pyaar ka dusra namm – Sangini episode 9

ragini is starting at herself in the mirror… she is thinking about her closeness with Sanskar a smile comes on her lips… soon she realises what she is thinking.. Oh God no me and Sanskar never… ragu don’t think about that karela maheshwari… he is bitter than the karela…you are here on a mission so concentrate on that..
ragini gets a call from suraj..
“Hey dude what’s up ” she asks as soon as she picks the call.” are you comfortable. is everything going fine ” suraj asks.” yup everything is under control. I am just thinking about the mission ” she said in stern voice.” ragu stop speaking like commando and how maheshwari’s reacted on your arrival. do you met any of the gododia’s ” he asked.”yaa I except dadi and dadu I met all of them” she said bit sadly. “and siddhant” he asked. “hmm” she replied. “ragu everything will be fine and I know you have plans so cheer up. tell me about Sanskar” he asked teasing. “don’t take name of that karela. he is so annoying” she said. “ragu you and your wiered names” he said. “what is mom doing. I want to talk to her. if I talk to her I can’t resist my self being emotional” she said Sadly. “we are here to take care of janki mam. don’t worry. concentrate on your mission and if you need any help just give me a call. take care” he said. “k bye” she said.
mom it’s just a day and I am already missing you badly. love you mom she uttered looking at her wall paper in her mobile which of of janki and her.
“suraj who was in call ” janki asked coming out of her room.”it’s ragu on call. what she said. is she missing me. is she fine” she asked being impatient. “mam just relax, she is fine” he said. “I am not feeling good. when she will return. I agreed to send ragu only because you asked me to give her chance to live her life but I am not at all liking it” she said. “don’t worry after few days we will call her back or else we will only go their don’t worry” saying he left.
“hope ragu is fine and she never meet any of gododia’s. I lost my siddhant already I can’t afford losing my ragu. no one left for me in this world expect ragu. ragu missing you dear. love you “janki thought looking at the pic of ragini hanging on the wall.
sujatha is walking here and their..” maa take rest why are you taking stress and not even letting me sleep “uttara said yawning.” shut up uttara here your bai life I stuck in danger and you want to sleep. you father doesn’t take me seriously now I should only do something and you are helping me ” sujatha said.” k maa say me what should I do ” uttara asked.” you should bring swara and Sanskar closer ” sujatha said.” but how maa. swara likes bai but she not even speak in front of him “uttara said.” that is what you should create situations so that Swara and Sanskar talks with each other and I will keep that daayan away from my Sanskar “sujatha said.” who is this daayan maa ” uttara asked.” who else that ragini “sujatha replied.

