Pyaar Ka Rishtha-Episode-20


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The Episode Starts with————————————
Sanskaar sees Riya and calls her. Riya sees him and runs and ask about sid and Laksh and tries to enter but Prem holds her hand and ask her to have patience while doctor comes out. Ragini n Riya cries badly and the other 2 sisters takes care of them.
Doctor comes out and says Sid is Normal now but he had lost more no of blood and he needs blood immediately. Riya ask his blood group. Doctor says O-ve. Riya says she is also having same blood she will give him blood. Doctor ask the nurse to take Riya fast and get her blood for Sid. Nurse ask Riya to come. Doctor says to Sanskaar that Laksh Lost his Memory and he to lost his Blood and he also same blood group. Sanskaar say this to Riya. Riya ask him not to worry and says they can take her blood.
Doctor takes Riya’s Blood and Gives it to Sid and Laksh. Kailash Prays to Durga maa to take care of her children and cries and says to durga maa to take care of her child’s. Jai Kaali maa song plays…….While ragini cries and Riya ask her not to cry and says that Laksh will be regained his memory within days and ask her to be strong. Ragini hugs Riya and cries. Riya , Yamuna , Swara consoles her. Doctor come out of the ODT and says to them that the both is out of danger and ask them not to worry. Dp and Ap gets relived and thanks to god for making their children alive.
Ragini and Riya ask Doctor that they can see their husbands. Doctor denies and says they have to take rest and they will open their eyes only tomorrow. Ragini cries but Riya ask Doctor once again and says that she will not cry or disturb the patient. Doctor doesn’t agree but Riya forces him. Then Doctor accepts her words and says he will not allow Ragini as she cries. Riya agrees and goes inside, she see Sid sleeping as they give a sleeping tablet. She goes near Sid and holds his hand and cries silently. Her tears fall on Sid’s hand. Riya goes to Laksh and see his state. She cries and says to laksh that she thought him as her child and how can he let his mother cry like this and how can he leave his wife Ragini alone and her tears also goes inside Laksh’s eyes.
Riya comes out of the ward and hugs Vivan and Priya. PriVan Consoles her and ask Riya to take some food. Riya denies and says she kept fast for her husband and her child Laksh and says she make him as her own son and can’t let him die. Ragini hugs her and Riya consoles her. Riya sees Nurse coming. Nurse ask them not to make noise and ask them to be quit. Riya agrees. While the nurse comes in and sees the brothers and gets mild shock. The Nurse comes out and runs to call the doctor. Riya and Vivan Smiles and see Eachother. The Nurse says to doctor that the brothers got their senses back and going to open their eyes and ask the doctor to come.
Doctor ruses inside and check their pulse and says it a medical miracle and comes out says to Maheshwari Parivaar that they opened their eyes and they can see them. They all get happy and goes to see SidLak. Sid opens his eyes and sees Riya infront of him. He smiles at her and Riya to smiles while crying. Riya sat near Sid and holds his hand. Sid tries to talk but Riya stops him and ask him to no to talk now. Ap agrees and ask Sid to lie down/Sleep for some time. They see Laksh but he tries to open his eyes but he didn’t. Ragini worries. Riya ask her not to feel bad and says that they give sleeping pills, so he felt sleepy and says they can see Laksh in the morning and them to take food. They all go but Riya still sits near Sid and Laksh and takes care of them.

Precap:- Laksh says to Sanskaar that he does not remember anything and ask him to say who is Ragini. While Ragini cries hearing about laksh words. Riya consoles her and so as her other sisters.

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Credit to: Sriranjani

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