bear tears in her mother’s eyes. She is blamed of betrayal today. She asks her to prove her innocence in 5 mins else she will put many more fishes in her house. Dadisaa asks her to stop.

Dadimaa stops Swara and asks Yamuna and Ragini to call the showroom. Ragini calls the showroom and tells them that it is their mistake. They will pay the money. Swara tells Ragini that she didn’t expect this from her. She says why you are seeing it silently. Swara comes home and tells Sharmistha that Dadimaa was shocked and she dealt with her. Sharmistha says you didn’t do right. She asks for her Dida. Dida goes to Ragini and Yamuna’s father shop and asks him to give 1000 Rs. aarti thaal. He says he will make it. Dida says my Swara won over Ragini. She is about to give money. He tells her to give money later. She turns and smirks. She shouts saying the coconut have sindoor on it. He asks her to take some other coconut. He sees all the coconuts with sindoor. She gathers the people around her and maligns his reputation. She smiles. She comes back home and tells Sharmistha that the world is tit for tat. She asks her to come.

Shomi and Yamuna’s dad stares each other while going to their respective homes. Ragini,Yamuna and Swara notice them starings. Swara tells Ragini and Yamuna that she is sure that there is some major problem between their families. She says we have to find out why our Dadi’s are after each other. She says our parents are always silent. I don’t think this silence is of enemity. Ragini says I can’t understand anything. Swara says there is a strong reason for this enemity and we have to find out. Yamuna says she won’t do. Swara says we have to find out else it is impossible to end the enemity. Ragini and Yamuna says they will try. Swara determines to find out.
Ragini and Yamuna sings the bhajan. Swara tells Sumi that Ragini is more talented than her in vocals and her voice is sweet. Sumi says you both are talented. Ragini gives aarti to Dadimaa. Swara asks Sumi about the reason of enemity between Dadimaa and Dida. She says she is curious to know. Sumi looks on. Ragini and Yamuna asks their dad about the reason. He asks did you talk to that girl Swara. Ragini says we are not friends, but neighbors. I don’t want any fight to happen between our families. Sumi gets angry at Swara and asks her not to ask about it again. She says we gave you freedom, but that doesn’t mean that you will question is.
Swara thinks you have proved that the thing is very big. We will find out ourself. Dadimaa comes and asks Shekhar to reply to Ragini and Yamuna. Shekhar says it is not needed. Dadimaa says your father won’t tell you anything. She asks her to go out as her dada came from Jaipur. He will reply for your questions. Ragini and Yamuna happily goes out and calls their Dada ji. Shekhar asks what are you saying Maa? Dadimaa says we are suffering because of you since 20 years. He gets irked and goes out. He greets Dada ji. Ragini asks about his trip. He says fine and gives prasad to Ragini and yamuna. Dadimaa asks Dada ji to tell Ragini and Yamuna. She then says we will tell her. She says your dada fixed both of your alliance. Ragini and Yamuna gets shocked. Shekhar asks about the groom’s family and all. Dada ji tells that they were old neighbors and says they are businessman. Ragini smiles and Yamuna shy’s.
Shekhar tells Ragini and Yamuna to say that they have any wish. Dada ji stares Shekhar. Ragini smiles and says you have always taken care of me and my sister. Your decision is always right. I am sure that Dadaji’s decision is right. Dada ji blesses Ragini and Yamuna and tells his wife Parvathi(Dadimaa) that you have proved to be good mother along with Dadi. Dadimaa asks both to get ready. Dada ji gives the address to Shekhar. Ragini and yamuna smiles hearing it. Dadimaa stops Shekhar and tells him if Ragini and Yamuna comes to know about your past, then you won’t be able to face them. She asks him to stay away from Ragini and Yamuna until they gets married. Shekhar smiles.
Swara plays guitar and sings Main Tenu Samjhawa…………..Ragini and Yamuna claps hearing her singing. She thanks Swara for taking her name from the competition. She says it is wrong but. Swara says you would have won if the string was not broken. She asks her to represent at the competition. Ragini agrees and then apologizes. Swara says I know that you can’t speak infront of your dadi then also I told you so much. She asks have you came to know about it. Ragini says no. She gets shy. Swara asks her. Ragini tells her that her marriage is fixed. Swara hugs her happily. Ragini feels good and hugs her too. Swara asks about the groom’s family.
Dada ji, Dadimaa and Shekhar go to groom’s house. It is a big Mansion. A girl calls her badi maa, adarsh and all. Badi maa asks her to have patience. Utara says she will open the door. Badi Maa says elders will welcome the guests. A man is seen getting down the stairs. He checks his watch and asks the servant to bring the guests as per the mahurat. He is shown.

Dada ji comes to the groom’s house with Shekhar and Dadimaa. The head of the family welcomes them. Ragini and Yamuna meets Swara in college. Swara says it is easy for you to get married to a guy without knowing him. Ragini says elders take a decision at my house. Swara says we decide mutually. They talk about their family. Swara says your dada ji said that the boy is perfect and you agreed. She says it is your right to know the guy. She says if you both were different in thinking then what. Ragini says her family can’t think of her wrong. Swara says you don’t know about groom’s family. Will they support and let you sing after your marriage. Groom’s badimaa telling that they know about Ragini and Yamuna’s profession.

Swara comes to the house and gets happy looking at the house. She thinks it is a palace. She looks at the watchman and thinks how to enter the house. Durga prasad boosts about good values and says he believes on values. Your both of the daughter has good values. Dada ji says we heard a lot about your family that’s why and Dadimaa says Ragini will mingle in their family well. Swara manages to enter the house and peeps through the window. She thinks to call Ragini and Yamuna gives the good news. Ragini picks the call. Swara tells her that family is good. Ragini asks her to leave from there. Swara says she will see the groom and then leave.
Shekhar, Dada ji and Dadi maa get shocked seeing swara. Shekhar asks Swara, what are you doing here? Badi maa asks did you know her? Dadi maa says bengalan must have sent her grand child. Swara introduces herself as their neighbor and Ragini’s friend. Durga Prasad asks Gadodia about her. Dadimaa says she is lying. She is not Ragini’s friend, but actually she is our enemy daughter. Badi Maa says enemy. Dadi maa says they don’t get along with each other. She says bengalan must have sent her.

Swara laughs and says she didn’t come here to do any drama. She says she wants to tell Ragini and Yamuna about the groom and the alliance. Durga prasad gets angry and says if your daughter was so interested in knowing the groom then we are not interested. Swara says you are taking me wrong. Dadimaa says our Ragini and Yamuna is like a cow, they can’t say anything. Swara asks her to let her explain to clear the confusion. She says Ragini and yamuna didn’t send her. Actually I force her to know your family, after all it is her life. She asks how can anyone spend life with someone without knowing him. Dadaji says I know this is her doings. Ragini and Yamuna comes there, shocks everyone present there. She says no Dada ji. Ragini and Yamuna’s family is shell shocked to see her opening her mouth and coming there. Ragini walks in silently and apologizes to Durga prasad. She says she is responsible for it.

Swara says it is not your mistake. Dadi maa scolds Swara for provoking Ragini and Yamuna to know her life partner. She tells Durga prasad that she is a fatherless girl, so you can understand better about her upbringing. She says we gave good upbringing to our grand daughter. Swara is in tears. Dadi maa says my grand daughters is standing with their head low. She calls her shameless. Swara is in tears. She tells Annapurna/badi maa that they are shameless people. Swara shouts asking her to stop it. She says she won’t tolerate a word against her dida and maa. She says do you remember what you did yesterday. Shall I tell them. Dadi Maa gets angry and is about to slap her. Swara stops her hand. Everyone is shocked.

She says if I was wrong, then I would have bear your 1000’s slap, but will not as I am not wrong. Dadi maa acts to feel pain in her hand as the bangles breaks. Swara asks her to stop her acting. Shekhar gets angry and slaps Swara. He calls her shameless and reminds her that Dadi maa is his mother. He blames Swara’s upbringing and values. He calls her fatherless girl, not knowing how to behave with elders. Dadi maa says thank god our Ragini is not like her. Shekhar says today I have seen a father less girl. Dadi maa insults her more and asks her to leave. Swara is in tears and runs outside crying. Ragini and Yamuna is in tears too. Swara heads towards her home on her cycle and peddles it fast while recalling Dadimaa’s words. She stops on the way and recalls Shekhar slapping her. Dada ji apologizes to Durga prasad and says they are bad people. Dadi maa asks him not to punish Ragini and Yamuna for Swara’s mistake. Durgaa prasad looks on.
DurgaPrasad Maheshwari tells Gadodia not to apologize to him and tells that they have full faith on Yamuna and Ragini. We can easily know their values looking at her. He says he likes Yamuna and Ragini. Badi maa says shall we do the shagun and tika ritual. Dadi maa takes Dada ji to a corner and tells something. Shekhar says if you don’t mind, can we see your son. Durga prasad says sure and calls the four brother’s (prem,laksh,sanskaar and siddarth).He introduces his elder son Prem to Yamuna and his younger son Laksh to Ragini and He introduces sanskaar,siddarth and priya as his brother’s son’s and daughter. Ragini and Yamuna smiles and takes elder’s blessings. Maheshwari says we shall fix the engagement. Dadimaa says ok. Maheshwari says we will inform you once fixes the mahurat. Yamuna and Ragini smiles.

Swara returns home with teary eyes. Dida asks where was you? Sumi asks why did you come late? Swara rushes in and hugs Sumi. She bursts into tears. She tells them everything. Sumi is shocked. Swara asks whether it is a sin to be fatherless girl? She says you both are enough for me. You gave me good lifestyle. I am fed up of the taunts. Dida gets angry and says how dare you slap my grand daughter. I won’t leave him. She takes out big knife from the kitchen and tries to go. Sumi says today I will go. She says today someone raised hand on my daughter and questioned on my upbringing. Dida asks her to go now itself. Sumi says it is night. I don’t want to stoop to their level. I will asks answer in the morning. In the morning, Sumi gets ready and starts walking. She comes to Shekhar’s shop and asks for him. Chotu points out at Shekhar. Sumi comes to him and says I need to talk to you. Shekhar says I don’t want to talk to you. Sumi says then I will talk infront of everyone. They go to a side. Sumi asks why did you slap my daughter. Shekhar says she pushed my mother and interfered in my daughter’s life. Sumi says it is called concern. Swara was concerned about them. You raised questions on my upbringing. She says 20 years have passed, but you remains the same. That time you insulted me infront of everyone and now you insulted my daughter infront of everyone. You called her fatherless girl. She tells that she was helpless before, but not anymore.

She tells that Swara’s father is alive and that is you Shekhar. Swara is your daughter. Shekhar gets shocked.
Swara hears from far and is shocked. She opines that Shekhar uncle is my Papa. Sumi asks him not to be scared. She says I have to tell you today so that you realized your mistake. Shekhar asks her not to lie, so that he hates her. Sumi says truth won’t change anyway. She warns him saying if my daughter get a tear in her eyes because of you, then I won’t spare you. She walks off. Shekhar recalls Sumi’s words and walks on the road shockingly. Even Swara is shocked. Sumi is seen walking after confessing the truth. He recalls Yamuna, Ragini and Swara’s childhood. Shekhar gets in bus. Swara recalls her childhood moments. Shekhar and Swara are shaken with the truth. Swara comes to a place and recalls Shekhar slapping her. She recalls Sumi’s words that Shekhar is her father. She wipes her tears and thinks to tell the truth to Ragini and Yamuna.

