Pyaar Ka Meetha Intezaar Abhigya,Rosid,Ishreet,RanJan,Sujal Kashish SS Part 4

Pyaar Ka Meetha Intezaar…A sweet wait for love Part 4
Kavita:What are you saying?
Ranvijay:I know that your only income was Gunjan’s salary.Now it also got stopped because of me and her reputation has also been ruined because of me and because of that she will not get job anywhere.So the only solution is me marrying Gunjan.

Gunjan:Do you know what you are saying?Please don’t play with our feelings.We are not so strong to bear it.

Ranvi:Don’t misunderstand me please.I know what I am saying and I mean it.

Gunjan became upset:What are you saying?I can’t marry someone big like you.I don’t deserve you.Just because of my reputation I don’t want an innocent man like you to marry a maid like me.

Ranvi:Gunjan…you are not spoiling my life.If you marry me I will be the happiest person in this world as I love you.
Gunjan and her mother Kavita were stunned.
Kavita:For us it is the best relationship.But we don’t deserve it as we are low class people.

Ranvi:One’s class is defined by their character.And you all are great at heart.So you both are not low class people for me.So please don’t refuse it.
Gunjan and Kavita were in a dilemma.

Rishi and Mouli were dancing at the party.Mouli’s mobile rang interrupting their dance.
She attended the call moving to another side.Mouli came back to Rishi after attending the call.
MOULI:Sorry Sir…
RISHI:It’s ok.’s getting late.Can i go home?

RISHI:So soon?The party has just started.
MOULI:Ya..but please Sir..My daughter is waiting for me.She will sleep only if I tell her the story of Cinderella.She is very stuborn.

Rishi was shocked:Daughter?You have a daughter?
MOULI:Yes.Her name is Pihu.
She will get angry if i don’t go home now.
Rishi thought:Mouli got married?
Rishi was shattered.
Rishi:You got married and you did’nt bother to inform me?Why?Why did’nt you value our friendship?
Mouli turned back to hide her tears:I am sorry…because of the circumstance I could’nt inform you anything. Not because I dod’nt value our friendship.Your friendship was the most important for me.I was always your Fuggi Rishi.

Slowly Mouli looked at him.They shared an emotional eye lock.
Rishi:What circumstance made you marry without informing all of us?
Mouli:Please don’t ask me anything..please..
Rishi nodded painfully:Ok..not asking you if you think I am not your friend to share your personal matters with.
Mouli felt sad:It’s not like that Rishi.
Rishi:It’s ok Mouli.Your daughter must be waiting.Right?
Rishi:If your daughter wants you now you go now.

Mouli:Thank you very much Rishi..I mean Sir..
Mouli went back home catching a taxi.
Rishi was upset:Fuggi…i lost you completely.I never thought you got married.
Rishi and Mouli were in pain.

Mouli reached home.Her daughter Pihu was staring at her.
MOULI:My God!She is so angry.
Mouli caught her ears:Sorry Pihu…Mumma had work.
Pihu:I don’t want to hear any excuse.

Mouli:Ok..but mumma will tell you a good story.Will my Pihu be happy now?

Slowly Pihu smiled.Mouli became happy and lifted her up in her arms.
She told her a story and Pihu fell asleep.
Mouli’s mother Sarla entered the room.
Sarka:Mouli…how is Rishi?
MOULI:He is fine.
Sarla:Did you tell Rishi about Pihu?
Sarla was surpised:How did he react?
Mouli:Maa..I just told him that I have a daughter called Pihu.Nothing else.
Sarla:Why did’nt you tell him everything?

Mouli’s eyes became wet:Mumma…Rishi must be leading a happy married life with Mehek. If i tell him the truth about Pihu it will affect their married life.I don’t want his married life to get spoiled because of me.And Mehek too deserves a happy married life.

Sarla became upset.

Kashish was sitting on the bed.Suddenly Sujal came from behind and placed a diamond necklace around her neck.Kashish was surprised.
Kash:Sujal…this one..
Suj:A gift for my beautiful wofe.This necklace made my wife even more beautiful.
She blushed.
Kash:But what was the need to gift me such an expensive necklace now?I mean today is not my birthday or our wedding anniversary.
Suj:To give gifts to my wife should I wait for an occasion?Now tell me how is this gift?
She smiled:It’s beauitiful.

Suj:Before Ishaan and Preet’s wedding when we went to the jewellery showroom to buy ornaments I had seen you eyeing on this necklace.But since you had already bought expensive earrings you did’nt want to buy a necklace as you thought it was like troubling me though it was not a trouble to buy gifts for you.But I knew that if i had asked you to take it that day you would have refused to.So i decided that one day I will buy it without your permission and surprise you.I had reserved that necklace in prior.
Kashish was surprised:
Suj:Today I just felt like buying it for you and I bought it.Anyways looks like Ranvi’s wedding will happen soon.You can wear it for his wedding.
Suddenly Kashish got tensed.She thought:Ranvi’s wedding plans gives me tensions.What will happen?Whom will Ranvi marry?Geet or Gunjan?
Kashish hid her tension and smiled.
Kash:Sujal…you are giving importance to all my small wishes too.I am lucky to have a husband like you.
He held her hand and said:I am lucky to have you as my wife.

They both smiled at each other romantically.

Ishaan saw Preet folding clothes.
He thought:I ignored Preet because of my work pressure.She needs my attention.But even on our wedding anniversary I talked to her rudely.
Preet thought:Ishan is not even minding me.
Ishaan went near her:Preet..
She looked at him.Ishaan caressed her face.She became emotional.

