Pyaar Ka Rishtha-Episode-9


The episode starts with————–
In morning:
Sharmishta and Shekaar prepares for shanti pooja. At that time the Saint came to the baldi and goes to mandir everyone takes the blessings of the saint except gadodia n maheshwari parivaar as they were in the shanti pooja but Dadi and Raglak were prepared for the arrival of saint so they were did’t participate in the pooja.
The saint blessed the Raglak and Dadi and says to them that he will be waiting there at mandir after shanti pooja he asked to bring Vivan. The Ragak and Dadi agrees. Afterwards pooja gets over Everyone leaves while Riya see the Saint and goes to refresh and came back to take the blessings. She ask everyone in the family to take the blessings of the Saint. Dadi ask her to prepare food for the saint with her other 3 sisters, Riya nods and leaves with them.
Dadi ask Vivan to take the blessings of the Saint. He goes to take the blessings but the Saint doesn’t bless him but indirectly told him to speak the truth always. Hearing vivan and kailash gets surprised and asked the saint what did they hide that he blessed them to speak the truth.The saint replies to speak the truth about his sister that she wants to forget about her past life.Vivan and Kailash gets shocked and says to Saint that they can’t as they promised to her but saint forces vivan to speak the truth to the family. Shekaar and everyone ask what happened. Vivan remains silent and see his dadaji kailash, he nods him to say the truth.

At the kitchen:
Riya feels something bad had happen and wants to go but Ragini stops her and ask Riya what happened. Riya replies that she wants to know that what food will the saint eat. Ragini stumbles and says that she will go and ask and leaves. Riya thinks that what happened to Ragini and why she is worried and says within herself that something had gone wrong and follows Ragini. Seeing both outside Yamuna and Swara too follows them.
Ragini comes outside and signs Dadi that Riya is inside but Dadi sees Riya and other 2 sisters and scold Ragini not doing even the single job given to her and shows Riya. Ragini gets shocked to see her and turns back where vivan going to tell the truth. Riya see her brother and goes to call him but suddenly stops when vivan say ” Yes, that they Hide the Truth of Riya’s Past life”, hearing Riya gets surprised and got angry and shouts at her brother not to do as he promised her but Kailash takes Riya inside her Room forcefully and Locks her up and says to her Sorry and leaves. Riya in her room cries miserbley and thinks this should not happen as when they came to know about the truth they will not behave like this as they were now and says to herself that she should find a way to go out and stop her brother from saying the truth and see the window and goes near the window.
Here Vivan says that Ap ji said the truth of Sid yesterday and today he is going to say the truth of Riya and says that Riya is too married but due to some Bad circumstance she had to divorce her husband Rajat and too leave alone the one month baby Diya. Hearing everyone looks on shock , at the same time Riya reaches the mandir and shouts not to tell but the Saint says to Vivan nothing will happen to his sister and ask him to continue. Riya rushes to Vivan but Kailash hold her hand and says he will tie her in the chair so she can’t interuput. He ties Riya on chair and leaves her behind Durga maa.
Vivan continues the Story of Riya___
✨?A FB is shown……
At Hong Kong College: Vivan,Priya and Some other friends challenging who will win in the music competition it is Rajat or Riya. Vivan says it is absolutely his sister will win as no one reach her level. One voice came from back lets see who will win in the competition it is him or his lovly sister. Vivan turns and see Rajat with his guitar and hugs him. Just then Riya came outside the car with her guitar and goes towards her brother and Priya. When she came and hugs priya, priya says to her ATB and turns to see Rajat. He sees Riya by Lovly smile. Riya too simles at him in a lovly way. Seeing both Vivan and priya smiles at eachother.
The correspondant ask Rajat and Riya to come as music competition going to start. All goes to the Auditorium and watches the performance of Rajat-Riya. The judge gets impressed by Riya’s performance and select her but Riya excuses them and says that she only started the program and not the performer as she got many prizes by winning first so she want’s to give an chance for other participants. Everyone gets surprised and apllaud her by saying she is always first in everyone’s heart.
Rajat simles at her and thinks that she wants to see him in the 1st place so she had given up her performance to him. Vivan hugs her and says she is great by proving giving chance to everyone and says to her that she loves Rajat more than her guitar and ask her to wait while e talks to her Dadaji. Riya shys and leaves.
At Riya’s house: Rajveet ask Riya and Vivan to have food. They both nods and about to have food but the door bell rings. Riya says to her dadaji that she will go and check. Rajveet agrees and having food with Vivan and others. Riya goes to the door and opens she find no one and about to close the door but one hand came in between the door and stops them without closing. Riya looks on surprised and opens the door and watches Rajat with hand full of Roses. She ask Rajat if he had gone mad and ask him what he is doing at her house. Rajat replies that he wants to thank her and says I LOVE YOU to Riya. Riya gets a super shock by Rajat and see him continuosly. Rajat says to Riya that he knows by Vivan that she too loves him. So he came to meet her Dadaji by Vivan’s plan and goes inside. Riya thinks that this is true she will be happy so much.
Rajat enters the hall and takes the blessings of Rajveet and Kailash. He says he want to talk something, Rajveet ask him to continue. Rajat says first off all thanks by making Riya being Riya itself and say thanks for making her 1st in everyone’s heart. Rajveet ask him what he wants to say. Rajat says he want’s to marry Riya by your permmision as when he ask Riya she doesn’t answer so I want yourr support to marry her. Rajveet and Kailsh looks at eachother and says to Rajat that they were ready for Marriage and ask him to convey this message to Riya as she is not Present here. Rajat gets happy by positive news and hugs rajveet by saying I love you dadaji. Rajvet happily hugs him ask him to go and search for Riya. Rajat searching for Riya at room , balcony, etc. and finally he goes and searches at the pool side where she is watching the moon , seeing her rajat says thank god that she is here and goes towards her. He puts his hand on her shoulder and says I want you to marry and and want to see the moon with you. Riya gets shy and says did he got the permmision to marry her. He says yes and takes out the Ring and makes Riya setted on the bench. He ask Riya to Forward her hands and put the Ring in her Finger and ask her will she marry him. Riya nods and hugs him and says “I love you naa yaar” and Rajat too hugs her and says “ I love you too naa yaar”.

Precap: Hema threatens to kill Rajat and Diya and ask Riya to leave the Mong kok(it is an place in Hong kong) if she wants to see them alive.

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Credit to: Sriranjani

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