Swara comes home and sits outside. Shekhar comes after buying the vegetables. Some of it falls down. Swara calls him Baba and says your things…….Shekhar turns and recalls Sumi telling him that Swara is his daughter. Swara gets emotional and picks his vegetables from the ground. Shekhar calls her and asks what did you say just now. Swara says your things had fallen from the bags. Shekhar says thanks and says whatever happened was wrong. I didn’t expect this from you. Whatever I did was wrong too. He apologizes. Swara asks him not to apologize and make her embarrassed. She says you are like my father. She goes to her house. Shekhar looks on.

Sumi starts recalling her happy moments with Shekhar. Sumi and Shekhar love story is shown in a flashback. Dhundhe geet tere humdun plays while Shekhar recalls their love story. Sumi too recalls their happy moments. She recalls Shekhar calling her Mishti and promises never to leave her alone in life. He gets intimate with her. They consummate their relation. Shekhar is lost in thinking, when Ragini comes and asks what happened? He says nothing. Yamuna asks him to come and have food. He says ok. Shekhar asks Ragini to get his kurta pyjama from terrace. Ragini says ok and come to the terrace. Swara calls Ragini and jumps from the wall.

Ragini asks her to stop. She asks if anyone sees you. Swara says it doesn’t matter to me. I need to talk to you about something important urgently. Ragini asks her to try to understand. She asks her to go back. She says if Dadi maa sees you again, then she will be very angry. She says my family is hurt. I don’t want anything to repeat. We won’t be able to find out the reason for their enemity. We can’t do anything. Swara says we can do surely as I found out the reason. She says we are all sisters and Shekhar uncle is my Papa too. Ragini is shocked.

Ragini asks Swara what are you telling? Swara says I heard maa telling Shekhar uncle. They used to love each other, but something happened in their life that they have to be separated.
Then my mother got married to someone else. And your mother took my mother’s place in Shekhar uncle’s life. Ragini says my mother didn’t take anyone’s place. She made her place in this family. Swara says I didn’t mean to hurt you and let me explain for once. She says before marriage, Shekhar uncle and my mother were in love. Dadi maa calls Ragini. Ragini asks Swara to leave. Swara jumps of the terrace.

Dadi maa comes and asks why she took so much time. She eyes Swara and goes in. Ragini thinks about Swara’s words that Shekhar is her father too. Something happened 20 years ago that they had to separate. Dadimaa comes and sees Ragini lost in thinking while ironing the clothes. She asks what are you doing? She says she will do the iron. She asks her to sleep. At night Ragini confess Swara’s saying’s to Yamuna and she is too shocked by Ragini’s words. The both see their mother Jhanvi’s photo and cries.
Next morning Swara waits for her sisters too come and she see ragini and yamuna are along with dadi maa. So, she went silently too musical palace. At that time prem,lucky,sanskaar and sid were visiting the college as there brother’s would be wife’s were studying. They ask dadi maa about Ragini and Yamuna. Dadi says they were in the musical palace.The four brother were entering in the musical palace. Swara takes Ragini and Yamuna to a side and tells them that she is saying the truth.

There father was her father’s too and we all are sisters. Hearing this statement the four brother’s get shocked and ask what? The three sisters turned shockingly and ask what they were all doing here? Sid says there were want to take there bahabi and devrani for outing with their brothers but heared too shock the statement. Sanskaar asks Swara that she is sure about her saying. Swara tells them everyone that she sure. Sanskaar says we are ready to help you in joining your parents and ask his brothers they all accept his sayings. Swara says that she is happy that Ragini and Yamuna are going too be married with a goodone’s. Heraing her statement all get happy and the three sisters hug eachother.

Next day was Bengali’s new year as per Swara,sid ,lucky and sanskaar’s plan they want the both grandmaa’s to reunite. At Gadodia’s house Dadimaa taunt’s shekaar why he is soo attached to that bengalan’s grandaughter. He says to his mother and his father to stop this nonsense and says Swara is his daughter and not speak bad about her. Hearing this Dadaji takes his gun and point out too shoot shekaar but yamuna and Ragini stops Dadaji and saves their father. Shekaar gets furious and says to his both the daughters that their mother killed by their Dadimaa and not by Sharmishta. A FB is shown . Jhanvi knows about the Shekaar and Sharmishta’s relationship and says sorry to Sharmishta. Seeing both of them with shomi, Dadimaa taunts sharmishta and Janvi stops her and takes away her Mother-in-law. Dadimaa resists while Janki tries to make her understand. Janki falls down and dies. FB ends. Hearing this FB ragini,yamuna and all were shocked. Ragini says that she will not excuse her Dadimaa and says sorry to sharmishta and her father. Shekaar hugs ragini and yamuna as they were in tears. At outside as per swara,lucky,sid and sanskaars plan swara asks her dida too invite Dadimaa and Dadaji for New year ceremony, first she hesitates then accept swara’s sayings.
Dida invites both of them and her granddaughters. At that time the truth of the two families came out and this heared by DurgaPrasad he gets angry and taunts Shekaar, DadiMaa and Dadaji for having the relationship with an Bengali family. Ragini and Yamuna gets anger on DurgaPrasad and says we all are same family and further says swara is their sister too and they announces that Sharmishta as their new Mother and Swara says that Shekaar will be her father. All were shocked!!…
Sid,sanskaar,swara and lucky smiles at eachother.A FB is shown. Where the Three sisters confessing their truth to Shekaar that they knows about the truth of his and sharmishta’s relationship and says that they want their parents reunite. Hearing this Shekaar and Sharmishta gets happy and says they will do as per their three daughters sayings. The FB ends..
Shekaar hugs sharmishta and his three daughters and Finally prem confess the truth too DurgaPrasad that we the brothers know the truth and they didn’t say anything because he may be stop their marriage happening between Maheshwari and Gadodia parivaar; and he further says that he cannot live without a life with Yamuna and confess his love for yamuna.The sisters gets glad.
DurgaPrasad says sorry too Shekaar and tells that he finally realises his mistake that relation is not just a word but it is more than the sayings. And he tells that engagement will happen after two days.

Then they all enjoying the Bengali’s New year festival. Seeing all this DadiMaa, Dadaji and Dida gets shocked.
Shekaar asks his Mother to accept Sharmishta as their Daughter-in-law. Dadi says she wants some time too accept all these things and goes inside with Dadaji.
Here Swara thanks Sid,Sanskaar,Lucky and Prem for reuniting their parents. While Swara goes Sanskaar smiles at her, his expressions are watched by his brothers and makes fun of him. Sanskaar says that he loves Swara and wants to marry her he Seeks his Brother’s help. The three brother’s accepted and says they will help him. Suddenly DurgaPrasad comes and asks what’s going on here? Prem says that if his father and chacha doesn’t mind whether sanskaar can marry swara. Hearing this DurgaPrasad says what? Further prem says that sanskaar loves swara and he wants to marry her.
DurgaPrasad agrees and says swara is the nice girl and I am accept as her as an Daughter-in-law, he asks his wife and Brother Ram and Brother’s wife about his Deccision. They too agrees.. Hearing their speech priya gets glad and takes the mic and announces that swara will become their third Bhahu as sanskaar’s would be wife. Hearing the statement swara first gets shocked and then becomes shy. Her Mom shomi and her Dad shekaar gets glad too hear this and the Three sisters hug eachother.

As on time Dida asks Shekaar to marry Sharmishta on Durgashtami as when the Engagement takes place and says that it is good for the couples when they marry or engaged with eachother.
Shekaar accepts Dida’s sayings and Dadimaa gets shocked to hear this. But she controlled her feelings and thinks Sharmishta will married to Shekaar but she will not happy at this house.
After Few Days, Shekaar and DurgaPrasad went out for the shop to bring and select the engagement rings. At evening, Annapurna/Badimaa and sujatha helps sharmishta for making arrangements for the wedding and engagement. Someone peeps inside and watches the happenings.
Dida taunts and says Marwalan your granddaughters are going to be engaged and you are not doing anything for that , Dadimaa asks Dida too shutup her mouth and says that she know.
Someone shouts at Dida and calls her as shoba how could you can do this to me?? Hearing this all lookout as where the voice came from. They shocked too see a Modern girl removing her specs and says to shoba does she remembered her. Dida is confused and ask her who is she and how dare to tell her name like this as if she is older than her. The girl tells that she knows but one thing had happened that makes me to call you like this she said. Hearing her words Shekaar shouts at that girl and get to slap her but the girl hold his hand strongly as even Shekaar or anyone cannot release him from her stiff. At last the girl leaves Shekaar’s hand and says she has come her shobha and not anyone else.
As she and shobha fighting sharmishta looks at her very carefully and says to shekaar that she sees her action somewhere else.The three sisters at their room watches the drama going on as they were asked by the servant chotu to be inside. At last finally the girl accuses shoba and sharmishta as they were not able to identify her.Someone twists the girls ears and the girl turns and sees kailash and says dadaji. He says how dare you to accuse my Bhabhi like this when I am here itself. The girl says Dadaji that there is no pain in her ears so asked him too leave her ears. She further says that he know about her very well then why he is making this drama. Shoba is totally confused and asks kailash who is he? Kailash says see me underdepth then you will remember me he said. Shoba looks at him and get happy and say devarji. Kailash smiles.shomi gets happy to see his chachaji and says chachaji and hugs him. The girl asks whether their introduction is over and asks shoba if she really forgoted her. The girl turns to kailash and asks him to tell the truth who she is. Kailash laughs and turns to shobha and says sorry for first as he is going to say one truth that had buried 23 years ago. All get tensed.
Kailash says to shoba that she is your first granddaughter Riya Bose. All of them were shocked. The FB is shown.
Rajveet father of shomi gets angry about shomi’s pregnancy, but he is becomed calm down when kailash makes him to understand. After 10 months a girl child is Born it is none other than Riya. Rajveet ask the doctor to inform sharmishta that her child is born dead, but the doctor ask why? He says that he never wants the child to be with sharmishta and says he want’s to take care of the child. Kailash also supports him and says to doctor that no one will accept this child in baldi and the doctor accept the sayings of Rajveet and lies to sharmishta that the child born dead. Hearing this sharmishta miserably cries for her child. The FB ends.
He turns to sharmishta and says sorry that her father doesn’t want tell the truth to you and I have forced him many times to tell at last he tells the truth to your daughter that born between you and shekaar. And he further says that when you(shomi) discharged you see a girl child which was in the nurse hand you fells that you are attached to that baby and you have told me too. It is none other than your Daughter Riya he said. All were shocked and frozen like a stone. Hearing this story Sharmishta and Shobha’s eyes in tears. They call Riya but she acts that she is angry with them.

Shomi says sorry to Riya and folds her hands seeing this Riya stops her and hugs her saying that she came to know the truth before 2 years and says I love you mom. And shobha hugs her too and says I can’t Identify you. Riya says its ok Dida I am backnow and we will be very happy spending our time with everyone Now she said. Kailash gets glad and ask riya to get into House. Riya reffuses that one idiot has to come and I am waiting for him she says. Kailsh acts to be angry and says how can she calls her brother like that and smiles. Seeing his smile Riya understands that his brother is at her back she is about turn suddenly she swings as her brother holds her tightly. Riya asks her brother to leave her he says that he will not leave and asks her to say sorry. Riya reffuse and says Vivan the idiot leave me.
Hearing those words Vivan leaves Riya and says she won’t be spared by anyone and says watch me.
Riya wactches him carefully. He goes to mandir and takes the holy rang. Riya assures and hides. Vivan serches for his sister and thinks that she is here somewhere. When he is about to turn Riya applied the colour on vivan and says that she is smarter than him. Vivan says that he will not leave her and both starts fighting ,Riya goes behind her grandpa kailash and ask him to rescue from his brother. Suddenly priya appears and she is shocked and surprised to see Riya and Vivan. She calls them with their names. The both turns and they are very happy to see her. Then Vivan funs of his sister and both starts again fighting, seeing both all of them get jealous and feels proud and happy at looking them and comment the both as best bhai and best sister. Priya shouts at them and ask vivan and riya to stop fighting as they both fight always in college and home and now at baldi also.
DurgaPrasad ask priya how she knew about them. Priya answered that they 3 were studied in the same college and for 4 years she knew them well, vivan and riya nods to him.
Sharmishta introduces Riya to everyone and sasural family of laado,yamu and shona. Riya takes the blessings of the elders. She takes the blessings of Dadimaa and Dadaji and takes the blessings of shekaar and ask him that she can hug him. Shekaar nods, she hugs and says I love u papa. Shekaar to replies I love u beta.
Sharmishta introduces Riya to her three sisters yamuna,ragini,and swara. The four hugs and riya says that they were Gadodia sisters and all smiles. Riya funs of her brother-in-law and devarji’s and says that she is very happy to see them all in pairs. Hearing those words sid smiles at Riya.