Khamoshiyan aawaaz hain
Tum sun’ne to aao kabhi
Ish:Sorry preet for not spending enough time with you.

P:Ishaan..I understand your professional tensions.But I just need one moment for ourselves.
Ishaan embraced Preet:Don’t worry Preet.I promise you that I will never let my profession affect our relationship.

Chhukar tumhe khill jaayengi
Ghar inko bulaao kabhi

She looked at him raising her eyelashes.
Isha:Now get ready.We are going out.
Preet was very happy:Ok..I will get ready and come now.
Preet came wearing a beautiful anarkali.Ishan was mesmerized in her beauty.
Ish:You are a fairy Preet.
Preet blushed.He could’nt take his eyes off her.

Beqarar hain baat karne ko
Kehne do inko zaraa..

P:Ishaan…did you forget that you were planning to take me out seeing me?
They both giggled.
Ishaan took preet to a beach which was decorated.A table was arranged for them.
Isha:Our lunch date.
Preet was surprised:Wow Ishaan..this is so romantic.
She embraced him in happiness.

Khamoshiyan.. teri meri khamoshiyan
Khamoshiyan.. lipti hui khamoshiyan

Ishaan and Preet sat for lunch.

They fed each other happily.

Khamoshiyan.. teri meri khamoshiyan
Khamoshiyan.. lipti hui khamoshiyan-Khamoshiyan

Rishi could not concentrate on his work thinking of Mouli’s marriage.
Mouli noticed his uneasiness.
Mouli:Sir…are you ok?
R:Why are you bothered about me?You left me long ago and married someone.Right?
Mouli was stunned by his reaction.Rishi walked out leaving Mouli in numbness.

Rishi drove rashly.Mehek whose car passed by noticed it.
Meh:Rishi?Why is he driving like this?
She followed him and parked the car in front of his car.Rishi took a sudden brake.He came out of the car and shouted:Can’t you my car coming?Then why did you try to overtake me and park it here?
Mehek came out of the car.Rishi was surprised:Mehek!I..I am sorry.
Meh:I did it purposefully to approach you.What happened Rishi?Tell me.
Suddenly Rishi broke into tears.Mehek was shocked: Rishi…
R:Mouli is married and she has got a kid too.
Mehek was shocked:What?How do you know that?
R:Mouli is working as my PA now.

Mehek was surprised.
R:She only told me this.I waited for so long to meet Mouli.But when I got her near,I lost her.i am so foolish to wait for her.
Mehek:No.Mouli can’t marry anyone else.I am sure about that.
Mehek held Rishi’s hand:Believe me Rishi.I feel there is some mystery behind Mouli.She is hiding something for sure.I promise you that I will find out the truth.
Suddenly Varun removed Rishi’s hand from Mehek and slapped Rishi.They were shocked.
Meh:Varun..what are you doing?
V:Rishi..I am ashamed to be your brother.You flirted with many girls.Then you lied that you love Mehek and then you ditched her and broke her heart by going behind Mouli.

After a long time you met Mouli again and was dancing happily at the party.And I am sure that you must be flirting with your PA Mouli at the office too.Still again you are after Mehek?So cheap you are Rishi.

R:What are you saying Varun?
Varun looked at Mehek:Mehek…why are you still getting melted in front of the man who cheated you brutally?
Mehek:Enough Varun.
Varun:Are you supporting Rishi?Why are you supporting this cheater who cheated you?
Mehek was very upset:What are you saying Varun?This is too much.
Meh:Varun..first of all Rishi did’nt ditch me as you think.It’s all your misunderstandings.What happened was different.

Ranvi and Gunjan dressed up for the wedding..Gunjan was shedding tears in her room.Ranvi went near the door.He saw her shedding tears.She saw him.
Ranvi:I know that its very difficult for a girl to have a sudden wedding without knowing personally the person she is getting married to.But I promise that I will make you happy always.
Gunjan:Whatever I know about you is more than enough.You are marrying me…that itself is a great thing.
She wiped her tears.Ranvijay smiled.
Ranvi Gunjan got married in the temple in Gunjan’s mother Kavita’s presence.

Kavita blessed them:Always live happily with God’s blessings.

Ranvi and Gunjan smiled.

They went to Garewal house.All were shocked.
Ishaan:What is all this Ranvi?Is this way to get married?
Ranvi and Gunjan looked down not being able to face them.
Preet:We supported you always.Then what was the need to do this?
Sujal:If you had told us that you want to marry Gunjan we would have conducted your wedding.Right?What was the need to do secret wedding?
Ranvi:Because I was sure that even if you all agree mom will never agree.
All were quiet.Suddenly Vasundara shouted.
Vasundara:How dare you marry this maid?
Ranvi:Now is not a maid.She is my wife.
V:Oh!Disgusting.Go to hell and rot.This girl can never be my daughter in law n she has no place in this house.That’s final.

Vasundara went inside.All were upset.Gunjan was in tears.
Ranvi:Gunjan..sorry for mom’s behaviour.
Gun:Don’t say sorry Ranviji..I deserve it.

Gun:Please don’t say anything more.
Ishaan looked at Sujal and Kashish:You both are the eldest couple of this family apart from mom.What do you both say about Ranvi and Gunjan’s wedding.
Kashish:I think we must accept them as Ranvi loves Gunjan.
Sujal:I also agree with Kashish.We should welcome them.
Preet looked at Ishaan with tension to know his reaction.
Preet thought:What will Ishaan decide?He is a mummy’s boy who can never stand against his mother.So I am scared whether he will decide to kick Ranvi and Gunjan out.

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