Pyaar Ka Meetha Intezaar Abhigya,Rosid,Ishreet,RanJan,Sujal Kashish SS Part3

The couples of this SS

Ishaan Preet(Iqbal Mona)

Rishi Mouli(Shabbir Sriti Jha)

Varun Mehek( Manish Raisinghan Avika Gor)

Ranvijay Gunjan( Shivin Narang Farnaz Shetty)

Sujal Kashish(Rajeev Aamna)

Pyaar Ka Meetha Intezaar…A sweet wait for love Part 3

Dedicated to Shakaib who wants Ishreet scenes.

Ishaan came:Ranvi loves Gunjan.
Vasundara is shocked:What?That blo*dy maid trapped her.Otherwise he would not have fallen for her.

ISHAAN:Mom,if Ranvi likes her,why don’t we conduct their wedding?
Vasu shouted:No!You wanted to marry Preet.I did’nt stand against you.Because Preet is from a good family..very good financial background.But what does Gunjan have?
Vasundara shouted:Gunjan…
Gunjan came there..
Vasu shouted at her:How dare you snatch my son Ranvi?
Gunjan was shocked:What are you saying ma’am?
V:Get lost.I have dismissed you…now onwards you can’t work here.Leave my house.
She was shocked. She cried:Please ma’am,don’t do that.We will suffer if I lose my job.
V:Suffer…that is your punishment.You deserve it.
GUNJAN:I have not done anything wrong.
V:Snatching my son will not be wrong for you.But in my eyes it is a crime.
Vasu pushes her out of the house.Gunjan cried.
Ishaan and Preet were helpless.They felt upset seeing the sight.
Gunjan who has lost all hopes fainted.Ranvi caught her.

He looked at her emotionally.

Rishi used to call Mouli every now and then to give her some work.So that he can see her always.
Rishi thought:Mouli is always busy with her work.Even when she is near me in this room she has no time to look at me.
Mouli thought:My mind desires to keep looking at you Rishi.But its not possible as the time has changed.
RISHI:Mouli…have you made the arrangements for the evening party?
MOULI:Yes Sir.
RISHI:Fuggi..don’t be too formal.I am your best friend Rishi.

Mouli felt nice to be called as Fuggi by Rishi.But she hid it.
MOULI:But in office you are my Boss Sir.
RISHI:Ok…i can never argue with you.
They both smiled.

Ranvi phoned Preet.
P:A horrible incident took place today.
She explained everything.Ranvi was burning with anger.
Ishaan took the receiver from Preet and talked to him:Ranvi,don’t worry,I will sort out the problem.
RANVI:Gunjan fainted on the road.I took her to our hotel.
Ishaan is shocked:What?Where is she now?
RANVI:She is with me now.
Ranvi put the phone down.
ISHAAN:Gunjan is with Ranvi now.
Preet was shocked:What?I can’t understand what is happening now.

She was tense. calm.We will solve this matter.

Preet:But Ishaan…how will things get smoother?

Suddenly Ishaan kept his finger on her lips.
Ishaan:Shhhhhhhhh…Dont say anything.You trust me.Right?
Kuchh na kaho kuchh bhi na kaho

She nodded her head.

Kuchh na kaho kuchh bhi na kaho

He cupped her face in his hands.
Ishaan:Then I am telling you.I will make mom accept Ranvi and Gunjan.If mom accepts them all problems will be solved.Right?
P:But will mom accept Gunjan that easily?
Ishaan:No.But I am sure that gradually she will accept Gunjan as her daughter in law as she loves Ranvi a lot and his happiness matters a lot to her.
P:I hope so Ishaan.
Her tear drops fell down.

Ishaan wiped his tears with his finger.

Kya kehna hai kya sunna hai

Mujhko pata hai tumko pata hai

Ishaan:These tears do not look good on your eyes.They cover the beauty of your eyes.But a smile enhances the beauty of your rosy lips.
Preet smiled:Ishaan…you…

Samay ka ye pal tham sa gaya hai

Aur is pal mein koi nahin ha

Ishaan:Still you are not smiling properly.I think I should give your lips a romantic gift with my lips.
Ishaan:You are a fool who cant understand any romantic poetic words.I meant I will give a kiss on your lips so that your lips will start smiling.

Bas ek main hoon

Bas ek tum ho

Preet smiled blushing:Ishaan…its very difficult to understand you.Sometimes you shout at me.Sometimes you talk so romantically.

Kuchh na kaho kuchh bhi na kaho

Ishaan:Even if you can’t understand me,you can understand my love.Right?

Kuchh na kaho kuchh bhi na kaho

She smiled:Yes..that is always evident on your eyes…Even when you shout at me I can see your love in your eyes.

Koi sab pehchaane khoye saare apne

Samay ki chhalni se gir girke khoye saare sapne

They shared a romantic eye lock.

Koi sab pehchaane khoye saare apne

Samay ki chhalni se gir girke khoye saare sapne

Aur is pal mein koi nahin hai

He moved towards her lips.

Bas ek main hoon

Bas ek tum ho-1942 A Love Story


Mouli looked like a fairy in her saree.Rishi was completely bowled over by her beauty.
He asked in his mind:Mouli…why did you hide your beauty during the college days?

