Pyaar Ka Rishtha-Episode-15


The Episode Starts with————–
The Jugalbandi Starts . Yamuna and Ragini Plays their Respective veena and Yamuna plays Violin too. Everyone complents Ragini and Yamuna for their best classical and vocal. Dadi ask Swara and Riya to perform. Swara plays Guitar and Riya too Plays Guitar and Everyone complents Riya and Swara for their best. Suddenly Vivan ask everyone to sit patiently Becoz Riya will Play 5 instruments daily in her life, may be sometimes she refused to play and ask everyone to cheer for her. Sid hears this and smile and says to himself that he didn’t know that she is talent in music too.
Vivan ask the servants to bring the musical instruments. The servants goes and brings the musical instruments and kailash brings Riya’s beautiful veena. Everyone gets shocked to see the instruments which includes Tabla, veena, violin,guitar,flute, electronic keyboard and western concert flute.
Riya Prays to Lord Krishna n starts the music by playing veena, when she plays the music everyone gets an imagination like riya is like saraswathi. When she plays flute they thought krishna is in front of them and when she plays violin they thought that whether she is Devi or real human being and when she played all the musical instruments they give big applaud and says she got extodinary talent and blessed Riya for long time happiness. And the guests says to Annapurna that they were lucky to get a bahu like this. Everyone is happy in the family. While Nandini runs and hugs Riya’s legs. Riya hold her and Nandini gives a kiss to Riya on her cheeks and smiles. Riya is surprised by her attitude and smiles. The principal says we are leaving and the children says bye to Riya and her family. When nandini wents off she left her socks on sofa and Riya goes to give that socks but Nandini leaves with the principal. Riya holds that socks and says that she is missing her a lot and goes Inn to the house.
Everyone finished their dinner and goes to sleep. At 12 am A lady enter into the MM silently and one window opens and hand came out of the window and helps the women to enter into the House.
The women enters and ask the man how can he marry someone else without marrying her and The man ask the women to shutup ask her to come at that time by mistakenly the women break the rose pot and some mud water gets stained in the dress n the footprints appeared on the floor. But the 2 unaware of this.
At that time Swara gets off from her sleep and she remove the hands of sanskaar while he used to hug her in sleep. When swara removes the hand sanskaar gets up and ask why you didn’t sleep?
Swara replies that she wants water and takes the jug and it was empty. Swara says she feels thirsty and wants water and tells she will get water from the kitchen and leaves.
When Swara came Downstairs ;the 2 unknown persons hide becoz they heard the sound of the slippers of Swara.
Swara goes to the kitchen and switches on the lights and take the glass of water and drinks it. While she is drinking the water, suddenly she saw the mud footprints and shouts and run outside and calls everyone that someone entered into the house. Everyone gets off from their sleep and comes outside with the panic and ask Swara what happened. Swara tells everything and ask them to check their things and come. Everyone leaves and goes to their respective room but Riya stands in the hall and smiles at Swara. Swara ask why are u smiling didi? Riya replies that if anyone comes into the house then they will leave some clue and ask her to be silent. Swara is confused by her answer.
The family members come into the hall and say that the things were kept where it is and Dp ask the security whether anyone came from outside. The security says no one came and gives the assurance. But swara says how can it be and shows the footprints. While Yamuna gets Sad becoz Prem is missing. At that time Riya ask Yamuna where is Prem. Yamuna replies that Prem goes to upstairs for calling someone. Sujatha says that he might mistakenly break the pot and says these footprints might be his and not anyones. At that time Prem comes into the hall and ask what happened? Sujatha narrates all the matter. Dp ask everyone to sleep and says we will see in the morning. Riya stops everyone and says no one will go and says this is not prem’s footprints this is someone else’s footprints and further continues that these footprints doesn’t belong to our family members and ask Prem about the footprints and says from where it came.
Prem shouts and ask you are doubting on me and says I don’t know. Riya ask him why he is shouting like an animal and says ; what happened to him that makes his whole body sweating and ask him once again the same question.
Yamuna ask Riya why she is hurting her husband like this and ask Riya to stop it. Riya says ok and says she will not ask the same question but she wants to know that how the mud dirt came into Prem’s T-Shirt and his pant. Everyone then realises and sees Prem’s T-shirt n pant. Everyone ask the same question and ask prem to reply. Prem stands silently.

Precap:- Riya Finds That Hema is Sara’s Sister and Finds out the truth that Nandini is Diya.
On this Valentine Sid Express his feelings towards Riya and Riya looks on stunned

Stay tuned for Pyaar ka Rishta??….

Credit to: Sriranjani

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