pyaar ka dusra namm – Sangini episode 11

ajay introduces ragini to the staff.. she greets them and they greets back.. she proceeds to her cabin along with ajay.. it was at the corner of the floor where their is no AC only a fan which is dieing to run.
“is this my cabin ” she asks ajay pouting. it is clear that she is not Happy with the cabin allotted to her.
” sorry ragini, it’s strict warning of Sanskar sir that this cabin should be allotted to you. from the day this office started this cabin is used to keep some old files and unnecessary stuff. even sir denied to make you sit with other staff ” ajay said. she is frowning and cursing Sanskar under her breath.
” it’s k ajay, I will adjust ” she said assuring him that she will be fine.
” sir asked you to make soft copy of projects handled by mehta group of industries and they already quitted this field so you may not get info from online so I kept old files on your desk with the help of them only you can prepare it and if you will not complete it today then sir asked you to leave the job ” ajay said in a one go being worried.
” relax ajay, I understood that karela is daaku (villan) in office. he is threatening his employees. you don’t be affraid of him. if he says you anything, you just say me I will handle it ” she said.
” karela, daaku what?? ” he asked being confused.
” I am talking about Sanskar ” she said making him chuckle.
” no ragini, sir is strict but he is good at heart. I am just worried how you will complete the work in one day. you had any experience in this work before ” he asked.
” no, I don’t know anything about it. any how thanks I will do something don’t worry ” she replied.
” k all the best. I really want to help you but today their was important meeting and even siddhant sir will be attending it I should check on it ” he said while she smiled. he left.
” wow siddhant bai will come. if this karela had not given me this work I would have got chance to know about bai and gododia’s more, but for now I should complete this or else this Sanskar will kick me out, daaku Sanskar ” she thought.
” this is first day for ragini in office and Sanskar sir gave her separate cabin ” vani one of employee said.
” I heard it from ajay that Sanskar sir know her from before ” adithi other employee replied. ” she is lucky. she is getting special treatment from Sanskar sir ” she completed.
” even if sir know her from before he should not be partial to her in office don’t know what magic she had done on sir ” vani said being annoyed.
” some one is being jealous ” adithi teased.
” stop it adithi ” vani said.
” I know yaar you like Sanskar sir very much ” adithi said.
” but what is the use I can’t say it to him and if kavitha mam knows about it she will kill me ” vani said frightened.
” yes yaar. I hate this kavitha she is having so much of attitude. thank god Sanskar sir will not give her that much attention or else she will fly ” adithi said.
“she is obsessed with sir. whole office knows about it other than Sanskar sir. if she knows he is giving special treatment to one of his lady employee I am sure she will make her life hell” vani said.
“poor ragini i am feeling pity on her. for two days she is fine, once kavitha mam returns I don’t think ragini will be able to stay here baring tortures ” adithi said.
” what should I do. I am not understanding anything. this Sanskar is doing all these to trouble me. idiot. first I don’t even know anything and he gave me so much work. even this cabin is hot.even this fan is not working properly. I will ask suraj for help ” thinking ragini tried to call suraj.
suraj was in a meeting with janki suddenly his phone rang. he cutted it again it rang.
” suraj what happened. if it’s important you pick it or else keep it silence ” janki said.
” sorry mam. just give me five min ” he said and tried to go.
” is ragini on call ” janki asked.
” how you know ” he asked.
” obiously if you are ready to leave meeting then it would be surely ragu or riya. I know riya wont call at this time as she knows you will be in meeting, who else will be their” she replied.
“mam I think ragu need any help she is continuously calling ” he said.
” don’t pick her call. I know it’s her first day and she will not understand anything so she may be calling. it’s better only by this she get irritated and return back ” janki said.
” mam we can’t be so selfish. it’s her dream to be independent ” he tried to convince.
” may be I may be bad mom for not helping my daughter but it’s only two days and I can’t concentrate on other things. so I hope she return back ” she said. suraj being helpless kept his phone in silence.
” what happened to suraj why is he not lifting my call. know I should only think of something ” ragini thought.
uttara and swara after completing their work in clg are sitting in cafeteria and chit chatting.
” uttara I applied for internship in Rd designing firm, hope I get selected. you know it is my dream to work under janki dixit. her designs are excellent ” swara said being excited. (they don’t know sanskar signed deal with Rd desinging firm and anything about janki)
” don’t worry you will get selected but do you think siddhant or shekar uncle will allow you ” uttara asked being concerned.
” Papa or bai will not say anything bit I dought they will send me to mumbai or not. I hope their Branch will be in Kolkata also. if I get selected I will convince them “swara said.
” don’t worry I am always with you ” uttara said.
” Swara mom is asking me to make you and bai get closer ” uttara said hesitating.
” what I already said I want Sanskar to like me by himself not by force but when I knew their are no chances of that I am trying to get out of it ” swara said sadly.
” I know swara, but you know mom how she is. I said k in front of her but don’t worry I will not do anything. still I hope you become my babhi ” uttara said.
” you know every wish can’t be fulfilled. just leave it and I think ragini is nice girl ” swara said.
” I don’t know about her but I am feeling pity on her. mom won’t leave a chance to separate her and bai ” uttara said.
” hope everything goes fine. you know na if Sanskar gets angry anybody can’t control him. by this relation between sujatha anuty and Sanskar should not spoil ” swara said.
” you are really so nice Swara. still you are thinking for bai happiness. I am lucky to have a friend like you ” uttara said side hugging swara.
” and I am lucky to have you ” swara said reciprocating to her hug.
” sadu maheshwari you are taking revenge from me ” shouting ragini stormed into Sanskar’s cabin.
ajay opened his mouth seeing ragini dare to call Sanskar sadu and also enter his cabin in such way. Sanskar sighed ajay to go out after he left.
