pyaar ka dusra namm – Sangini episode 6

Kolkata airport…
flight got landed. ragini was happy and excited where as Sanskar was angry and annoyed. she was trying hard to talk to him but he was totally avoiding her. they were waiting in the waiting room. “why are we waiting here. no one are coming to pick us. I am feeling hungry. what is famous here. will you take me to see places around. wow I am so excited” she is continuously speaking. his anger is increasing but he was controlling him self, not to lose his cool. “why are not talking now we are friends, you can share anything with me. I promise I will keep it a secret. I am expert in hiding secrets . now don’t make that angry sadoo face and tell me is their any problem” she said. he lost his cool “you are my problem now will you shut your mouth for sometime” he shouted. everyone over their are watching them. she felt embraced and hurt, tears started to flow from her eyes she left from their Sanskar who was busy in making a call had not noticed her going.
Sanskar was trying to call Laksh but it was unreachable. “I should not have asked Laksh to pick us. where was he. oh god first this girl is annoying me and now this Laksh is not even responding for my calls. were I am stuck” he thought.
ragini was in ladies washroom and crying standing in front of mirror.”no ragu you should not fall week you are doing all these to bring maa and bai together you can’t break down for such silly things. if any one are in Sanskar place he will be angry on you he was right in his place but I can’t say him truth I will try my level best to be friendly with him and his family. don’t know why he effect me so much. I should not get effected by such silly things. I should be strong ” she was looking at her’s and janki’s pic in her mobile.” mom I am doing everything for us. I know I should not have lied to you but if you come to know what I am about to do you will not allow me to come here more over you will be hurt more if you know I know everything ” she thought,
“and mr. sadoo maheshwari how much you try to avoid me you can’t and know you will only help me to reach my goal”.

Sanskar again tried calling Laksh this time call got connected. “idiot where were you flight landed 1hour back and till now you had not reached” he shouted as soon as Laksh lifted the call. “bai my car got broke down so I became late just now I reached airport where were you” Laksh said from other side. “k we are coming” he disconnected the call and turned back to find ragini was not their. “now where this girl went” he thought and went to look for her. he was searching her everywhere but she was no where to be found now his anger to concern. he was genuinely worried for her. “ragu is still a child. she don’t think about consequences she just does what comes in her mind. please take care of her. I am trusting you ” he remembered janki’s word. he was worried to hell, he called Laksh and asked him to come inside. “bai you look worried is everything fine” Laksh came to him. “Laksh ragini she is no where found” he replied. “who is this ragini” Laksh asked.”I will tell you afterwards first lets search for her “he said.” but I don’t know who is she. you just call her once ” Laksh said. “that is the problem I don’t have her number. I should not have shouted on ragini don’t know where is she now” he told worried. Laksh was amazed to see his brother worried. “where will I found her” Sanskar said. “whom you have to find” they heard a voice and turned to find ragini eating burger.

Laksh got a call he picked it and told the caller he will call in 5 min. Sanskar went to her and hugged her both Laksh and ragini were in shock by his action.”where you went without informing if you got angry or felt hurt, you should have scolded me or fight with me but don’t go like this leaving me ragini” Sanskar sounded with concern. ragini was in mixed emotions first she didn’t expect so much concern for her from Sanskar who hate her and second Sanskar was still holding her in hugging position. Laksh opened his mouth and looking at his brother.other than Laksh some one was shocked more to here what just Sanskar told. it’s non other than the caller who called Laksh,the caller was still on call hearing what Sanskar said as call had not got disconnected. ragini was still in shock realised their position and found people are starting at them, so she pushed Sanskar away from her.

