Pyaar Ka Meetha Intezaar Abhigya,Rosid,Ishreet,RanJan,Sujal Kashish SS Part 10


Pyaar Ka Meetha Intezaar…A sweet wait for love Part 10
Dedicated to Shakaib who gave 2 jodi names to Rishi Mouli-Rouli/Mohi.Dedicated to Minu who wants more Rishi Mouli scenes.

Rishi:I came to know that you are not living with your husband.That means you are single.Right?
Mouli was stunned.
Rishi:Tell Mouli.
She was sweating.
Rishi:Infact I doubt whether you are married.
Mouli was shocked:Rishi!
Her lips shivered:If I am unmarried how did Pihu born?
R:There is no need of getting married to have a child.
Mouli:Rishi..are you saying that I am characterless?
R:No.Never.I know that no one can be as pure as my Fuggi .
Mouli became emotional.
R:We can even adopt a child.Right?Tell are not married.Right?
Mouli was silent.
R:I know that you are not married yet. If you were married you would not have allowed me to touch you this way..because you are well cultured lady who values reltionships.You can’t even cheat your life partner even for a moment.
Mouli was crying.
R:Tell Mouli. are right.I am still unmarried.

Rishi was relieved.
R:So my guess was right.Pihu is an adopted daughter.Right?
Suddenly Mouli burst out:No.Pihu is my own daughter.Infact she is your daughter too.Pihu is our daughter Rishi.
Rishi was shocked.He was numb for some moments.
His lips shivered:What did you say?
Mouli cried:I am saying the truth.
Rishi was shocked.

Flash back..
During Mehek’s birthday party when Rishi was drunk Mouli took Rishi out.Seeing the sea Rishi ran towards it holding her hand. He splashed water over her.
MOULI:Rishi…you are not in your senses.You are drunk.
Rishi:Come on Mouli…
He pulled her towards him.
Her heart beat.She made him sit on the rock.She sat near him.

He came closer to her passionately.

O ho…

Bheegi bheegi sadkon pe main
Tera intezaar karun

Mouli became nervous:No Rishi..this is wrong.

But when he touched her she forgot herself in her love for him and could’nt resist it.She closer her eyes.

Dheere dheere dil ki zameen ko
Tere hi naam karun

He moved his lips to her sensitive face.

Khudko main yoon kho doon

She too responded.

Ke phir na kabhi paaun

They both closed their eyes melting in each other.

Haule haule zindagi ko
Ab tere hawaale karun

They lay down.Mouli caressed his face adoringly.

Sanam re, sanam re
Tu mera sanam hua re
Sanam re, sanam re
Tu mera sanam hua re

He pulled her closer only to cross all boundaries.

Karam re, karam re
Tera mujhpe karam hua re
Sanam re, sanam re
Tu mera sanam hua re

-Sanam re

Rishi woke up from the sleep.Mouli was blushing thinking of what happened between them.She was shy to face him.
RISHI:Mouli…i fell asleep.
MOULI:You were drunk…and then…after what you did you got tired.So you fell asleep.
RISHI:What did i do to get tired?After playing in the water i just fell asleep.Right?
Mouli got the biggest shock of her life.
She thought:The moment which i considered the most beautiful is not in Rishi’s memory at all.
She tried to control her tears knowing that her eyes were becoming wet.
RISHI:Let us go back Mouli.

Rishi was shocked.
Rishi:Then why did’nt you tell me that Mouli?
Mouli:How can i tell you?You had forgotten everything.You were after Mehek too.So I did’nt have the courage to tell you that.
Rishi did’nt know how to react.He was ashamed of himself.
Mouli:Then you told me that you decided to propose Mehek.I could’nt bear it anymore and that’s why I left all of a sudden.

Then later I realized that I am pregnant.I was shattered.But I wanted my daughter.Because she reminded me of you.
Mouli broke into tears.Rishi was in tears.
R:I gave you this much pain and you did’nt even complain once?Are you made of rock?
He cupped her face in his arms:You know Mouli..after you left only I realized how much I love you
They shared an eye lock.Rain was pured upon them.
Rimjhim rimjhim rumjhum rumjhum
Bheegi bheegi rut mein tum hum hum tum
Chalte hain –

R:Do you know how much I missed you?I went mad without you.I kept searching for you like crazy.
Mouli could’nt believe it.

Bajta hai jaltarang teal ki chhat pe jab
Motiyon jaisa jal barse
Boondon ki ye ldai laayi hai vo ghadi
Jiske liye hum tarse

R:Do you know how happy I felt when I saw you again?
Mouli smiled emotionally.
Mouli:Every moment my heart thirsted to see you.But thinking that I lost you to Mehek I did’nt have the courage to come back.But destiny brought me back.

He smiled.

