pyaar ka dusra nam – Sangini episode 14

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In restaurant….

“ragu control what are you doing you can’t let siddhant bai know about mom without knowing what happened, that bai and gododia family disowned mom ” thought ragini flashing water on her face in washroom.
she felt dizzy when she came out and was going back where they were sitting. she was about to fall when a guy held her from falling.
“where is ragini.. why she is taking so much time” thought siddhant looking at her mobile which is continuously ringing from the time she left.
“I should answer the call or else they may get worried what if it’s ragini mom who is calling ” thought siddhant and picked her mobile to answer the call and read the caller name.” riya, thank God may be it is not her mom ” siddhant took a sigh of relief after looking at the caller name.
” should I answer the call or not it won’t be nice to answer some once call but what if it’s something urgent ” thinking he picked the call before he would utter “hello”.

“are you nuts from the time you left Mumbai you not even called me or sanju once and not even aunty ” voice came from the other side in a go, siddhant was lost in the voice as soon as he came into sense he was about to say something.”what are you doing and don’t dare to say you are busy in work, you had time to talk with bai but not us. we very well know that what work you will be doing just wandering around and trying to skip office” came from the other side.
siddhant was about to open his mouth but again he was interrupted.
“what the hell, will you at least open your mouth” the girl from the other side yelled.
” at least you should give other person space to talk before you yell ” says siddhant who was irritated by then.
” what do you mean by giving space and who the hell are you to say me, wait a sec why is ragu Mobile with you. By God!!! you are the thief who steals mobiles. now say where you are I will call the police and make you get arrested ” she yelled.
” By God!!! are you serious ” says siddhant imitating her.
” you… “riya says irritated.
“hello miss first thing I am not any thief and second I had not Stolen your ragu mobile. most important and third one is, if I am thief then why would I say you my address and wait for police to come and arrest me use some brain girl ” he says.
” how dare you talk to me Like… ” and about to shout but sanju who was listening to their convo got irritated and dragged mobile from her.
” sanju yaar let me speak he is.. ” riya tried to explain.
” riyu doll please cool I will handle ” saying sanju cut her.

” sorry actually we are ragini frnds and are just worried for her that is why she reacted don’t mind. may I know who is this ” sanju tried to justify riya act giving glares to riya who is huffing in anger.
” that’s fine I am siddhant actually we are out, I mean me and ragini are in a restaurant she went to freshen up when she is back I will inform her ” siddhant talks politely which irks riya even more who is listening as call was on speaker.
” k siddhant please say ragu to call back and once again sorry for riya’s behaviour ” that’s absolutely fine bye” siddhant says.
” bye, nice talking to you ” sanju replies.

” serious riya what is the need to talk like that, I know you are angry but you can’t take it on others ” sanju says as soon as the call is ended.
” come on sanju he deserves this only see how he is talking to me ” riya says in anger.
” shut up riya he was talking sweetly only you are the one started and siddhant had not reacted on your talks if your bai is their in his position he used to yell ” sanju says.
” now don’t blame my bro for that kadoos siddhant ” riya.
” kadoos really, all used to think your are more mature than me and ragu but now you are not less than us, why are you getting irritated by that bechara siddhant poor guy if he meets you in future you would not let him leave in peace I think so ” says sanju giggling.
” why I will meet him and I am not even interested in meeting him he may be ragu’s colleague so don’t worry ” riya says.
” we can’t say what destiny decides for us, we had not expected that ragu will leave us, suraj, aunty and go to Kolkata that to with Sanskar but it happened ” sanju says.
” ha that’s true same like you fell in love with suraj bai ” riya says smirking.
” but that buddu, don’t know what he feels for me ” says sanju sadly.
” don’t worry, I know bai was not open about his feelings but I know one day he will surely realise that you are the one for him and be ready from that day I will call you babhi. babhi ji ” riya says teasing.
” riya I will not leave you ” saying sanju chases her.
” miss are you fine ” a guy asked ragini as soon as she opened her eyes.
” yaa I am fine thanku for helping ” ragini said.
” that’s fine, you are alone are anyone with you ” that guy asked her.
before ragini could reply.
