pyaar ka dusra nam -sangini episode 13


” I am fine uttara, don’t give me that look. I accepted my fate and please don’t start your lecture. come today we will make any dish for both the families. we can serve it during dinner, and see they will feel happy” Swara dragged her in to the kitchen.
” how can you be like this swara, in every thing you will try to find the good. bai is really unlucky to miss you ” uttara hugged her.
” now will you help me or you will continue to do this emotional attyachar “. Swara broke the hug.
” k say me what will we prepare ” uttara asked by entering into kitchen.
” hmmm lets make any sweet dish, gajar ka halwa ” swara says by taking carrots from the fridge.
” I know swara you want to make gajar ka halwa because Sanskar bai likes it. how much you try to hide, I can spain in your eyes . hope everything gets fine and you found the man who loves you more than anything in the world ” uttara thought. she came out of thoughts when swara asked her to pass the bowl and smiled.
” what is happening in my kitchen ” saying sumi entered.
” mom we are making sweet today for dinner ” swara says.
” and don’t worry aunty we will clean after we finish ” uttara says.
” you better do that, or else next time no entry in my kitchen ” sumi says by folding her hands.
Swara and uttara nods like children.
” swara are you fine “sumi said caressing her face.
” mom I am fine, why everyone are making me feel sick while I am trying to move on ” swara says irritated by assuring everyone that she is fine. when she realises the way she spoke with sumi she feels guilty and says sorry by turning the other side. sumi goes from kitchen by hiding her tears.
” swara I will just come ” saying uttara went back of sumi.
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ragini is walking out of the office. tears are making their way from her eyes, they are not ready to stop. ajay who was coming with her for helping her to carry files and he was feeling bad for her.
“ragini are you fine what happened, why are you crying ” asked concerned siddhant who was waiting for her, when he spotted ragini in tears.
” nothing I was just fed up with the work, but what to do I should complete the challenge ” ragini said wiping her tears and making situation lite.
” are u sure ” he asked as he was feeling that she is not k and he sighed .
” ha come lets go I am feeling dam hungry. this is the first time I skipped my lunch ” she said pouting.
” what you not had lunch, k come first we will go to some retaurant and have something ” siddhant said.
” ha lets go. ajay thanks for the help ” she said taking files from him and assuring him that she is fine.
” take care ragini ” saying he left thinking why she hided that Sanskar sir had scolded her, that is why she is upset.

” momma I am back from school ” ansh rushed into the house.
” ansh be care full don’t run ” adharsh said getting down from the car.
” dadi and choti dadi where is new chachi I won’t to meet her, momma said I can meet her when I am back from school ” saying he jumped in to the sofa.
dp and rp who were drinking tea after returning from office shocked by hearing ansh.
sujatha was glaring pari for not making him understand that ragini is not new chachi while anapurna gave helpless look.
” ansh come first I will make you fresh till then ragini will come ” saying adharsh lifted ansh and went to room after getting glares from pari.
” I will go and help adharsh ji in finding things ” saying pari left as she thought it’s better to avoid the situation.
” no one will listen to me, I should show them swara is perfect for Sanskar not ragini ” sujatha thought.

” Sanskar you came, come and have tea ” ap says to Sanskar, who just came from office.
” badi maa I am not feeling to have you all carry on ” Sanskar says and about to leave.
” why he will have jiji now his priorities changed ” sujatha said taunting.
” mom please not again, I am tired just let me live in peace ” saying Sanskar left being irritated.
” see jiji how he was talking to me, my son changed so much, no no that ragini changed my Sanskar ” sujatha said sobbing.
” your son is not a kid to get changed by influence of a girl. he was behaving like this because you pampered him and he was taking everything for granted. I am fed up with you both mother and son
he brought a girl without informing us and his mom is making every little thing a issue. I feel pity on ragini who will be stuck with these both mother and son duo” rp says.
“ji I will not say you anything it’s not that you can taunt me everytime ” sujatha says in between her sobs.
” rp and sujatha, you had a son and daughter who are at the age of marriage and you are still fighting like young married couple. even pari and adharsh won’t fight like this. leave these matter “ap says.

