Pyaar ka raang YuvAni & Kriyam one shot

Hey guys it is AFANFIC writer. It took a lot of work to write this YuvAni and KriYam one shot so please please please read and comment my dears. The entire thing is one story happening continously but the first part is based on yuvani and the second on kriyam,i have made the seperation clear. But please its a humble pleading request, kriyam fans please please read the yuvani section it contains A LOT of Sayyam and his bonding with his parents and refference to kriYam and yuvAni fans please read the kriYam part its got enough yuVani to satisfy you all. Please give this a chance, read comment and enjoy…. xxx
Suhani looks at the baba with blazing determination in her eyes. She grits her teeth to control her rage and disgust.

Suhani- I know what you’ve done! I know my Yuvraj is alive! I’ve tolerated your shameful antics for so long! I just want him back… (The baba’s eyes widened in shock at her outburst, her voice began shaking with emotions but she tried to control it by closing her eyes and imagining Yuvraj’s hand in hers.) But… I’ll marry you. (The baba’s jaw drops open in surprise.) If you let me see my Yuvraj. (She points an intimidating finger at the him, holding back her tears of shame.)

The baba’s eyes had become bloodshot in frustration. ‘This Suhani had become too stubborn, she could have avoided all this trouble. Prahlad could have died, and she could have become mine with no hassle. But anyway, she can’t do anything to stop me’ He thought. Suddenly a smirk appeared on his face, he realised how great it would be to steal Suhani away from Yuvraj right in front of his eyes.

The baba took Suhani’s hand roughly by the wrist and dragged her to the secret room, Suhani tolerated it without a word for Yuvraj’s sake.


The baba opens the door and lets her in. She sprints inside, her eyes filling with tender tears of longing.

Yuvraj stares at her with teary eyes of absolute shock. They stared at each other, crying in ache, and everything else around them blurred. The entire world didn’t matter, because what mattered was right infront of them.

Suhani- Yuvraj… (She whispered gently, her each tear breaking his heart.)

She ran to him, desperate to hug him, she was just about to leap into his open arms when she felt something drag her back. The baba had grabbed her by the waist- she flailed in protest.

Yuvraj- Chod do usse! (Yuvraj almost imploded in rage seeing somebody else touch her and he begins trying to escape his chains.)

Baba- Kyu? Ab wo meri hai na? (Yuvraj almost growled animalistically in anger.)Oh mujhe maaf kardo, Suhani tujhe nai baataya? (Yuvraj suddenly looked disorientated in confusion.) oh… well.. no problem, mein batate hu… she has promised that if I show her you, she will marry me… (He smiles in pride.)

Yuvraj- Suhani no… ( his voice was a shocked whisper and he trembled in sadness, sprouting tears in both their eyes.)

The baba clicks his fingers and his worker walks in holding wedding attire, Yuvraj eyes the heavily beaded red saree in his hands with broken eyes of helplessness.

Baba- aha! Kya mazaa ayenga ab… (He forcefully placed the clothes in her hands.) Jaldi Suhani… tumare dono aashiq ke saamne badal jao…

Yuvraj- No! (He screams in pain. Suhani chucks the the saree on to the floor with furiousity in her eyes.)

The baba laughs manically and clicks his finger again, the worker come through the door with a trident in his hands and places it on Yuvraj’s chest.

Baba- Abhi badal jao Suhani! ya tumare pyaara sa pati kob bhooldo…

Suhani- no,no,no, please don’t-please don’t- (She shakes with fear and whimpers through her sobs.)

Z- please Suhani, himat mat chood do… its going to be fine don’t worry. Dont listen to him goddamnit! (He yelled in frustration through his tears of pain. Suhani’s eyes soften as if she will listen to Yuvraj.)

But then the baba clicks his fingers again and the helper digs the trident further into Yuvraj’s chest, making him wince.

