Pyaar Ka Meetha Intezaar Abhigya,Rosid,Ishreet,RanJan,Sujal Kashish SS Part 8


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Pyaar Ka Meetha Intezaar…A sweet wait for love Part 8

Vasundara came there with tension.
She shed crocodile tears:How could you put such a blame on me Preet beta?What mistake did a I do to you?
Preet:Stop this drama mom.
Suddenly Ishaan slapped her.Vasu smirked at this unexpected surprise.
ISHAAN:Such a big lie!How could you lie like this Preet?How could you think that my mom could do something like that?You accused our mom who treats you like her own daughter?

I never expected this from you Preet.I admit that she is against Gunjan.But she can’t do a murder.
P:I can understand your feelings.Its not easy to believe it.But…it’s the truth.

ISHAAN:Is there any proof?

Vasu pretends to cry:Enough!I loved Preet like my daughter.But she is cooking up stories…how could you Preet?

ISHAAN:Mom,don’t worry.We trust you.
He stared at Preet:Apologize to my mom.
P:I have not done any mistake.Then why should i?
ISHAAN:I say apologize.
P:Sorry,I can’t.
ISHAAN:Then leave this house.

All were shocked.
Ishaan turned back.
P:You want me to leave?Really?
He was silent.
P:Did our love vanish in a moment?
Ish:You did that kind of work Preet.
She wept:So you are saying that our love is over..ok..
She went to the room and came back with her luggage.
Sujal:Preet!Don’t go..
ISHAAN:Let her go bhaiyya
Sujal:She must be having some misunderstandings…we will make her understand.Don’t be stubborn Ishaan.

ISHAAN:Let her go…
Ranvi:Preet bhabhi..wait…
Preet said tearfully:No Ranvi…there is no point in staying back when the person whom I expected to stand by my side kicked me out.

Kashish:But Preet…how can you leave all of us?
Preet:I will miss you all bhabhi.But it’s my fate to be separated from you all.
Everybody was upset.
She left the house tearfully.Ishaan went to his bedroom sadly.Vasu had a wicked smile on her face.She went away.
Kashish:Sujal…something is wrong somewhere.
Sujal:Yes Kashish.I also feel so.
Kashish:We should not let Preet be away from this family for a long time.

Rishi:Can’t understand what’s all happening.
Varun:But we should do something to stop all this nonsense happening.
Ranvi:I am totally confused.Can mom do that?
Gunjan was so upset that she could’nt say anything.

Ranvijay bumped into Geet on the road.He was embarrassed to face Geet.
G:Don’t feel difficult to face me Ranvi.
Slowly he looked at Geet:Geet…I am sorry.I did’nt intend to hurt you.But it happened.

G:I am not angry with you Ranvi.It’s true that first I felt sad hearing your wedding news.But I was never angry with you as you had treated me only as a friend.But later I became grateful to you for marrying Gunjan.
Ranvi looked at her in confusion.
G:If you had married me I would have lost the jewel of my life forever.Kunal.
Ranvi was surprised:Kunal and you?
G:No…I have not confessed my feelings yet.
R:What are you waiting for?Go confess your feelings soon.Don’t delay such things.
R:Ya Geet.
Geet smiled:Ok.I will do that soon.
R:Wish you guys all the best.
Geet smiled:Thankyou.

Geet brought Kunal to the terrace which was decorated with lights.
K:Geet…all this?
G:Kunal..I don’t know how to talk philosophically.But I can say in simple words in the most straight forward way.Even though it’s quite late I understood one thing.
G:I love you Kunal.

Abhi mujh mein kahin
Baaqi thodi si hai zindagi

Kunal was numb for a moment.Then he turned back.He was in a different mental condition.
G:Kunal..I know that it’s not easy for you to forget the pain I gave you.But I am saying these words from the bottom of my heart.I love you a lot.

Jagi dhadkan nayi
Jaana zinda hoon main toh abhi

He was silent.His eyes became wet.
G:Kunal..why are you not saying anything?
K:Let us go back.
Unexpectedly Geet pulled him towards her in an aggressive manner:How can you just go without answering me?Tell you love me or not?

Kuch aisi lagan iss lamhe mein hai
Ye lamha kahaan tha mera

K:Geet…we decided to be friends.Then why all this?

