Pyaar Ka Meetha Intezaar Abhigya,Rosid,Ishreet,RanJan,Sujal Kashish SS Part 5

The couples of this SS

Ishaan Preet(Iqbal Mona)

Rishi Mouli(Shabbir Sriti Jha)

Varun Mehek( Manish Raisinghan Avika Gor)

Ranvijay Gunjan( Shivin Narang Farnaz Shetty)

Sujal Kashish(Rajeev Aamna)

Pyaar Ka Meetha Intezaar…A sweet wait for love Part 5

Dedicated to ruhi1985 , arisharosid20, himani_rosid as they were sad about less AviMan scenes in the last part.Dedicated to Piyali who wanted me to update my story.
Ishaan looked at Preet.

Ishaan:Preet receive them along with Kashish bhabhi.
Preet was surprised.All were very happy.Kashish and Preet received Ranvi and Gunjan with all rituals.

Gunjan was sitting in the bed.Ranvi enters the room.She is nervous.
Ranvi went to the other bed and pretends to be sleeping.Gunjan was relieved,but at the same time she was upset.

Mouli thought about the past..

Rishi saw Mouli murmering and entering the college building.
RISHI:Hey Fuggi….you look so angry.
MOULI:That Maithili…and her stupid friends teased me Rishi.

RISHI:How?What did they say?
She made a baby face which made Rishi giggle.
MOULI:They called me chashmish…and teased me a lot.
Rishi got irritated:How dare they make fun of my best friend?I will give them nice.
Mouli:No Rishi.For my sake don’t do that.I don’t want you to fight with anyone because of me.

Rishi:But there is a limit for teasing and if you keep quiet they will keep on teasing you.
MOULI:Rishi…You are with me to support me.That is more than enough for me.When you are there as my best friend I don’t care about their taunts though I get cut up sometimes.

Rishi smiled pulling her red cheeksYes my dear fuggi.I will be always there with you.
Mouli smiled.They shared a sweet eye lock.
Suddenly his eyes struck the stylish girl Mehek who passed by.
Rishi walked towards Mehek..Hi Mehek..
Mehek gave an attractive smile.

Rishi pulled her closer and chatted with her romantically.Mouli became dull.Varun stood near her with dull face.
Varun:Why destiny played this game with us Mouli?I love Mehek and you love Rishi.But they don’t love us.Infact they love each other.
Mouli became very upset.
Mehek’s birthday party was organized in beach resort.She was dressed in a navy blue gown.

Varun was lost in her beauty.
Varun gifted her orchids.
Meh:Thank you so much Varun.Orchids are my favourite.
Varun smiled.
Mouli and Rishi arrived.Rishi gifted her rose bouquet.
Meh:Rose? know that I don’t like rose.
Rishi:Oh..I forgot darling.
Meh:How could you forget it?Varun remembered it.
Rishi:Sirry Mehek.I won’t repeat this.
Meh:Ok fine.
Mehek cut cake and fed Rishi leaving Mouli and Varun jealous.
Rishi got drunk and started dancing.Everybody laughed.
Mehek got angry:Rishi..behave yourself.
Varun:Why are behaving like this and spoiling Mehek’s birthday party?

Rishi:Hey…how did I spoil Mehek’s borthday party?I am enjoying.
He started dancing again.Varun and Mehek burst into laughter seeing Rishi dancing like a clown.

But Mouli felt sad for Rishi.
Mouli:I think Rishi should not be here anymore in this state.That’s better for the party.
Varun:I think you are right.He is a bit too drunk.So I will take him home.
Mouli:No.You stay at the party.I will drop him home.
Meh:Take care.
Mouli looked at Rishi:Come with me silently.
Rishi smiled:Ok Fuggi…

Mouli took Rishi out.
All were dancing at the party.Varun saw cake icing on Mehek’s nose,cheeks and lips.

Mehek:Why are you staring at me Varun?

He went near her and wiped it with his finger.She was stunned.
V:Icing on your lips.
Meh:Oh..thankyou Varun.Otherwise others would have made fun of me.
He smiled.All were dancing.
Meh:All are dancing.Since Rishi left I am alone.
V:You are not alone Mehek.I am with you.
Mehek smiled.Varun extended his arms towards her.Mehek held them and danced with him.

Arrey ladki beautiful, kar gayi chull
(chull chull…)
Arrey ladki beautiful, kar gayi chull
(chull chull…)

Dekh tera rang saawla hua baawla
Ladki nahi hai tu hai garam maamla
Bolti bandh meri, kahun kya bhala
Kuchh bhi kahaa nahi jaaye

Kya naache tu Dilli, hile hai London
Matak matak jaise Raveena Tandon
Kya naache tu Dilli, hile hai London
Matak matak jaise Raveena Tandon
Aag lagaane aayi hai ban-than
Goli chal gayi dhaayn

After a month..
On the last day of college…
Mouli went towards Rishi.
RISHI:Mouli…i was waiting for you.
She smiled.
RISHI:I was waiting to tell you something.
Her eyes sparkled.They looked at each other deeply.