Sharmishta ask riya to come inside suddenly riya looks at the wall clock and asks her bro. Vivan that what is the time now. He looks at the watch and is shocked as the time is going to be 6:30pm. He says sorry to her and ask kailash for his and her permission to leave for work. Kailash agrees and riya tells to her mom that she is going for an important work and she will be back in ½ an hour and both of them leaves without waiting for her to speak. Shekaar ask kailash that why she is so hurry. Kailash says that Riya itself come and say. And ask him to enter the house.
After her job is done Riya came back with her files and reading those files . Someone ask her what she is doing and says watchout her brother holds her and takes her carefully into the house. Sharmishta asks vivan that what she is doing? Vivan replies that when Riya gets into an work that she will not be in her senses while working as she will not look around that what is happening. Riya finished her 1st file and looks at vivan and all and ask how did she came into the house? Vivan replied that he cared her and takes her inside the house. Riya thanks him and says you are the best brother in the world and cares for me. Kailash ask riya to have dinner as she didn’t take her for food since morning and ask her to complete the fasting today itself. Riya says she kept fast till morning so she will eat tomorrow. Sharmishta ask her what she is saying and she(riya) will do this also?? vivan is about to say and riya interrupts and say that whether her mom knows about the grandpa!!! she says that tomorrow is ashtami and taking viradh for durgapooja for 2 days as she loves to do.

Sharmishta looks happy and says her one more thing that tomorrow is her and shekaar’s wedding and her sister’s engagement . Riya says that she is so happy and her ears can’t believe those happy moments are going to happen and says love u mom. Just then shoba comes and says I am too happy; Riya sees her maang and faints as she falls on vivan and he holds her and he also looks at Dida and worried for her kailash sees vivan’s eyes and understoods and says to vivan take riya to her room. Vivan takes riya to her room and shekaar calls Doctor to check up riya. Doctor comes and check up and says whether she had any long time depression kailash looks tensed and says riya had an accident before 3 years and she had recovered from the accident after 6 months but she had a fear too of the incident so she had depression and take depression tablets. Doctor asked them too take the depression tablets for riya so she can be cured and further says
take care of her as she had too recover otherwise it will affect her health and leaves.

Riya opens her eyes and looks at everyone’s teary eyed and understoods that they know about the truth. She says to everyone that they all may be angry with her about not saying the truth but it is necessary to hide somethings that can be prevent from emotions,etc.. as she says sharmishta interrupts and says it is necessary to tell about the health condition.
Vivan says don’t worry about her it is there problem and not interrupt between while his sis. speaking and jokes all smiles. When all of them leaving vivan get her tablets and riya says “I don’t want family to know about her real Identity that only vivan,kailash and dada(Rajveet)only knows and one person is there too but I don’t want to say!!!”; while she cries vivan wipes her tears and says that every brother had a responsibilities of taking care of their sister and promises that it will be an secret. On the other side ragini hears the conversation fully and thinks what is the secret and says to herself that she should find the truth by herself not by anyone and leaves.
At night gadodia parivaar started their lunch riya enters and says she is going for shopping for purchasing dresses. She ask kailash to give money and leaves. Sharmishta is about to stop but kailash stops her and says leave her for sometime and says she will comeback soon.
At shopping mall riya choses some dresses for her and her family and choses some kids wears. At the same time Sasural of her sister’s family to came for paying the amount for the dresses. Annapurna watches riya and call her but riya was busy by her work of purchasing dresses and pay the money and leaves. Annapurna thinks why didn’t she turn when I call her and says to herself that maybe she might be busy and leaves.
At morning; gayathri mantra plays at the background—————Riya wakes while the song continues, Riya see the clock and the time shows 4:30 AM. She goes to refresh and comes back. She wear a bengali saree looklike godess durga wear(at temple shown which the godess wear a bengali saree with latest design.). She(Riya) prays to kannaji for everyone’s happiest life. Seeing those lights swara wakes up and watches riya woken and wakes up her other two sisters all looks at riya and complement her beauty with themselves and they ask eachother a same question that ”why she woke up so early?”. Riya goes to mandir and prepares the things for pooja and helps kailsh, dida and vivan.
Riya blows the shank and everyone comes and surprised to see all those arrangements. Sharmishta asks dida that what they are doing at early morning! When Dida is about to reply Riya interruptus and say that “there will be an durgapooja afterwards your shaadi”! Hearing sharmishta and everyone looks on shock. Riya calms down everyone and says there are 3 mahurat today and now the time is going to be 5:30 and she ask her dad and mom to get ready for their marriage. All leave and getting ready for the wedding ceremony. Riya ask the pandit to start the pooja.
After few minutes sharmishta and shekaar comes , Riya ask everyone to sit and the pooja is going on.

At this time maheshwari parivaar came, vivan greets them and makes them sit. After the pooja shekaar and sharmishta married, riya ask her 3 sister’s to get blessings of their parents as they were newly married couples.
The sister’s take the blessings of their dad and mom. Riya ask her family member’s that anyone forgoted today what day it was !! shekaar replied that today their marriage day; her sister’s engagement and Durgashtami.
Riya says or anything special ;Dadi says nothing else. Sharmishta goes near Riya and blesses her and says her Happy B’day. Everyone looks on stunned, sharmishta further says that anyone can forgot their b’day but not forgot their chidren’s b’day Riya hugs and says thank you mom and everyone wishes Riya on her B’Day. Riya ask the family members to come to the Durga matha temple as she is conducting her B’day celebration and there is one another surprise too and leaves.
All arrived at the temple and riya ask them to come as its time for aarthi and everyone goes inside. Riya asks the pandit to give the Diya and ask her sister’s to join with her. The 4 sister’s join with her and dances, when Riya dances everyone is mesmerized and they cannot feel that they were alive or not. Riya dances well and the sister’s keep the diya down and Riya ask her brother to call them. Riya distributes the prasad to everyone, while she distributes a group of children run towards her and ask the prasad. Riya gives them prasad and says go to the entrance there my manager will be waiting and he will give you the dresses,sweets and study material and ask the children to go. The children ran to get the gifts and stand in a line.
Sharmishta asks riya what she is doing? Riya says that always she ask her dada to invite ashram childrens on her B’day as she loves helping the poor. Sid jokes at her whether she want to help as mother Teresa or else she want to help the world wide poor and ask her whether she has money with her for world wide service. Riya says in anger very funny.
She ask her brother to come to the venue and ask hem to inform the address the party. Vivan nods and her manager helps her in open the car. Riya wear the specs with a stylish way and sits in the car. Durgaprasad asks vivan what she is saying. Vivan gives the address and ask them to come to attend the venue as it is important.
All came to the five*hotel and ask the way to the party hall . When they go inside the party hall they utterly shock in state they ask the manager what is going on here. The manager replies there is an award function that is going to be given to the new Collector of kolkata. Durgaprasad is about to ask the manager who is she/he.
The waiter ask the manager to comeout quickly as the collector had arrived. The manager run and greets the collector. Vivan ask the family members to come and greet the collector. When all of them came outside they were shocked to see Riya as the collector.
Riya enters the party hall and ask the manager to give the seats for family members. Riya ask the 3 couples who are going to be engaged and ask them to wear a beautiful dresses for their engagement as it is going to be held now.
The 3 couples were surprised and goes to change there dresses. Durgaprasad asks riya what she is doing, riya replies that she is going to keep engagement and award function at the same time as it is an good mahurat.
At the stage riya’s manager asked one by one to recive and greet for the award function. At last Riya speaks about importance that should be in the city as for poor people and she further says that she is conducting an engagement ceremony for her 3 sisters and ask all of them to applause the couples.
Yamuna,Ragini,Swara,Sanskaar,Laksh,Prem come to their respective pairs and wear the rings; everyone applaud the couples and Riya comes to her dad and mom and says How was her surprise.
Shekaar and Sharmishta says it was too lovable surprise and we are proud of our 1st daughter who cares for everyone’s happiness. Dadi says that she is proud and happy of her eldest grand daughter as she is the one who helped everyone for the engagement ceremony and make the other grand daughter’s happy, hearing Siddarth(sid) and all smiles at Riya.

After the function Durgaprasad asks the family members to come to their house.Riya says she will come within 10 min. Dp agrees and everyone leaves but for few seconds sid stares at riya. Dp watches sid and thought something and leaves.
At maheshwari house everyone takes rest and ready for the dinner. Riya and vivan appears and annapurna ask the both to have dinner. The both nods.
When Riya comes to the dinning table a 2 yr baby girl child came and hugs Riya and plays with the servant. The servant tries to stop the baby from running but Riya holds her up and kisses the child on her forehead and cheeks. And ask the servant that she feed the child and asks the child’s name but sid stops her and says not needed and says it is servant’s child and ask her to come and eat. Dp gets angry and Riya too gets and says to Sid how he could be so rude with the child and servant. She ask whether he had any problem with the child and the servant. He says nothing and goes away.
Annapurna says to Riya the child’s name is Anushka(Anu) and ask her to come and eat. Riya looks at sid and says in heart why Sid is behaving strange as he doesn’t behave like this with anyone and thinks whether he had any problem and says it can’t be and eats the food with her brother Vivan.
At morning the preparations for the Mehendi ceremony was going on. Sharmishta asks Riya to make ready of the 3 sisters; Riya nods and leaves. At the sisters room Riya making Ragini,Yamuna and Swara getting Ready. While she making Ragini ready she thinks about the sid’s strange behaviour, while she is lost in thought Ragini ask her what she is thinking and ask her to tell about the matter.
Riya says to her sister that why is Sid is behaving like a stranger when the servant’s child came and hugged me. Ragini says it may be his nature towards the servant but Riya interrupts and says it can’t be and says he was so worried when the baby came and he has some connection between the child and says we should find that hearing Swara and Yamuna agrees, Ragini says in heart that she should be find the secret of yours that you(Riya) are hiding from everyone.
Everyone assembles on the hall and Dp asks everyone to start the mehendi function but between the ceremony there will be an announcement whether this agreed for the special 2 persons there will be an engagement too. Shekaar ask what is the matter. Dp says that he want Riya to become our fourth bahu and he ask shekaar and everyone whether they were agreed for this alliance.
Everyone agrees but Vivan,kailash and Riya doesn’t agree. Riya says that she is not interested to marry Siddarth as he is not well behaving with the servants and insulting the child and insulting her too. Annapurna ask she doesn’t know about Sid fully and she wants to say one truth as Sid is not present here but Sujatha stops her from telling the truth but Ram interrupts and says that Sid is an Married Person but due to some circumstances he had to divorce his wife and the 2 yr child anu is there Daughter. Everyone is Stunned.
Riya is too surprised and ask what is that circumstance that made him to divorce. Annapurna says Sid’s wife name was sara. Sid and sara were studied at the same college and they both fallen in love and one day he came to me ask for his and her marriage. We were in shock as what to do but sid futher says whether they are not ready to accept Sara as there bahu he will go out of this house ever and will not back, because of his emotional blackmail we accept Sara as our Bahu and Some days later in our company we had a severe loss due to some problems.
One day we find out that we had so much of money loss and we also find out that Sara and her Sister’s bank account with lots of crores and they doesn’t pay the Taxes too. When sujatha ask Sara she replied Rudely that she wants the property belongs to the maheshwari house and says that’s why she married Sid and he doesn’t know about her true intentions and married her because he thought I too loved him but its not true I have just acted as I am loving him, hearing from the door side Sid rushes and Slaps Sara hardly and fights with Sara. Sara says that he will not get money and property papers after the divorce and she leaves.
One day Sid get the divorce papers and cries that what he had done to the family. Dp and Ram consoles him and says now you had realized that what ever we are doing is for your and your brother’s future. Sid says sorry and says he will not continue the mistake and says he will divorce Sara and he can led an happy life with his family. Sid signs on the divorce papers and says that he will be happy from now onwards.
After 1 year on Sid’s b’day we were preparing arrangements for the party at that time one servant comes and says that Sara had came with one child and wants to meet Sid sir. We goes outside and saw The 1 yr baby girl child lying on the ground and one letter was inside the cloth. When we read Sara was written that it is her and sid’s child and she does not want the child to take care and she gift this child to Sid on his b’day.
When Sid got angry and says he doesn’t want the child which was born to a betrayer and Dp convinces him and says that when the child is born it is not said that it is good or bad child, it is the growth that we are giving and the directions we are showing in which the childrens are going. Dp asks not not hate the child but he doesn’t want so we are all taking care of the child.
When Annapurna says the story of sid… Riya is in tears, at that time Sid also hears and get angry. Riya goes to him and says that whatever so Sara did to you leave it and you can’t say that it is an bad child. When Anu comes into an adult and when she know about the truth what she will think did you ever thought. She fell bad and want’s to die with no reason of being alive without father and mother’s love.

