Pyaar Ka Rishtha-Episode-16

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The episode starts with————————-
Riya says I know you can’t say the truth becoz there is some problem and he is hiding it from us. Dp ask Prem what happened and those footprints to whom it belongs. Prem didn’t answer and stays silently. Riya says those footprints are belong to one women and she is hidden some where in the house and ask swara to find out where the footprints stops. Swara check the footprints and says to Riya that footprints stops near the Trunk and opens the trunk. Prem closes his eyes with fear, his unusual behaviour yamuna noticed and cries and thinks that prem had betrayed her and control herself and looks at the trunk.

Swara holds the lady’s hand and pushed her on the floor. Vivan was shocked to see that lady and says you. Riya was drinking water at that time when she heard the voice of her brother she turns and sees the lady. She gets shocked and put down the glass and the glass breaks. She says Hema and you are here.

Then the family members realises that she is the one who kidnapped Diya. Riya says Wow and further says the fate made them to meet once again and Riya holds her hair and says in frustration that How dare she come in front of them. Vivan says that she is one behind all this and now she wants to ruin his 2nd sister life again. Hema clutches off Riya’s hand and says Yes that she is the one Who wants to marry Prem but now she(riya) wants to ruin her life again. Riya ask her to shutup and says that she is the one who had made their beautiful life into hell and says she will not leave her, suddenly hema’s phone rings. Hema wants to attend the call but Riya takes off the phone and put it on the speaker while vivan holds hema’s mouth tightly.

One women speaks and says she is waiting outside the corridor and ask her to come fast as the lights were on in the MM. Riya speaks in Hema’s voice and says to that women to come inside by the back door and ask her to watch the drama silently. The women agrees. Riya signs to Sanskaar and Siddarth.

She ask Vivan and Laksh to tie hema on the pillars. The both tie hema on the pillar and SidKaar catches the 2nd lady and they too tie the lady in the pillar. When Sid removes the cloth from that 2nd womens face he gets shocked to see her and says Sara. The family members were shocked to see Sara and Hema together. Riya gets stunned to see Sara and ask Hema about her. Hema replies that Sara is her step-sister and she(hema) sent Sara to Kolkatta and ask her to act as a lover with Sid without doubting and for this Sara to agreed. Riya slaps Hema and Sara a left-right Hard SLAP..
Hema gets shocked and ask prem to stop Riya. Prem says he will not and says When he came to know that she is the one who seperated Rajat-Riya and kidnapped their child Diya and he started to hate her and with a full of happiness he married Yamuna and wants to take their marriage to next level but she ruined his happiness by torturing to give money. Dp gets shocked and says what? Prem says yes she wants to blackmail me as she was having the selfie pics and wants to show it to media. Riya again slaps Hema. Yamuna is in tears and says to Prem that she doubted him within seconds and says Sorry.

Prem ask her not to say sorry and he should say sorry to her for hiding the truth. Riya again give 3 slaps to Hema and ask vivan to call police. Vivan says to Riya that he called the police and ask her to have the patience. Riya then ask about Diya to hema and ask her to tell where she Kept Diya. Hema says never she will reach her child and ask Riya to stop searching. Riya was over angered that her brother senses and he stops silently and thinks that anyone can’t bear the torture that her sister will give to them and he will not stop his sister right now.

Riya takes a Knife and cuts Hema’s wrist . Hema shouts in pain. Riya ask her again to tell the truth but Hema says she will not and says even if she die she will not tell the truth of Diya. Riya again cuts Hema’s another hand’s wrist. Hema shouts in pain. At that time the police arrives. All the happenings Sara was watching and thinks this treatment can be done to her and ask Riya to stop and ask her to stop hurting her sister and says that she(sara) was here for a day and she knew who is Diya and says the child which she take cared for sometime is none other than Diya and Hema gives Diya to the orphanage when she returned to india and she(sara) was taking care of the child.
Riya Looks on stunned.

Precap:- Riya says to herself that her Doubt was Right and goes with Vivan to that Maharishi aashram and she gets back Diya to the MM.

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Credit to: Sriranjani

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