Pyaar ka imthehaan (Episode 1)

Hello guys. Niveda is here with u all with new episode. Thanks alot for your response. Anyways i will start now.

Episode 1

A beautiful night, one mansion will be seen naming Roy’s mansion. One room will be seen where one lady will be seen sleeping. She is getting a dream where her past will be seen.


One hospital will be seen where this lady will be seen in operation theatre bearing labor pains. Later she will deliver a baby girl but after sometime someone will be seen taking away her child.


Lady suddenly wakes up & shouts No……..
She is fully get sweated. Then she realizes the condition & cries badly. She is sharmishta.

Next day morning

Same mansion is seen again. One room is shown where a bed is shown with full of bridal dresses & jewellery. Gang of 3 girls will be seen setting them properly.

Girl 1: Wow these dresses are so nice & they are costly too.

Girl 2: Y not after all this is house of sharmishta roy who is famous for classical dance & also she has fans world wide.

Girl 3: Ya u r right. Swara is lucky to have her as mom.

Then swara will be seen in beautiful yellow & golden combination of halfsaree.

Swara: Ofcourse i am lucky. I love my mom alot. She will do anything for me. I can’t hurt her at any cost. I she hates someone then i hate them too.

Then shomi comes & listens all & feels proud for her daughter.

Shomi: Shona……

Swara: Mom. Just now i talking about u u came here.

Shomi: I have listened everything i love u too beta.

Swara: Thanku mom. By the way please help me mom. U know na i will wear dress or jewellery of your choice only.

Shomi: Sure i will select wait & she selects peach color dress & matching jewellery.

Swara: Wow mom u r the best.

Both hugs eachother.

Neil enters then.

Neil: Not again guys. U people will never leave a chance to show your mom & daughter’s love.

Swara: Bhai u can straightly say that u r feeling jealous by our love.

Neil: Ofcouse shona. Because mom will love u alot but who is their to love me.

Shekhar: I am there na neil. I have realised so earlier that these girls will never love us.

Neil: Ya u r right papa.

Shomi: Shekhar…

Shekhar: Ok ok sorry now we have to get ready fast its getting late.

All leaves.

Shomi will go to one room where there will be seen a wall which is full of photos of swara & shomi together. But there will be seen an empty frame in middle of those photos.

She will cry by remembering her past & thinks i have failed in finding details about u. I am sorry beta. Please forgive me.

Then one girl will be seen running by wearing blue & pink combination of halfsaree . She has a beautiful smile on her lips. She is ragini.

She will go to temple by holding a pair of anklets. While doing pooja she will pray that ” these anklets are so special for me as they are gifted by laksh my best friend. One day i will become a big classical dancer & i will fulfill my wish at any cost.”

Then one lady comes to her & says to her that ” u are praying for that family & ur friend but u dnt forget that u have no relation with that family because u r an orphan.”

Ragini will hurt by her words & gets teary eyed.

Lady continues ” And one more thing now laksh is getting married. So new girl will enter in her life & she will send u out of that house”.

Ragini cries & goes to home thinking about that lady’s words.

She enters one big house which is fully decorated with flowers. She gets into house & then laksh will be seen getting ready.

He sees ragini & goes to her.

Laksh: Ragini where r u ? Its already getting late we have to leave go & get ready.

She nods & gives fake smile to him. He observes that & stops her.

Laksh: R u ok rags? Anyone hurt u?

Ragini: No lucky i was just tired thats it. Ok wait i will be back soon.

She leaves. Annapoorna sees her going & asks laksh is he ready?

Laksh: Mom did u notice rags? She is hiding something.

Anna: Its ok laksh. I will talk to her later.

They all leaves to wedding venue

There shekhar & neil will receive them. After his aarti he was about to go in but due to water on floor he was about to fall then rags holds her from falling. It seens like they hugs each other.

Shomi sees this & shocks.

Ragini says that it was wrong doing this. But laksh requests her by holding her hands & cheeks. Shomi will observe this from side.

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