Riya ask him to love his only daughter and she doesn’t want to marry him and he has to accept his child Anu and says she doesn’t want to get married. Ragini interrupts and says Riya Didi want’s laksh to snatch it from me as she Loves him. All get shocked by ragini’s saying; Riya says that Ragini is lying and she doesn’t have the thought of snatching anyone’s love. Ragini says then why laksh is smiles at you and helped you at the pooja and says that she know about her relationship between her and laksh. Dadi says how she(Riya) could do with her sister like this. Vivan gets angry and says that her sister will not do this cheap thing and says that Ragini is lying.
Dp asks Laksh whether he had an affair with Riya ; laksh says he loves Riya, but she does not love him and treat him as a friend and now he doesn’t loves her as he is going to be the husband of Ragini. So, he doesn’t want this matter to come outside but it had gone upside down as Ragini came to know about the truth. Dadi taunts kailash of his upbringing and says that he have any shame as his best grand daughter is not speaking anything. Dida gets surprised and says marwlan yesterday you was saying that she is your grand daughter from now on but today you are insulting your grand daughter. Dadi says if anyone done mistake all will speak like this and ask Dida to shutup her mouth and ask her then why her husband Rajveet does not come here and she did not ask her grand daughter about this question. Dida realises that her husband did not come yet and ask Riya to tell where is her Dadaji Rajveet.

Riya is in tears and says she had hide some truth and says Rajveet is dead. Dida gets shocked and falls down, sharmishta cries and calls maa and holds her. Dida, Dadi,Sharmishta,Swara Cries. Swara says to Riya how she can hide the truth. Riya says when she want to tell the truth that Dada is died but everyone is happy at the marriage that going to be happen in a few more days. So, that’s why she hide the truth.
Dida ask when did this happen. Riya says this was happened before 2 yrs, in bomb blast so many people died in hong kong and we three of them only got saved but dadaji , choti dadi , chachi n chachu died in the bomb blast. All were shocked; Riya continues and says that she gone into coma for 6 months and then dada(kailash) told me that I have a family in India.
Dida is in tears and thinks how much pain she(Riya) would have and says to her sorry and ask her to forgive. Riya says sorry to her and says that Tommorow is her Dadaji’s death Day. Sharmishta ask dida for get ready for the pooja and wipes her tears. Shekaar ask everyone to leave and ask them to come for shanti pooja. All of them leaves, Riya goes to her room with Vivan and Kailash; Ragini sees them going and follows them she hide in the curtain and hears the conversation carefully. Riya says to her dadaji and vivan that she want to hide the truth but it got upside down as one truth came out.
Kailsh says that it is good and ask her to say the other truth to the family. Riya says that when they learn the truth they can’t with stand by the truth and she does not want her past life in come front of her and want to fulfill the promise that she gave it to someone.
Vivan agrees and says that they will find and fulfill the promise that she gave to him(means another person.).Ragini thinks who it could be and what is the truth that her Riya Didi had in past and Leaves from the room.
In Dadi’s(Parvathi) room:
Ragini says to laksh and dadi that there plan was failed and what to do now. Dadi asks Ragini what happened there when she went to Riya’s room. Ragini says to dadi and laksh that Riya Didi is worried of something that happened in her past life. Laksh says to ragini that they should solve the problem of Riya and ask her what they can do now as the 1st plan was failed, he asks to think for new plan. Dadi gots an Idea and shares it with Raglak.
At evening, Dadi goes to Durga maa Temple and prays to god show her a way. Panditji says that she will get all the answers today and says that Devotee of Lord Shiv ( Saint) had came for Kolkata for Maha pooja for Goodness that is going to be happened in the Universe and ask Dadi to come inside the tent. The Saint was in the meditation state and Dadi sits silently and waits for him to open his eyes. The saint slowly opens his eyes and says that what she want he knows. Dadi says that her big grand daughter is hiding some big truth to them and ask the saint whether her grand daughter wants the family or not when they were to hear and solve the problems of their childrens. The saint replies that her grand daughter is such an nice girl and she is here for solving the problems of the people and says to Dadi that she Can’t solve her grand daughter problem as she is well Problem solver. Dadi ask the Saint to show the path of truth as she wants to know the past life of her grand daughter.
The saint replies that he can bring the truth outside but she has to one thing that Riya should not present at the house. Dadi agrees and ask the Saint to come tommorow to her house. The Saint replies he will stand outside the house as shanti pooja is going on and ask dadi to call Riya’s Lovable Brother Vivan Outside Tommorow as he will definitely tell the truth to a Saint. Dadi agrees and leaves.
In morning:
Sharmishta and Shekaar prepares for shanti pooja. At that time the Saint came to the baldi and goes to mandir everyone takes the blessings of the saint except gadodia n maheshwari parivaar as they were in the shanti pooja but Dadi and Raglak were prepared for the arrival of saint so they were did’t participate in the pooja.
The saint blessed the Raglak and Dadi and says to them that he will be waiting there at mandir after shanti pooja he asked to bring Vivan. The Raglak and Dadi agrees. Afterwards pooja gets over Everyone leaves while Riya see the Saint and goes to refresh and came back to take the blessings. She ask everyone in the family to take the blessings of the Saint. Dadi ask her to prepare food for the saint with her other 3 sisters, Riya nods and leaves with them.
Dadi ask Vivan to take the blessings of the Saint. He goes to take the blessings but the Saint doesn’t bless him but indirectly told him to speak the truth always. Hearing vivan and kailash gets surprised and asked the saint what did they hide that he blessed them to speak the truth.
The saint replies to speak the truth about his sister that she wants to forget about her past life. Vivan and Kailash gets shocked and says to Saint that they can’t as they promised to her but saint forces vivan to speak the truth to the family. Shekaar and everyone ask what happened. Vivan remains silent and see his dadaji kailash, he nods him to say the truth.
At the kitchen:
Riya feels something bad had happen and wants to go but Ragini stops her and ask Riya what happened. Riya replies that she wants to know that what food will the saint eat. Ragini stumbles and says that she will go and ask and leaves. Riya thinks that what happened to Ragini and why she is worried and says within herself that something had gone wrong and follows Ragini. Seeing both outside Yamuna and Swara too follows them.
Ragini comes outside and signs Dadi that Riya is inside but Dadi sees Riya and other 2 sisters and scold Ragini not doing even the single job given to her and shows Riya. Ragini gets shocked to see her and turns back where vivan going to tell the truth. Riya see her brother and goes to call him but suddenly stops when vivan say ” Yes, that they Hide the Truth of Riya’s Past life”, hearing Riya gets surprised and got angry and shouts at her brother not to do as he promised her but Kailash takes Riya inside her Room forcefully and Locks her up and says to her Sorry and leaves. Riya in her room cries miserably and thinks this should not happen as when they came to know about the truth they will not behave like this as they were now and says to herself that she should find a way to go out and stop her brother from saying the truth and see the window and goes near the window.
Here Vivan says that Ap ji said the truth of Sid yesterday and today he is going to say the truth of Riya and says that Riya is too married but due to some Bad circumstance she had to divorce her husband Rajat and too leave alone the one month baby Diya. Hearing everyone looks on shock , at the same time Riya reaches the mandir and shouts not to tell but the Saint says to Vivan nothing will happen to his sister and ask him to continue. Riya rushes to Vivan but Kailash hold her hand and says he will tie her in the chair so she can’t interrupt. He ties Riya on chair and leaves her behind Durga maa.
Vivan continues the Story of Riya___✨?A FB is shown……
At Hong Kong College: Vivan,Priya and Some other friends challenging who will win in the music competition it is Rajat or Riya. Vivan says it is absolutely his sister will win as no one reach her level. One voice came from back lets see who will win in the competition it is him or his lovely sister. Vivan turns and see Rajat with his guitar and hugs him. Just then Riya came outside the car with her guitar and goes towards her brother and Priya. When she came and hugs priya, priya says to her ATB and turns to see Rajat. He sees Riya by Lovely smile. Riya too smiles at him in a lovely way. Seeing both Vivan and priya smiles at eachother.
The correspondent ask Rajat and Riya to come as music competition going to start. All goes to the Auditorium and watches the performance of Rajat-Riya. The judge gets impressed by Riya’s performance and select her but Riya excuses them and says that she only started the program and not the performer as she got many prizes by winning first so she want’s to give an chance for other participants. Everyone gets surprised and applaud her by saying she is always first in everyone’s heart.
Rajat smiles at her and thinks that she wants to see him in the 1st place so she had given up her performance to him. Vivan hugs her and says she is great by proving giving chance to everyone and says to her that she loves Rajat more than her guitar and ask her to wait while e talks to her Dadaji. Riya shy’s and leaves.
At Riya’s house: Rajveet ask Riya and Vivan to have food. They both nods and about to have food but the door bell rings. Riya says to her dadaji that she will go and check. Rajveet agrees and having food with Vivan and others. Riya goes to the door and opens she find no one and about to close the door but one hand came in between the door and stops them without closing. Riya looks on surprised and opens the door and watches Rajat with hand full of Roses. She ask Rajat if he had gone mad and ask him what he is doing at her house. Rajat replies that he wants to thank her and says I LOVE YOU to Riya. Riya gets a super shock by Rajat and see him continuously. Rajat says to Riya that he knows by Vivan that she too loves him. So he came to meet her Dadaji by Vivan’s plan and goes inside. Riya thinks that this is true she will be happy so much.
Rajat enters the hall and takes the blessings of Rajveet and Kailash. He says he want to talk something, Rajveet ask him to continue. Rajat says first off all thanks by making Riya being Riya itself and say thanks for making her 1st in everyone’s heart. Rajveet ask him what he wants to say. Rajat says he want’s to marry Riya by your permission as when he ask Riya she doesn’t answer so I want your support to marry her. Rajveet and Kailsh looks at eachother and says to Rajat that they were ready for Marriage and ask him to convey this message to Riya as she is not Present here. Rajat gets happy by positive news and hugs Rajveet by saying I love you dadaji. Rajveet happily hugs him ask him to go and search for Riya. Rajat searching for Riya at room , balcony, etc. and finally he goes and searches at the pool side where she is watching the moon , seeing her rajat says thank god that she is here and goes towards her. He puts his hand on her shoulder and says I want you to marry and and want to see the moon with you. Riya gets shy and says did he got the permission to marry her. He says yes and takes out the Ring and makes Riya seated on the bench. He ask Riya to Forward her hands and put the Ring in her Finger and ask her will she marry him. Riya nods and hugs him and says “I love you naa yaar” and Rajat too hugs her and says “ I love you too naa yaar”.