He showed an orchid bouquet.
She blushed knowing that her dream was coming true.Rishi was going to propose her.
RISHI:I am going to propose Mehek.
Mouli was shocked.
RISHI:I wanted to tell you this before i propose Mehek.I just can’t anymore.
Mouli was shattered.She was trying hard not to cry.Rishi ran away.Mouli cried.
Mouli:I can’t see Rishi and Mehek together as a married couple.

Mouli packed her bag and left .


Mehek:Varun…you want to know the past.Right?You listen what happened Varun.

Flash back…

Mehek took a saree:I will surprise Rishi by wearing a traditional attire.He will love me in this beautiful saree.
She wore a saree happily.

Mehek waited for Rishi excitedly.
Meh:Rishi is going to propose me.Wow!

Mehek was shocked to see a depressed Rishi coming.Orchids fell off his hands.
Meh:Rishi..what happened?
Rishi broke down:Mouli left without even informing me.And she left a message for me not to search for her.I can’t bear it.

Mehek was shocked:What?
R:Why did she leave me and go?I was always a good friend to her.Still…

Suddenly Mehek thought if something.
Meh:Did you tell Mouli that you are going to propose me?

Meh:What did she say?
Mehek became upset:Rishi..I always felt that Mouli always saw you more than a friend.May be because knowing that we are going to get united forever she left.
Rishi looked at her in disbelief:What are you saying Mehek?
Mehek wept:Yes Rishi.I feel Mouli loves you.
Rishi became’s not possible.

Meh:Yes Rishi.I am sure that that’s why she left all of a sudden.Otherwise why would she leave the hostel when you told her about proposing me?
Rishi shed tears.
Meh:Rishi..when Mouli left you forgot to propose me.

Rishi looked at Mehek.Her eyes were wet.
Meh:Rishi..I feel that you also love Mehek.
Meh:This is love Rishi.You forgot me drowning in the pain of losing Mouli.Losing Mouli affects you more than gaining me.If this is not love,then what is it?
Rishi was numb.
Mehek closed his eyes.Rishi could see only Mouli.He opened his eyes.
Meh:You saw only Mouli.Right?This is love.
Rishi wept silently.
Meh:Go get back Mouli.Tell her that you love her.Don’t think of me.Our ways are different Rishi.
Mehek walked off crying.Rishi cried.


Rishi:I searched for Mouli.But she had left her home itself.After a long time I met Mouli.I thought I got her back.But I came to know that she is married and have a kid too.Mehek just consoled me.

Mehek:Past is over Varun.Now we are just friends.
Varun felt guilty:I am sorry.All these years I considered Rishi as Mehek’s cheater.So I hated him and ignored him forgetting brotherhood.I am sorry Rishi.
Varun hugged Rishi and wept.Mehek smiled emotionally.
Mehek extended her hand towards Varun.
Meh:Varun…you promise me that now onwards you will never fight with Rishi unnecesaarily.

Very emotionally he held Mehek’s hand:I promise that I will always be the best brother for Rishi. Trust me.

Mehek:I trust you Varun.
They shared an emotional eye lock.He caressed her face:I am sorry.

Meh:Now leave it Varun.Forget it yaar.
Varun:Mehek..I will bear anything.But if you don’t forgive me..I can’t bear it.Because you are that important for me.

ni main shagun manaava
ni main deva duwava…(2)

Mehek looked at him emotionally:You give that much of importance to me?
V:Yes..ever since I have known you,you are the most important person in my life.

aa main kamlee naam dhadava
par ik koi ratan lagaava

Mehek became emotional:What is there in me for you to give me so much of value?

tu meri jaan hai
tu mera armaan hai..

V:You have everything Mehek.You are a gem.

tu meri jaan hai
tu mera armaan hai….

Varun Mehek shared an emotional eye look.

duniya ko bhool jaaoo main tere pyaar mein

duniya ko bhool jaaoo main tere pyaar mein

V:Will you forgive me Mehek?

tu nahi toh aag lage is sansaar mein
tenu dil da haal sunaava

Meh:Varun..I told you that I have no anger towards you.

aa main kamlee naam dadaava
par ik koi ratan lagaava

Varun:If so give me a friendly hug.
She smiled and extended her arms towards him.He felt happy.

tu meri jaan hai
tu mera armaan hai….

