Pyaar Ka Meetha Intezaar Abhigya,Rosid,Ishreet,RanJan,Sujal Kashish SS Part 7


The couples of this SS

Ishaan Preet(Iqbal Mona)

Rishi Mouli(Shabbir Sriti Jha)

Varun Mehek( Manish Raisinghan Avika Gor)

Ranvijay Gunjan( Shivin Narang Farnaz Shetty)

Sujal Kashish(Rajeev Aamna)

Pyaar Ka Meetha Intezaar…A sweet wait for love Part 7

Dedicated to B_Ani and Mukundraj who want more RiMo scenes.
|as she wanted more RiMo scenes.
MOULI:How did you know that today is Pihu’s birthday?
Rishi came closer to her.
RISHI:Though you applied for leave you did’nt tell me the correct reason for taking leave.But i came to know the reason from the other staffs.It was not fair Mouli.You hid your daughter’s birthday from your best friend.
Mouli was finding it difficult to face him.
MOULI:Sorry Sir…

Mouli:I was so busy with birthday preparations that I forgot to inform you Sir.

RISHI:Oh Mouli…at least here you call me Rishi.I am longing to hear you call me ‘Rishi’ like before.I miss my best friend Fuggi.
Mouli looked at him emotionally.

Rishi smiled:Never call me Rishi Sir.Ok?
Mouli was silent.

Rishi looked at Sarla:How are you aunty?How is your health?
SARLA:I am fine beta.
Sarla said in his mind:I will be fine only if i see Mouli with you Rishi.
Pihu:Mumma…Nani…let me cut the cake?I can’t control…
They all smiled.
SARLA:Cut the cake Pihu.
Mouli held Pihu’s hand and cut the cake singing ‘Happy birthday…’
Mouli fed her cake.Pihu fed her back.Pihu put the cake piece in Sarla’s mouth.
RISHI:Pihu…won’t you feed me?
Pihu fed him cake cheerfully.Rishi fed her back.
P:Uncle..i liked you very much.

RISHI:I also liked you very much beta…
Mouli looked at them emotionally.
RISHI:Ok…then i am going Mouli.
RISHI:Bye aunty…
SARLA:Bye Rishi.
Rishi kissed Pihu:Bye Pihu.
P:Bye uncle.
SARLA:Rishi…one day you come with your wife for dinner.

Mouli thought:I never expected Maa to invite Rishi and Mehek home.
RISHI:With my wife?It will be very difficult.
RISHI:Because i don’t have a wife to accompany me.
They were shocked.
MOULI:What?Then Mehek?
RISHI:Oh!You thought i married Mehek?No…i did’nt marry her.
They were shocked.
Mouli:Why did’nt you marry Mehek?
Rishi: What we both felt for each other was not love,it was just an infatuation.So i did’nt marry her.

Rishi went away leaving Mouli was in shock.She was numb.Sarla was happy.
SARLA:Mouli…Rishi is still unmarried.Still he cares for you.That’s why he gave you a job and came here for Pihu’s birthday celebration without getting invited.He must have realized that his true love is you.
Mouli became emotional.She felt very happy after a long time.Her face blossomed like a red rose.

Sujal was surprised to see the room decorated.Kashish appeared. did this for me?

Kash:Ya.Why?Only you can surprise me?I can also surprise you.Right?

He smiled.

Kash:But the real surprise is..I baked your favourite cake.

He was surprised:Really?Where is it?

Kashish showed him the cake on the table.

Suj:Seeing it itself I can sense it’s yummy taste.I can’t wait to eat it.
He went near it to eat it.Suddenly Kashish stopped him.
Kash:Don’t eat it.
Kashish smiled:Don’t worry.You can eat it..but with my hands.I will feed you.
He smiled: You will feed me.What more I need?That will make the cake more sweeter.