At the morning the functions for the wedding ceremony goes on while the couple Rajat and Riya gets married. After 1 year passed Riya gave an birth to a beautiful baby and all gets happy by the new comer… after some days the name function is going on Rajat ask Riya that what name she wants to give to her Daughter. Riya see the photo of lord krishna and see the diya which is lighting and says to Rajat she wants to keep the name Diya to her daughter as Diya that we use in temple, on occasions as it is pure so for our daughter Diya is the correct name. Everyone agrees and calls Diya 3 times in baby’s ear.
After few days, Rajat is not well behaving with Riya and Riya thinks that what happened to Rajat and thinks that he is in big trouble. In the morning Riya follows Rajat and sees him with a girl and he calls her as Hema and ask her not to do like this and he is not the one who is responsible for her pregnant. Riya is shell shocked and hears the conversation fully and shouts the girl’s name Hema.
Rajat is shocked to see her and Hema too gets frightened and ask Riya how dare she call by her name. Riya says she has right to speak as she is the culprit who is disturbing their life. Hema says that she is right but the member is wrong her lovely husband is the one who is making their life Hell, hearing Riya hardly slaps at Hema and says How dare she can say her husband like this. Hema replies he is the one who acted with her as he loves her and made her pregnant, hearing Riya again slaps hard at Hema. Hema says how many times she can slap but the true never change. Rajat says this is not true and he is not the cause for her child and says he doesn’t know her. Hema says that she never seen a husband lies so much to his wife. Riya is about to slap but Hema holds her hand and says she can’t change anything as she is having his child and leaves , while leaving she warns him to marry her and divorce his 1st wife or accept her as his 2nd wife and keep her at home.

Riya says to Rajat that she Trust him fully as she knows he couldn’t do such thing as her loves her more and he fells shame to think like this and ask him to come home.
After few days, Riya goes shopping with her child and her husband Rajat. At that time Hema follows them silently with her gang. Riya ask Rajat to keep safe of Diya while she is doing shopping for them. Rajat nods and plays with Diya, suddenly Hema sprays a perfume on Rajat and Kidnap the both while Riya is doing the shopping Unknowingly about the Kidnap but she Fells something bad and discontinue her shopping and returns to Rajat where she left him and Diya. When she came she saw a empty caradle and Rajat’s wrist watch down on the floor and says to herself that something had happen and calls Rajat but she get no response. She calls on Rajat’s phone but his mobile was switched off. She gets panicked and calls Vivan and Rajveet to come to the mall and tells them everything.

Vivan calls Police and come to the shopping mall with Rajveet. She tells the police about Rajat and Diya and she had searched them everywhere but they were not found and they were not outside too and she had found wrist watch and Caradle near the door. Police checks everywhere but they don’t get a clue about Kidnapping and Riya whether Rajat had problem with someone at that time Riya was distressed and see the boy who is taking a video of him and she gets an Idea and ask the police she wants to see the CCTV video recording and says she will tell them clearly after the recording. They go to the security Ctrl Room and Riya playbacks the video before 5hrs when she Left Rajat and Diya and she sees Hema and her gang kidnapping the both and says to herself she is right that Hema had kidnapped Rajat and Diya.
She says to inspector about Hema on the Video and the incident happen between them and ask them to find. Vivan and Rajveet gets shocked and ask her that she didn’t tell them anything. Riya says sorry and ask them not to fell bad. Suddenly she gets an call from Private no. she attends the call. It is none other than Hema, she says to Riya that she had kidnapped her Husband and her child and ask her to not to worry as Rajat and her child will be safe with her when she doesn’t interfere in their life. Hema further says that she (Riya) will get the divorce papers soon as her husband signed on the papers and she has to sign it on the paper otherwise she will kill her child and Rajat.
Riya gets shocked and says that Rajat will never sign on those papers she(Hema) must have done something to him. Hema says she is right she had taken his Thumb prints and ask her to sign on those papers otherwise she will not see her husband and her child forever and cuts the call. Riya says to her dadaji Rajveet and her brother Vivan and Inspector about the incident and Inspector ask his secretory to find the place by tracking the no. the secretory tracks and says the car is moving toward Mong kok road.
On the way to Mong kok Rajat got his senses and find Hema is with her and gets shocked and ask how can she do like this and ask her stop the car. Hema ask him to cool down and Reveals her chat with his lovely wife Riya. Rajat is shocked to hear the truth and can’t believe that Hema had taken his Thumb Prints and cries silently and hugs his daughter Diya and says to her that her father lost his mum and can’t fight with goons as they will do something to her and ask her to forgive her Dad.

At Hema’s house she tell Rajat that she will take care his both childrens. Rajat ask her to stop this non-sense and ask her not to tell like that and he is not the real father of the child. Hema shouts and taunts at him and says that he should be ready for going to court tommorow for divorce and ask him not to do anything smartly otherwise she will kill his wife and his child and leaves. She calls Riya and says the same what she said to Rajat. Riya cries and ask her dadaji to do something.
In the Morning Rajat and Riya cries seeing eachother and silently goes to the room. Judge ask the both whether they want divorce surely. They both see their Daughter Diya were Hema holds a Knife silently at baby’s back. The both agrees due to save their child. When they came outside Hema ask Riya to leave as she is not willing to give Diya to her as Rajat loves his daughter much more, Riya replies that they don’t have any problem as we( Rajat-Riya) loves our child more than our life and leaves suddenly some men’s throws Bombs at every place and everyone runs from the place and vivan takes his sister and dadaji to the safety place and Hema takes Rajat to a safety place with his child.
Riya see the news channel on Tv that some Terrorists were thrown bombs on Hongkong and every places and many people were died in the bomb blast. Riya cries and decides to find whether Rajat and Diya were fine and Runs from the hiding place Vivan tries to stop her but in vain.
Rajat sees Riya running and tries to go but Hema Shoots at him and says You can’t escape from me Rajat as I Love You and I can’t leave you to her and says that she is not allowing to meet her(Riya) child from today onwards as she is the wall who made a distance between us and I have to kill you by this gun as you love her a lot and not me and my child in the womb and says that she will go to kolkata and admit in the aanad ashram were she can grow and leaves. Rajat cries and shouts Riya, suddenly Riya stops and turns back and see Rajat at the Death bed and Runs to him……….The Janam Janam song plays at the background……………….Riya cries after looking him and ask him about Diya, he relies that Hema shoots at him and what she said he explains to Riya but in vain he died on Riya’s lap. Riya cries even more and recalls the words that Diya has taken to India and Tries to recall the aashram name but she can’t get it.
At the same time Vivan Rushes to her about dadji’s(Rajveet) death due to bomb blast and the other family members death. Riya runs to her Dadaji and cries .
After few months for all the family members and for her Rajat she made a shanthi pooja at home and see the photo of Rajat and Promises him that she will definitely bring back Diya to home. After 2 yrs Dadaji kailash tells the truth to Vivan and Riya and then they leave for India,Etc. The FB ends___✨?
Sharmishta goes towards the mandir and release Riya and hugs her by crying and says how can she hide the truth to her mum and says all the family members will support her for searching her daughter and says sorry my grand daughter. Riya says sorry and goes towards her Brother and says how can he broke her Trust within fraction of seconds and says that she will not forgive him until he repents his mistake. Then Everyone says sorry to Riya for misunderstanding her even Raglak apologizes. Riya says not to worry and she does not want anyone to head down like this as she and her brother had made mistakes and says she agree to marry sid for the child’s future and says she believe that her Diya will definitely come backs to her and the promise made to Rajat will be fulfilled. Everyone looks proud and the engagement and mehendi ceremony starts for Risid too..
Siddarth looks at Riya romantically and see his daughter Anu who is playing with ball with Priya and thinks that he hate is daughter first but when Vivan bhai tells the story of Rajat and Riya I caught to know that any problem may occur Rajat does not want his daughter to be with Evil Hema and from now on I will take care of my Anushka. Riya see Sid lost in thoughts and wake him up whether he is day dreaming. Sid says sorry and he wants to repent his mistake that he had done to his daughter by insulting. Riya gets glad and ask him to come to the terrace as she wants to share something and leaves.
At the Terrace :- Riya says to Sid that she wants to marry him for his and her child’s future. Sid stops her and says that she already told this to everyone. Riya says yes but she wants to say that she does not love him ever after as she loves Rajat a lot and wants a peace life with anu and Diya. Sid gets shocked to hear but he does not show his expressions towards Riya and nods his head for her sayings. Riya leaves the terrace but Sid still looks on freezed and his tears come out of his eyes as he love her from that second when he learns the truth and the Gerua song plays….
At the mehendi ceremony:-

Sharmishta and Annapurna applies mehendi on the Gadodia sisters and Mehendi ki Rachnewalli song plays———– then everyone dances on the song.
At night , Riya gets disturbed and wakes up and get ready for going out she see the clock and the time is going to be 12 o’clock and leaves the house silently and goes to Shiv mandir were the saint staying. The Saint is meditating as it was shivrathiri and the pooja is going on in the temple for Shivji. Riya comes inside the tent and bends down to take his blessings and ask the saint why he wants to let the truth out to the family and everyone. The saint replies her Dadi requested him and he promised her so that why this all drama had happen. Riya fumes and says this will be first and last for him(Saint) as she does not want her family to know the birth secret that had been hidden for 24 yrs and leaves. The saint smiles at Riya and says Sri Jagad Janani Sri Maha Kali Sri Parameshwari you know that this will happen and it is your story maa and I can’t change and says you had started this story and you will finish it by your brother and letting everyone to know about your truth and says Jai Mata Di…..
At the early morning Sanskaar calls swara. Swara wakes up and see sanskaar’s call and cuts the call. She goes to washroom and thinks how to attend the call as she is nervous. She speaks to the mirror as sanskaar and gets shy while thinking about her marriage. She comes out of the washroom and takes her phone and come out of their sisters Room then sanskaar called her suddenly Vivan appears and picks the phone of Swara but swara ask him to return his phone but he keeps his finger on her mouth and says be silent and now watch this comedy. He attends the call and sanskaar says “why you r so late to attend my call swara.?”. Vivan speaks with Swara tone that she woken up now only ask him to speak silent as her sisters were slepping. Sanskaar says its ok n says that their shaadi is today n he is getting nervous. Vivan tries to smile but he pacifies him n says in swara’s voice that she should get nervous n not him. Sanskaar says that’s true but he is getting nervous by marring her as she is beautiful; chubby; understanding; concern for others; Love her Big sister Riya a lot n at the same time she also Loves her other sisters n her brother too but whether She Love him after Marriage.
Swara feels uncomfortable n gets shy n looks at her brother Vivan. He understands n say to Sanskaar that she Loves him at the Extreme Level n can’t count or test her love becoz she believes in Trust in Love n can’t break the Trust of Anyone n Says I LOVE YOU SANSKAAR ; suddenly Swara says Bhaiyaa n Laughs Loudly n Sanskaar gets alerted that Vivan is on the line n they had on the speaker. He says Vivan Bhaai that’s you. Vivan says yes n say that he told the Truth of Swara by Imitating her n gives the Phone to Swara and leaves. After Vivan Leaves Swara speaks to Sanskaar and says sorry.

