Pyaar Ka Rishtha-Episode-13

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The Episode starts with————————————–
They take everyone’s Blessings and Vivan ask the other 3 sisters to take blessings of Riya as she is Elder than them(sisters). The Sister Take the Blessings of Riya and they Hug Each other (Phoolon ka taaron ka song plays). After their Bidaai they Enter into the Maheshwari Mansion. Durgaprasad ask Annapurna and Sujata to bring Aarthi Plates n ask the sisters to come inside the house by ritual.
The sisters came inside the house , when they came inside Durgaprasad ask everyone to come inside and he suddenly sees Riya’s footprints and gets shocked. He stops Riya and asked about her footprints as it got OM syombol at the Bottom of her foot. Hearing everyone stops and shocked and they to see Riya’s footprints. Everyone ask the same question. Riya gets tensed n Pacifies them that she is not devi n its her birth mark n her dadaji will said that she is a blessed baby for shekaar n sharmishta. Everyone belived n ask riya to come to mandir for lighting the diya but Riya is not in her sense n shocked n says to herself next time she should be very careful. Swara happens to see her face gets tensed n thinks why Didi is so tensed n ask Riya to come. Riya lights the Diya and other sisters hold her hand.
Durgaprasad ask everyone to sleep and ask them to get ready soon tommorow as they will be going to mandir. Everyone agrees and goes . Riya walks in the steps but she is about to fall but Sid holds her on right time. They have an Cute Eyelock and Sid takes her to their room becoz she is unable to walk due to sprain and all the sisters gets glad by their jiju n look at their respective husbands and they understood and they too hold their respective wife’s on their hand n goes to their room.
At RiSid’s Room:-
Sid ask Riya to take care and he slepps on the sofa. Riya stares him without blinking n cries how she will find her Diya and gets an idea and she switches off the lights n sleeps.
At Yamrem’s Room:-
Prem ask Yamuna whether she is comfortable with arrangements . Yamuna nods her head and Prem says great and he wants some time to understand her and he doesn’t want sugraat with her now. Yamuna gets sad but she agrees with the smile.
At Swasan’s Room:-
Swara and Sanskaar get into Romance and they Dance together and they get into an Eyelock.
At Raglak’s Room:-
Laksh gifts Ragini a beautiful Pearl neklace. He says this necklace is beautiful for her ask her to keep it safe becoz he brought it for her special from London. Ragini smiles and ask him he didn’t go to London and how did he get it. Laksh says sorry and he Ordered the neckale from the London’s Biggest jewellery company and says I love you. Ragini says I love you too laksh and they hug eachother.

At Dp and Ap’s room:-
Durgaprasad says to Annapurna that he is feeling something bad about Riya and thinks he is not satisfied with her answer , Annapurna agrees too and says that she will find it out soon and ask him to sleep.
In the Morning:-
Riya woke up early and goes to sid and touches his feet and prays. She goes to washroom and gets Ready. She comes downstairs and ask the servants to make the house clean and neat. The servant agrees and one of them ask why did she wake up so early and here none of them wake up so early except the 4 malkins. Riya says that she is too malkin now from now on and she wants everyone to be happy and should be concern for others too. Hearing every servants gets happy and says to Riya that Maheshwari parivaar got a obedient bahu at their home and they were blessed to get an bahu like her. Riya smiles and goes to mandir to pray Krishna. While Annapurna and Durgaprasad smiles seeing eachother and recalls the words of those servants.

Precap:- Nandini calms down when Riya holds her and the shadow will shown a Mother and a Child Bond

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Credit to: Sriranjani

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