Pyaar Ka Rishtha-Episode-5

Sharmishta ask riya to come inside suddenly riya looks at the wall clock and asks her bro. Vivan that what is the time now. He looks at the watch and is shocked as the time is going to be 6:30pm. He says sorry to her and ask kailash for his and her permission to leave for work. Kailash agrees and riya tells to her mom that she is going for an important work and she will be back in ½ an hour and both of them leaves without waiting for her to speak. Shekaar ask kailash that why she is so hurry. Kailash says that Riya itself come and say. And ask him to enter the house.
After her job is done Riya came back with her files and reading those files . Someone ask her what she is doing and says watchout her brother holds her and takes her carefully into the house. Sharmishta asks vivan that what she is doing? Vivan replies that when Riya gets into an work that she will not be in her senses while working as she will not look around that what is happening. Riya finished her 1st file and looks at vivan and all and ask how did she came into the house? Vivan replied that he cared her and takes her inside the house. Riya thanks him and says you are the best brother in the world and cares for me. Kailash ask riya to have dinner as she didn’t take her for food since morning and ask her to complete the fasting today itself. Riya says she kept fast till morning so she will eat tommorow. Sharmishta ask her what she is saying and she(riya) will do this also?? vivan is about to say and riya interupts and say that whether her mom knows about the grandpa!!! she says that tomorrow is ashtami and taking viradh for durgapooja for 2 days as she loves to do.
Sharmishta looks happy and says her one more thing that tomorrow is her and shekaar’s wedding and her sister’s engagement . Riya says that she is so happy and her ears can’t belive those happy moments are going to happen and says love u mom. Just then shoba comes and says I am too happy; Riya sees her maang and faints as she falls on vivan and he holds her and he also looks at Dida and worried for her kailash sees vivan’s eyes and understoods and says to vivan take riya to her room. Vivan takes riya to her room and shekaar calls Docter to check up riya. Docter comes and check up and says whether she had any long time depression kailash looks tensed and says riya had an accident before 3 years and she had recoverd from the accident after 6 months but she had a fear too of the inccident so she had depression and take depression tablets. Docter asked them too take the depression tablets for riya so she can be cured and further says take care of her as she had too recover otherwise it will affect her health and leaves.
Riya opens her eyes and looks at everyone’s teary eyed and understoods that they know about the truth.she says to everyone that they all may be angry with her about not saying the truth but it is necessary to hide somethings that can be prevent from emotions,etc.. as she says sharmishta interupts and says it is necessary to tell about the health condition.
Vivan says don’t worry about her it is there problem and not interupt between while his sis. speaking and jokes all smiles. When all of them leaving vivan get her tablets and riya says “I don’t want family to know about her real Identity that only vivan,kailash and dada(Rajveet)only knows and one person is there too but I don’t want to say!!!”; while she cries vivan wipes her tears and says that every brother had a responsibilities of taking care of their sister and promises that it will be an secret. On the other side rigini hears the conversation fully and thinks what is the secret and says to herself that she should find the truth by herself not by anyone and leaves.
At night gadodia parivaar started their lunch riya enters and says she is going for shopping for purchasing dresses. She ask kailash to give money and leaves. Sharmishta is about to stop but kailash stops her and says leave her for sometime and says she will comeback soon.
At shopping mall riya choses some dresses for her and her family and choses some kids wears. At the same time Sasurl of her sister’s family too came for the shopping mall for paying the amount for the dresses. Annapurna wathches riya and call her but riya was busy by her work of purchasing dresses and pay the money and leaves. Annapurna thinks why didn’t she turn when I call her and says to herself that maybe she might be busy and leaves.

Precap: Sharmishta and Shekaar gets Married by the Rituals, The sister’s take the blessings of their mom and dad.

Credit to: Sriranjani

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