pyaar ka junoon chapter 1

Pyaar ka junoon
Chapter 1
A double storeyed house is shown named madhav .
A girl comes in bicycle to the ? .She parks it goes inside.ganga was in kitchen she comes behind her and shouts .Ganga frights and drop the glass bowl .She turns around
Ganga : aashi..
She makes an angry face
Yes the girl is our beautiful aashi
Aashi makes a puppy face (GuyZ just imagine Sanaya making a puppy face anyone can melt for her)
Ganga : aww meri bacchaa don’t make so innocent face you break my bowl
Aashi:sorry ,ok I know how to get rid of your anger
She kissed her .Ganga smiles
Aashi :has anvi wake up today she has exam
Ganga :she is in bathroom go and check her it’s has been so long
She goes to anvi.
Anvi comes from bathroom when aashi calls her
Aashi: how can you be so
Anvi cuts her before she could speak she loudly said
Anvi :sorry. Di
Anvi sits and holds her ears aashi smiles seeing her antiques.
Aashi hugs anvi they heard sound ‘why you Donna include me’
They turn it was Aarav .
Aashi :how can I forget my chotu.they hug
Ganga comes and sees this .She prays to God to make everything fine and makes her children happy always

At Night
3 men’s comes to a house calling ‘motu’
A fat man comes there who is friend of the three
Motu:oh my god in this time in drunk state
Boy 1 reveals to aby aka Abram: I slap him motu
Motu : who
Boy 2 is shown is chirag
Boy : house owne
Boy 3 is Dhruv:he kicked out of house
Motu : so no house to live now so disturbing me .
Boys: you are our friend don’t you have some humanity
Motu :ok ok now don’t start drama let’s do one thing my room mates are leave so you guys can stay here tomorrow I will hunt a new house

So GuyZ this is chapter 1 pls forgive for my mistakes and plss plss do support me in the form of comments
Thank you lovingly

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    1. Erin

      *super happy for your comments in the first part

  1. Erin

    Thank you to those who commented on prologue

  2. Jasminerahul

    aashi’s introduction with ganga was so nice.aashi and anvi have little brother aarav too and that’s so cute as I luv aarav a lot.waiting to see how and where motu will accomodate the boys

  3. Jasminerahul

    waiting for the boys to meet girls. please write longer chapters.this was very short

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