next day…
Sanskar was getting ready” hope this ragini got ready are else mom will make it a issue. I will check once “he thought and went to ragini room. Sanskar knocked the door no response so he opened to find ragini is sleeping peacefully.” this girl still not woke up. it’s her first day to office she not even having that sense ” he thought.” ragini get up. it’s already late” he said. their is no response. he tried waking her up. he got irritated, he saw water jug on side table and smirked. he poured water on ragini. she got up with jerk shouting. “what the hell” she shouted at him. “it’s not hell if you were late to office on your first day then I will show you real hell” saying he left. “what office. I had not thought about that. what I will do by going to office. I should stay here and start executing my plan so that I can find out what happened exactly in the past and why bai hate mom” ragini thought.
ap was singing aarthi all started gathering at mandir. all gathered except Laksh and ragini after aarthi… “where is Laksh” dp asked. “I am here Papa, sorry I am late” Laksh said coming down the stairs. “don’t know when you will become responsible. you completed your clg one year back still you are staying in home. have you thought what you want to do” dp asked in anger. “I am thinking about it Papa” Laksh replied. “still how many days Laksh” dp was interrupted by ap. “ji please give him some more time. I know soon Laksh will do something that make us proud” ap said. “it will happen in only dreams” dp said which made Laksh upset he left from their in anger. everyone got sad. “what baisa he is still kid. time will make responsible why you always scold him” rp said. “I don’t want Laksh you go in wrong way rp that is why I am rude to him. he is my son how can I be happy making upset” dp said. “don’t worry bade Papa I will convince Laksh to
join with me” Sanskar said. “hope he agrees” dp said.
“when this father and son get good in terms with each other “ap said.” jiji don’t worry once everything will be fine soon but where is daayan “sujatha asked.” who is daayan, chachiji “pari asked.” maa gave ragini that name “uttara said giggling.” sujatha some times you behave like kid. ragini is sweet girl just give her one chance ” ap said.” no jiji I don’t like that girl. I want swara to be bahu of this house ” sujatha said.” but sujatha, yesterday you said you will test ragini before testing only you can’t decide she is not eligible to be our bahu ” ap tried to convince her.” Yes chachiji let first give her a chance. we should consider Sanskar choice also ” pari said.” k ” sujatha agreed uninterested.
pari is making ansh ready.” adharsh chachiji is not happy with ragini arrival. once you can talk to Sanskar and make him understand that without taking elders permission he should not have brought ragini here ” pari said.” I know pari but we should respect Sanskar decision also. any how chachaji also wanted me to talk to Sanskar. I will talk to him in evng ” adharsh said.
“mamma yesterday I slept early. new chachi came and I not even met her ” ansh said pouting.” you can meet her evng, now you get ready and pari pack breakfast for me and ansh we will have it in car. today I had important meeting I should leave early. I will go by dropping ansh ” adharsh said.
all are having breakfast…” I will call Laksh ” Sanskar said.” no need if he is hungry he will eat ” dp said. all gave helpless look.
” I am hungry but if I go Papa will not let a chance to insult me what to do ” Laksh thought.
” Laksh please help me ” saying ragini came inside.” ragini now what happened ” he asked.”I don’t want to go to office. if I say this to that karela he will send me back to mumbai please convince him that I will join after few days” she said. “hahaha you are asking me only help. I am also having same problem Papa is forcing me to join business. daily I am saying some reason to escape. but you are here for this job only” he asked. “wo… actually I want to first explore Kolkata. I came here for first time” she said. “than me bai will listen to you only. you can ask him without any hesitation to show you kolkata” he said winking. “you are teasing me with your stupid bai” she asked annoyed. “k sorry” he said. “I will think of something, come we will have breakfast I am hungry” she said. “even I am hungry but I can’t come” he said and explained what happened. “oh that’s the problem. then I will get breakfast here only we both will have together” she said. “no ragini in our house we all have food only at dinning table” he said making sad face. “but now I came so rules will change” she said winking and left. “she is really crazy” Laksh thought.
ragini came down and wished all of them . “wow parata I love them aunty I will take extra” she said. “ragini how many you want you can eat” ap smiled.
“aunty serve on two plates. one for me and one for Laksh. we both will have it in our rooms ” she said. all are looking at her amazed.
” this girl soon make me mad ” Sanskar thought.
” ragini in our house we will have breakfast together and at dinning only “Sanskar said. ragini avoided him.
” uncle Laksh is working on something important, when I asked him to come for breakfast he said he was busy he don’t have time to eat. while he was working hard to make this family proud then we should take care of his health. so let me give him breakfast” ragini said.
dp felt happy thinking Laksh took his words seriously. “ap ji please send breakfast to Laksh room and ragini beta thanku you are really lucky for this house but you have it with us” he smiled. “k uncle” she said.
“this girl is not letting a chance to impress baisa, soon I should do something ” sujatha thought and sighed uttara.