” Laksh I am done with that mad girl. she had made my life hell. you know what because of her today Siddhant talked to me very rudely and in our 15 years friendship this was the first time I saw siddhant this angry on me. he always fights for me but today he fought with me” Sanskar said storming into Laksh room. he was waiting for Laksh to respond but Laksh was lost somewhere.
“is everything fine are you listening to me. reply me dam it ” he said being irritated.
“Laksh are you alright, is everything fine ” he asked being concerned after looking at Laksh who is still lost it his own world.
“Laksh you can share it with me. what ever the matter is I will always support you and you know that” saying Sanskar Sat beside Laksh and held his shoulder to grab his attention.
Laksh immediately hugged him not able to control his emotions.
” swara doesn’t love me but she loves you bai ” saying Laksh cried like a kid who lost his favourite candy.
” what? are you out of your mind Laksh it may be a misunderstanding she Wont love me and how can you say the she loves me ” Sanskar says being confused by caressing Laksh back.
” no bai it’s true swara loves you and even our family and her family knows about it ” Laksh says still sobbing.
” no it can’t be true. don’t worry Laksh I will talk to her and clear everything.its her childishness not love and you both are made for each other no one can change it ” Sanskar said breaking the hug.
” no bai, nothing can be changed the truth is I am not the one for her “Laksh says being disappointed.
” how can you say that when even for once you had not tried to say her your feelings. more over we know swara from our childhood she is the girl who will not open up instantly so you should try hard to make her realise that you are perfect for her ” Sanskar says.
” now their is no Use of all these bai swara loves you and all want you to marry her and now even I want that to happen. she will be perfect for you “Laksh says keeping stone on his heart.
” you say it by looking at me Laksh “Sanskar says to Laksh who was turning other side as he was not able to face Sanskar.
” bai please don’t make situation complicated ” Laksh says.
” it’s not me Laksh it’s you who is making it complicated. see Laksh I don’t know what made you or all think that swara loves me but I don’t think she does even if she thinks she does also it is just her infatuation, because i always treated her as how I treat uttara and I can’t even imagine something like that. if even we get married I will never be able to look at her in that way.
look at me you should show her how much you love her and make her realise. so now stop thinking to sacrifice your love and all that shit, concentrate on how to impress swara and I know my brother is super talented he can do anything ” Sanskar says patting Laksh shoulder. Laksh smiles.
” bai I don’t want to force swara to fall in love with me. it should happen instantly and about impressing her I want her to love me the way I am ” Laksh says dreamily.
” I know saying this only you never told about your feelings to her or anyone in our house ” Sanskar said giving him you will not change look” but see one day you both will be together and I am not just saying it, I am feeling it will happen for sure ”
” thanks bro ” saying Laksh hugged Sanskar.
” acha now you will say thanks to your bro thatโ€™s not fair “Sanskar says breaking the hug and pouted by turning his face away.
” nobody will believe that the great Sanskar maheshwari also behaves like kid sometimes ” Laksh says getting irritated with Sanskar tantrums.
” k fine stop your nautanki, I will not say thanks. you are saying something while you entered into the room ” Laksh asks.
Sanskar explains all the things that happened in office.
” I am not understanding anything Laksh, I am too confused ” Sanskar says by leaning on the couch.
” but I understood everything ” Laksh says sitting beside Sanskar and trying hard to control his laugh but not able to control he was laughing holding his stomach.
” from morning I am trying to figure out what is happening around me but you understood in a go. now stop laughing and tell me whatโ€™s wrong with all ” Sanskar says after throwing the cushion at Laksh.
” bai first promise me you will not shout then only I will say ” he says.
” you are saying I will do nautanki then what is this “Sanskar says when he gets glares from Laksh” k fine don’t give me that look, come on say me “.
” actually all our family members and even gododia’s misunderstood that ragini is your… your” Laksh hesitates.
” my… what ” Sanskar asks not able to control his curiosity.
” your girl friend ” Laksh completes .
” what the hell ” Sanskar shouts top of his voice.
” bai slowly control your excitement or else all maheshwari’s will be in my room ” Laksh says supressing his laugh.
” shut up, how can they even think that crazy stupid girl as my girl friend. I never ever will love that girl ” says annoyed Sanskar.
” I never said anything like love, whatโ€™s the matter something something ” Laksh asks.
” nothing nothing now say it clearly what happened or else I will also become mad then it comes on you to handle two mad people ” Sanskar says.
” bai cool, actually chachi thought of making you and ” Laksh stop not able to even think of swara with SomeOne that to Sanskar.
” I can understand ” Sanskar says sensing it was about swara.
” hmm your marriage, but they misunderstood you are in love with ragini so that is my Papa cancelled that alliance and he gave time to think about ragini. chachi doesn’t like Ragini so she is angry with you and rest of our family are trying to give a chance to ragini so that she can prove herself for being maheshwari bahu and your wife. coming to gododia’s they accepted that now their is no chance of this alliance but are upset with you that is the reason they all reacted like that ”
Laksh says.
” this much happened and I don’t know anything. now I am understanding why mom always reacts weird when ever she sees me and ragini close ” Sanskar says as if he realised something.
” really you had not said me that ” Laksh asks.
” what, about mom weird behaviour ” Sanskar asks back.
” no about you and ragini being close ” Laksh says smirking.
” shut up are else I am going to kick you. but still I am understanding first siddhant was angry because he was upset on swara’s matter, now he was angry because he thinks I am irresponsible towards ragini ” Sanskar says figuring out what exactly happened.
” wow bai Happy realisation ” Laksh says sarcastically.
” now what should I do ” Sanskar asks.
” I think you should clear everything or else don’t know about others but chachi will not leave a chance to trouble ragini ” Laksh says and go from their leaving Sanskar who was in deep thoughts.