” ragini I was waiting for you since long, where have you been and what happened ” asked tensed siddhant who came in search of her.
” bai relax I am fine just felt little dizzy that’s it. all thanks to him he helped ” said ragini pointing to the guy who helped her.
as siddhant spotted him he was surprised.
” jay what a surprise man. after a long time and thanks for the help ” saying siddhant hugged him.
” yaa it’s quite long and about help never mind. how are you ” jay says.
” I am fine what about you ” siddhant asked breaking the hug.
” superb and I don’t know you had two sisters as far as I know swara is your sister right ” jay asked looking confused at ragini.
siddhant let out a smile.
” ha swara is my sister and ragu is like my sister she is Sanskar’s…. ” before siddhant could say ragini felt dizzy again and about to fall both jay and siddhant helped her and made her sit.
” ragini what happened to you come Let’s go to doctor ” says concerned siddhant.
” yaa siddhant is right you should visit doctor this is second time happening like this ” says jay.
” don’t worry bai, I am fine just I had not eaten lunch that’s why I am week once if I eat I will be totally fine ” ragini says pouting.
” are you sure ” siddhant asks.
” Yes please Let’s eat our order would have become cool also by this time ” ragini Says.
” I will order again don’t worry ” siddhant says.
” no need why to waste that food and I can’t wait till the order comes ” ragini says.
jay is just looking at ragini and he was memorised by her antics.
” k come lets go, jay you also join us ” siddhant says.
” no siddhant I need to go. I will meet you and Sanskar soon and ragini take care ” jay says.
” ya thanku once again ” ragini replies with smile.
after jay leaves siddhant and ragini head to their seat and had their food.

” ragini are you fine we can once visit doctor ” siddhant says while eating.
” come on I am super fine don’t worry so much let me eat ” ragini says.
” k I forgot to say you got call I answered it ” siddhant says.
” what ” ragini chocked as she thought if it is janki.
” sorry I should not have attended it but I thought if it’s important as it was continuously ringing,so but it was from your friends ” siddhant said.
” Oh k no problem may be it must be sanju is she angry, if she was here she will eat me raw ” ragini said as he felt relief knowing the caller is not janki.
” I don’t think sanju will do like that she is talking sweetly but your another friend her name riyu I think so, she is so irritating she thought I am thief ” and he said all their convo.
ragini was laughing like hell. ” I can’t believe that riyu talked like that, mom always says that than me and sanju riyu is matured girl and mom adores her a lot, her name is riya we call her riyu ” ragini says.
” whatever ragini hope I will not talk to her again ” siddhant says. ragini again laughs.

Sanskar is deeply thinking what should he do to clear the confusion. if he directly says may be they force him to marry swara which he can’t afford that happening after knowing how madly Laksh loves swara.
” bai ragini is still not back home, how can you leave her in office and come. she is new to this city. what if something happens to her ” says Laksh entering his room after checking ragini room. he was sounding worried.
” don’t worry Laksh we should not worry about that mad girl we should worry about the people who are going to think of doing something to her so stop thinking about her and give me any plan to disclose truth ” Sanskar says wandering here and there.
” bai you are impossible what is their to think in that if again chachi or anyone will talk about your and ragini relation just say the truth, what is their to plan or think for saying the truth ” Laksh said casually.
” you don’t know Laksh it not simple as you think at least not after what happened in office ” Sanskar says thinking about his and ragini proximity.
” Sanskar we need to talk “adharsh says entering into the room.
” Laksh you go and handle ansh ” adharsh says looking at Laksh.
” k ” nodding Laksh went from the room thinking what happened now.
adharsh and Sanskar are sitting on the beanbags in Sanskar’s room balcony.
” are you sure ” adharsh asks.
” about what ” Sanskar says.
” k Sanskar let me say directly, thinks were going perfect till we got to know about you and ragini ” adharsh says.
” bai I can explain about it…. ” Sanskar was about to say but he was interrupted by adharsh.
” we don’t want your explanation Sanskar we trust you. I and your babhi we both are happy, even everyone would have been happy if you said about ragini before we fixed your alliance with Swara. it’s not that we don’t like Ragini but you know it’s all sudden we need time and papa said we are not going to talk about this matter so no one are daring but yesterday chachu came and asked me to talk to you about it and explain the things. Papa is feeling himself responsible for breaking swara hopes because he was the one who asked her hand. so till everything between gododia’s and us get sorted out it’s better you send ragini back after few days we will go and ask her hand. think about it ” adharsh finishes and leaves.