Sanskar felt embraced by his action. one of the passenger passing them had said “if you love her this much why to fight with her and now romancing in public”. the caller who was still listening got pissed of and cut the call. “no aunty you are mistaken he don’t love me he is my boss so he scolded me and he is my friend so concerned for me. that’s it” ragini justified Sanskar’s action.
Laksh came near ragini and introduced him self. ragini and laksh mingled with each other in very short span of time. Sanskar got his angry man look back. “where you went without informing” Sanskar asked in cold tone. “sadoo is back again. I went to buy something for me to eat as I was feeling hungry” ragini replied. “you can ask me, what is the need for you to go. you are my responsibility don’t forget that” Sanskar said. “I told you I am hungry, you had not listened and even shouted at me” she said by making faces. “enough don’t try to justify your self. you are continuously munching chips in flight, then you had soft drink and chocolate, it’s just 1hr and you are saying you are hungry, bukad” Sanskar shot back. ragini was going to reply Laksh came and stopped them. “enough guys now anyone will tell me what is happening and bai we should go home it’s already late, chachi called me 2 times already “Laksh said.

“ragini you wait here we will be back in 10 min” saying Sanskar and laksh went leaving ragini out side the airport.”sadoo how can he leave me Like this and go, it’s good Laksh is cool not like his sadoo brother” she thought.
Sanskar explained Laksh whole situation. Laksh was laughing like hell which irked Sanskar. “is it funny here I am in tension what to say in home and you are laughing idiot” Sanskar said. “bai don’t call me that” Laksh complained. “now will you give any idea”. “just say the truth. why you are worrying so much. ragini mom helped you so as a gesture of thanks you offered her job and place to stay, and you also signed deal with them so I think Papa or chachu will not have any problem. about mom and chachi leave it to me ” Laksh assured.” thanku Laksh you are always a life saver Without you what will happen to me “saying Sanskar hugged Laksh.” bai for this small thing you are worried as if you had to introduce ragini as your lover or future wife” Laksh commented to get glares and a hit from Sanskar.

” sujatha I think you misunderstood ” ap said.” no jiji I heard it Sanskar loves a girl and even he hugged her in public” sujatha cried. “even that is true without meeting that girl we can’t decide anything” rp said. “no ji you don’t know anything. Sanskar is innocent I think that girl trapped our Sanskar. if they are hugging in public if they are private what they have done” sujatha gave horrified expression. “sujatha think before you speak here even ansh is present” ap said pointing to a small boy around 6 years. “pari take ansh to room” adharsh said to parineeta. “no Papa I want to meet my new chachi” ansh said excited.
“new chachi who is that ” asking siddhant came inside with whole gadodia family.
“sid uncle Sanskar chachu ki girl friend “ansh said innocently. all the gododia’s gave what look.” and when this happened Sanskar not even told me about it “sid complained.”see jiji I told you that girl trapped our Sanskar or else atleast Sanskar would have said it to sid” sujatha said sobbing. “chachji let Sanskar come then we will ask him directly” pari tried to control sujatha.
“ha sujatha let Sanskar come “sumi said.” we all thought of making swara our bahu and surprise Sanskar but this Sanskar chosen a girl already and gave us a surprise” sujatha complained.
swara and uttara who just came their shocked by listening Sanskar already chosen a girl. a drop of tear escaped for swara’s eyes. she controlled her self not to break in front of their families.
“sujatha don’t worry everything will be fine ” ap said and welcomed all the gododia’s to take their seat.
” how can Sanskar choose a random girl over my daughter swara ” shekar thought and anger can be seen in his face.” shekar I am sorry I was the one who gave hopes to swara with out knowing that Sanskar likes someone else “dp apologies to shekar.” ya I was angry on Sanskar but it should not affect our friendship let him come he should give explanation ” shekar sounded coldly.
” thank God maa(parvathi) and bauji (Dendeyal) or not here or else situation would have been worse. we know na how maa will react “sumi said.
sid went near swara who was silently weeping.” shona are you k “he said.” what will happen to me bai “she said.” we all gathered here to give surprise to Sanskar but in return we got surprise. from when dp uncle asked your hand for Sanskar you are very happy and suddenly all this ” he said.”bai please you don’t become sad I can’t see you like this everything that happens is destiny we can’t do anything so chill. I feeling some what sad but I am happy for Sanskar” she said and hugged him. sid caressed her hair and kissed on her forehead.
sid pov
“I know shona you are hiding your pain from me. I can fight with the whole world for you shona. if your happiness is with Sanskar then I will give you your happiness. I don’t bother who ever that girl is she should face me. I can’t let anyone snatch my sisters place just like that. and Sanskar how can he hide such a big thing from me. I even asked him many times if their is any girl in his life but he always denied saying he just want to concentrate in business love and relationship or not his cup of tea. if it’s come to my sisters life I can’t chose friendship. ”

how Sanskar and ragini face their families?? will their misunderstandings clear or still worsen??