Sanskaar ask her not to fell bad and I am Happy that Your truth came out with the help of Vivan Bhaiyaa. Swara fells uncomfortable on the other hand Raglak hears through Speaker and makes fun of Swasan and They go to their Room for getting Ready for their Sangeet when they get ready Laksh calls Ragini and ask her to be Ready for sangeet as he is going to be win in this competition.
Ragini says let see and ask him whether he fell bad while everyone taunt him as he Loves Riya . Laksh says nothing like that and they got to know about Riya Bhabi’s truth and all problems are solved.
Riya is doing her meditation and gets to know Raglak’s speech by her meditational powers and say that the Problem is not yet Overed and there are More Problems to face by both the family and she will help them whenever they needed ; at that time shekaar blows shank at Durga mandir.

In the Evening The both families get ready for Sangeet and the pairs Yamrem, Swasan and Raglak get down and go to their respective seats while Sid is getting Ready and lost in thoughts of Riya and his daughter Anu and on the other side Riya is Getting Ready she Looks so Beautiful and gorgeous. Priya says everyone looks beautiful at this sangeet function but she looks soo beautiful and more Special at this function. Sharmishta says yes as her daughter is so Precious and an Gold or diamond can’t compare with her look. The both get down Riya into the sangeet function Hall Everyone is Mesmerised By Riya’s Beautiful look. Even The Yamrem, Swasan, and Raglak looks at her and is mesmerised. Sid stares at Riya in a loving way and becomes silent. His reaction is watched by Vivan and Vivan smiles at him and says to himself that “I know you love Riya More now as she got Pure Heart and she deserves it as she is lucky to get husband like you.”
The Sangeet starts Priya and Vivan said the rules that they all have 3 rounds one is duet and other is solo performance and whoever wins in the round, we will announce the result last.
The Yamrem dances on the song Darmiyaan, Swasan dances on the song Manchala.. Teri ore and Raglak dances on the song Tukur. Tukur.. Riya ask her brother that she and sid will dance last and ask him to finish their sisters rounds. Vivan agrees.
Yamuna dances on the song Agar Tum sath hoo.
Swara dances on the song Panchi bole hai kya(bhahubali).
Ragini dances on the song Jallah Wallah.
Prem dances on the song Mauja hi Mauja.
Sanskaar dances on the song Salam-e-Ishq.
Laksh dances on the song Jumme ki raat hai.
At last Vivan announced that her lovely sister and Sid will perform now.
Riya dances on the song Manwa laage.
Sid dances on the song Batameez Dil and
the duo performs on the song Soch na sake while they dance on the song they both lost in each other’s eyes and vivan and priya looks at eachother and speaks through their eyes that Risid will so soon going to be together. After their dance Vivan announce that all were performed well and the winner is all of them and for this celebration all will dance together. Everyone applaud and dance together on the song Baari Barsi (Band Bajaa Bharat). While they dancing Riya notices Anu is alone and Looks at Sid in a Angry way. He understoods and hgs Anu and dance with her. Riya smiles and joins with Anu and Sid and says sorry that she forget that he changes into an respected father. Sid says whether she is kidding and their both nok jok continues and the function gets overed.

In the Morning everyone preparing for the marriage of Gadodia sisters. Sumi, Priya, Dadimaa and Dadi get ready Yamuna,Swara and Ragini. On the other hand Dadaji Kailash and Vivan makes Riya to get Ready for marriage. The other 3 sisters fully get ready and they came to Riya’s Room with Sumi, priya,Dadi and Dadimaa. Everyone get surprised except Priya that Dadaji and Vivan making Riya getting Ready for the marriage. And the sisters ask the both to leave and they will make their Didi get ready and the 3 sisters help Riya and the 4 Look soo Gorgeous. The both Dadi’s blessed the 4 and leaves.
At the Maurat the 4 pairs sits for puja and the Pandit ask to do Kanyadhan. Shekaar and Sharmishta while doing Kanyadhan they got into their old memories as how their 3rd Child Swara was born after their 2nd child Yamuna born to Janki and Ragini born after Janki’s death while she is in the Janki’s womb. After Kanyadhan The Grooms Takes the oath’s of the marriage and completed their marriage.
They take everyone’s Blessings and Vivan ask the other 3 sisters to take blessings of Riya as she is Elder than them(sisters). The Sister Take the Blessings of Riya and they Hug Each other (Phoolon ka taaron ka song plays). After their Bidaai they Enter into the Maheshwari Mansion. Durgaprasad ask Annapurna and Sujata to bring Aarthi Plates n ask the sisters to come inside the house by ritual.
The sisters came inside the house , when they came inside Durgaprasad ask everyone to come inside and he suddenly sees Riya’s footprints and gets shocked. He stops Riya and asked about her footprints as it got OM syombol at the Bottom of her foot. Hearing everyone stops and shocked and they to see Riya’s footprints. Everyone ask the same question. Riya gets tensed n Pacifies them that she is not devi n its her birth mark n her dadaji will said that she is a blessed baby for shekaar n sharmishta. Everyone belived n ask riya to come to mandir for lighting the diya but Riya is not in her sense n shocked n says to herself next time she should be very careful. Swara happens to see her face gets tensed n thinks why Didi is so tensed n ask Riya to come. Riya lights the Diya and other sisters hold her hand.
Durgaprasad ask everyone to sleep and ask them to get ready soon tommorow as they will be going to mandir. Everyone agrees and goes . Riya walks in the steps but she is about to fall but Sid holds her on right time. They have an Cute Eyelock and Sid takes her to their room becoz she is unable to walk due to sprain and all the sisters gets glad by their jiju n look at their respective husbands and they understood and they too hold their respective wife’s on their hand n goes to their room.

At RiSid’s Room:-
Sid ask Riya to take care and he slepps on the sofa. Riya stares him without blinking n cries how she will find her Diya and gets an idea and she switches off the lights n sleeps.
At Yamrem’s Room:-
Prem ask Yamuna whether she is comfortable with arrangements . Yamuna nods her head and Prem says great and he wants some time to understand her and he doesn’t want sugraat with her now. Yamuna gets sad but she agrees with the smile.
At Swasan’s Room:-
Swara and Sanskaar get into Romance and they Dance together and they get into an Eyelock.
At Raglak’s Room:-
Laksh gifts Ragini a beautiful Pearl neklace. He says this necklace is beautiful for her ask her to keep it safe becoz he brought it for her special from London. Ragini smiles and ask him he didn’t go to London and how did he get it. Laksh says sorry and he Ordered the neckale from the London’s Biggest jewellery company and says I love you. Ragini says I love you too laksh and they hug eachother.

At Dp and Ap’s room:-
Durgaprasad says to Annapurna that he is feeling something bad about Riya and thinks he is not satisfied with her answer , Annapurna agrees too and says that she will find it out soon and ask him to sleep.
In the Morning:-

Riya woke up early and goes to sid and touches his feet and prays. She goes to washroom and gets Ready. She comes downstairs and ask the servants to make the house clean and neat. The servant agrees and one of them ask why did she wake up so early and here none of them wake up so early except the 4 malkins. Riya says that she is too malkin now from now on and she wants everyone to be happy and should be concern for others too. Hearing every servants gets happy and says to Riya that Maheshwari parivaar got a obedient bahu at their home and they were blessed to get an bahu like her. Riya smiles and goes to mandir to pray Krishna. While Annapurna and Durgaprasad smiles seeing eachother and recalls the words of those servants.
Riya prays to Krishna for the Family’s happiness and ask him to return her child Diya becoz she really missed her very much and want to fulfill the promise that she gave to Rajat and she gets tensed and says that she doesn’t want her family members to know her(Riya’s) Birth Truth.
On the other hand Ap heard everything and thinks what she is hiding on the backside of temple Swara is making krishna wear dresses but suddenly stops as Riya is hiding some truth and thinks what it could be and the both wants to share this with someone and wants to plan by group.

In the Dine table :-
Dp ask the 4 bahus to make food and get their shagun. Riya says now Yamuna and Ragini will make their food and Swara and her will make the food of dinner. Dp agrees and ask why she wants to make the food like batch. Riya replies that when they make food they will do lots of food and the food should not be wasted so she wants to make food by pairs. Dp and everyone gets glad.

In the Evening:-
Riya asks Dp that she can call aashram childrens for this ritual and ask him that she wants to call her dadaji and Vivan. Dp agrees. Riya calls Vivan and Vivan agrees.
At the kitchen Riya Making tasty sweets and chola puri for kids with less oil and less sugar and make the dishes very tasty. Swara makes Veg. Fried Rice and Panner Tikka and the sisters Both compliments eachother dishes and suddenly they stops their chat becoz the childrens make noise and Riya goes to them and make them calm and ask the childrens to sit in a row and everyone serves the kids. The principle of the maharishri aashram came with their 3 yr Old child.
The principal Rani compliment her social service and introuduce the child as Nandini. Riya gets an Affectionate towards the baby. Swara runs towards the baby and ask the principal can she hold her once. Rani says why not and gave nandini on Swara’s Hands but suddenly Nandini starts crying and swara tries to pacifies nandini but in vain. Riya watches this and ask Swara to give Nandini to her. Swara gives Nandini to Riya when Riya holds Nandini, Nandini stops crying by Riya’s smiling face and slept on her shoulder at that time Vivan tries to fix his iPhone but mistakenly he pressed the flashlight and it reflects on Riya n Nandini and shadow forms on the wall n it shows a mother holding her lovable daughter. When swara sees the reflection she ask Riya to not move and takes her phone to take this wonderful picture n ask vivan to not switch of the light. She takes a picture and shows it to Riya , Riya smiles and says that she behaves like a child and ask her to do the other work and she will take care of the baby for some time. Swara says ok n tells Riya “that anyone come to her with a problem, she will solves the problem within seconds and says not second within nano seconds”. They all smile.

Swara goes to help and serves the children. While Riya takes care of Nandini and thinks why she is getting attracted towards Nandini and thinks may be nandini can be Diya and confrim about to find the truth. At that time Sanskaar,Prem and Laksh Buy Some Gifts for them(childrens).
At the Mm some guests were invited and Annapurna greets them and ask the principal to stay for sometime as they are going to give shagun for her 4 bahu’s. The principal agrees and Annapurna ask Riya and her sisters to come and sit on the sofa. While Siddarth takes care of the childrens and give them Icecreams to eat and he ask riya to give Nandini and he will take care of it and Riya give nandini by unwillingly. When Nandini goes to Sid she does not cry but she smile instead and sid plays with nandini and he thinks why he is getting attracted to nandini and promises to nandini that he will take care of her while she is here till she goes back.
The guests and Gadodia Family gives their shaguns to Riya and her Sisters. Dadi and Nani complements Riya and her sisters Beauty and the both Gives Riya a Hug and wishes the 4 for their Happy Married Life. Dadi tells Annapurna to have Jugalbandi for her Grandaughters. Ap and Everyone agrees.
The Jugalbandi Starts . Yamuna and Ragini Plays their Respective veena and Yamuna plays Violin too. Everyone complents Ragini and Yamuna for their best classical and vocal. Dadi ask Swara and Riya to perform. Swara plays Guitar and Riya too Plays Guitar and Everyone complents Riya and Swara for their best. Suddenly Vivan ask everyone to sit patiently Becoz Riya will Play 5 instruments daily in her life, may be sometimes she refused to play and ask everyone to cheer for her. Sid hears this and smile and says to himself that he didn’t know that she is talent in music too.
Vivan ask the servants to bring the musical instruments. The servants goes and brings the musical instruments and kailash brings Riya’s beautiful veena. Everyone gets shocked to see the instruments which includes Tabla, veena, violin,guitar,flute, electronic keyboard and western concert flute.
Riya Prays to Lord Krishna n starts the music by playing veena, when she plays the music everyone gets an imagination like riya is like saraswathi. When she plays flute they thought krishna is in front of them and when she plays violin they thought that whether she is Devi or real human being and when she played all the musical instruments they give big applaud and says she got extodinary talent and blessed Riya for long time happiness. And the guests says to Annapurna that they were lucky to get a bahu like this. Everyone is happy in the family. While Nandini runs and hugs Riya’s legs. Riya hold her and Nandini gives a kiss to Riya on her cheeks and smiles. Riya is surprised by her attitude and smiles. The principal says we are leaving and the children says bye to Riya and her family. When nandini wents off she left her socks on sofa and Riya goes to give that socks but Nandini leaves with the principal. Riya holds that socks and says that she is missing her a lot and goes Inn to the house.
Everyone finished their dinner and goes to sleep. At 12 am A lady enter into the MM silently and one window opens and hand came out of the window and helps the women to enter into the House.
The women enters and ask the man how can he marry someone else without marrying her and The man ask the women to shutup ask her to come at that time by mistakenly the women break the rose pot and some mud water gets stained in the dress n the footprints appeared on the floor. But the 2 unaware of this.

