Pyaar Ka Rishtha-Episode-14

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Precap for previous Episode

The Episode starts with————–
Riya prays to Krishna for the Family’s happiness and ask him to return her child Diya becoz she really missed her very much and want to fulfill the promise that she gave to Rajat and she gets tensed and says that she doesn’t want her family members to know her(Riya’s) Birth Truth.
On the other hand Ap heard everything and thinks what she is hiding on the backside of temple Swara is making krishna wear dresses but suddenly stops as Riya is hiding some truth and thinks what it could be and the both wants to share this with someone and wants to plan by group.

In the Dine table :-
Dp ask the 4 bahus to make food and get their shagun. Riya says now Yamuna and Ragini will make their food and Swara and her will make the food of dinner. Dp agrees and ask why she wants to make the food like batch. Riya replies that when they make food they will do lots of food and the food should not be wasted so she wants to make food by pairs. Dp and everyone gets glad.

In the Evening:-
Riya asks Dp that she can call aashram childrens for this ritual and ask him that she wants to call her dadaji and Vivan. Dp agrees. Riya calls Vivan and Vivan agrees.
At the kitchen Riya Making tasty sweets and chola puri for kids with less oil and less sugar and make the dishes very tasty. Swara makes Veg. Fried Rice and Panner Tikka and the sisters Both compliments eachother dishes and suddenly they stops their chat becoz the childrens make noise and Riya goes to them and make them calm and ask the childrens to sit in a row and everyone serves the kids. The principle of the maharishri aashram came with their 3 yr Old child.
The principal Rani compliment her social service and introuduce the child as Nandini. Riya gets an Affectionate towards the baby. Swara runs towards the baby and ask the principal can she hold her once. Rani says why not and gave nandini on Swara’s Hands but suddenly Nandini starts crying and swara tries to pacifies nandini but in vain. Riya watches this and ask Swara to give Nandini to her. Swara gives Nandini to Riya when Riya holds Nandini, Nandini stops crying by Riya’s smiling face and slept on her shoulder at that time Vivan tries to fix his iPhone but mistakenly he pressed the flashlight and it reflects on Riya n Nandini and shadow forms on the wall n it shows a mother holding her lovable daughter. When swara sees the reflection she ask Riya to not move and takes her phone to take this wonderful picture n ask vivan to not switch of the light. She takes a picture and shows it to Riya , Riya smiles and says that she behaves like a child and ask her to do the other work and she will take care of the baby for some time. Swara says ok n tells Riya “that anyone come to her with a problem, she will solves the problem within seconds and says not second within nano seconds”. They all smile.
Swara goes to help and serves the children. While Riya takes care of Nandini and thinks why she is getting attracted towards Nandini and thinks may be nandini can be Diya and confrim about to find the truth. At that time Sanskaar,Prem and Laksh Buy Some Gifts for them(childrens).
At the Mm some guests were invited and Annapurna greets them and ask the principal to stay for sometime as they are going to give shagun for her 4 bahu’s. The principal agrees and Annapurna ask Riya and her sisters to come and sit on the sofa. While Siddarth takes care of the childrens and give them Icecreams to eat and he ask riya to give Nandini and he will take care of it and Riya give nandini by unwillingly. When Nandini goes to Sid she does not cry but she smile instead and sid plays with nandini and he thinks why he is getting attracted to nandini and promises to nandini that he will take care of her while she is here till she goes back.
The guests and Gadodia Family gives their shaguns to Riya and her Sisters. Dadi and Nani complements Riya and her sisters Beauty and the both Gives Riya a Hug and wishes the 4 for their Happy Married Life. Dadi tells Annapurna to have Jugalbandi for her Grandaughters. Ap and Everyone agrees.

Precap:- By Riya’s extraordinary talent Everone is Proud and wants to get a Best Bahu Like Riya and her Sisters… that time Pyaar ka Rishta hai yeh… song plays and the sisters hug eachother. In the Night 12 am, A Lady enters to the MM by silently and one hand comes out of the window and helps the lady to enter Inn and the lady says how can you cheat me by marrying someone else and the man ask the lady to shutup. Swara gets shocked to see mud Foot prints on the floor and goes to check.

Pyaar Ka Rishtha-Spoiler

Swara gets to know about the footprints and the footprint belongs to none other than Hema.
who is the one threatening Prem for Money. At that time Riya gets to know about the truth of Hema who is Sara’s sister and gets to know about Diya.
On This Valentine? Risid , Yamrem , Swasan and Raglak will Unite and each of them Express their feelings for their respective valentine?.

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and also comment on the Risid, Yamrem, Swasan and Raglak.?????

Credit to: Sriranjani

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