Pyaar Ka Rishtha-Episode-11

The episode starts with——————————–
On the way to Mong kok Rajat got his senses and find Hema is with her and gets shocked and ask how can she do like this and ask her stop the car. Hema ask him to cool down and Reveals her chat with his lovely wife Riya. Rajat is shocked to hear the truth and can’t believe that Hema had taken his Thumb Prints and cries silently and hugs his daughter Diya and says to her that her father lost his mum and can’t fight with goons as they will do something to her and ask her to forgive her Dad.

At Hema’s house she tell Rajat that she will take care his both children. Rajat ask her to stop this non-sense and ask her not to tell like that and he is not the real father of the child. Hema shouts and taunts at him and says that he should be ready for going to court tommorow for divorce and ask him not to do anything smartly otherwise she will kill his wife and his child and leaves. She calls Riya and says the same what she said to Rajat. Riya cries and ask her dadaji to do something.

In the Morning Rajat and Riya cries seeing eachother and silently goes to the room. Judge ask the both whether they want divorce surely. They both see their Daughter Diya were Hema holds a Knife silently at baby’s back. The both agrees due to save their child. When they came outside Hema ask Riya to leave as she is not willing to give Diya to her as Rajat loves his daughter much more, Riya replies that they don’t have any problem as we( Rajat-Riya) loves our child more than our life and leaves suddenly some mens throws Bombs at every place and everyone runs from the place and vivan takes his sister and dadaji to the safety place and Hema takes Rajat to a safety place with his child.

Riya see the news channel on Tv that some Terrorists were thrown bombs on Hongkong and every places and many people were died in the bomb blast. Riya cries and decides to find whether Rajat and Diya were fine and Runs from the hiding place Vivan tries to stop her but in vain.

Rajat sees Riya running and tries to go but Hema Shoots at him and says You can’t escape from me Rajat as I Love You and I can’t leave you to her and says that she is not allowing to meet her(Riya) child from today onwards as she is the wall who made a distance between us and I have to kill you by this gun as you love her a lot and not me and my child in the womb and says that she will go to kolkata and admit in the aanad ashram were she can grow and leaves. Rajat cries and shouts Riya, suddenly Riya stops and turns back and see Rajat at the Death bed and Runs to him……….The Janam Janam song plays at the background……………….Riya cries after looking him and ask him about Diya, he relies that Hema shoots at him and what she said he explains to Riya but in vain he died on Riya’s lap. Riya cries even more and recalls the words that Diya has taken to India and Tries to recall the aashram name but she can’t get it.

At the same time Vivan Rushes to her about dadji’s(Rajveet) death due to bomb blast and the other family members death. Riya runs to her Dadaji and cries .

After few months for all the family members and for her Rajat she made a shanthi pooja at home and see the photo of Rajat and Promises him that she will definetly bring back Diya to home. After 2 yrs Dadaji kailash tells the truth to Vivan and Riya and then they leave for India,Etc. The FB ends___✨?

Sharmishta goes towards the mandir and release Riya and hugs her by crying and says how can she hide the truth to her mum and says all te family members will support her for searching her daughter and says sorry my grand daughter. Riya says sorry and goes towards her Brother and says how can he broke her Trust within fraction of seconds and says that she will not forgive him until he repents his mistake. Then Everyone says sorry to Riya for misunderstanding her even Raglak apologizes. Riya says not to worry and she does not want anyone to head down like this as she and her brother had made mistakes and says she agree to marry sid for the child’s future and says she belive that her Diya will definetly come backs to her and the promise made to Rajat will be fullfilled. Everyone looks proud and the engagement and mehendi ceremony starts for Risid too..

Sidaarth looks at Riya romantically and see his daughter Anu who is playing with ball with Priya and thinks that he hate is daughter first but when Vivan bhai tells the story of Rajat and Riya I caught to know that any problem may occur Rajat does not want his daughter to be with Evil Hema and from now on I will take care of my Anushka. Riya see Sid lost in thoughts and wake him up whether he is day dreaming. Sid says sorry and he wants to repent his mistake that he had done to his daughter by insulting. Riya gets glad and ask him to come to the terrace as she wants to share something and leaves.

At the Terrace :- Riya says to Sid that she wants to marry him for his and her child’s future. Sid stops her and says that she already told this to everyone. Riya says yes but she wants to say that she does not love him ever after as she loves Rajat a lot and wants a peace life with anu and Diya. Sid gets shocked to hear but he does not show his expressions towards Riya and nods his head for her sayings. Riya leaves the terrace but Sid still looks on freezed and his tears come out of his eyes as he love her from that second when he learns the truth and the Gerua song plays….

At the mehendi ceremony:-
Sharmishta and Annapurna apllies mehendi on the Gadodia sisters and Mehendi ki Rachnewalli song plays———– then everyone dances on the song.
At night , Riya gets disturbed and wakes up and get ready for going out she see the clock and the time is going to be 12 o’clock and leaves the house silently and goes to Shiv mandir were the saint staying. The Saint is meditating as it was shivrathiri and the pooja is going on in the temple for Shivji. Riya comes inside the tent and bends down to take his blessings and ask the saint why he wants to let the truth out to the family and everyone. The saint replies her Dadi requested him and he promised her so that why this all drama had happen. Riya fumes and says this will be first and last for him(Saint) as she does not want her family to know the birth secret that had been hidden for 24 yrs and leaves. The saint smiles at Riya and says Sri Jagad Janani Sri Maha Kali Sri Parameshwari you know that this will happen and it is your story maa and I can’t change and says you had started this story and you will finish it by your brother and letting everyone to know about your truth and says Jai Mata Di…..

Precap:- swara attends the sanskaar’s call but Vivan plays a prank with sanskaar by imitating with Swara’s voice…. and Swara laughs.

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Credit to: Sriranjani

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