Suhani- STOP! (She squeezes her terrified eyes shut, her next words sounding defeated.) I’ll do it…

Yuvraj- NO! (He screeches in agony feeling as if the world was ending infront of his eyes. Her eyes reach for the pallu of her saree as tears leave her eyes and he just couldn’t bear it. He shuts his eyes tightly like a child unable to bear a horror film.) NO,NO,NO,NO! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!? STOP! FOR LORD SAKE, STOP SUHANI! PAGAL HOGAYA KYA!? (Suhani shuts her eyes and a single tear spills from her eye and begins fiddling with her pallu, the baba smirks in pleasure.) Unko ghoorna mat you dirty bast**ds! BUS! Mujhe maar do! Par Suhani ko chood do! Please…

Sayyam and Yuvaan are pacing around in the garden covered with the colours of holi, they were stunned to silence and the announcement of their mother’s ‘marriage’ replayed in their minds repeatedly.

Yuvaan- Kya karo hum? Maa yeh sab karne nei chaiyye Sayyam… (Sayyam nodded in agreemet, furrowing his brows in thought.)

They suddenly heard Yuvraj’s painful yells and looked at each other in fear. They immediately began searching around to locate the noise.

Yuvaan found the secret door.

Yuvaan- yaha Sayyam! (He began kicking at it and the door opened and they both sprinted through with faces of immense worry.)

Yuvaan and Sayyam see Suhani about to pull her saree from her shoulder with her eyes shut and the baba approaching her.

Sayyam- STOP! (He runs to Suhani with immediately crying eyes of concern and grabs her hand to stop her from pulling it down.)

She opens her eyes and shatters seeing her son’s broken eyes, she hides in his open arms and hugs him tight, hiding her face in his shirt. Yuvaan unties Yuvraj, who had exhausted himself from weeping and screaming. Sayyam stroked Suhani’s back comfortingly, staring at the baba in rage.

He runs to him and is just about to punch him when a shaking Yuvraj appears between them, Sayyam notices the fury in his eyes and realises that Yuvraj had to deal with this baba himself, he steps back.

Yuvraj gets flashes of Suhani’s defeated tears and terrified eyes and was driven insanse. He kicks and punches and hits the baba releasing his painful anger. The baba punches him back in the mouth causing him to spit out stained blood.

Suhani- Nahi Yuvraj! Rukh jao! (Suhani tried to run to him and tend to his wounds but her son’s held her back with glassy eyes. Yuvraj couldn’t feel the pain and continued to hit him black and blue.)

Yuvraj- How could you? How could you touch my Suhani! Mein tumhe maar doonga! Maar doonga mein! You threatened to kill me and made her agree to change infront of us!? GHATIYA INSAAN! (he kicked him to the ground with bloodshot eyes and tears all down his face from torment.)

Yuvaan drags both the baba and his helper out of the room with tears of disgust in his eyes and he didn’t look back at his mother as he left.

Sayyam walks to his mother and looks at her in spite and painful anguish, his voice was a fragile whisper.

Sayyam- How could you maa?

Suhani- (Suhani stuttered in helplessness.) Sayyam mein bus- i couldn’t, his life… Sayyam pl-

Sayyam- (He turned his teary face away from hers.)

Sayyam- papa, maa ko bol do ki mei usse baat nahin karunge jab tak usse samaj nahi aata ki hamai kitna dard hota hai jab voh aise tyaag deta hai {papa, tell maa that I won’t talk to her until she understands how much it pains us when she makes such sacrifices.)

Suhani- Beta mein- (Sayyam storms out with tears in his eyes, finding it difficult to ignore his weeping maa.)

The sobbing Suhani falls to Yuvraj’s feet forcing him to look away unable to tolerate the grief. She embraces his feet desperately feeling lost and scared and marked. Yuvraj lifts her by the shoulder, his eyes pained and furious.

But he gently corrects her saree, his calloused fingers tracing the soft silky skin of her collarbone as he pins her pallu back protectively. Suhani shut her eyes slowly, becoming emotional when feeling his touch. It felt right and loving and she finally felt safe. Tears rolled down Yuvraj’s face as he moves her hair back over shoulder to cover it properly, remembering how the baba touched her.