” don’t you have manners ms. dixit. is this the way you address your boss ” Sanskar said mocking.
” Oh please, you wantedly given me that cabin in which their is not even fan which is working properly and more over so much work in first day still you except me to talk nicely ” ragini said annoyed.
” if you are not k with it you are free to leave the job. I am not forcing you ” Sanskar said smirking.
” on first day you should give me half day. even in school and clg their will be half day on first day. I will do all these work tmrw ” ragini said sitting in the chair talking coolly.
” this is not school and you are not student. this is my office and I will decide rules, your duty is to follow them or leave the job ” Sanskar said.
” what do you think of your self. always saying leave the job, leave the job, if I want I can get better job than this. it’s just because of mom I decided to work in this office. you should feel happy that the great ragini is working for you ” she said standing from her seat raising her voice.
” and if it’s not for janki mam I will not allow you to enter my office also ” he shouted.
” how dare you talk to me Like that “saying she took a file from the table and approached he to hit him.
he sensed it and for stopping her, he held her hands and twisted it to her back.
” don’t dare to do such stupid things. I am being nice to you so behave well ” he
said sternly. anger filled in his voice. she struggled to get away from his hold but he was strong enough he pulled her twisting her hands more . file from her hand fallen down making papers in it scatter all over the cabin. her front hit his front when he pulled her. they were so close to each other.
he was lost in her angelic face. while she was lost in his black eyes.
Sanskar moved his face near to her. she was falling week in her knees due to his closeness.
though he thinks he hate her, but his heart falls week in her presence which over powers his mind.
though she came on a mission, somewhere even she gets effected with his every gaze.
more he moves closer more she is getting nervous. ragini closed her eyes letting her tears fall and started feeling his presence, while he loosened his grip on her hands by seeing her tears but still he had not left her.
” Sanskarrrr ” saying sujatha entered his cabin.
she was shocked to see ragini and Sanskar so close to each other. Sanskar left ragini and both composed them selves. both are hell nervous while sujatha is burning in anger.
” we will go by auto or taxi. our work finished fast. bai has meeting he can’t pick us ” uttara said.
” ha uttara, bai was telling morning that he and Sanskar had meeting with their clients about their combined Venture. hope they get successful ” Swara said.
“hmm lets go” uttara said and about to turn suddenly a boy come in front of her which made her jerk.
“what the hell sahil. can’t you see and walk ” uttara said in anger.
” come on uttu darling. you know I can’t see anything if you are in front of me ” sahil said flirting.
” shut up sahil. be in your limits ” she said in anger.
” come om baby. this much anger is not good for health. I just came here to ask what you thought about my proposal ” he asked.
” I already told you, I am not interested in you and I don’t love you ” she said.
” and even I also told you, I won’t you to accept my love ” he said.
” sahil please, uttara said she don’t love you. you can’t force her. come uttara lets go ” saying swara took her away.
” if you agree or not. you are mine uttara ” sahil thought while smirking.
” idiot, why can’t he understand that I don’t like him ” uttara said to Swara.
” day by day he is becoming so obsessive about you. I think we should tell about him to elders ” swara said.
” no Swara, if mom knows she will force me to marry and if adharsh, Sanskar or Laksh bai knows they will kill sahil so let it be ” uttara said and they left.
” mom all of sudden you came to office. come sit ” saying Sanskar went near her and dragged chair for her.
” it’s good I came or else I should not have known what you are doing in office ” sujatha said in anger.
” mom it’s not as you think. we are collecting the papers which are scattered because of ragini carelessness ” Sanskar tried to justify his action and he was glaring at ragini.
” why are you saying lie Sanskar. you held my hand tight that is why papers got scattered. don’t blame me unneccesarily. fault is yours” ragini said.
” aunty don’t believe your son, he will search reasons for troubling me and balme me ” she completed.
” shut up ragini, mom don’t listen to her ” Sanskar said.
” stop it both of you. both of you left all the shame ” saying she left.
” mom their is nothing as you are thinking ” he tried to stop but sujatha left.
” what happened why aunty left in anger ” siddhant asked entering the cabin.
” sid how mom came here ” Sanskar asked.
” I went to home to bring file which I forgot. aunty asked me she want to see office and also meet ragini. so, I told her to come with me ” siddhant said.
” you idiot, what is the need to bring mom here. see now she misunderstood us ” Sanskar said.
” you are idiot not siddhant bai. if you tell anything to him I will not leave you ” ragini said.
siddhant eyes welled up listening bai from ragini. he don’t know why he is feeling connected.
” he is my frnd you don’t have right to stop me ” Sanskar said.
” stop it guys, you are fighting like kids. ragini go to your seat and Sanskar lets leave for meeting. we will talk about it later ” siddhant said.
Sanskar and ragini are giving death glares to each other and tried to go out of cabin but both got bumped as they tried to go at same time.
” you don’t know work at least you don’t know to walk properly ” Sanskar said.
” I know how to walk and even I know to work . see I will submit total report ” ragini said.
” k I will give you time till tmrw complete and show me, then I will see you know something other than fighting “he said.
” you are fighter cock not me I will show you ” she said.
” challenge ” he asked.” challenge accepted “she said.
both left in Opposite directions while whole staff is watching them open mouth.
” is any movie going on. all of you get back to your works and ajay follow me ” saying siddhant left.
siddhant pov
” ragini and Sanskar are fighting like kids don’t know how they are together. may be this is the way they show love on each other by fighting. I felt weird when ragini called me bai. why I don’t know but I am feeling connected to her. when I think of swara I feel like I failed to be a good brother. I can’t force Sanskar into a unwanted relation and it will hurt swara even more, it’s better to leave this matter and accept ragini and Sanskar relation. don’t worry Swara I will bring you the man who love you more than him ”