” Oh no this matter is serious than I thought of now I say their is nothing between me and ragini they will not believe and if they believe they will definitely force me to marry swara. if I deny to marry swara it will be disrespectful for bade Papa . I can’t see bade Papa hurt. now everyone are confused so let this confusion be their and as bai said if I send ragini away their will not be any problem. after few days when Laksh and swara get along each other I can say me and ragini broke up. ha this will be great ” Sanskar thinks.
all are seated on dinning for dinner. Laksh was little worried for ragini as she not yet reached.
” ladies and gentle man here comes the gajar ka halwa ” saying uttara and swara comes to the dinning.
” arrey wow I know swara would have made it, see jiji swara is so sweet and that ragini she is still not back home ” says sujatha making faces.
swara is just looking at Sanskar while Laksh is staring at swara both their hearts are paining knowing that the person they love are not in love with them.
” Sanskar morning she went with you then why she had not returned till know ” ap asked concerned.
” wo badi maa actually… ” he looks at Laksh to give him any idea but Laksh sighs him to say the truth.
” she is handling a project which is very important and tmrw is last day so she was working late ” Sanskar says but now he also started worrying about ragini but he don’t want to accept it.
” ansh now come have dinner and go to bed. adharsh ji please help me this shaitaan is not listening to me ” saying pari dragged ansh and made him sit.
” ansh you are my prince come have dinner like a good boy ” adharsh said.
” no Papa no one loves me from two days you are not letting me meet new chachi only I hate you all and specially Sanskar chachu I hate you I will not eat till new chachi comes ” ansh says pouting and making faces.
Sanskar who was drinking water chocked hearing ansh. Laksh glared Sanskar and thought” why the hell, bai is not saying truth “.
” wo ansh I will make you meet ragini instead we will play with her once she is back ” Sanskar says he was continuously looking at the main door hoping she might be back.
” I should not have taken Laksh lightly what if something happens to her and I promised janki mam to take care of her ” he thinks.
he keep on calling her but she is not picking the call.
” Sanskar eat why are you not eating ” ap says.
” I am just checking what taking ragini this much time ” he says.
swara feels hurt seeing his concern for ragini.
” I will go aunty ” swara start to leave before that siddhant and ragini comes inside.
” hai everyone ” ragini says smiling.
all are shocked to see her with siddhant.
” ragini are you nuts where is your mobile why are you not picking up my call ” asks Sanskar nearing them in worried tone.
” why should I, you shouted on me first say sorry then only I will talk to you ” ragini says folding her hands.
” no ragini even if he say sorry you should not talk to him till he realises his mistake ” siddhant says glaring Sanskar.
” what if siddhant got to know the truth ” Sanskar thought.
” exactly bai he scolded in office I will not talk to him ” ragini made faces.
Sanskar got releived knowing why siddhant is angry.
all maheshwari’s are amazed seeing their bonding in shot span of time.
” bai I will come in few mintues by keeping these files in room” saying ragini went to her room by taking files siddhant helped her to carry inside.
” siddhant.. ” before Sanskar could speak siddhant says ” aunty say Sanskar not to talk to me unless ragini forgive him i am not going to talk to him ”
” this is too much yaar I know I did a mistake I should not have shouted on her I was just frustrated with the work ” Sanskar says hiding the truth.
” we are also frustrated with you because you scolded ragini, she had not eaten her lunch and she fainted if you love her then take care of her. thank god now she is fine as I made her eat ” siddhant says glaring him.
” what ragini fainted, how is she fine, wait I will call the doctor as far as I know her she would denied you to take her to doctor ” Sanskar says in a go.
all are amazed again to see his concern towards her.
” first I will go and check on her ” saying Sanskar went to ragini room.
” I will go now I just came to drop ragini swara come ” siddhant says.
” siddhant, swara have dinner and go ” says ap.
” no aunty I ate with ragini to give her company, swara you have it I will wait for you ” siddhant says.