” this girl is making things complicated, if bade Papa comes to know what ever ragini told is a lie he will get more upset than now . I know Laksh was not interested in business ” Sanskar thought.
” bai please drop me and swara, today adharsh bai left early ” uttara asked.
” k, go and call swara fast we will leave in 10 min and ragini be ready ” Sanskar said. ” why is she coming with you ” sujatha asked.” Yes mom ragini is joining office today ” Sanskar said.
” good ragini, I am proud of you all the best ” dp said. ragini smiled.
” see jiji, she changed Sanskar so much that now he don’t want to go to office also without her ” sujatha said in anger which is audible to ap only.
” bai I will call swara ” uttara said and about to leave.” uttara I will also come with you, I haven’t visited GM so I can see ” ragini said.
” no need, uttara you go ” Sanskar said strictly.
” this Sanskar will not give me chance to know about gododia’s. I should do something “she thought.
ragini was drinking juice she jerked suddenly spilling it on Sanskar who was sitting beside her. Sanskar got angry he want to shout on ragini but he kept quite because his family was also present their.
” sorry Sanskar ” ragini said smirking.
” it’s k ragini. I know it spilled accidentally ” Sanskar said stressing as he understood she done it on purpose by seeing her smirking.
” I will change and come ” saying he excused himself.
” swara come fast today Sanskar bai will drop us ” saying uttara entered into GM.
” what Sanskar will drop us ” Swara asked excited but she became sad as she remembered ragini. siddhant sensed swara was upset. ” no uttara, say to your bai that I will drop swara their is no need to worry about us ” siddhant said in anger. ” bai please,we already discussed about it. all these should not effect your friendship” Swara said pouting. “how can you be so nice shona. k fine as you wish” siddhant said. “bai from yesterday you are upset with Sanskar, please come with us and once talk to him he will feel happy” swara said. “no shona I had work, I will talk to him at office anyhow today we had meeting” he said and left.
“swara you are best, after knowing bai like ragini not you also you are so much worried for him that is why mom still want you only as her bahu “uttara said.
“but the truth is it will not happen. all can’t be so lucky to fullfil their every wish” swara said fake smiling to hide her pain.
siddhant who is watching them thought ” no Sanskar you can’t hurt my shona and ragini even you are responsible for it. today you both should answer me. I will tolerate anything but not my shona’s pain ”
Sanskar was changing his shirt.” I will not leave you ragini. how dare she spilled juice on me ” he thought.
Sanskar saying ragini suddenly entered the room and saw him buttoning his shirt, his bare chest is visible.
” mad girl. can’t you knock before entering ” Sanskar said turning other side.” you are behaving as if you were a girl and don’t call me mad again ” she said being annoyed.
Sanskar got more angry.” I am not a girl but I don’t like random girl to see my body. but I forgot girls like you like checking out handsome men bodies ” Sanskar said smirking.
” what do you mean by girls like me ” ragini asked she was burning in anger because of Sanskar comment.
” don’t try to act innocent I know you understood what I meant ” Sanskar said turning to her side. that’s it ragini took the glass with water and splashed it on Sanskar face.” how dare you ” Sanskar shouted.” don’t shout, I can shout more than you. don’t cross your limits and don’t you dare talk to me Like that. I am staying in your house that doesn’t mean I will tolerate your nonsense ” saying ragini was about to go while Sanskar held her elbow and pinned her to the wall. ragini tried to resist but he locked her with his both hands on her sides. he was so close to her.” I am crossing my limits ragini. now I will show you what exactly happens if I cross my limits ” saying he moved his face close to hers.” Sanskar just move ” ragini struggled but his hold is becoming more tight on her hands. as Sanskar breath touched her face ragini stopped struggling she was lost in his eyes. Sanskar anger turned into passion he moved his face more closer to her neck. she closed her eyes and turned her head to other side which made his lips touch her neck. she lost her control and tightened grip of her hand which was held by him. he started kissing her neck. soon reality stuck her and with all her force she pushed Sanskar away for her.
Sanskar realised what he was doing and he closed his eyes feeling guilty. ragini was standing in the same position tears are flowing down from her eyes. he opened his eyes and saw ragini who was lost. he went near her “I am sorry ragini” saying he tried to hold her hand but ragini jerked him and ran out sobbing. Laksh who saw ragini running out came to Sanskar to know what happened.
ragini ran outside crying. uttara and Swara who were coming to MM saw her, they were confused to see ragini in tears.
siddhant who was just back of uttara and Swara said “now what happened to this girl”. “hope it’s not serious ” uttara said.” you both go in I will go and check on her ” saying siddhant went back of ragini.

this episode is not proof read….

sorry guys if you feel it’s boring..I am little poor in writing romantic scenes… hope I am able to convey it properly… positive and negative feedback is welcomed… stay blessed…. keep smiling… spread positivity…. love you all 😘😘😘


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    Really happy and I nailed today’s episode.please try to post the next part ASAP

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    Awesome dr……. I hope sid understand tat rags is his sister……. Ragsan moments are amazing dr……. Plz update ur next ff soon dr…..

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