Ho ho ho bajta hai jaltarang teal ki chhat pe jab
Motiyon jaisa jal barse
Boondon ki ye ldai laayi hai vo ghadi
Jiske liye hum tarse –

R:Now nothing can separate us.
They embraced each other.

Ha ha ha rimjhim rimjhim rumjhum rumjhum
Bheegi bheegi rut mein tum hum hum tum
Ho chalte hain
Chalte hain

They broke their embrace with a smile.
RISHI: Pihu is our daughter?The symbol of our love?
MOULI:Yes Rishi.
Both of them were very emotional.
RISHI:My God!Pihu is my daughter.Mouli…i feel so happy…
She became happy.She was getting her Rishi back.Pihu was getting her father.

RISHI:Mouli…i can’t wait to see my daughter.
Mouli smiled.

They rushed to Mouli’s house.Rishi carried Pihu in his arms and started kissing her.
RISHI:Pihu…my daughter….
MOULI:Pihu…this is your father.
She was surprised:Really?Are you not mumma’s best friend?
Rishi:I am your mumma’s best friend.But at the same time your father.
Pihu:Really?You are not Uncle?
Rishi:No..I am your father,not uncle.
Pihu was excited:Papa…
She kissed him back.
P:Papa where were you all these years?

I missed you a lot.
RISHI:I will never leave you and go my daughter.
Pihu was very happy.
Mouli and Sarla looked at Pihu enjoying with Rishi.They became emotional.
Sarla:Mouli…truth can’t be hidden for long.That’s why Rishi understood what the truth is though it took some time.You both are meant for each other.That’s why destiny brought you both to each other.I am so happy to see you all together.
Mouli smiled.

Sujal was searching for his purse.Kashish came with the purse:Here is your purse Sujal.You had kept it on the bed.

Suj:Oh…I forgot it.
Sujal took the purse from her.He was tying watch around his wrist.
Suj:Kashish..if you are getting bored I will take you out.

Kash:No need Sujal.My friend Sneha has come from abroad.I need to visit her.
Suj:That’s good.You can enjoy with your friend.Shall I drop you there?

Kash:No Sujal.I will go by myself.You will get late to your office.

Suj:Ok..have a great day.Bye..
Sujal left.
Kashish thought:Sorry for telling lie Sujal.I need to visit Preet.It’s better if no one knows about it.If you know about it mummiji might know it.That’s not good in any way.

Kashish visited Preet.Preet was surprised:Bhabhi…

Kash:Preet…I want to know the truth.

P:You also disbelieve me?

Kash:No preet.I trust you,That’s why i am asking you to say the truth.I want to know it in detail.
Preet explained Vasu’s phone conversation and her confrontation with Preet.
Preet shed tears:Nobody believes me.I have no proof too.
Kash:It’s not that nobody wants to believe you.It’s just that all are blinded by their mother’s love.Don’t worry Preet.Mummiji cannot fool everybody always.

One day truth will come out.I will also try to get some proof.
Preet:No need Kashish bhabhi.If others need proof to believe what value has that relationship has?
Kash:It’s not like that Preet.
Preet wept:No bhabhi.Don’t waste time in exposing mom.You will also suffer.Atleast you should live happily.
Kashish felt upset.

Karthik and Kanan rang up Varun Mehek.
Kanan:There is a good news.My dad accepted Karthik.
Varun:Wow..that’s a very happy news.
Karthik:I am so happy that I feel I got a family.
Mehek:So there should be a treat.
Kanan:Why treat?There is going to be a grand reception party tomorrow.You both should come.

The next evening…
Varun went to pick up Mehek for the party.
He was mesmerized by her beauty in saree and wavy hair.He went near her and whispered romantically:You look gorgeous Mehek.

Mehek blushed.
They shared a romantic eye lock.

Meh:Shall we go?
V:Of course yes.
They reached the party hall and congratulated Karthik Kanan.

Music played…
Suno na suno na
Kahe kya
Suno na suno na
Dil mera
Suno na suno na
Sunlo zara

Karthik Kanan and Varun Mehek started dancing.

Teri bahon mein
mujhe rehna hai raat bhar
Teri bahon mein
Hogi subah

Be intehaan be intehaan
Yun pyaar kar
Yun pyaar kar
Be intehaan

Varun Mehek forgot themselves and got intimate during the dance.

Dekha karon
Sari umar
Sari umar

Tere nishaan
Be intehaan

Koi kasar na rahe
Meri khabar na rahe
Choole mujhe iss kadar
Be intehaan-Race 2

When they heard claps from others they both came into senses.They became shy.
Varun:I am sorry Mehek.During the dance because of me you felt uncomfortable.

