Pyaar Ka Rishtha-Episode-17

The Episode starts with——————————————
Sara further says that Di was not ready to accept defeat ,so she have kidnapped her child. Riya ask the inspector to keep Hema in kala-paani jail and sara to keep in the jail for 2yrs. The inspector takes the both and leaves. Riya is furious to get her child back and ask Vivan to accomadate. Dp says not to go out at night and ask Riya to go in morning but Riya denies and goes with vivan. She drove the car and stops the car in maharishi aashram. Riya knocks the door of the aashram and the princpal woke up and says who is there and opens the door. The principal is surprised to see Riya and says madam. Riya says yes I am and says that she wants to say something and ask the principle can she come inside. Principal says yes.
Riya went inside with Vivan and Principal ask them sit. The both seated. Riya says that she wants to say something . Principal ask Riya to say. Riya narrates what happened in her life and tells the Principal that their Nandini is her Diya and ask the Principal can she take her child back. The Principal is surprised and agrees and says to Riya that she can fill the form later and ask her to take Riya with her. Riya n Vivan thanks the Principal. Riya take the sleepy Diya on her shoulder and leaves to MM.

Dp is curious to know what happened and everyone waiting for Riya,Diya and Vivan.
Riya enters with Diya n Vivan. Everyone gets happy to see Diya and greets their grand daughter. Diya was so sleepy and she huged her mother tight. Dp ask Riya to go to her Room and sleep peacefully with Diya and Anushka and Siddarth. Riya leaves with Diya and goes to her Room. She keep Diya on the bed and she sing a song for the both and made them into deep sleep. The 2 sleep peacefully and Sid ask Riya whether her wish is fullfilled? Riya says yes and says that she had fullfilled her promise that she gave to Rajat. Sid smiles and ask her to sleep on the bed corner and he will sleep on the other corner as to keep their child safe. Riya agrees and switches off the Lights.

In the Morning, Dp ask Riya to make arrangements for a Party as he wants to celebrate his Grand daughter arrival. Riya says sure but Laksh interupts and says to Dp that today is Valentines day and all lovers will celebrate this day and you want to keep party here . Everyone laughs. Ap says to laksh that Dp wants to keep both the party at same time. Everyone gets surprised and gets overjoyed.

Riya goes to her room and ask sid whether he is free as she wants to go shopping for buying gifts for DiyAnushka. Sid says what and ask Riya to tell what she said now. Riya says she wants to go shopping. Sid stops her and says after that she said something and ask her to say. Riya says that gifts for her daughter DiyAnushka. Sid says great and says he wants to hear that name so he asked her to say again. Riya smiles and ask Sid to get ready and leaves.

Riya and Sid goes to the shopping mall and buys gifts and dresses and they buy some dresses for them and their family members and leaves to MM. Riya presents the gifts to everyone and everyone gets happy and surprised and ask Riya how did she know about their favourite. Riya says that it is an secret and ask them to get ready.

In the evening, everyone came for the party and Dp and Ap greets them. Sid gets ready and makes his daughters ready for the party. Riya smiles at him and says that she wants to get ready and ask sid to take Diya and Anushka down as the guests might be waiting to see DiyAnushka. Sid agrees and leaves.

Sid comes downstairs and Swaragini runs towards them and each of them holds Diya and Anushka and goes to the stage and Introduces the small girls to everyone and they takes DiyAnushka to Dadi and Nani. The both plays with Diya and Anushka, seeing the both shomi gets teary eyed and and hugs shekaar. Shekaar pranks shomi and the duo nokjok starts and swaragini gets happy seeing the both. On the otherhand Prem is searching for Yamuna and ask Swara whether she see Yamuna. Swara says no. Prem gets sad but suddenly Ragini comes and says to Prem that Yamuna making Riya to get Ready and ask him not to worry. Prem gets glad and leaves. Vivan takes the mic and Greets everyone and says that today is Valentines Day and says that his Sister Riya’s Child Diya also returns on the same day and this party is for his gudiyaa(Baby Doll) Diya and ask everyone to start the party. One of the guests ask where is Riya. Priya suddenly sees Riya and says to everyone that she is here and ask them to look at the stairs. Everyone sees Riya. She looks so beautiful in that Pearl Saree and Sid looks at her in a romantic way. Seeing Sid his brothers make fun of him and ask him not to add milk on the wine. Sid ask them to stop and he to smiles as they make fun . Laksh wispers in Sanskaars ear that Sid truely loves Riya very much but till now he did not expressed his feelings towards her. Sanskaar says don’t worry laksh and says he had a plan that will make the both confess their feelings towards eachother and wispers something and the both shaked their hands.

Precap:- RiSid dances on the song Gerua. Laksh gets into an car accident and Ragini’s Makeover gets changed.

Credit to: Sriranjani

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