She gave him a friendly hug.

tu meri jaan hai
tu mera armaan hai….(By KAILASH KHER)

Rishi smiled seeing Varun Mehek together.
Varun looked at Rishi:Rishi…don’t worry.I am sure that if your love is true Mouli can’t be separated from you.
Mehek:Yes Rishi.Varun is right.

Rishi was upset:Don’t give me false hopes now.
Varun and Mehek became dull.
Meh:Varun please be with Rishi.He is not in a good condition.
Varun accompanied Rishi.

The next day…
Vasu shouted:How could you all receive Ranvi and Gunjan without my permission?
Sujal:Mom…if we had not done that Ranvi would have left with Gunjan.We will lose Ranvi..and also our family name.
Vasu:That’s also right.
Sujal:Now Gunjan is your daughter in law.You please accept her.
She stared at him.
Vasu:Kashish and Preet are my only daughters in law.I can never consider Gunjan as my daughter in law.
Everybody felt bad.

Sujal went near Kashish.
Suj:Kashish..I know that you are disturbed because of mom’s attitude towards Ranvi Gunjan wedding.
Kash:Ya Sujal.But at the same time I am happy that Ranvi did’nt have to marry Geet and live a loveless married life.I hope mummiji accepts Gunjan soon.

Suj:Yes.To be away from these tensions…we will go and spent in a resort.Get ready.
Kashish smiled.

Sujal and Kashish went to a resort.
Suj:This resort is so beautiful.
Kash:Yes Sujal.I feel that i am breathing fresh air seeing the beauty of the nature.Hats off to them for not destroying nature for maintaining their resort.
Suj:You are enjoying nature’s beauty.But I am enjoying your beauty.

Thoda sa pyar hua hai, thoda hai bakee

Thoda sa pyar hua hai, thoda hai bakee

She blushed.

He held her hand.

Ham toh dil de hee chuke bas teree han hai bakee

They shared a romantic eye lock.

Thoda sa pyar hua hai, thoda hai bakee

Thoda sa pyar hua hai, thoda hai bakee-Maine Dil Tujhko Diya

Vasu and Geet met each other.Geet was very upset.
Geet:What is all this aunty?If Ranvi was in love with Gunjan why did you give me hopes?Why did you introduce me to others as Ranvi’s girl and insult me?
Vasu:Geet…you are misunderstanding me.I did’nt know that the maid Gunjan had trapped my son Ranvi.

Geet: Vasu aunty…but the truth is that Ranvi has become Gunjan’s.He can never be mine.
Vasu:You are my best friend’s daughter.Though she is not alive now I will keep up my promise which I gave her before her death.I will unite you and Ranvi.
Geet:What rubbish aunty?Don’t waste time on what can’t happen.
Vasu:It will happen Geet.
Geet:No aunty.I don’t want to gain Ranvi by hurting another girl’s heart.Let Gunjan live happily with Ranvi.

Geet walked off.
Vasu thought:You can’t hurt Gunjan by snatching Ranvi from her.I understand your feelings.But you can marry Ranvi if Gunjan is not alive.Right?Yes…Gunjan should die.

Ranvi went near Gunjan:Gunjan,you are going to the temple.Right?Today you go by car.

G:No thanks…I will go by walk.
Ranvi:No,you are my wife now.You go by car.

Gunjan looked at Ranvi remembering him saying that she is his wife.Unknowingly she felt nice when he addressed her as his wife.
Gunjan said slowly:Ok.

Ranvi smiled.
Vasu overheard it and phoned someone:I will give you a car’s number.Hit that car.
Vasu laughed:Gunjan,don’t think that you can live as Garewal daughter in law.

Ishaan and Preet walked out holding hands together.
Ishaan:Today we will watch the movie together and enjoy like before.
Preet smiled:Ya..

Ishaan:Do you remember us watching movie before marriage?
Preet blushed.

Flash back..
Ishaan and Preet were watching movie in the dark theatre.He held her hand romantically.Caressed her hand and bare back.Preet enjoyed his romantic touch.He moved towards her lips.She closed her eyes drowning in his passionate peck.They shared passionate romantic moments in darkness and they rested their head on each others shoulders.

Ishaan Preet got inside the car.Gunjan saw Ishaan and Preet entering the car.
G:Its ok.I will go by walk.
Gunjan went out.

Ishaan’s and Preet’s car is hit by a lorry.

Vasu saw Gunjan entering the house.
V:You are back.I did’nt hear the car entering our compound.
G:I went by walking.Ishaan bhaiyya and Preet bhabhi only went by car.
Vasu was shocked.She thought:Oh my God!Did Ishaan and Preet meet with accident?

Ishaan opened his eyes in the hospital:Where is Preet?Is she ok?
He was scared.

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