Meh:Nothing like that Varun.I did’nt feel uncomfortable.
He was relieved.
Juice was served.Juice fell on Mehek’s saree.
Meh:Oh no..
V:Don’t worry Mehek.I will take you to the washroom.
He accompanied her to the washroom.
Mehek cleaned her saree.While walking out she slipped and fell on Varun.Varun too lost balance and fell down.Mehek fell on top of him.Accidently her lips touched his skin.Varun was stunned.Mehek was embarrassed.

Mehek:I am sorry Varun.I did’nt mean to…but..
There was a sweet smile on Varun’s face.He caressed her face and tucked her curls behind her earlobe.Feeling his touch she closed her eyes.
Hearing the music’s sound they came to senses and got up from the floor.
They went back to the hall.
Karthik and Kanan had a naughty smile on their face seeing lipstick mark on Varun’s cheek.
Kar:Varun..have some shame yaar.Open romance is still not accepted by our society.
Kanan:Mehek…I never thought that you are so broad minded.You too into open romance?
Varun:Open romance?What do you mean?
Mehek:Ya..even I can’t understand anything.

Kanan smiled:Don’t try to fool us.We understood everything.
Karthik:Varun…see lipstick mark on your cheek.
Varun Mehek remembered the washroom fall and accidently Mehek’s lips touching his cheek.
Varun Mehek were embarrassed.
Varun:No’s not like you both think.Nothing happened between us.We both fell and…
Mehek:You both got it right.Yes,I kissed Varun.I will kiss him whenever I feel like.
Varun looked at Mehek with a stunned look.She was blushing.Varun smiled.
Karthik Kanan giggled.

Varun Mehek were shy.

After the party Varun Mehek went out.
Varun:Mehek..why did you tell them lie that you kissed me and you kiss me whenever you want.
Meh:Because I mean it.

Suddenly Mehek pecked her cheek.
Varun was stunned.
Meh:I will kiss you whenever I feel like.I felt like kissing you now.So I kissed you.Any problem?

Varun was in shock.Slowly he smiled in excitement.
Meh:I love you Varun.

He was so surprised that he pecked her cheek back and got into an embrace.

Gunjan was trying hard to tie the dori of her kameez.Ranvi saw it.He came close to her.
R:Can I help you?
She became nervous.

She nodded ‘yes’.He started tying her dori.
Slowly a smile appeared on her face.

She smiled:Thank you.
R:No need of thank you.

She looked at him:Ok..if you don’t want my thankyou it’s fine.But don’t you want my love?
Ranvi was stunned.
R:Gunjan..what did you ask?
She blushed.He smiled seeing her blush.He cupped her face in his arms:I love you Gunjan.
G:I don’t know and when…but I have also fallen in love with you Ranvi.
Ranvi was very happy.
He leaned towards her face.Their nose rubbed each others sensually.

He started pampering her face with his lips.She closed her eyes being lost in him.

Kashish went near Ishaan:Ishaan..I want to talk to you about Preet.I feel there must be some reason behind what Preet said.
Ishaan:Whatever the reason is it can’t be good.Right?How can there be a good reason behind saying such things about her own mother in law.

Ishaan:Bhabhi..I know that Preet is your favourite Devrani.But she is my wife.Still i love her.So I also feel upset like you.But I can’t help it because of what she said.
Kash:But Ishaan..
Ishaan:Sorry bhabhi.
He walked off.
Kash:Atleast he admitted that he still loves her.Now I am sure that Ishaan can’t be away from Preet for a long time.

Vasu fell down stairs.
She screamed.
All ran towards her.Sujal picked her up in his arms.
Kashish:Mummiji…don’t worry.You will be alright.
Vasu was weeping out of pain.
They took her to hospital.Her leg was fractured.She was bed ridden.Kashish was reminded of what Preet said about Vasu and how Vasu fooled everyone.So she did’nt even feel like going near Vasu.
But Gunjan looked after her very well.
After one month…
Still Vasu was bedridden.As usual Gunjan was feeding her.Suddenly Vasu burst into tears.

G:What happened Maaji?
V:I was so cruel to you.But you are the one who is looking after me now.
G:How were you cruel to me?You were not cruel to me Maaji.You were just rude to me.But I deserved it as I married Ranvi without permission.
V:I was cruel to you.I only planned that accident to kill you.
Gunjan was shocked.
V:But unexpectedly Ishaan and Preet became the victims.Please forgive me Gunjan.

Gunjan cried.
G:Why are you asking me pardon maaji?The real victim is Preet bhabhi.Because of what you did she lost her husband.She lost her sasural.
Vasu cried:I know.It’s all because of me.
Suddenly they heard a voice:Mom!
They saw Ishaan,Sujal,Ranvi and Rishi at the door.Vasu was shocked.
Ishaan shivered:That means what Preet said was true.
Vasu wept silently.

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