Pyaar Ka Rishtha-Episode-6


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The Episode Starts With……
At morning; gayathri mantra plays at the background—————Riya wakes while the song continues, Riya see the clock and the time shows 4:30 AM. She goes to refresh and comes back. She wear a bengali saree looklike godess durga wearing(at temple shown which the godess wear a bengali saree with latest design.). She(Riya) prays to kannaji for everyone’s happiest life. Seeing those lights are on in Riya’s room, swara wakes up and watches riya woken and wakes up her other two sisters. The other 3 sisters looks at riya and complement her beauty with themselves and they ask eachother a same question that ”why she woken up so early?”. Riya goes to mandir and prepares the things for pooja and helps kailsh, dida and vivan.
Riya blows the shank and everyone comes and surprised to see all those arrangements. Sharmishta asks dida that what they are doing at early morning! When Dida is about to reply Riya interuputs and say that “there will be an durgapooja afterwards your shaadi”! Hearing sharmishta and everyone looks on shock. Riya calms down everyone and says there are 3 mahurat today and now the time is going to be 5:30 and she ask her dad and mom to get ready for their marriage. All leave and getting ready for the wedding ceremony. Riya ask the pandit to start the pooja.
After few minutes sharmishta and shekaar comes , Riya ask everyone to sit and the pooja is going on.
At this time maheshwari parivaar came, vivan greets them and makes them sit. After the pooja shekaar and sharmishta married, riya ask her 3 sister’s to get blessings of their parents as they were newly married couples.
The sister’s take the blessings of their dad and mom. Riya ask her family member’s that anyone forgoted today what day it was !! shekaar replied that today their marriage day; her sister’s engagement and Durgahtami.
Riya says or anything special ;Dadi says nothing else. Sharmishta goes near Riya and blesses her and says her Happy B’day. Everyone looks on stunned, sharmishta further says that any Parents can forgot their b’day but not forgot their chidren’s B’day Riya hugs and says thank you mom and everyone wishes Riya on her B’Day. Riya ask the family members to come to the Durga matha temple as she is conducting her B’day celebration and there is one another surprise too and leaves.
All arrived at the temple and riya ask them to come as its time for aarthi and everyone goes inside. Riya asks the pandit to give the Diya and ask her sister’s to join with her. The 4 sister’s join with her and dances, when Riya dances everyone is mesmerised and they cannot feel that they were alive or not. Riya dances well and the sister’s keep the diya down and Riya ask her brother to call them. Riya distributes the prasad to everyone, while she distributes a group of children run towards her and ask the prasad. Riya gives them prasad and says go to the entrance there my manager will be waiting and he will give you the dresses,sweets and study material and ask the children to go. The children ran to get the gifts and stand in a line.
Sharmishta asks riya what she is doing? Riya says that always she ask her dada(Rajveet) to invite ashram childrens on her B’day as she loves helping the poor. Sid jokes at her whether she want to help as mother Teresa or else she want to help the world wide poor and ask her whether she has money with her for world wide service. Riya says in anger very funny.
She ask her brother to come to the venue and ask hem to inform the address the party. Vivan nods and her manager helps her in open the car. Riya wear the specs with a stylish way and sits in the car. Durgaprasad asks vivan what she is saying. Vivan gives the address and ask them to come to attend the venue as it is important.
All came to the five*hotel and ask the way to the party hall . When they go inside the party hall they utterly shock in state they ask the manager what is going on here. The manager replies there is an award function that is going to be given to the new Collector of kolkata.
Durgaprasad is about to ask the manager who is she/he.
The waiter ask the manager to comeout quickly as the collector had arrived. The manager run and greets the collector. Vivan ask the family members to come and greet the collector. When all of them came outside they were shocked to see Riya as the collector.

Precap: The 2 year baby girl anushka(Anu) was Siddarth’s Child!!! ??
Shocking Everyone when they heard the truth by Annapurna..

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Credit to: Sriranjani

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  1. its nice…bt ur ff only give importance to riya no swara no ragini…..most riya scenes no sanlak…pls give sm importance to swaragini…

  2. nice … but no swaragini n sanlak

  3. very nice..ya swasanraglak scenes r missing.. what sid’s 2 yr old daughter !! he is small among the four bro right ?

  4. Nope Sid is the 2nd son in the maheshwari parivaar Prem is 1st , sanskaar is 3rd and Laksh is 4th.??

  5. ohhk..thanks for clearing my confusion..ur ff is very nice..plz carry on..upload the next part soon..

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