Suhani smiles delicately, gingerly lifting placing his hands in hers. But he throws her hands to the side in anger causing her to look up at with bright brown eyes of shock and hurt.

Suhani- Yuvraj… kya hua?

Yuvraj- How could you?! Tujhe laktha hai mein ithni buri hu? (He shakes his head in disgust and Suhani looks up at him through her sodden lashes in confusion.) Did you think you could do all this and i will happily ran into your arms? Aisa socha tu?

Suhani- Yuvraj… kya bolrahi ho tum? (Her eyebrows frown in distress.)

Yuvraj- Why do you say you love me when you don’t!? (He yells with bitterness and both of them are stunned, tears spill from suhani’s eyes.)

She gently takes his face in his her hands and strokes his cheek gently with her thumb.

Suhani- Mein tumse sabse jaada pyaar karti hoon yuvi…

Yuvraj- (His voice was barely audible) jhoot. (Suhani froze in shock.) jhoot… If you love me then how could you give up what I love the most? How could you let all that happen in front of my eyes. I’d rather have died Suhani, dying would have caused me less pain than seeing you that way….

He leaves in uncontrollable anger.

Suhani falls to the floor covered in tears, but she knew everybody was right. She wiped her tears and remembered to be glad and proud that they were saved by their brave sons. A tiny mischevious smile appeared on her face when she realised how she will cheer up her angry young man who was only angry because of his love for her.


Yuvraj chats with his mother with teary eyes from missing her. Pratima caresses his face gently with watery eyes. Suhani runs up behind him to surprise him. She suddenly with one hand hugged him by the waist with one hand and with the other she rubbed bright pink powder all over his face and pratima laughed out loud. Yuvraj turned around, absolutely stunned. She can’t hold back at his cute face and giggles adorably even snorting childishly. Yuvraj admires her with an awe-filled smirk realising how much he had missed her glittering laugh.

He immediately grabs fistfuls of colour from the side-table and starts approaching Suhani with a mischevious grin.

Suhani- nahi, nahi, nahi! Yuvraj! Mein kapde nahi badala hai (She grumbled playfully, skittering backwards.)

He backs her into a wall and she hits it and springs back stumbling in to his toned chest. He tightens his arm around her waist and pulls her even closer, staring deeply into her still youthful and enchanting eyes.

Yuvraj- Did you think you could throw colour on me and get away with it? (his voice was deep and husky and she shut her eyes as she felt his hot breath against her skin.)

She tried to look away to avoid the stare that left her at a loss of words, thats when she spots Sayyam leaning on the wall next to them, smirking. She blushes and immediately looks to the ground. Yuvraj looks to see what suddenly changed her behaviour and sees Sayyam and begins feeling uncomfortable.

Sayyam- Oho! Tum dono ko maza aa raha hai? Bohot bhadiya (he made the okay sign at them turning Suhani’s cheeks an even brighter shade of red.)

Yuvraj- (Yuvraj frowns at him in playful frustration.) hey! tumare pass ek patni hai na? Chale joa aur uske saath romance karlo, muje aur mere beevee ko pareshan mat karo ya tumare Krishna koi aur ke saath bhaag jayenga sayyam ke bacche! (Sayyam’s jaw drops open in shock at his bluntness. He becomes pink and flustered as his shy eyes tried to search for his beautiful krishna secretly.)

Suhani- (she becomes round eyed in suprise.) Yuvraj! (She hits him on the arm playfully making him smile at her admiringly and tighten his arms around her waist.)

Sayyam- (he had regained his voice that had been lost in embaressment.) Wow Ma, I must say… tumare pati bohot kamal hai. Papa hai wo aur yeh romance nai band karonga! teek hai, continue… mein jaa rahi hu… (he turns around and begins strolling toward krishna with his arms in his pockets in classic style.)