Thoda sa pyar hua hai, thoda hai bakee
Thoda sa pyar hua hai, thoda hai bakee

She smiled.She cut the cake and fed him.
Ham toh dil de hee chuke bas teree han hai bakee

He fed him back and pulled her close for a sweet embrace.
Thoda sa pyar hua hai, thoda hai bakee
Thoda sa pyar hua hai, thoda hai bakee-Maine Dil Tujhko Diya

Varun:Mehek..I will drop you home.
Mehek:Now a days you like offering me lift.
Varun:When you are so beautiful how can I not give you lift.
They both laughed.They got inside the car.Varun coughed.
Meh:Varun..I told you not to have too much of icecream.Because of that you are coughing now.
V:I coughed?I did’nt.You coughed.
Meh:What?Liar!You only coughed.
They both came closer and closer unknowingly.Then they burst into laughter.

Varun held his ears and said:Ok baba..I am sorry.I only coughed.

Meh:Why did you lie?
Varun cupped her face in his hands:To create this scene to laugh…to remember about the fights and fun we used to have during our college days.

Mehek smiled:I miss those days.
V:Me too.Mehek..we should always be friends like this like our college days.Fighting,having fun..laughing together.
She smiled:Yes Varun.
Varun touched her nose cutely:That’s my cutest friend Mehek.
She smiled.

Suddenly Varun’s phone rang.Varun picked up the call.
“Hi Varun”.
Mehek:Our Karthik?
V:Yes Mehek.
Karthik was their college mate.
Meh:Put the phone on speaker.
Varun put the phone on speaker mode.
Meh:Hey are you dude?I am Mehek here.
Karthik was surprised:Mehek..I did’nt know that you are with Varun.
Varun-Mehek became shy.
V:Tell us did you remember me after a long time?
Kar:Actually I needed your help.
V:What help?

Kar:Actually my girl friend Kanan and I decided to do register marriage.Can you both come as witnesses?
Varun Mehek were shocked:Register marriage?Are you guys sure?
Kar:Yes..very sure.Please help us.
Varun Mehek looked at each other confusingly. Finally after a moment they replied:Ok..we will help ypu guys.
Karthik was relieved:Thank you so much guys.

The next day Varun Mehek went to the register office and signed as witnesses uniting Karthik Kanan in the institution of marriage.
Kanan:Thank you so much guys.You both don’t know what a big help you both did to us.
Mehek:But what was the need of eloping and marrying like this?
Varun:Exactly..what was the need of all this?
Karthik:Do ypu guys think that we both are happy to do this?No never.It’s because we have no other option.
Kanan became emotional:My dad is completely against our relationship.We waited for 3 years.But he did’nt change.Now he is trying to get me married to another guy forcefully.
Karthik:We both can’t live without each other.
Karthik Kanan became emotional.
Varun:Anyways all the best for the new start.
Mehek:Yes..wish you both a very happy married life.
Karthik-Kanan smiled:Thank you.

They bid good bye and went.
Mehek:Lovers can do anything to be together.
Varun:Yes..because they can’t stay away from each other.They long
for each other always.
They both look at each other emotionally.

Mouli went to her bed and refreshed her memories about Rishi.She remembered their friendship days and the recent days .
She sang as her heart was filled with the joy of love.
Her mind was full of Rishi while singing.

Aye ho meri zindagi me tum bahar banke
Mere dil me yuhi rahena tum pyar pyar banke
Ankho me tum base ho sapne hazar banke
Mere dil me yuhi rahena tum pyar pyar banke

Mere sathi mere sajaan mere saath yuhi chalna
Badle ga raang zamana par tum nahi badalna
Meri Rishig yuhi bharna taare hazar ban ke
Aye ho meri zindagi me tum bahar banke
Mere dil me yuhi rahena tum pyar pyar banke

Agar me jo rooth jao to tum mujhe manana
Thama hai haath mera phir umar bhar nibhana
Mujhe chod ke na jana waade hazar karke
Aye ho meri zindagi me tum bahar banke
Mere dil me yuhi rahena tum pyar pyar banke
Ankho me tum base ho sapne hazar banke
Mere dil me yuhi rahena tum pyar pyar banke..(Raja Hindustani).