G:Just because of one heart break you think it’s better to be friends?I agree..I caused heart break for you.But can’t you give me one more chance?
Kunal was silent.
Geet looked at him passionately:Look at my eyes and tell me that you want me only as a friend.Open your mouth Kunal.

Ab hai saamne
Issey chhoo loon zaraa
Mar jaaoon ya jee loon zaraa

Suddenly he burst out:Yes I love you.
Geet looked at him emotionally.He said tearfully:Yes I always loved you and will always love you.

Khushiyaan choom loon
Yaa ro loo’n zaraa
Mar jaaun ya jee loon zaraa

They shared an emotional love filled eye lock.

Ho o.. abhi mujh mein kahin
Baaqi thodi si hai zindagi

They embraced each other emotionally.

Jagi dhadkan nayi
Jaana zinda hoon main toh abhi-Agneepath

Ritesh who was watching this became so happy that his eyes became wet.He wiped his eyes happily and went away.

Varun Mehek got ready and met each other.
V:Because of the family tensions I was not in a mood to go to meet Karthik and Kanan.
Mehek:Me too.But when they call for the wedding treat how cam we refuse it?
V:Yes.They are grateful to us and that’s why they called us for the treat.They will feel bad if we refuse to come.

Varun Mehek went to their house for dinner.
Karthik:We are very happy to see you both here.
Kanan:Yes..after all you both are our only guests.
Karthik:Actually this dinner party for you guys is like our reception party.
Varun Mehek smiled.
They all have dinner together.
Mehek:How did you guys fall in love with each other?
Karthik Kanan looked at each other blushing.
Varun:Explain your love story.
Kanan:Our love story started at the swimming pool.
Varun-Mehek:Swimming pool?
They smiled:Yes.
Kanan:I went to learn swimming.But I drowned.The swimming champion Karthik saved me.

I was grateful to him.For me he was my savior.I thanked him.
Mehek:Love at first sight?
Karthik:Yes.But that time we just introduced ourselves to each other and went in 2 different ways.But still longed to see each other.But we thought we will never meet again.
Kanan:But destiny made us meet again.At a mask party without knowing who he is I danced with him.I got attracted to him while dancing.

Karthik:I too got attracted to her.After the masks got removed we were surprised to see each other.In typical filmy manner we both slipped and fell on the ground together.
Kanan was shy:I fell upon him.

Mehek:Then you both may have shared a romantic eye lock.Right?
Karthik Kanan blushed:Yes.
Kar:We felt that we were meant for each other.So we chatted a lot and exchanged our phone numbers.

We kept talking with each other and started dating.Our first date was a bike ride.And Kanan was riding the bike.I enjoyed relaxing behind her.It was so interesting and fun filled ride.

We became very closer.
Kanan:We celebrated Diwali together and we could’nt hide our feelings anymore.We confessed our love.

Kar:Then as a typical villain objection from her family as I am an orphan.Thus we married on our own.
Varun:Let everything be for good.
They smiled.
V:How did you both decide to confess love so fast?
Kar:What is the use of hiding our love?
Kanan:Right?Every person has to express his or her feelings to the person they love.Hiding our love can only make things worse.
Varun Mehek looked at each other.
Varun thought:I think it’s time for me to open my heart to Mehek openly.But how?
Mehek thought:I think I should talk to Varun.I should make him talk freely to me.
Meh:Varun…do you want to say anything to me?
Varun:Yes Mehek.I want to say something to you.

Meh:Then tell.
Varun’s courage got leaked and stammered:No nothing Mehek.I meant let us leave.
Mehek got irritated:This is what you want to tell me?
V:Yes.What else?
Mehek was irritated.Karthik Kanan watched them and smiled.Varun Mehek bid good bye and left. you think they are hiding their love from each other?
Kanan:Of course yes.No doubt.But I am sure that after hearing our sweet love story they cannot resist their feelings for each other.
They smiled.He pulled her closer making her blush.

Varun Mehek were on the way.Suddenly Mehek said:Stop stop.
Varun stopped the car:Why Mehek?
Mehek:Look at the shop on the street.Pani puri..I want to have it.
V:Just now you had dinner at Karthik Kanan’s house and still you want to eat?Are you crazy?
Meh:Please Varun.I can’t control my tongue.
Mehek was very happy.