Suhani- nahi sayyam- iss budhoo bus mazaak kar rahi hu, wapas aao! (She hold out her hand to call him back and Yuvraj grins at her adorable face. Sayyam turns around and laughs shaking his head no, and then carries on walking away.)

Suhani thumps Yuvraj on the chest repeatedly frowning like a little girl.

Suhani- Besharam! You will teach our children these kind of things mr hbd?! (She tossles his hair in playful frustration.)

Yuvraj- haan, kyu nahi. (He slowly comes close to her ear, his lips brushing against her smooth skin and sending shivers down her back as if it was the first time.) After all meri Suhani, if these kind of things were not there then we wouldnt have children in the first place.

Suhani giggles like a teenage girl at his joke and tries to move out of his tight grip in shyness.

Suhani- pagal… (she sighs cutely,planting a kiss on his cheek affectionately.)

They just stare at each other for a few seconds, their relationship so deep that words were no longer needed between them. Suhani remembered the events with the baba and how angry and hurt she had made Yuvraj and she couldnt controll her tears of sadness.

Suhani- mujhe maaf kardo Yuvi… (she began to whimper with tears of bitter memories.)

Yuvraj- (he immediately frowned in concern and stood more alert in protectiveness and wiped her tears.) Hey,hey, hey… roh mat… you threw colour at me and so i threw colour at you! Its holi Suhani, thats the point. ab bacche ke tara rohna mat, you know i cant see you cry.

Suhani lays her crying head against his chest suddenly, suprising him. He immediately wraps his strong arms around her, caressing her soothingly and looking down at her in worry.

Suhani- not for that. For whatever happened with the ba- (yuvraj took her face in to his hand before she could finish and brought it to face his eyes so she could the love for her it held.)

Yuvraj- Never take his name in front of me again okay Suhani!? (He sees her shivering lips of sadness and feels a throb of heartache in his heart.) Im sorry, i overreacted before… par meri bhat samaj jao…. I love you suhani… (he gently lifts her hand and places it against his racing heart and interlinks his fingers with her, tears of love flowing down his cheeks.) Yeh sab tumari hai Suhani… then how can you give yourself up to save me? How do you think i could live with that? (he takes her hand and places it on top of his head, squeezing his eyes shut.) Vada karlo ke tum phir se aisa karni ke sochi bi nai karenge… mere kasam.

Suhani- (she nodded as tears salty tears spilled from her eyes too. She whispered softly as if it was something she wanted just them two to share.) promise. I love you so much yuvi…

Yuvraj- I love you too Suhani… (She plants a kiss on his lips, widening his eyes in shock.)

They embrace tightly and yuvraj’s arm ropes around her middle and caresses the back of her head, pulling her closer to nuzzle her in to him. He places a tender kiss against her forehead making her smile.

They suddenly look up with narrowed eyes of surpirse as lots of red powder is thrown at them.

They both see Sayyam with red stained hands again infront of them, in surprise.

Yuvraj- (he exclaims in shock and playful anger.) Sayyam! Phir se aagaya tu!

Sayyam- (he smiles a teasing grin.) Hey! mainne laal rang phek diya. Mainne kuch galat nai kiya… Yeh pyaar ka rang hai!

Suhani- (suhani’s mouth was an o of astonishment.) When did you change like this Sayyam! Tu bohot chatur ho gaya hu! (she grabs colour and smiles cheekily and Sayyam stepped back tentatively with childish fear.) Tune laga ki tumare maa tumhe choodunga?

Sayyam- Nahi maa! (She begins chasing after him and so he starts off in a run, Yuvraj laughs heartily seeing them. ) rukh gao maa please! Its not my fault! Aapka pati hai na? jo 24/7 romance karta hai, wo mujhe yeh sab sikaya hai… leave me alone, look at my face…(he pouts cutely and stops running melting his mothers heart.)

Yuvraj becomes a little emotional when remembering how he used to treat this innocent boy.

