Pyaar Ka Rishtha-Episode-18


Valentines Special Part-2
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The Episode Starts With————————
Laksh goes to Vivan and tells the plan. Vivan agrees and he takes the mic and says that now there will be a game for the couples and ask the couples to sit in the chairs. Everyone seated and then Vivan says that there will be dumb-sharabs for the couples and they should take one paper which kept in the jar and they have to act if they find out the answer they should dance on the song for which movie they have found. Everyone agrees but Riya doesn’t want but she still agrees for her family sake.
Everyone plays the game when Risid turn comes Riya goes and picks the paper. She sees the movie name and she acts to Sid he found out her action and he guessed that movie and says Diwale. Vivan says correct and ask him to dance on the song Gerua. The both felt uneasy and vivan watches this and pranks that he didn’t asked them to kiss and ask the both to dance. Everyone smiles and sanlak laughs silently.
Sid forwards his hand to Riya and Riya holds his hand and danced on the song Gerua. The both were had a cute eyelock and they get into dreams (where they were dancing like SRK n Kajol); but the both cannot express their feelings and dances silently and Sid get out of his dreams and looks at Riya who is staring him. He ask where is her another earring . Then Riya got into her senses and checks her ear and found her earring is missing and she tries to look for her earring but Sid pulls Riya to his side and dances with her and says to Riya that it is her new fashoin without one earring and takes the another earring from his pocket and says that her earring stuck into his jacket and she doesn’t know about this. Riya shys and tries to take but Sid make her wear the earring with his hands while dancing and the family members laughs and closed their eyes and Vivan stops the music but Risid dances without the song. The Sisters and Sanlak laughed and lucky ask Sid to stop the dance and end the romance and ask him whether he wants to continue. Ragini stops laksh and everyone laughs and Risid shy’s and they go to their DiyAnushka . Vivan ask the newly weds to propose on the valentines day and this annoucement gave a shock to Risid but they still agrees for the family happiness.

Sanlak express their feelings towards the Swaragini and Predarth express their feelings towards Riyamuna. The 4 sisters accept the proposal and everyone clap their hands for them and Dp ask everyone to attend the dinner party and leaves. Riya and her sisters goes to their room with their respective husbands.
When Riya enters the room she feels hurt/shy with the incident and Sid comes close to her and try to kiss her but Riya ask him to stop and shouts. Sid ask her what happened and why she is shouting. Then Riya came to her sense and thinks it is her Dream and says to Siddarth nothing happened and says it is her bad dream. Sid says to her whether she thought he try to kiss her . Riya gets shocked and fights with Sid and their nok jok starts.
In Swasan’s Room:-
Swara making the Bed ready for Sanskaar and ask him to change his clothes. Sanskaar pulled Swara aside and try to kiss her but Swara keeps her hand on his mouth and says this not the Time and ask him sleep. Sanskaar says this is the perfect time and says that they were husband n wife and no one can stop me from kissing and kissed her cheeks. Swara gets shy and moves back. Sanskaar says today you made my day Swara coz You accepted my proposal and What else I want he said!! suddenly Swara remembers how her Sister’s Face gets Sad and says to sanakaar that Riya Didi is not alright and says she had some problem with Sid Jiju and says he should find out that whether the Both were happy or not. Sanskaar says to Swara that Sid loves Riya more than himself and says that Riya Babhi is not ready to accept this marriage and she wants to take of her both kids and wants to stay away from Sid.
Swara says that is impossible and says Riya Didi will change her mind when she get attracted towards Sid Jiju. Sanskaar accepts her sayings and ask her to sleep now. The both turn off the lights.

In Raglak’s Room:-
Laksh and Ragini hug each other. Ragini says that she can’t forget this day and says to Laksh I love you. Laksh says me too and hug each other once again.

In Yamrem’s Room:-
Yamuna and Prem plays chess. Prem says finally I got my Queen and says that he will get his Prince or Princess soon. Yamuna gets shyed and says yes. The both Hug eachother and Prem kissed her on her forehead and says good night.

Precap:- Riya starts to feel for Siddarth and thinks she is in Love with Him.
Laksh Gets into an Accident and Ragini makeover gets changed.

Credit to: Sriranjani

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