sorry for typos….

hope you guys are liking it.. positive and negative feedback is welcomed… keep smiling.. stay blessed… spread positivity…love you all 😘😘😘


  1. Crystal089


    |Registered Member

    awesome awesome ragsan fight was so hariculos omg they were fighting in office that too so horibly i was laughing so hard reading this part and sujitha’s sudden entry omg ragsan don’t know what others are thinking of them unknowingly they are in love rag sid bond is so good really it touched heart overall ragsan were too good plsz update soon………….

    • Crystal089


      |Registered Member

      u are making us additcted to ur ff can’t wait to read more and update humari adhuri khani eagerly waiting for it
      a request plsz if possible update next part of sangani tommorow or within this week plszzzz a big request……..
      Yaar i can’t wait to know more

  2. fira

    Awesome epi….ragsan scenes are superb…swara uttara bonding was nice…Siddharth is so caring bro…keep rocking….

  3. suhani

    Super episode..ragsan fight scenes are superb and funny…sid is nice character…. Waiting for next part soon… Update regularly… Plz …plz…

  4. sargam

    i really love this bindass and bold rags
    sanky is being really tuff to her,pls melt him soon
    swara wants to work under janki ,superb,waiting for it to cum out
    loved wen rags called sid her bro

  5. Jazzy


    |Registered Member

    suoerb ragini is sooo cool she is amazing i love her a lottt and thank god sid forgave her hegeheeeh i m thinkng what will happen when everyone will come to know that she is just a employyee

  6. Asra


    |Registered Member

    amazing update dear….omg sid support our ragini…ragsan r fighting cat…sahil love uttara…i can’t believe thz….love alot dear….waiting for nxt one…plz be regular dead it’s a kind request…tkcr dear…

  7. Kutty

    Wow dr.. Ragsan fights are so cute to watch. Each day these fighter cocks are searching for new reason to fight. But Sid thinking that this is their way to show love was awesome.. Swautt talk was nice.. Every time suji see’s ragsan in some close moments. All fate. Sid pov was nice. A possessive Bro.
    Amazing update dr… Take care nd update soon…

  8. Sally_blr


    |Registered Member

    Yay I’m the last…. I know I know sorry sweetheart. Got busy with work. Chappy was awesome again one more confusion with Sujata I’m just loving her more and more ad RagSan are so cute my god love their fights mahn. And Ragu called sid bhai that was emotional. So Swara is gonna meet Janaki soon and Suraj is so sweet yar. No Laksh today I’m just missing his and Ragini pranks. Love you so much for this keep rocking

  9. Akshata


    |Registered Member

    no sally dr, you are not, i am the one who is always come last as always.
    coming to update its so amazing. ragsan fought very cutely. sid is so understanding. somewhere he has got connected with rags. now a days sujata has became disturbance between ragsan. but i loved the way sujata behaved and thought abt them.

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