” no bai it’s fine I will have some other day ” swara says.
” no way you should eat and go come ” saying sujatha took swara to dinning.
” siddhant at least have this sweet swara and uttara made it ” saying ap gave a bowl of halwa to siddhant.
” mom see I finished my dinner I will go and meet chachi ” saying ansh runned to ragini room.
” why bai is making things more complicated by hiding the truth but I feel bai concern for ragini is genuine. if bai and ragini come together I will the most happiest person but not like this ” Laksh thought he came to sense when siddhant asks” where you are lost “.
” ragini are you fine ” asked Sanskar as he entered her room.
” karela maheshwari get out of my room ” she shouted as she saw him.
” see ragini don’t show me attitude, I was just concerned as I promised janki mam to look after you ” he mocks at her.
” oh please don’t show me your fake concern you want to throw me out that is why you are creating situations and making it hard for me. now I will also see how you will win. I will win this challenge and show you what I am ” she says.
” lets see how you will win. I know your brain is just of no Use ” he says.
” look who is talking as if he is having brain sadu maheshwari ” ragini murmurs.
” shut up I heard that and don’t dare to call me with such weird names ” Sanskar says glaring her.
” I will call with what ever name I want you can’t snatch my freedom karela maheshwari ” she says.
” you I will not leave you… “saying he neared her pointing his finger.
ragini holds his finger and bends it. Sanskar winches in pain.
” this is for shouting on me in front of everyone, is it paining ” she says smirking.
Sanskar’s anger reaches peak.
” now I will show you what is pain ” saying her he pinned her to wall holding her shoulders.
” Sanskar leave me mental, idiot leave me” saying she started hitting Sanskar on his chest with her both hands.
he held her hands and pinned it on the both sides of her head in order to stop her.
” leave me sadu maheshwari ” shouts ragini. but his hold on her became more tight.
” first say that you will not call me with that weird names, then only I will leave you ” saying he made his hold tight.
” k no problem don’t leave me but I will call you like that only daku maheshwari ” she says.
” what the hell from where you will get such names mad girl ” he says without letting her free.
” I am serious I will not leave still you stop calling me like that ” he says.
” I will call you like that only sadu, daku, mental, idoit, karela ” she will be continuously shouting the names loudly.
Sanskar gets irked with her behaviour in order to stop her from shouting as his family may hear her, he sightly pecked her lips.
” now shout ” he says smirking.
ragini was shocked at his action and opened her eyes wide not knowing how to react.
” awww chachu, you kissed chachi I will say this to dad ” saying ansh went out of room running who just came to talk to ragini.
” shit why this always happens to me ” Sanskar said under his breath and rushed to stop ansh.
ragini was not in sense to realise what is happening.
” what he think of himself, idiot how can he do that, that to without my permission. how can he kiss me just like that though it is just a peck but how can he. it’s your mistake ragu when ever their comes the situation where he gets close to you, you will be lost in him and get lost in his eyes like a sick puppy which made him to take you for granted. I hate you mr. not so cool Sanskar maheshwari. till now I had not said anything feeling guilty for you forcing into these things but now I will show you hell.I will make sure you repent for this deed ” ragini says to herself looking into the mirror . she caresses her lips unknowingly thinking about what happened just few minutes ago.
” not again, Just brush of your stupid thoughts ragu ” saying she hits her head.
” Papa chachu kissed new chachi ” ansh shouted descending the stairs. Sanskar rushed to him and closed his mouth lifting him in air.
” ansh is becoming naughty, he is just joking ” sanskar said to his family who are glaring them.
some confused, some angry, some shyly.
ap sighs pari to take ansh inside.
” ansh come you had met ragini now it’s time to go to bed ” saying pari took him into her hands from Sanskar.
” but mom I had not talked to chachi, when I went chachu and chachi are busy ” ansh said innocently. Sanskar felt embarrassed while pari said ” shut up ansh you are becoming naughty “.
” Papa see mom is again shouting on me I am saying truth ask chachu ” ansh cried.
adharsh glared Sanskar for creating this situation while Sanskar felt helpless and fake smiled.
” pari you finish your dinner I will take ansh ” saying he went up holding ansh in his embrace.