Yuvraj- sirph uske pati nahi Sayyam, mein tumare papa bhi hai. (Sayyam’s eyes becomes watery in emotion, suhani smiles tenderly seeing yuvraj try to mend their relationship.) mere beta ko chood do Suhani.

Suhani- Hey mister bossy boots, sayyam mere beta bhi hai… i will decide. (She sticks her tongue at Yuvraj making him sigh with a smile.)

Sayyam- please… (he flutters his eyelashes adorably.)

Krishna- dont listen to him aunty, get him! He deserves it! He is always troubling me all the time!

Sayyam- Krishna tu bhi? (He frowns at her cutely making her giggle but she shrugs her shoulders.)

Suhani rubs colour all over his face unexpectedly.

Sayyam- Hey Maaaaa! (He whines like a little child.)

She laughs at him and pulls his ear playfully.

Suhani- aww mera bechare bacche, but i warned you na? Not to mess with me? (She scrunched her nose happily.)

Sayyam suddenly hugged her round the waist and pulled her to him and placed a gentle kiss in her hair, his eyes becoming watery. Suhani frowned in confusion and concern.

Sayyam- mujhe woh sab keyne ke lie maaf kardo, mein sirph dukhee thee maa.

She wipes his tears comfortingly with her thumbs, her own tears appearing seeing his care.

Suhani- Nahi beta, tu sahi thee, mein galath tha… thank you beta mujhe bachane ke (Sayyam shook his head no, saying that no thank you was needed.)

Yuvraj admired suhani and sayyam, realising how lucky he was to have her. She was so beautiful and kind and she loved him so much. He could search for the next million years but he couldnt find somebody like her. All their hopes had been lies and their destinies a cheat and their love had been a thief, it stole their hearts but it was the best thing that had ever happened to them. A grin appeared on his face seeing suhani and sayyam holding hands and spinning to the music, giggling and intoxicated by happiness.

Suhani hit Sayyam’s chest, smiling at him in a motherly way.

Suhani- ab jao, tumare papa ke baat maan jao aur Krishna ke paas jao. (She winked at him teasingly, turning him pink. He didnt move and so she pushed him gently.) Jao beta… go and confess to your love. cheezon ko chhupaane se dil par bojh pad jaatee hai. Bindaas raho beta…

She blew him a kiss and walked back toward Yuvraj who waited for her with a mischevious smirk.

::: Kriyam begins here (please still give it a try and carry on reading yuvani fans, its the continuation of the same story and there is still yuVani and yuVani reference. Sorry you had to wait so long my dear kriyam fans. )::::

Krishna talked with a kind neighbour, her long silky brown hair was swept over her shoulder and she was glowing like gold with happiness.

She jumped as she felt two strong arms around her waist, she squirmed in fear and was about to call out for help when a hand covered her mouth.

Sayyam- main hoon Krishna (his voice was rough and deep and textured and she knew it like the back of her hand.)

She shut her eyes in relief but began breathing heavily as each hair on her body was aware of

Sayyam’s touch. Sayyam spun her round in her arms and tugged her closer. He stared at her intensely with a smirk that made her knees go weak and her heart race like crazy.

Sayyam- (he raised his eyebrow making Krishna even more nervous.) Mein tumse ek savaal pooch sakte hu?

His whisper was so quiet it was almost sensous and Krishna just nodded her head repeatededly at a loss of words. He grinned, pleased at his effect on her.

Sayyam- if you could be like anybody in the world… who would you be like? (His eyes burnt through her so bright she turned bright red and she felt as if he could undress her with his eyes.)

Krishna- s-s-suhani a-aunty ki tarah… (she gripped on to Sayyam’s shirt, scrunching its fabric nervously.)

Sayyam leant in even closer to her till their noses brushed each other and they were close enough to see each stroke of colour in each other’s eyes. They both felt a spark fly through their veins.

Sayyam- aur Krishna, who should your husband copy when it comes to love? (She felt the blood in every vein of her freeze to ice in shook.) Bolo krishna… (he smiled at her adorable face and pulled her further into his chest.)

