Pyaar Ka Rishtha-Episode-4

The episode starts with………………………………………..

Dida taunts and says Marwalan your grandaughters are going to be engaged and you are not doing anything for that , Dadimaa asks Dida too shutup her mouth and says that she know.
Someone shouts at Dida and calls her as shoba how could you can do this to me?? Hearing this all lookout as where the voice camefrom. They shocked too see a Modern girl removing her specs and says to shoba does she remembered her. Dida is confused and ask her who is she and how dare to tell her name like this as if she is older than her. The girl tells that she knows but one thing had happened that makes me to call you like this she said. Hearing her words Shekaar shouts at that girl and get to slap her but the girl hold his hand strongly as even Shekaar or anyone cannot release him from her stiff.At last the girl leaves Shekaar’s hand and says she has come her shobha and not anyone else.
As she and shobha fighting sharmishta looks at her very carefully and says to shekaar that she sees her action somewhere else.The three sisters at their room watches the drama going on as they were asked by the servant chotu to be inside. At last finally the girl accuses shoba and sharmishta as they were not able to identify her.Someone twists the girls ears and the girl turns and sees kailash and says dadaji. He says how dare you to accuse my Bhabhi like this when I am here itself. The girl says Dadaji that there is no pain in her ears so asked him too leave her ears. She further says that he know about her very well then why he is making this drama. Shoba is totally confused and asks kailash who is he? Kailash says see me underdepth then you will remember me he said. Shoba looks at him and get happy and say devarji. Kailash smiles.shomi gets happy to see his chachaji and says chachaji and hugs him. The girl asks whether their introduction is over and asks shoba if she really forgoted her. The girl turns to kailash and asks him to tell the truth who she is. Kailash laughs and turns to shobha and says sorry for first as he is going to say one truth that had burried 23 years ago.All get tensed.
Kailash says to shoba that she is your first grandaughter Riya Bose.All of them were shocked. The FB is shown.
Rajveet father of shomi gets angry about shomi’s pregnancy, but he is becomed calm down when kailash makes him to understand. After 10 months a girl child is Born it is none other than Riya. Rajveet ask the docter to inform sharmishta that her child is born dead,but the docter ask why? He says that he never wants the child to be with sharmishta and says he want’s to take care of the child. Kailash also supports him and says to docter that no one will accept this child in baldi and the docter accept the sayings of Rajveet and lies to sharmishta that the child born dead.Hearing this sharmishta miserably cries for her child. The FB ends.
He turns to sharmishta and says sorry that her father does’nt want tell the truth to you and I have forced him many times to tell at last he tells the truth to your daughter that born between you and shekaar. And he further says that when you(shomi) discharged you see a girl child which was in the nurse hand you fells that you are attached to that baby and you have told me too. It is none other than your Daughter Riya he said. All were shoked and frozen like a stone.Hearing this story Sharmishta and Shobha’s eyes in tears. They call Riya but she acts that she is angry with them.
Shomi says sorry to Riya and folds her hands seeing this Riya stops her and hugs her saying that she came to know the truth before 2 years and says I love you mom. And shobha hugs her too and says I can’t Identify you. Riya says its ok Dida I am backnow and we will be very happy spending our time with everyone Now she said. Kailash gets glad and ask riya to get into House. Riya reffuses that one idiot has to come and I am waiting for him she says. Kailsh acts to be angry and says how can she calls her brother like that and smiles. Seeing his smile Riya understands that his brother is at her back she is about turn suddenly she swings as her brother hols her tightly. Riya asks her brother to leave her he says that he will not leave and asks her to say sorry. Riya reffuse and says Vivan idiot leave me.
Hearing those words Vivan leaves Riya and says she won’t be spared by anyone and says watch me.
Riya wactches him carefully. He goes to mandir and takes the holy rang. Riya assures and hides. Vivan serches for his sister and thinks that she is here somewhere. When he is about to turn Riya applied the colour on vivan and says that she is smarter than him. Vivan says that he will not leave her and both starts fighting ,Riya goes behind her granpa kailash and ask him to rescue from his brother. Suddenly priya appears and she is shocked and surprised to see Riya and Vivan. She calls them with their names.
The both turns and they are very happy to see her. Then Vivan funs of his sister and both starts again fighting, seeing both all of them get jelous and feels proud and happy at looking them and commet the both as best bhai and best sister. Priya shouts at them and ask vivan and riya to stop fighting as they both fight always in college and home and now at baldi also.
Durgaprasad ask priya how she knew about them. Priya answered that they 3 were studied in the same college and for 4 years she knew them well, vivan and riya nods to him.

Sharmishta introduces Riya to everyone and sasural family of laado,yamu and shona. Riya takes the blessings of the elders. She takes the blessings of Dadimaa and Dadaji and takes the blessings of shekaar and ask him that she can hug him. Shekaar nods, she hugs and says I love u papa. Shekaar to replies I love u beta.
Sharmishta introduces Riya to her three sisters yamuna,ragini,and swara. The four hugs and riya says that they were Gadodia sisters and all smiles. Riya funs of her brother-in-law and devarji’s and says that she is very happy to see them all in pairs. Hearing sid simes at Riya.

Precap: shoba comes and says I am too happy; Riya sees her maang and faints; she falls on vivan and he holds her.

Credit to: Sriranjani

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  1. nice bt too many characters

  2. I will give you the list of characters..
    Riya Bose/Riya Gadodia
    Vivan/krishna-paro’s brother
    Swara Bose/Swara Gadodia/Swara Maheshwari/Shona
    Ragini Gadodia/Ragini Maheshwari/Laado
    Yamuna Gadodia/Yamuna Maheshwari/Yaamu
    Laksh Maheshwari/Lucky
    Sanskaar Maheshwari
    Prem Maheshwari
    Siddarth Maheshwari/Sid
    Priya Maheshwari/Priya Vivan
    Sharmishta Gadodia/Sharmishta Bose/Shomi
    Janvi Gadodia/Shekaar’s Frist Wife
    Shekaar Gadodia
    Prvathi Gadodia/Shekaar’s Mom
    Deenadayal Gadodia/Shekaar’s Dad
    Shomi’s Mom
    Rajveet Bose/Shomi’s Dad
    Kailash Bose/Vivan’s Grandpa/Rajveet’s Brother
    DurgaPrasad Maheshwari
    Annapurna DurgaPrasad Maheshwari
    Ram Prasad Maheshwari
    Sujatha Ram Prasad Maheshwari
    Rajat-Riya’s Frist love/Rajeev/Vivan’s BF
    Sara Jain

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