note – maheshwari’s and gododia’s are neighbours and family frnds from past 12 years. siddhant is possessive about his sister swara. Sanskar don’t know about his family planning his marriage with swara.

don’t hate me for this guys. and don’t worry swara won’t be heart broken for more time because love will blossom between swalak soon.

siddhant Gadodia – arjun bijlani

hope you like this part… keep supporting guys…. positive and negative comments are welcomed… keep smiling… stay blessed… spread positivity
…. love you all 😘😘😘


  1. honey

    too gud n very much excited for nxt part … hope sanskar wont be harsh like this all the time with rags .

  2. Keerthu


    |Registered Member

    Omg wat will happen to ragsan……… Her own brother and family also against to them………… super twist in story…..

  3. SPP


    |Registered Member

    Awesome Superb Fantastic
    Loved it
    Now her own family is going against her
    What a twist yaar
    Sid is being possessive of Swara what will happen when he comes to know the truth
    Excited for the upcoming and yeah pov of Shekar towards his family and Janki too
    Waiting for the next one………………

  4. Malika


    |Registered Member

    He he ragini poor girl you will have to face sooo many problems…. I love the scenes when sanskar hug ragini superb. Awwwwww ragsan best of luck when you will go home. ……many misunderstanding hehhhhhhhhh amazing , superb and love it. I love when sanskar was scolding laksh. I love brother bonding. …….. Update soon can’t wait for next ep. ….

  5. Sally_blr


    |Registered Member

    OMG. First I thought Swara was on call. Sujatha. My God loved her reaction it was so funny. Awww Sanskar got concerned for Ragini. Hope Swara gets someone, probably Laksh.

  6. Berdilla


    |Registered Member

    Hi ragz teju give bond sid and ragini please i want to see sid care for ragini when ragini enter maheshwari house sid will feel he has some connection to her dear l loved it

  7. sargam

    loved ragu and ragsan hug,ummaahhhhhh
    sid is so possessive about swara but i hope he doesnt hurt our ragu ,fingers crossed
    ragu is as cute as always .jst love her a lottttttttt!!!

  8. Silent_writer


    |Registered Member

    Ooooo nooo one misunderstanding n ragini have to face many consequence shekar sid sujata n every family members hate her from now when the truth comes what will happen n how will ragini make her place in their heartss sooo much surprises loved it plz ragzz update sooon πŸ’πŸ’˜

  9. Jazzy


    |Registered Member

    it was amazing uffff now sid will hate ragini for all this and i think misunderstandings will increase but i know ragini will win everyone’s heart with her bubbly behaviour but i doubt sujata

  10. Crystal089


    |Registered Member

    awesome yaaar its tooo good……. Wow sanskar hugged ragini……… He has started loving her without his realisation………. Family is going to create huge drama waiting for next part update sooooonnnnn…………….

  11. kutty

    Awesome episode… Wow sanskaar hugged ragu nd his dialogue was amazing… OMG…Just with his one dialogue whole family started to think nd plan fr the future. Each one’s feelings are expressed well
    Update soon nd take care…

  12. Asra


    |Registered Member

    awesome dear….poor ragini ur own brother s against u….sid u r soo possessive to swara….don’t hurt or hate ragini ya…soo much misunderstanding between the both families and ragsan….
    and the way of conserved to ragini s superbbb… ragini u r sooo cute baby….love u ragsan….hope ragini will everyone hearts….waiting for ragsan love story starts…..plz update soon….eagerly waiting for nxt one….tkcr

  13. Deesh


    |Registered Member

    Fabulous epi dear. Just loved it totally. It is becoming interesting day by day. Update soon dear. Love ur story!! πŸ™‚

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