She started having pani puri like crazy at the shop.
V:You are eating as if you starved for a month.Funny.
Meh:You want to eat?
V:No thanks.My stomach is full.
Varun observed her eat and smiled:Mehek is just like how she was during our college days.Foody type.So cute she is while eating.

He smiled watching her.

Pihu:Mumma…I want to have ice cream.
Mouli:Pihu…mumma has to go to office for an important meeting.
Sarla:Let mumma go.I will make icecream at home.
Pihu:No..I want to go to the icecream parlour and have icecream with mumma.
Mouli:Pihu..please try to understand.Mumma can’t take you to icecream parlour.Mumma has work.
Pihu:Mumma has no time to spend time with me.
Mouli and Sarla felt sad for Pihu.
Mouli:Pihu beta…
Pihu:Don’t say anything.I want to go to icecream parlour.That’s final.
Suddenly they hear a voice from behind:Pihu can go to the ice cream parlour.
They turned back and was surprised to see Rishi.
Pihu got excited and ran towards Rishi and hugged him:Hi Rishi uncle.
Rishi:Hi my want to go to the ice cream parlour?
Pihu:Yes…but mumma is not willing for that.Uncle..your friend..that is my mumma is a kadoos.

Rishi laughed at Mouli.Mouli was embarrassed.
Rishi:Mouli..don’t make her upset.
Mouli:But meeting…
Pihu:Don’t go for meetong. don’t know what you are saying.

Rishi:The meeting got cancelled.To inform you that only I came here as you were not picking up my call.
Mouli:Meeting got cancelled?Guess my phone is silent.
Pihu:Mumma..will you take me to ice cream parlour now?
Rishi:I will drop you both to the best Ice cream parlour.
Rishi:Don’t say no.
Sarla:Mouli..go with Rishi. too come with us.
Sarla excused:No Mouli.I have work in the kitchen.You both go with Rishi.
Seeing Mouli and Pihu going out with Rishi Sarla felt happy.
Sarla:God..please make them all together always.

They reached the Icecream parlour.
Pihu:Uncle…you also join us.
Rishi:Ok dear.
They got inside and ordered for ice cream.
Pihu had one icecream.
Pihu:Uncle..I want one more ice cream.
Mouli:No need.Pihu will get throad infection.
Pihu:Please mumma..once in a while only I get ice cream.
Rishi:Don’t worry sweety..I will get you a tasty flavor.We both will have together.
Pihu was very happy.
Rishi ordered for one more icecream.Rishi fed Pihu.
Rishi:How is it?
Pihu:Very tasty.

Rishi and Pihu fed ice cream to each other.Mouli became happy seeing their bonding.
Rishi’s lips and chin wee full of icecream.Seeing that Mouli laughed.
Rishi:Why are you laughing?
Mouli:Your face is full of icecream.
Rishi was embarrassed:Really?
He tried to wipe it.But it was still there on his face.
Mouli:Still it’s there.I will wipe it.
Mouli wiped it with her saree pallu.

Hum Jo Chal Ne Lage
Chal Ne Lage Hai Yeh Raaste

Rishi was lost in her face which was very close to his.

Aahha Manzil Se Behatar
Lagne Lage Hai Yeh Raaste

They shared an intense eye lock.

Hum Jo Chal Ne Lage
Chal Ne Lage Hai Yeh Raaste

Mouli became shy and bends her eyelashes.

Aahha Manzil Se Behatar
Lagne Lage Hai Yeh Raaste – Jab we met

Suddenly Mouli realized what she did and walked backwards in embarrassment.
Rishi kept looking at her.He thought:Why do I feel that Mouli cares for me like a wife cares for her husband?When will I get answers for my question?
After finishing icecream Rishi dropped Mouli and Pihu back home.
They waved hand at each other.

Rishi thought:I feel so upset when I am going away from Mouli and Pihu as if I am going away from my own family.There Ishan bhai can’t keep Preet bhabhi with him though Preet bhabhi wants to be with him.Here though I want Mouli and Pihu with me I don’t know what is in their mind.Life is so complicated.

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