Pyaar Ka Rishtha-Episode-8


The episode starts with————

Riya is too surprised and ask what is that circumstance that made him to divorce. Annapurna says Sid’s wife name was sara. Sid and sara were studied at the same college and they both fallen in love and one day he came to me ask for his and her marriage. We were in shock as what to do but sid futher says whether they are not ready to accept Sara as there bahu he will go out of this house ever and will not back, because of his emotional blackmail we accept Sara as our Bahu and Some days later in our company we had a severe loss due to some problems.
One day we find out that we had so much of money loss and we also find out that Sara and her Sister’s bank account with lots of crores and they doesn’t pay the Taxes too. When sujatha ask Sara she replied Rudely that she wants the property belongs to the maheshwari house and says that’s why she married Sid and he doesn’t know about her true intentions and married her because he thought I too loved him but its not true I have just acted as I am loving him, hearing from the door side Sid rushes and Slaps Sara hardly and fights with Sara. Sara says that he will not get money and property papers after the divorce and she leaves.
One day Sid get the divorce papers and cries that what he had done to the family. Dp and Ram consoles him and says now you had realised that what ever we are doing is for your and your brother’s future. Sid says sorry and says he will not continue the mistake and says he will divorce Sara and he can led an happy life with his family. Sid signs on the divorce papers and says that he will be happy from now onwards.
After 1 year on Sid’s b’day we were preparing arrangements for the party at that time one servant comes and says that Sara had came with one child and wants to meet Sid sir. We goes outside and saw The 1 yr baby girl child lying on the ground and one letter was inside the cloth. When we read Sara was written that it is her and sid’s child and she does not want the child to take care and she gift this child to Sid on his b’day.
When Sid got angry and says he doesn’t want the child which was born to a betrayer and Dp convinces him and says that when the child is born it is not said that it is good or bad child, it is the growth that we are giving and the dirctions we are showing in which the childrens are going. Dp asks not not hate the child but he doesn’t want so we are all taking care of the child.
When Annapurna says the story of sid… Riya is in tears, at that time Sid also hears and get angry. Riya goes to him and says that whatever so Sara did to you leave it and you can’t say that it is an bad child. When Anu comes into an adult and when she know about the truth what she will think did you ever thought. She fell bad and want’s to die with no reason of being alive without father and mother’s love.
Riya ask him to love his only daughter and she doesn’t want to marry him and he has to accept his child Anu and says she doesn’t want to get married. Ragini interupts and says Riya Didi want’s laksh to snatch it from me as she Loves him. All get shocked by ragini’s saying; Riya says that Ragini is lying and she doesn’t have the thought of snatching anyone’s love. Ragini says then why laksh is smiles at you and helped you at the pooja and says that she know about her relationship between her and laksh. Dadi says how she(Riya) could do with her sister like this. Vivan gets angry and says that her sister will not do this cheap thing and says that Ragini is lying.
Dp asks Laksh whether he had an affair with Riya ; laksh says he loves Riya, but she does not love him and treat him as a friend and now he doesn’t loves her as he is going to be the husband of Ragini. So, he doesn’t want this matter to come outside but it had gone upside down as Ragini came to know about the truth. Dadi taunts kailash of his upbringing and says that he have any shame as his best grand daughter is not speaking anything. Dida gets surprised and says marwlan yesterday you was saying that she is your grand daughter from now on but today you are insulting your grand daughter. Dadi says if anyone done mistake all will speak like this and ask Dida to shutup her mouth and ask her then why her husband Rajveet does not come here and she did not ask her grand daughter about this question. Dida realises that her husband did not come yet and ask Riya to tell where is her Dadaji Rajveet.
Riya is in tears and says she had hide some truth and says Rajveet is dead. Dida gets shocked and falls down, sharmishta cries and calls maa and holds her. Dida, Dadi,Sharmishta,Swara Cries. Swara says to Riya how she can hide the truth. Riya says when she want to tell the truth that Dada is died but everyone is happy at the marriage that going to be happen in a few more days. So, that’s why she hide the truth.
Dida ask when did this happen. Riya says this was happened before 2 yrs, in bomb blast so many people died in hong kong and we three of them only got saved but dadaji , choti dadi , chachi n chachu died in the bomb blast. All were shocked; Riya continues and says that she gone into coma for 6 months and then dada(kailash) told me that I have a family in India.
Dida is in tears and thinks how much pain she(Riya) would have and says to her sorry and ask her to forgive. Riya says sorry to her and says that Tommorow is her Dadaji’s death Day. Sharmishta ask dida for get ready for the pooja and wipes her tears. Shekaar ask everyone to leave and ask them to come for shanti pooja. All of them leaves, Riya goes to her room with Vivan and Kailash; Ragini sees them going and follows them she hide in the curtain and hears the conversation carefully. Riya says to her dadaji and vivan that she want to hide the truth but it got upside down as one truth came out.
Kailsh says that it is good and ask her to say the other truth to the family. Riya says that when they learn the truth they can’t with stand by the truth and she does not want her past life in come front of her and want to fulfill the promise that she gave it to someone.
Vivan agrees and says that they will find and fulfill the promise that she gave to him(means another person.).Ragini thinks who it could be and what is the truth that her Riya Didi had in past and Leaves from the room.
In Dadi’s(Parvathi) room:
Ragini says to laksh and dadi that there plan was failed and what to do now. Dadi asks Ragini what happened there when she went to Riya’s room. Ragini says to dadi and laksh that Riya Didi is worried of something that happened in her past life. Laksh says to ragini that they should solve the problem of Riya and ask her what they can do now as the 1st plan was failed, he asks to think for new plan. Dadi gots an Idea and shares it with Raglak.
At evening, Dadi goes to Durga maa Temple and prays to god show her a way. Panditji says that she will get all the answers today and says that Devotee of Lord Shiv ( Saint) had came for Kolkata for Maha pooja for Goodness that is going to be happened in the Universe and ask Dadi to come inside the tent. The Saint was in the meditation state and Dadi sits silently and waits for him to open his eyes. The saint slowly opens his eyes and says that what she want he knows. Dadi says that her big grand daughter is hiding some big truth to them and ask the saint whether her grand daughter wants the family or not when they were to hear and solve the problems of their childrens. The saint replies that her grand daughter is such an nice girl and she is here for solving the problems of the people and says to Dadi that she Can’t solve her grand daughter problem as she is well Problem solver. Dadi ask the Saint to show the path of truth as she wants to know the past life of her grand daughter.
The saint replies that he can bring the truth outside but she has to one thing that Riya should not present at the house. Dadi agrees and ask the Saint to come tommorow to her house. The Saint replies he will stand outside the house as shanti pooja is going on and ask dadi to call Riya’s Lovable Brother Vivan Outside Tommorow as he will defnitely tell the truth to a Saint. Dadi agrees and leaves.

Precap: Vivan says the truth to everyone about Riya’s Past life with his friend Rajat kumeria..

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Credit to: Sriranjani

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