Krishna- da-da-dadu suhani a-a (she shut her eyes to compose herself.) dadu suhani aunty se pyaar karni ki tarah.

Sayyam- (he pretends to be surprised, making a teasing face, he interlinks their hands behind her waist.) Acha? And how does he love her?

Krishna- with love, with care and concern, with respect.

Sayyam- nahi Krishna, he loves her like that, shall i do that too? (He pointed over at Yuvraj and suhani with a naughty smile.)

Suhani was trying to run away from Yuvraj laughing loudly but he caught her and kissed her hard on the mouth, shocking her. Krishna looked away and covered her eyes like a little child making sayyam laugh.

Sayyam- bolo krishna, shall i too love you that way?

He began bringing his face closer and closer to krishna, making her chest heave against his. His face was so close he could feel her long lashes as she shut her eyes nervously. Just before their lips touched, he stopped, making krishna snap out of her trance.

Krishna- (she stumbled over her words and murmered shyly.) i didnt mean like that, cant you see sayyam? Dadu would never let anything happen to Suhani aunty. He would bring the whole world to her feet. I want you to love me like that… (Sayyam admired the small smile that appeared on her face.)

Sayyam- (he acted like he was pouting in sadness.) Aur mein aisa tumse pyaar nahi karti hoon? (Krishna stared at him in absolute amazement.)

Krishna- tum mujhse… sayyam tu… (she placed her hand on his forehead as if checking for a fever, amusing him.) Well you havent got a fever… then what- (she pulled his mouth open with her finger, and sniffs his mouth adorably making him stare at her in bewilderment.) Your not drunk either… so what is wrong with you? Pagal hogaya kya? (He nods like a little school child.) Mein janti thi, chodo mujhe!

She tries to struggle out his grasp but he refused to let her go.

Sayyam- ek minute laad pyaar se bigada hua rajkumari {pampered spoilt princess}, let me finish i didnt say how i became mad…

Krishna- kya? Sayyam- (she called out for him as he stood on a table laughing.) Sayyam tu ghir jayenga- come down!

Sayyam- krishna mein tumare pyaar mein pagal hogaya hu!

Everybody heard what he said. Krishna felt her heartbeat stop in her chest, she wanted to pinch herself to check whether this was dream but her body couldn’t function.

Suhani smiled brightly seeing her son so happy and heeding her advice, Yuvraj hugged her by the waist from the back.

Yuvraj- itni romance humare beta tumse seekh liya ya mujhse seekh liya? (He grinned childishly and suhani gently hit his cheek.)

Suhani- mujhse, what would he learn from you sadu!? (He frowned cutely making her smile.) Chup jao mera jaan, now see what my son will do…

Krishna- sayyam… (her voice almost dissapeared with emotion, and tears immediately spilled down her face.)

Sayyam saw his angel staring up at him and the smile refused to budge from his face, her enticing body covered by a transparent white saree and those eyes that made him feel a way that nobody could describe in words. The words running through his mind for weeks had spilled out of his mouth and he felt the weight being lifted off his shoulder. He bent down and grabbed Krishna’s wrist and pulled her on to the table, causing her to fall straight in to his arms.

He gently caressed her face, stroking her soft skin and wiping away her tears and his tears that had fallen on to her skin.

Sayyam- Krishna… (He had to swallow the lamp of emotion stuck in his throat.) I- I… whenever I look in to your eyes, (their watery eyes lock and they forget the rest of the garden full of people watching them.) whenever our hands touch… just like this- (He demonstrates by lifting her hand and skimming his fingers across it with his other hand with a yearing smile.) for me, time stops. A-an-and that little stroke of gold in your eye that nobody else will ever notice or this tiny black dot on your hand (he points to dot inbetween her fingers lovingly.) is all i can feel or see or hear but Krishna-krishna time never stops… time wont stop for anybody and today, when I saw maa and papa i realised how scared i was of losing you, and i knew i had to do this today, before time ran away without us. (Krishna gripped on to his collar with both her hands while the tears ran down her face, as if she was afraid to let go.) I don’t know whether you love me Krishna, but i know i could never describe how much i love you or how much you mean because defining it is quantifying it, defining it is limiting it and my love doesn’t have a limit or an end or a boundary. (He gently pushed the hair infront of her eyes and tucked it behind her ear and held both her hands in his.) Mein jhantee hu ki me bhohot maang rahi hu aur mein yeh sab nahi ke lie layak nahi hu… but Krishna do you love me too? (His eyes were bursting in desperacy and hope, he held her close and brought his face closer.)

