Pyaar Ka Rishtha-Episode-19


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The Episode starts with—————————-
In the Morning:-
Laksh gets ready and came downstairs and ask Ap to make his breakfast soon as he got important meeting today. Ap and Ragini gets his Breakfast and serves him. At that time Sanskaar came with the Jogging Dress and says to laksh that he can go late coz the clients will come late so he can go slow. Laksh says not needed and says he will go fast and make the arrangements quickly and will be waiting for his brothers and the clients. Sanskaar says wow that only I expected from you lucky and hugged him. Dp smiles and says at last My last son got matured and says he will get his Best Gift today morning and blesses him. Sanlak smiles and takes his blessings. Swaragini gets happy. Yamuna says this happy will be incomplete without sweets and ask everyone to have sweets. Yamuna sees RiSid missing and ask about them. Sanskaar replies that Sid is in Jogging and he is on the way and Swara says Riya is making the Kids ready.
In Risid’s Room:-
Riya making Anu ready and sees Diya missing. She call out Diya but there is No response and Riya searches Diya in the Room and other 4 rooms but Diya was not there and family members get worried for Diya and Riya. They too searches for Diya. On the other side Diya runs towards the steps and opens the entrance door and runs and Riya heard the sound of the Diya’s Payal and runs towards the corridor.

In Maheshwari mansion:-
Siddarth catches Diya and ask her if she loves her dad soo much and kisses on her cheeks. While Riya panics and comes out of the mansion and sees Sid and Diya Playing in the Yard, she gets relief seeing Diya with Sid. The whole family happy seeing Sid loves Diya a Lot and accepts her as his daughter. Riya smiles at Sid and happy to see Diya was enjoying the time her dad. Riya thinks why she is getting attracted to Sid. Vivan says that she started to loving him. Riya looks on surprised and says to vivan that she knows about him that he can understand her mind language and ask him not to express his thought infront of everyone. Vivan says that is his specialty and she can’t change. Swara says that vivan is right and supports for Vivan the family smiles and Ap ask Everyone to come inside. Sid sees Riya and ask her not to worry and says that Diya will be with his dad forever and goes with Diya inside. Riya stares at him.
Riya comes to the room and sees the 3 were taking rest and Riya opens the drawer and takes out Rajat’s pic and says sorry to him and says she doesn’t know what she is going to do and says she will try to move on her life with Sid and her Daughters.
Vivan listens to her conversation and thinks that Riya will sure move on her life and no one can break her relationship with Sid and DiyAnushka and goes.
Riya keeps the photo back to the drawer and goes. Sid slightly opens his eyes after Riya goes out of the room. He says that he is sure that he will get his wife back in some more days and says to Riya’s photo that he will get his Love soon.
Sid goes to washroom and gets ready for going to office. Riya comes and gives him Tiffin and ask sid to eat the food and take tablets on right time. Sid nods his head and leaves. The brothers leave for office and their wives wave their hands and goes inside.

While Laksh is driving the car, Sid checks the client files. When Laksh is about to turn one Truck hits the Laksh’s car and Laksh fails to drive and the Car hits on the tree. Sid and Laksh gets hurt and sid was having some sense and comes out of the car by somehow and fells down and he sees lucky that he is losing blood and he is too losing blood. While Prem and Sanskaar arrived at the office. Sanskaar commented that laksh is doing his job properly now and complements his best work. While someone calls on Prem’s mobile and says something and Prem gets shocked and cuts the call. Sanskaar ask him what happened and why he is shocked. Prem tells that Sid and Lucky get into an accident and ask him to come to global hospital and ask him to inform the family. Sanskaar nods the head and calls swara but swara was busy with Diya and Anushka and does not hear the sound of her mobile.
Riya sees the Phone ringing and sees that Sanskaar is calling and call Swara but she didn’t listen to her. Riya takes the phone and says to sanskaar that Riya is speaking as Swara is busy and ask him if he wants something. Sanskaar gets tensed and says nothing and gets nervous. Riya feels something bad ask him to speak. Sanskaar tells the incident. Riya sits in shock and she cries and see Ragini who is happy and playing with those kids. Ragini happens to see Riya and she gets up tries to go but her finger unknowingly cuts on the sharp knife which she holds on her hand. Ragini see her wound and thinks why she is feeling bad as laksh is in some problem and goes to Riya. Ap sees Riya crying and ask her why she is crying. Vivan comes and see Riya is crying and runs towards her ask her. Riya tells the truth to him and Hugs him while crying. Ragini and everyone gets shocked and The Maheshwari family comes to the Global Hospital and Vivan ask the receptionist about Sid and Laksh. The women says they were in Room no.201.
Sanskaar sees Riya and calls her. Riya sees him and runs and ask about sid and Laksh and tries to enter but Prem holds her hand and ask her to have patience while doctor comes out. Ragini n Riya cries badly and the other 2 sisters takes care of them.

Precap:- Laksh ask Sanskaar to take away Ragini from his room as he is getting frustrated by seeing her face. Ragini felt hurt, Riya consoles her ask her to be strong and says that she will get laksh back to his memories on right time and promises to Ragini that she will reunite Raglak definitely. Ragini gets glad.

Credit to: Sriranjani

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