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The Episode Starts with——————————————
At the early morning Sanskaar calls swara. Swara wakes up and see sanskaar’s call and cuts the call. She goes to washroom and thinks how to attend the call as she is nervous. She speaks to the mirror as sanskaar and gets shy while thinking about her marriage. She comes out of the washroom and takes her phone and come out of their sisters Room then sanskaar called her suddenly Vivan appears and picks the phone of Swara but swara ask him to return his phone but he keeps his finger on her mouth and says be silent and now watch this comedy. He attends the call and sanskaar says “why you r so late to attend my call swara.?”. Vivan speaks with Swara tone that she woken up now only ask him to speak silent as her sisters were slepping. Sanskaat says its ok n says that their shaadi is today n he is getting nervous. Vivan tries to smile but he pacifies him n says in swara’s voice that she should get nervous n not him. Sanskaar says that’s true but he is getting nervous by marring her as she is beautiful; chubby; understanding; concern for others; Love her Big sister Riya a lot n at the same time she also Loves her other sisters n her brother too but whether She Love him after Marriage.
Swara feels uncomfortable n gets shy n looks at her brother Vivan. He understands n say to Sanskaar that she Loves him at the Extreme Level n can’t count or test her love becoz she belives in Trust in Love n can’t break the Trust of Anyone n Says I LOVE YOU SANSKAAR ; suddenly Swara says Bhaiyaa n Laughs Loudly n Sanskaar gets alerted that Vivan is on the line n they had on the speaker. He says Vivan Bhaai that’s you. Vivan says yes n say that he told the Truth of Swara by Imitating her n gives the Phone to Swara and leaves. After Vivan Leaves Swara speaks to Sanskaar and says sorry.
Sanskaar ask her not to fell bad and I am Happy that Your truth came out with the help of Vivan Bhaiyaa. Swara fells uncomfortable on the other hand Raglak hears through Speaker and makes fun of Swasan and They go to their Room for getting Ready for their Sangeet when they get ready Laksh calls Ragini and ask her to be Ready for sangeet as he is going to be win in this competition.
Ragini says let see and ask him whether he fell bad while everyone taunt him as he Loves Riya . Laksh says nothing like that and they got to know about Riya Bhabi’s truth and all problems are solved.
Riya is doing her meditation and gets to know Raglak’s speech by her meditational powers and say that the Problem is not yet Overed and there are More Problems to face by both the family and she will help them whenever they needed ; at that time shekaar blows shank at Durga mandir.

In the Evening The both familes get ready for Sangeet and the pairs Yamrem, Swasan and Raglak get down and go to their respective seats while Sid is getting Ready and lost in thoughts of Riya and his daughter Anu and on the other side Riya is Getting Ready she Looks so Beautiful and gorgeous. Priya says everyone looks beautiful at this sangeet function but she looks soo beautiful and more Special at this function. Sharmishta says yes as her daughter is so Precious and an Gold or diamond can’t compare with her look. The both get down Riya into the sangeet function Hall Everyone is Mesmerised By Riya’s Beautiful look. Even The Yamrem, Swasan, and Raglak looks at her and is mesmerised. Sid stares at Riya in a loving way and becomes silent. His reaction is watched by Vivan and Vivan smiles at him and says to himself that “I know you love Riya More now as she got Pure Heart and she deserves it as she is lucky to get husband like you.”
The Sangeet starts Priya and Vivan said the rules that they all have 3 rounds one is duet and other is solo performance and whoever wins in the round, we will announce the result last.
The Yamrem dances on the song Darmiyaan, Swasan dances on the song Manchala.. Teri ore and Raglak dances on the song Tukur..Tukur.. Riya ask her brother that she and sid will dance last and ask him to finish their sisters rounds. Vivan agrees.
Yamuna dances on the song Agar Tum sath hoo.
Swara dances on the song Panchi bole hai kya(bhahubali).
Ragini dances on the song Jallah Wallah.
Prem dances on the song Mauja hi Mauja.
Sanskaar dances on the song Salam-e-Ishq.
Laksh dances on the song Jumme ki raat hai.
At last Vivan announced that her lovely sister and Sid will perform now.
Riya dances on the song Manwa laage.
Sid dances on the song Batameez Dil and
the duo performs on the song Soch na sake while they dance on the song they both lost in each other’s eyes and vivan and priya looks at eachother and speaks through their eyes that Risid will so soon going to be together. After their dance Vivan announce that all were performed well and the winner is all of them and for this celebration all will dance together. Everyone applaud and dance together on the song Baari Barsi (Band Bajaa Bharat). While they dancing Riya notices Anu is alone and Looks at Sid in a Angry way. He understoods and hgs Anu and dance with her. Riya smiles and joins with Anu and Sid and says sorry that she forget that he changes into an respected father. Sid says whether she is kidding and their both nok jok continues and the function gets overed.
In the Morning everyone preparing for the marriage of Gadodia sisters. Sumi, Priya, Dadimaa and Dadi get ready Yamuna,Swara and Ragini. On the other hand Dadaji Kailash and Vivan makes Riya to get Ready for marriage. The other 3 sisters fully get ready and they came to Riya’s Room with Sumi, priya,Dadi and Dadimaa. Everyone get surprised except Priya that Dadaji and Vivan making Riya getting Ready for the marriage. And the sisters ask the both to leave and they will make their Didi get ready and the 3 sisters help Riya and the 4 Look soo Gorgeous. The both Dadi’s blessed the 4 and leaves.
At the Maurat the 4 pairs sits for puja and the Pandit ask to do Kanyadhan. Shekaar and Sharmishta while doing Kanyadhan they got into their old memories as how their 3rd Child Swara was born after their 2nd child Yamuna born to Janki and Ragini born after Janki’s death while she is in the Janki’s womb. After Kanyadhan The Grooms Takes the oath’s of the marriage and completed their marriage.

Precap:- Durga prasad is Shocked to see Riya’s foot prints as it have Om Symbol at the bottom of the foot.

Credit to: Sriranjani

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