At that time Swara gets off from her sleep and she remove the hands of sanskaar while he used to hug her in sleep. When swara removes the hand sanskaar gets up and ask why you didn’t sleep?
Swara replies that she wants water and takes the jug and it was empty. Swara says she feels thirsty and wants water and tells she will get water from the kitchen and leaves.
When Swara came Downstairs ;the 2 unknown persons hide becoz they heard the sound of the slippers of Swara.
Swara goes to the kitchen and switches on the lights and take the glass of water and drinks it. While she is drinking the water, suddenly she saw the mud footprints and shouts and run outside and calls everyone that someone entered into the house. Everyone gets off from their sleep and comes outside with the panic and ask Swara what happened. Swara tells everything and ask them to check their things and come. Everyone leaves and goes to their respective room but Riya stands in the hall and smiles at Swara. Swara ask why are u smiling didi? Riya replies that if anyone comes into the house then they will leave some clue and ask her to be silent. Swara is confused by her answer.
The family members come into the hall and say that the things were kept where it is and Dp ask the security whether anyone came from outside. The security says no one came and gives the assurance. But swara says how can it be and shows the footprints. While Yamuna gets Sad becoz Prem is missing. At that time Riya ask Yamuna where is Prem. Yamuna replies that Prem goes to upstairs for calling someone. Sujatha says that he might mistakenly break the pot and says these footprints might be his and not anyones. At that time Prem comes into the hall and ask what happened? Sujatha narrates all the matter. Dp ask everyone to sleep and says we will see in the morning. Riya stops everyone and says no one will go and says this is not prem’s footprints this is someone else’s footprints and further continues that these footprints doesn’t belong to our family members and ask Prem about the footprints and says from where it came.
Prem shouts and ask you are doubting on me and says I don’t know. Riya ask him why he is shouting like an animal and says ; what happened to him that makes his whole body sweating and ask him once again the same question.
Yamuna ask Riya why she is hurting her husband like this and ask Riya to stop it. Riya says ok and says she will not ask the same question but she wants to know that how the mud dirt came into Prem’s T-Shirt and his pant. Everyone then realises and sees Prem’s T-shirt n pant. Everyone ask the same question and ask prem to reply. Prem stands silently.
Riya says I know you can’t say the truth becoz there is some problem and he is hiding it from us. Dp ask Prem what happened and those footprints to whom it belongs. Prem didn’t answer and stays silently. Riya says those footprints are belong to one women and she is hidden some where in the house and ask swara to find out where the footprints stops. Swara check the footprints and says to Riya that footprints stops near the Trunk and opens the trunk. Prem closes his eyes with fear, his unusual behaviour yamuna noticed and cries and thinks that prem had betrayed her and control herself and looks at the trunk.
Swara holds the lady’s hand and pushed her on the floor. Vivan was shocked to see that lady and says you. Riya was drinking water at that time when she heard the voice of her brother she turns and sees the lady. She gets shocked and put down the glass and the glass breaks. She says Hema and you are here.
Then the family members realises that she is the one who kidnapped Diya. Riya says Wow and further says the fate made them to meet once again and Riya holds her hair and says in frustration that How dare she come in front of them. Vivan says that she is one behind all this and now she wants to ruin his 2nd sister life again. Hema clutches off Riya’s hand and says Yes that she is the one Who wants to marry Prem but now she(riya) wants to ruin her life again. Riya ask her to shutup and says that she is the one who had made their beautiful life into hell and says she will not leave her, suddenly hema’s phone rings. Hema wants to attend the call but Riya takes off the phone and put it on the speaker while vivan holds hema’s mouth tightly.
One women speaks and says she is waiting outside the corridor and ask her to come fast as the lights were on in the MM. Riya speaks in Hema’s voice and says to that women to come inside by the back door and ask her to watch the drama silently. The women agrees. Riya signs to Sanskaar and Siddarth.
She ask Vivan and Laksh to tie hema on the pillars. The both tie hema on the pillar and SidKaar catches the 2nd lady and they too tie the lady in the pillar. When Sid removes the cloth from that 2nd womens face he gets shocked to see her and says Sara. The family members were shocked to see Sara and Hema together. Riya gets stunned to see Sara and ask Hema about her. Hema replies that Sara is her step-sister and she(hema) sent Sara to Kolkatta and ask her to act as a lover with Sid without doubting and for this Sara to agreed. Riya slaps Hema and Sara a left-right Hard SLAP..
Hema gets shocked and ask prem to stop Riya. Prem says he will not and says When he came to know that she is the one who seperated Rajat-Riya and kidnapped their child Diya and he started to hate her and with a full of happiness he married Yamuna and wants to take their marriage to next level but she ruined his happiness by torturing to give money. Dp gets shocked and says what? Prem says yes she wants to blackmail me as she was having the selfie pics and wants to show it to media. Riya again slaps Hema. Yamuna is in tears and says to Prem that she doubted him within seconds and says Sorry.

Prem ask her not to say sorry and he should say sorry to her for hiding the truth. Riya again give 3 slaps to Hema and ask vivan to call police. Vivan says to Riya that he called the police and ask her to have the patience. Riya then ask about Diya to hema and ask her to tell where she Kept Diya. Hema says never she will reach her child and ask Riya to stop searching. Riya was over angered that her brother senses and he stops silently and thinks that anyone can’t bear the torture that her sister will give to them and he will not stop his sister right now.
Riya takes a Knife and cuts Hema’s wrist . Hema shouts in pain. Riya ask her again to tell the truth but Hema says she will not and says even if she die she will not tell the truth of Diya. Riya again cuts Hema’s another hand’s wrist. Hema shouts in pain. At that time the police arrives. All the happenings Sara was watching and thinks this treatment can be done to her and ask Riya to stop and ask her to stop hurting her sister and says that she(sara) was here for a day and she knew who is Diya and says the child which she take cared for sometime is none other than Diya and Hema gives Diya to the orphanage when she returned to india and she(sara) was taking care of the child.

Riya Looks on stunned. Sara further says that Di was not ready to accept defeat ,so she have kidnapped her child. Riya ask the inspector to keep Hema in kala-paani jail and sara to keep in the jail for 2yrs. The inspector takes the both and leaves. Riya is furious to get her child back and ask Vivan to accomadate. Dp says not to go out at night and ask Riya to go in morning but Riya denies and goes with vivan. She drove the car and stops the car in maharishi aashram. Riya knocks the door of the aashram and the princpal woke up and says who is there and opens the door. The principal is surprised to see Riya and says madam. Riya says yes I am and says that she wants to say something and ask the principle can she come inside. Principal says yes.
Riya went inside with Vivan and Principal ask them sit. The both seated. Riya says that she wants to say something . Principal ask Riya to say. Riya narrates what happened in her life and tells the Principal that their Nandini is her Diya and ask the Principal can she take her child back. The Principal is surprised and agrees and says to Riya that she can fill the form later and ask her to take Riya with her. Riya n Vivan thanks the Principal. Riya take the sleepy Diya on her shoulder and leaves to MM.
Dp is curious to know what happened and everyone waiting for Riya,Diya and Vivan.
Riya enters with Diya n Vivan. Everyone gets happy to see Diya and greets their grand daughter. Diya was so sleepy and she hugged her mother tight. Dp ask Riya to go to her Room and sleep peacefully with Diya and Anushka and Siddarth. Riya leaves with Diya and goes to her Room. She keep Diya on the bed and she sing a song for the both and made them into deep sleep. The 2 sleep peacefully and Sid ask Riya whether her wish is fullfilled? Riya says yes and says that she had fullfilled her promise that she gave to Rajat. Sid smiles and ask her to sleep on the bed corner and he will sleep on the other corner as to keep their child safe. Riya agrees and switches off the Lights.
In the Morning, Dp ask Riya to make arrangements for a Party as he wants to celebrate his Grand daughter arrival. Riya says sure but Laksh interrupts and says to Dp that today is Valentines day and all lovers will celebrate this day and you want to keep party here . Everyone laughs. Ap says to laksh that Dp wants to keep both the party at same time. Everyone gets surprised and gets overjoyed.
Riya goes to her room and ask sid whether he is free as she wants to go shopping for buying gifts for DiyAnushka. Sid says what and ask Riya to tell what she said now. Riya says she wants to go shopping. Sid stops her and says after that she said something and ask her to say. Riya says that gifts for her daughter DiyAnushka. Sid says great and says he wants to hear that name so he asked her to say again. Riya smiles and ask Sid to get ready and leaves.
Riya and Sid goes to the shopping mall and buys gifts and dresses and they buy some dresses for them and their family members and leaves to MM. Riya presents the gifts to everyone and everyone gets happy and surprised and ask Riya how did she know about their favourite. Riya says that it is an secret and ask them to get ready.
In the evening, everyone came for the party and Dp and Ap greets them. Sid gets ready and makes his daughters ready for the party. Riya smiles at him and says that she wants to get ready and ask sid to take Diya and Anushka down as the guests might be waiting to see DiyAnushka. Sid agrees and leaves.
Sid comes downstairs and Swaragini runs towards them and each of them holds Diya and Anushka and goes to the stage and Introduces the small girls to everyone and they takes DiyAnushka to Dadi and Nani. The both plays with Diya and Anushka, seeing the both shomi gets teary eyed and and hugs shekaar. Shekaar pranks shomi and the duo nokjok starts and swaragini gets happy seeing the both. On the otherhand Prem is searching for Yamuna and ask Swara whether she see Yamuna. Swara says no. Prem gets sad but suddenly Ragini comes and says to Prem that Yamuna making Riya to get Ready and ask him not to worry. Prem gets glad and leaves. Vivan takes the mic and Greets everyone and says that today is Valentines Day and says that his Sister Riya’s Child Diya also returns on the same day and this party is for his gudiyaa(Baby Doll) Diya and ask everyone to start the party. One of the guests ask where is Riya. Priya suddenly sees Riya and says to everyone that she is here and ask them to look at the stairs. Everyone sees Riya. She looks so beautiful in that Pearl Saree and Sid looks at her in a romantic way. Seeing Sid his brothers make fun of him and ask him not to add milk on the wine. Sid ask them to stop and he to smiles as they make fun . Laksh wispers in Sanskaars ear that Sid truely loves Riya very much but till now he did not expressed his feelings towards her. Sanskaar says don’t worry laksh and says he had a plan that will make the both confess their feelings towards eachother and wispers something and the both shaked their hands.
Laksh goes to Vivan and tells the plan. Vivan agrees and he takes the mic and says that now there will be a game for the couples and ask the couples to sit in the chairs. Everyone seated and then Vivan says that there will be dumb-sharabs for the couples and they should take one paper which kept in the jar and they have to act if they find out the answer they should dance on the song for which movie they have found. Everyone agrees but Riya doesn’t want but she still agrees for her family sake.
Everyone plays the game when Risid turn comes Riya goes and picks the paper. She sees the movie name and she acts to