Krishna- (She placed her forehead against his and they both shut their eyes. Her voice voice was a soft whisper, a melody to his ears.) Haan Sayyam, mein tumse bhi bohot pyaar karthi hu…

For a second there was total absolute silence, Suhani had tears streaking her entire face and Yuvraj comforted her in his arms. Then suddenly, a defeaning high-pitched girly shirek left Sayyam’s mouths as he lifted Krishna and spun her around. He was absolutely giddy with joy and Krishna couldn’t help but giggle at his adorableness. He placed her down and just admired her without any words for a second, he grabbed her by the waist and pulled her closer.

Sayyam- Ab tumare dadu tumare Suhani aunty ko pyaar karne ki tarah mein tumse pyaar saktha hoon? (He had a cheeky grin on his face that Krishna couldn’t deny, she nodded.)

He crashed his lips against hers and began kissing her, shocking Krishna. But she reciprocatedand kissed him back equally as passionately, they don’t hear the crowd cheer beneath them as they spill their emotions in to the kiss. Sayyam’s hand grip to her waist and her’s grab to his hair.

Sayyam springs out of the kiss as he feels a punch on his arm and looks up to see Krishna with her hand as a fist.

Sayyam- Hey! What the hell did i do?! (His eyes are wide in confusion and surprise an Krishna huffs cutely.)

Krishna- Tu ek bollywood hero hai kya? (He frowns in puzzlement.) Which weirdo confesses his love on a table using such cheesy cheesy lines and spins the girll around and kisses her infront of everybody, chi! (She jokingly turns his nose up at him.

Sayyam- (he pouts like a baby making her smile.) Mein bus mera dil ke baat key rahi hoon Krishna…

Krishna- I was joking… you can do whatever you want with me… (She smiled at him and came closer.)

Sayyam- Sacchi? (He edged closer too, with a mischevious grin.)

Yuvraj- Haan par I’m not joking! (Yuvraj yells jokingly causing them to look at him.) There are certain things you cannot do…

Suhani- Yuvraj!? (She yells out in disbelief then sighs and hits her head.) mein iss bevakoof ke saath kya karo bagwaan…

Yuvraj took Suhani’s hand and span her away to dance to the music like the rest of the crowd.

Sayyam- Will you dance with me Mrs Sayyam Birla? (He offered his hand to her with a raised eyebrow. She joined her hands with his with a beautiful smile.)

Krishna- But Sayyam I hate this song… (She whined like a small child.)

Sayyam- koi bhaat nahi, i can make arrangement for that… (He smiled slyly.)

He slowly wrapped his hands around her bare waist sending chills through her blood, she looped her hands around his neck and they leant towards each other, their noses touching. Krishna shut her eyes as they relished in each other’s touch and slowly swayed in the coolness of the moonlight.

Sayyam- (he sang quietly and beautifully, just for her to hear, admiring her in awe.)
meri taraf aata har gham phisal jaaye
every sorrow that comes to me will dissapear
aankhon mein tumko bharoon,
my eyes are filled with you
bin bole baatein tumse karoon,
I will talk to you without speaking
agar tum saath ho,
agar tum saath ho..
If you are with me
If you are with me…

Krishna laid her head against his chest and listened to the steady pulse of his heartbeat and she know knew that each and every one longed for her. She kissed his chest softly and they both smiled.

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