” dever ji please control at least till marriage ” pari says teasingly when she gets glares from sujatha she goes from their.
dp and rp give hopeless look before going to their rooms.
” Sanskar come and have dinner ” ap says.
” where is ragini ” ap asks.
” I am here aunty ” ragini descends from stairs and takes her seat on dinning unaware of the situation.
Swara feels hurt by all those happenings.
” I am hungry what is their for dinner ” asking ragini checks the dishes and starts serving herself.
” ragini you will eat all of that we just had food outside ” siddhant asks looking at her plate.
” bai don’t eye my food, that is my lunch share which I had now I should have dinner ” saying she started eating.
all gets shocked by her answer while siddhant and Sanskar gets dought seeing her food habits.
Sanskar is avoiding eye contact with everyone specially ragini as he was feeling guilty at his stupidity but she had some other plans to trouble Sanskar.
ragini stamps Sanskar foot under the table.
ah… Sanskar shouts.
“what happened Sanskar ” ragini asks while all give confused look.
” nothing ” saying Sanskar bent his head and started eating but again ragini stamps his foot making him gasp.
” what happened ” ap asks.
” I think Sanskar want to eat desserts don’t feel shy Sanskar this is your family only ” ragini says smirking.
” take this halwa swara made it ” says sujatha to grab Sanskar’s attention towards swara.
” halwa wow I know it is Sanskar favourite aunty I will serve him “saying she takes the bowl from sujatha.
sujatha gets angry on ragini but she thinks not to react in front of Sanskar or else he would defend ragini and go against her.
” you know aunty Sanskar like halwa very much when he came to our house he ate two bowls of halwa just because i served it ” ragini says.
Sanskar gets idea what she is saying he remembers what happened when he ate dessert served by ragini. his face colour changes when he remembered that incident.
” eat Sanskar ” ragini says serving him.
” what if again she planed something like before it’s better if I don’t eat ” Sanskar thinks.
” wow swara it’s yummy ” ragini says as she takes bite.
” no I don’t want to eat halwa ” Sanskar says and about to leave.
Swara feels bad as she thinks Sanskar is not eating because it is made by her.
” arrey why you will not eat ” saying ragini made Sanskar sit in his chair by holding his hand and she fed him halwa forcedly. Sanskar ate making faces. he had not opposed her thinking all may get dought.
Laksh was confused at their behaviour.
” eat halwa karela because from tmrw I will make your life bitter then how much sweet you eat you can’t find sweetness ” ragini thought as she fed him forcedly.
swara went from their a she can’t take it any more. all of them felt bad for swara.
” this ragini is behaving as wife before marriage only, what ansh is saying, what if everything happened between them then no sujatha nothing happened before anything happens I should seperate them. she is not correct for my Sanskar ” sujatha thinks.
swara is crying in the lawn. tears are not stoping they are flowing from her eyes.
she felt someone hand on her shoulder and turned around wiping her tears and finds uttara.
” don’t stop swara let you tears flow so that you feel light ” uttara says.
swara immediately hugged uttara and cried her heart out.
” I can’t uttara, I can’t take it any more how much I try to make my mind that Sanskar can’t be mine but this stupid heart is not accepting the truth it is feeling pain when ever it sees Sanskar and ragini close. I am feeling left out uttara. what is my fault why God is punishing me like this. don’t I deserve to be loved. am I not capable of being in Sanskar’s life ” swara says letting out her tears. finally she was burst out but this made many hearts pain. uttara was caressing her back.
siddhant and laksh who followed her were hurt seeing her pain.
siddhant felt helpless not able to fulfil her sisters wish.
Laksh felt helpless as he can’t say that she was also loved by someone and that is him.
someone who was not only hurt but also he was in anger.
siddhant and laksh shocked when they spotted shekar who was watching them from window of his room.
shekar made a fist as he can’t see his angel in pain. swara is his life and his angel.
siddhant was worried about shekar’s anger which may cause trouble to both Sanskar and ragini.
though siddhant was still upset with Sanskar and ragini relation but he can’t stop himself from caring ragini as he felt unknown relation with her. he was feared if he had to choose between his sister who is his life and for the girl whom he feels as his sister.

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