Sid he found out her action and he guessed that movie and says Diwale. Vivan says correct and ask him to dance on the song Gerua. The both felt uneasy and vivan watches this and pranks that he didn’t asked them to kiss and ask the both to dance. Everyone smiles and sanlak laughs silently.
Sid forwards his hand to Riya and Riya holds his hand and danced on the song Gerua. The both were had a cute eyelock and they get into dreams (where they were dancing like SRK n Kajol); but the both cannot express their feelings and dances silently and Sid get out of his dreams and looks at Riya who is staring him. He ask where is her another earring. Then Riya got into her senses and checks her ear and found her earring is missing and she tries to look for her earring but Sid pulls Riya to his side and dances with her and says to Riya that it is her new fashoin without one earring and takes the another earring from his pocket and says that her earring stuck into his jacket and she doesn’t know about this. Riya shys and tries to take but Sid make her wear the earring with his hands while dancing and the family members laughs and closed their eyes and Vivan stops the music but Risid dances without the song. The Sisters and Sanlak laughed and lucky ask Sid to stop the dance and end the romance and ask him whether he wants to continue. Ragini stops laksh and everyone laughs and Risid shy’s and they go to their DiyAnushka . Vivan ask the newly weds to propose on the valentines day and this annoucement gave a shock to Risid but they still agrees for the family happiness.

Sanlak express their feelings towards the Swaragini and Predarth express their feelings towards Riyamuna. The 4 sisters accept the proposal and everyone clap their hands for them and Dp ask everyone to attend the dinner party and leaves. Riya and her sisters goes to their room with their respective husbands.
When Riya enters the room she feels hurt/shy with the incident and Sid comes close to her and try to kiss her but Riya ask him to stop and shouts. Sid ask her what happened and why she is shouting. Then Riya came to her sense and thinks it is her Dream and says to Siddarth nothing happened and says it is her bad dream. Sid says to her whether she thought he try to kiss her . Riya gets shocked and fights with Sid and their nok jok starts.
In Swasan’s Room:-

Swara making the Bed ready for Sanskaar and ask him to change his clothes. Sanskaar pulled Swara aside and try to kiss her but Swara keeps her hand on his mouth and says this not the Time and ask him sleep. Sanskaar says this is the perfect time and says that they were husband n wife and no one can stop me from kissing and kissed her cheeks. Swara gets shy and moves back. Sanskaar says today you made my day Swara coz You accepted my proposal and What else I want he said!! suddenly Swara remembers how her Sister’s Face gets Sad and says to sanakaar that Riya Didi is not alright and says she had some problem with Sid Jiju and says he should find out that whether the Both were happy or not. Sanskaar says to Swara that Sid loves Riya more than himself and says that Riya Babhi is not ready to accept this marriage and she wants to take of her both kids and wants to stay away from Sid.
Swara says that is impossible and says Riya Didi will change her mind when she get attracted towards Sid Jiju. Sanskaar accepts her sayings and ask her to sleep now. The both turn off the lights.

In Raglak’s Room:-
Laksh and Ragini hug each other. Ragini says that she can’t forget this day and says to Laksh I love you. Laksh says me too and hug each other once again.

In Yamrem’s Room:-
Yamuna and Prem plays chess. Prem says finally I got my Queen and says that he will get his Prince or Princess soon. Yamuna gets shyed and says yes. The both Hug eachother and Prem kissed her on her forehead and says good night.

In the Morning:-
Laksh gets ready and came downstairs and ask Ap to make his breakfast soon as he got important meeting today. Ap and Ragini gets his Breakfast and serves him. At that time Sanskaar came with the Jogging Dress and says to laksh that he can go late coz the clients will come late so he can go slow. Laksh says not needed and says he will go fast and make the arrangements quickly and will be waiting for his brothers and the clients. Sanskaar says wow that only I expected from you lucky and hugged him. Dp smiles and says at last My last son got matured and says he will get his Best Gift today morning and blesses him. Sanlak smiles and takes his blessings. Swaragini gets happy. Yamuna says this happy will be incomplete without sweets and ask everyone to have sweets. Yamuna sees RiSid missing and ask about them. Sanskaar replies that Sid is in Jogging and he is on the way and Swara says Riya is making the Kids ready.
In Risid’s Room:-
Riya making Anu ready and sees Diya missing. She call out Diya but there is No response and Riya searches Diya in the Room and other 4 rooms but Diya was not there and family members get worried for Diya and Riya. They too searches for Diya. On the other side Diya runs towards the steps and opens the entrance door and runs and Riya heard the sound of the Diya’s Payal and runs towards the corridor.
In Maheshwari mansion:-

Siddarth catches Diya and ask her if she loves her dad soo much and kisses on her cheeks. While Riya panics and comes out of the mansion and sees Sid and Diya Playing in the Yard, she gets relief seeing Diya with Sid. The whole family happy seeing Sid loves Diya a Lot and accepts her as his daughter. Riya smiles at Sid and happy to see Diya was enjoying the time her dad. Riya thinks why she is getting attracted to Sid. Vivan says that she started to loving him. Riya looks on surprised and says to vivan that she knows about him that he can understand her mind language and ask him not to express his thought infront of everyone. Vivan says that is his specialty and she can’t change. Swara says that vivan is right and supports for Vivan the family smiles and Ap ask Everyone to come inside. Sid sees Riya and ask her not to worry and says that Diya will be with his dad forever and goes with Diya inside. Riya stares at him.
Riya comes to the room and sees the 3 were taking rest and Riya opens the drawer and takes out Rajat’s pic and says sorry to him and says she doesn’t know what she is going to do and says she will try to move on her life with Sid and her Daughters.
Vivan listens to her conversation and thinks that Riya will sure move on her life and no one can break her relationship with Sid and DiyAnushka and goes.
Riya keeps the photo back to the drawer and goes. Sid slightly opens his eyes after Riya goes out of the room. He says that he is sure that he will get his wife back in some more days and says to Riya’s photo that he will get his Love soon.
Sid goes to washroom and gets ready for going to office. Riya comes and gives him Tiffin and ask sid to eat the food and take tablets on right time. Sid nods his head and leaves. The brothers leave for office and their wives wave their hands and goes inside.
While Laksh is driving the car, Sid checks the client files. When Laksh is about to turn one Truck hits the Laksh’s car and Laksh fails to drive and the Car hits on the tree. Sid and Laksh gets hurt and sid was having some sense and comes out of the car by somehow and fells down and he sees lucky that he is losing blood and he is too losing blood. While Prem and Sanskaar arrived at the office. Sanskaar commented that laksh is doing his job properly now and complements his best work. While someone calls on Prem’s mobile and says something and Prem gets shocked and cuts the call. Sanskaar ask him what happened and why he is shocked. Prem tells that Sid and Lucky get into an accident and ask him to come to global hospital and ask him to inform the family. Sanskaar nods the head and calls swara but swara was busy with Diya and Anushka and does not hear the sound of her mobile.

Riya sees the Phone ringing and sees that Sanskaar is calling and call Swara but she didn’t listen to her. Riya takes the phone and says to sanskaar that Riya is speaking as Swara is busy and ask him if he wants something. Sanskaar gets tensed and says nothing and gets nervous. Riya feels something bad ask him to speak. Sanskaar tells the incident. Riya sits in shock and she cries and see Ragini who is happy and playing with those kids. Ragini happens to see Riya and she gets up tries to go but her finger unknowingly cuts on the sharp knife which she holds on her hand. Ragini see her wound and thinks why she is feeling bad as laksh is in some problem and goes to Riya. Ap sees Riya crying and ask her why she is crying. Vivan comes and see Riya is crying and runs towards her ask her. Riya tells the truth to him and Hugs him while crying. Ragini and everyone gets shocked and The Maheshwari family comes to the Global Hospital and Vivan ask the receptionist about Sid and Laksh. The women says they were in Room no.201.
Sanskaar sees Riya and calls her. Riya sees him and runs and ask about sid and Laksh and tries to enter but Prem holds her hand and ask her to have patience while doctor comes out. Ragini n Riya cries badly and the other 2 sisters takes care of them.
Doctor comes out and says Sid is Normal now but he had lost more no of blood and he needs blood immediately. Riya ask his blood group. Doctor says O-ve. Riya says she is also having same blood she will give him blood. Doctor ask the nurse to take Riya fast and get her blood for Sid. Nurse ask Riya to come. Doctor says to Sanskaar that Laksh Lost his Memory and he to lost his Blood and he also same blood group. Sanskaar say this to Riya. Riya ask him not to worry and says they can take her blood.
Doctor takes Riya’s Blood and Gives it to Sid and Laksh. Kailash Prays to Durga maa to take care of her children and cries and says to durga maa to take care of her child’s. Jai Kaali maa song plays…….While ragini cries and Riya ask her not to cry and says that Laksh will be regained his memory within days and ask her to be strong. Ragini hugs Riya and cries. Riya , Yamuna , Swara consoles her. Doctor come out of the ODT and says to them that the both is out of danger and ask them not to worry. Dp and Ap gets relived and thanks to god for making their children alive.
Ragini and Riya ask Doctor that they can see their husbands. Doctor denies and says they have to take rest and they will open their eyes only tomorrow. Ragini cries but Riya ask Doctor once again and says that she will not cry or disturb the patient. Doctor doesn’t agree but Riya forces him. Then Doctor accepts her words and says he will not allow Ragini as she cries. Riya agrees and goes inside, she see Sid sleeping as they give a sleeping tablet. She goes near Sid and holds his hand and cries silently. Her tears fall on Sid’s hand. Riya goes to Laksh and see his state. She cries and says to laksh that she thought him as her child and how can he let his mother cry like this and how can he leave his wife Ragini alone and her tears also goes inside Laksh’s eyes.

Riya comes out of the ward and hugs Vivan and Priya. PriVan Consoles her and ask Riya to take some food. Riya denies and says she kept fast for her husband and her child Laksh and says she make him as her own son and can’t let him die. Ragini hugs her and Riya consoles her. Riya sees Nurse coming. Nurse ask them not to make noise and ask them to be quit. Riya agrees. While the nurse comes in and sees the brothers and gets mild shock. The Nurse comes out and runs to call the doctor. Riya and Vivan Smiles and see Eachother. The Nurse says to doctor that the brothers got their senses back and going to open their eyes and ask the doctor to come.
Doctor ruses inside and check their pulse and says it a medical miracle and comes out says to Maheshwari Parivaar that they opened their eyes and they can see them. They all get happy and goes to see SidLak. Sid opens his eyes and sees Riya infront of him. He smiles at her and Riya to smiles while crying. Riya sat near Sid and holds his hand. Sid tries to talk but Riya stops him and ask him to no to talk now. Ap agrees and ask Sid to lie down/Sleep for some time. They see Laksh but he tries to open his eyes but he didn’t. Ragini worries. Riya ask her not to feel bad and says that they give sleeping pills, so he felt sleepy and says they can see Laksh in the morning and them to take food. They all go but Riya still sits near Sid and Laksh and takes care of them.

Guys I will continue the story after some time as I am Not feeling well ….
So be chilled and Wish we cares

Credit to: SriRanjani

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