Pyaar Ka Rishtha-Episode-10


The episode starts with———————————-
At the morning the functions for the wedding ceremony goes on while the couple Rajat and Riya gets married. After 1 year passed Riya gave an birth to a beautiful baby and all gets happy by the new commer… after some days the name function is going on Rajat ask Riya that what name she wants to give to her Daughter. Riya see the photo of lord krishna and see the diya which is lighting and says to Rajat she wants to keep the name Diya to her daughter as Diya that we use in temple, on occations as it is pure so for our daughter Diya is the correct name. Everyone agrees and calls Diya 3 times in baby’s ear.

After few days, Rajat is not well behaving with Riya and Riya thinks that what happened to Rajat and thinks that he is in big trouble. In the morning Riya follows Rajat and sees him with a girl and he calls her as Hema and ask her not to do like this and he is not the one who is responsible for her pregnant. Riya is shell shocked and hears the coversation fully and shouts the girl’s name Hema.

Rajat is shocked to see her and Hema too gets frigtened and ask Riya how dare she call by her name. Riya says she has right to speak as she is the culprit who is disturbing their life. Hema says that she is right but the member is wrong her lovely husband is the one who is making their life Hell, hearing Riya hardly slaps at Hema and says How dare she can say her husband like this. Hema replies he is the one who acted with her as he lovess her and made her pregnant, hearing Riya again slaps hard at Hema. Hema says how many times she can slap but the true never change. Rajat says this is not true and he is not the cause for her child and says he doesn’t know her. Hema says that she never seen a husband lies so much to his wife. Riya is about to slap but Hema holds her hand and says she can’t change anything as she is having his child and leaves , while leaving she warns him to marry her and divorce his 1st wife or accept her as his 2nd wife and keep her at home.
Riya says to Rajat that she Trust him fully as she knows he couldn’t do such thing as her loves her more and he fells shame to think like this and ask him to come home.

After few days, Riya goes shopping with her child and her husband Rajat. At that time Hema follows them silently with her gang. Riya ask Rajat to keep safe of Diya while she is doing shopping for them. Rajat nods and plays with Diya, suddenly Hema sprays a perfume on Rajat and Kidnapp the both while Riya is doing the shopping Unknowingly about the Kidnapp but she Fells something bad and discountinue her shopping and returns to Rajat where she left him and Diya. When she came she saw a empty caradle and Rajat’s wrist watch down on the floor and says to herself that something had happen and calls Rajat but she get no response. She calls on Rajat’s phone but his mobile was switched off. She gets panicked and calls Vivan and Rajveet to come to the mall and tells them everything.

Vivan calls Police and come to the shopping mall with Rajveet. She tells the police about Rajat and Diya and she had searched them everywhere but they were not found and they were not outside too and she had found wrist watch and Caradle near the door. Police checks everywhere but they don’t get a clue about Kidnapping and Riya whether Rajat had problem with someone at that time Riya was distressed and see the boy who is taking a vedio of him and she gets an Idea and ask the police she wants to see the CCTV vedio recording and says she will tell them clearly after the recording. They go to the security Ctrl Room and Riya playbacks the vedio before 5hrs whe she Left Rajat and Diya and she sees Hema and her gang kidnapping the both and says to herself she is right that Hema had kidnapped Rajat and Diya.

She says to inspector about Hema on the Vedio and the incident happen between them and ask them to find. Vivan and Rajveet gets shocked and ask her that she didn’t tell them anything. Riya says sorry and ask them not to fell bad. Suddenly she gets an call from Private no. she attends the call. It is none other than Hema, she says to Riya that she had kidnapped her Husband and her child and ask her to not to worry as Rajat and her child will be safe with her when she doesn’t interfer in their life. Hema further says that she (Riya) will get the divorce papers soon as her husband signed on the papers and she has to sign it on the paper otherwise she will kill her child and Rajat.

Riya gets shocked and says that Rajat will never sign on those papers she(Hema) must have done something to him. Hema says she is right she had taken his Thumb prints and ask her to sign on those papers otherwise she will not see her husband and her child forever and cuts the call. Riya says to her dadaji Rajveet and her brother Vivan and Inspector about the incident and Inspector ask his secrectory to find the place by tracking the no. the secrectory tracks and says the car is moving toward Mong kok road.

Precap:- At Hong kong and Mong Kok there was an bomb explosion where Rajat Dies on Riya’s lap and
Riya’s Dadaji Rajveet and some of the family members died except her Dadaji Kailash and her Brother Vivan.
After hearing Rajat-Riya’s Love story Sid gets an soft corner for Riya and a Father love for his child at his heart and understands the diffrence between him and Rajat
as Rajat Love his daughter Riya than his Life.

Comments plzzz…… and guys there will be Twists and Turns in Risid’s Life this will show the Path of Love story of the other 3 pairs
and Guys some readers may not Read the Previous part of Riyamuna and Swaragini’s story of Pyaar Ka Rishtha
so here are the website links:-

Credit to: Sriranjani

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