Suddenly her face became dull.Her eyes got filled up with tears.Sarla came.
SARLA:Mouli…you should tell Rishi that you love him.And also who is Pihu.
MOULI:No Maa….i can’t…
MOULI:Because RISHI does’nt remember anything.If i tell him about the past will he believe me?Since i lied to him about my marriage and husband if i tell him that i was lying i dont know how he will react.
SARLA:But Mouli…
MOULI:No maa….please don’t dream about our reunion.Because it may never get fulfilled as your daughter is very unlucky.I am alone.

Sarla burst into tears.Mouli hugged her and cried.
Sarla:You are not alone.I am with you and Pihu.

Kunal and Geet was in a mall.Vasundara who came there was shocked to see them together.

Geet saw Vasu staring at them. choose a shirt for Ritesh uncle.I will come now.


Geet went towards Vasu.

V:Who is he Geet and what are you doing with him?

G:He is Ritesh uncle’s son Kunal and my best friend.You know Kunal.Right?Guess you forgot his face.

V:Why should I remember unwanted faces?And why are you roaming around with Kunal?

G:Today is Ritesh uncle’s birthday.We just came to buy a gift for him.

V:Don’t give me any excuse.What is going on between you and Kunal?Have you moved on with Kunal?

Geet got irritated:Even if I moved on with Kunal what is the problem?Ranvi is already married.Then why can’t I also move on like him?
G:Sorry Vasu aunty.Kunal is waiting for me.
Geet went towards Kunal.Vasu was angry.

Kunal and Geet gifted the shirt to Ritesh:Happy birthday…

Ritesh was so happy that he hugged both of them together.

G:How was the birthday gift uncle?

Ritesh:Very nice.But the best gift was to see both of you together again as friends.
Kunal and Geet smiled.
G:We will always be together ucle.We will never leave each other’s hands.Whatever hurdles come on the way we can never be separated.

Abhi mujh mein kahin
Baaqi thodi si hai zindagi

Ritesh smiled from the bottom of his heart:I don’t need anything else.
Kunal and Geet smiled at each other.

Khushiyaan choom loon
Yaa ro loo’n zaraa
Mar jaaun ya jee loon zaraa-Agneepath.

Gunjan was looking at the star lit sky.Ranvi went near her:What are you looking at?
G:At the stars.I feel the stars are telling something.
He laughed.
G:Its not a joke.I really think so.

Ranvi:Yes,stars are telling you how much I love you.
Gunjan looks at him.She blushed.They shared a sweet eye lock.

Vasu gets the professional killer’s call.
V:How dare you ask me to give you money?I asked you to kill Gunjan.But you tried to kill my son and my dearest daughter in law.Luckily they escaped.

He:Madam..don’t try to ignore me.I need money.Otherwise I will expose you.

Vasu got scared.

V:Ok…i will give you money.But do not call me again.
Vasu turned back and was shocked to Preet there.
P:I’m shocked.You only planned that accident?I never expected this much from you.

Vasu sweated:Preet beta..

Preet:Don’t call me like that mom.I lost all my respect for you in a moment.How could you stoop so low?

Vasu:You are misunderstanding me.

P:I have no misunderstanding.I heard everything.

Vasu sweated more.

V:I did’nt try to harm you Preet.

P:I know.You tried to kill Gunjan.But because of that Ishaan and I suffered a lot.Do you know that?

Vasu became upset.
P:I will tell this to Ishaan.
Vasu was tense:Preet…don’t do that.

P:This time I will not listen to you.Because you played with our lives.This is unpardonable.
Preet walked out leaving Vasu in tension.

Preet went to the drawing room where all others were standing.
P:I want to disclose a horrible secret to you all.
All are eagerly waiting to hear it.
Everybody looked at Preet curiously.
P:Our accident was somebody’s plan.
All were shocked.
P:Yes Ishaan.But that person’s idea was to kill Gunjan.But we only faced the accident.
All were shocked.
Ranvi:What?To kill Gunjan?
Gunjan sweated:To kill me?Why?
Rishi:How did you know this Preet bhabhi?
P:I heard that person talking to the goon who caused our accident.

Ishaan:Who is behind it?Tell us Preet.
All were shocked.
P:Yes Ishaan…I heard her talking to a professional killer now.

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