I have never looked at you like this during college days.That was my fault.Now something is pulling me towards you.

Itni mohabbat karo na
Main doob na jaaun kahin

Mouli knew that Rishi’s eyes were rolling on her.She blushed.
Suddenly her face became dull.
She said in her mind:If you had looked me like this long ago i would have been happy.But now it’s too late.You belong to Mehek.

Waapas kinaare pe aana
Main bhool na jaaun kahin
Rishi thought:Seeing Mouli I feel I did a mistake by breaking Mouli’s heart by ignoring her.
He felt upset.
He thought:But i want to correct my mistake.I want my Mouli back.

Dekha jabse chehra tera
Main toh hafton se soya nahin

Rishi:Mouli…Shall we dance?
She was confused.Without waiting for her answer guessing her answer he held her closer to him and started dancing.It turned out to be a passionate dance without their own knowledge.

Bol do na zara
Dil mein jo hai chhipa
She looked at his dark brown eyes.She felt something different.

Main kisi se kahunga nahi
Main kisi se kahunga nahi


Varun was driving the car.He saw Mehek near her car.He got out of the car and walked to her.
V:What happened Mehek?
Meh:Actually my car had a brake down.Since it’s late nobody is coming to repair it.
V:I think you are waiting for lift.Can I drop you home?
Mehek thought for a moment and said:Ok.
Mehek got inside the car.
V:You might have skipped dinner as you are late.Right?
Meh:Ya.Actually in office there was a lot if work.
On the way Varun saw a restaurant and stopped the car there.
V:I also did’nt have dinner yet.Shall we have dinner there?
V:Come Mehek.
They got got inside the restaurant.Varun ordered Mehek’s favourite dishes leaving her surprised.
Meh:Varun…all this..
V:Mehek..I told you that I remember all your interests.
They shared a sweet eye lock.
They started having dinner.

Sujal and Kashish were also there in the restaurant.They were surprised to see Varun Mehek there.
Kash:Mehek with Varun..
Kashish got up from the chair.
Suj:Kashish..don’t go near them.If they understand that we are here they will be conscious and they won’t be able to enjoy.
Kashish smiled:Ya..right..
Suj:After a long time we are having a nice dinner time.
Kash:You are right Sujal.I am really enjoying it.

Suj:Me too.Wish i can always spend some moments like this with you.
Kash:When such moments become occasional only we understand it’s value.
Suj:May be.
Sujal stared at her eyes.Kashish became shy.
K:Why are you staring at me like this?
Sujal kept his arms over hers.

Suj:When I look at your shiny eyes I don’t even realize the passage of time.

She blushed.

Thoda sa pyar hua hai, thoda hai bakee

They kept looking at each others eyes.

Thoda sa pyar hua hai, thoda hai bakee-Maine Dil Tujhko Diya

While moving out Varun Mehek saw moon.Moonlight was flashing on them.
V:How beautiful the moon is.Right Mehek?Just like you.

She blushed.He held her hand and danced.
Janam janam janam saath chalna yunhi
Kasam tumhe kasam aake milna yahin
Ek jaan hai bhale do badan ho judaa
Meri hoke humesha hi rehna
Kabhi na kehna alvida – Dilwale
Suddenly Varun realized that it was a dream and became dim.
Mehek:Shall we go?
Varun dropped Mehek home.
Meh:Thankyou Varun.
Varun smiled:No mention Mehek as we are friends.And Good night.
She smiled:Good night.
Mehek reached her room.She thought of her moments with Varun and how he gives importance to his interests with a smile.Suddenly her phone rang.She attended the call.It was Kashish.
Mehek was surprised:Kashish di..
Kash:How was your dinner date with Varun?
Mehek was shocked:Di..
Kash:Don’t be shocked.Sujal and I were also there at the restaurant.

Mehek could’nt believe it:What?Then why did’nt you call us?

Kash:We did’nt want to spoil your date.
Mehek:Di…you are teasing me?
Kash:No Mehek.I am really happy for you.Finally you got your soul mate.
Slowly Mehek smiled thinking of her moments with Varun.

Sujal got inside Varun’s room.Varun was lying on the bed.Seeing Sujal he got up.
Suj:Lie down.You must be tired after the date.

Varun was shocked:Date? with Mehek.We had seen you with Mehek at the restaurant.
Varun was embarrassed.
Sujal smiled:Lover boy is shy.Enjoy your courtship bro.But never leave Mehek’s hand,always hold her hand.
Varun:Sure bhai.Because I love Mehek very much.

Sujal smiled:I know that.
They hugged each other happily.

Gunjan was sleeping in the bed.She opened her eyes.
Ranvi:You woke up?
He walked towards her.She was scared to see Ranvi walking towards her and sitting besides her.

GUNJAN:How did I reach here?
RANVI:Cool down.Nothing to worry about.You fainted on the road side.So I brought you here.

Gunjan was nervous.
GUNJAN:We both alone in the room?

RANVI:No,I called your mother here.She just went out to buy medicine for you.
Her mother Kavita entered the room.She was relieved.
Kavita smiled:You opened your eyes.I’m relieved.
RANVI:Don’t worry about losing the job.I will compensate the loss by marrying Gunjan.
They were shocked.

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