Pyaar Ka Rishtha-Episode-7


The Episode Starts With……………..
Riya enters the party hall and ask the manager to give the seats for family members. Riya ask the 3 couples who are going to be engaged and ask them to wear a beautiful dresses for their engagement as it is going to be held now.
The 3 couples were surprised and goes to change there dresses. Durgaprasad asks riya what she is doing, riya replies that she is going to keep engagement and award function at the same time as it is an good mahurat.
At the stage riya’s manager asked one by one to recive and greet for the award function. At last Riya speaks about importance that should be in the city as for poor people and she further says that she is conducting an engagement ceremony for her 3 sisters and ask all of them to applause the couples.
Yamuna,Ragini,Swara,Sanskaar,Laksh,Prem come to their respective pairs and wear the rings; everyone applaud the couples and Riya comes to her dad and mom and says How was her surprise.
Shekaar and Sharmishta says it was too lovable surprise and we are proud of our 1st daughter who cares for everyone’s happiness. Dadi says that she is proud and happy of her eldest grand daughter as she is the one who helped everyone for the engagement ceremony and make the other grand daughter’s happy, hearing Siddarth(sid) and all smiles at Riya.
After the function Durgaprasad asks the family members to come to their house.Riya says she will come within 10 min. Dp agrees and everyone leaves but for few seconds sid stares at riya. Dp watches sid and thougt something and leaves.
At maheshwari house everyone takes rest and ready for the dinner. Riya and vivan appears and annapurna ask the both to have dinner. The both nods.
When Riya comes to the dinning table a 2 yr baby girl child came and hugs Riya and plays with the servant. The servant tries to stop the baby from running but Riya holds her up and kisses the child on her forehead and cheeks. And ask the servant that she feed the child and asks the child’s name but sid stops her and says not needed and says it is servant’s child and ask her to come and eat. Dp gets angry and Riya too gets and says to Sid how he could be so rude with the child and servant. She ask whether he had any problem with the child and the servant. He says nothing and goes away.
Annapurna says to Riya the child’s name is Anushka(Anu) and ask her to come and eat.Riya looks at sid and says in heart why Sid is behaving strange as he doesn’t behave like this with anyone and thinks whether he had any problem and says it can’t be and eats the food with her brother Vivan.
At morning the preparations for the Mehendi ceremony was going on. Sharmishta asks Riya to make ready of the 3 sisters; Riya nods and leaves. At the sisters room Riya making Ragini,Yamuna and Swara getting Ready. While she making Ragini ready she thinks about the sid’s strange behaviour, while she is lost in thought Ragini ask her what she is thinking and ask her to tell about the matter.
Riya says to her sisters that why is Sid is behaving like a stranger when the servant’s child came and hugged me. Ragini says it may be his nature towards the servant but Riya interupts and says it can’t be and says he was so worried when the baby came and he has some connection between the child and says we should find that hearing Swara and Yamuna agrees, Ragini says in heart that she should be find the secret of yours that you(Riya) are hiding from everyone.
Everyone assembles on the hall and Dp asks everyone to start the mehendi function but between the ceremony there will be an annoucement whether this agreed for the special 2 persons there will be an engagement too. Shekaar ask what is the matter. Dp says that he want Riya to become our fourth bahu and he ask shekaar and everyone whether they were agreed for this alliance.
Everyone agrees but Vivan,Kailash and Riya doesn’t agree. Riya says that she is not intrested to marry Siddarth as he is not well behaving with the servants and insulting the child and insulting her too. Annapurna ask she doesn’t know about Sid fully and she wants to say one truth as Sid is not present here but Sujatha stops her from telling the truth but Ram interupts and says that Sid is an Married Person but due to some circumstances he had to divorce his wife and the 2 yr child anu is there Daughter. Everyone is Stunned.

Precap: Riya’s dadaji(Rajveet) Death Ceremony and Riya’s True life before 3yrs.

Credit to: Sriranjani

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  1. Oh what happend to riya and sia

  2. wt is diz yaar only riya….no swara no ragini no sanlak..only riya riya
    .actually who is she?????????

    1. she is the great grand daughter of Gadodia parivaar and big sister of yamuna, Swara n Ragini

  3. Yaar can u plz update it fast plzzzzz i like ur ff dr…. because of riya

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