” corn soup and hakka noodles ” ragini and siddhant say at a time when they asked for their order by waiter.
waiter leaves after taking the order.
” our tastes are so similar ” siddhant says being surprised by knowing her favorites.
” ha ” ragini replies lost in thoughts.
” ragini still you are thinking about what happened in office ” siddhant asks being concerned.
” how do you I had not said anything ” ragini asks coming out of her thoughts.
” so I am right something happened which is hided from me and if I am not wrong it is related to Sanskar ” Siddhant says.
” ha that karela will not leave a chance to scold me but now I am not thinking about it I think he was upset with something that is why he reacted like that. now I am thinking about mom” ragini says.
” you are missing her ” siddhant asks.
” ha I am missing her so much. you know when I said I will go to kolkatta with Sanskar see happily agreed but from when I reached here from then she not even talked to me ” ragini says sadly a drop of tear escapes from her eyes.
” because she is missing you so much so by avoiding talking with you she want to lessen her pain ” siddhant says patting her shoulder.
” may be you are right. shall I say one thing you make me remember my mom if she was in your place may be she used to say the same. if you were her son my mom would be the happiest person in the world as she thinks I am so stupid ” ragini says pouting.
” oh shut I missed a chance to be brother of stupid sister and son of awesome mom ” siddhant says joking.
” no bai you had not missed it the truth is we missed you ” ragini says.
” what I am not getting it ” siddhant asks confused.
” that is my mom says I am stupid I will talk all stupid things leave it I will go to rest room and come ” saying ragini leaves.
” everytime I talk with ragini i feel something weird. I think she is not saying stupid things I feel every word she utters had a deep meaning inside it ” siddhant thinks.

sorry guys this part has no ragsan scenes but from next part it will be full of ragsan. their nok jhok and romance with some confusions๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜.
I thought of making siddhant (arjun bijlani) and riya (rati pandey) as pair. sidiya and swalak love story will also be started by next part and most awaited gododia’s pov about ragini and janki.

hope you guys are liking it.. positive and negative feedback is welcomed… keep smiling.. stay blessed… spread positivity…love you all ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜


  1. Dhivya

    atlast u posted it. plz post once in a weak atleast. missed it. waiting for next part. plz post asap. waiting for ragsan scenes

  2. lisa

    after a long ime so much missed this loved it love when ragu do childish naughty thinks too irrate sanakar n loved it when hee lost all his senses around ragu

  3. SPP


    |Registered Member

    Awesome Superb Fantastic
    Finally U updated it
    Sammy came to know the mess
    What he is going to do now
    Waiting for the next one…………..

  4. fira

    Nice epi….sidrag bonding was awesome…..sanlak bonding was mindblowing….lak is so caring…swara is very lucky to have lak in ur ff…pls be regular…waiting for ur next updates….

  5. Sally_blr


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    I don’t know what you have planned please don’t end this confusion till Sujata also starts liking Ragini. It’s my humble request. I will seriously miss her antics mahn. And Laksh oh god he loves Swara so madly. And thank God Sanky knows about it and he doesn’t consider her that way. I know whatever Sanky told was right. Thank you for bringing Laksh in Swara’s life. And ya I missed my RagSan today but you compensated with RagSid bonding which was like cherry on the cake and I’m excited for RiyaSid love story to start. They are my fav yaar. I could never digest Arjun beside anybody else after miley jab hum tum. Thanks a ton. And please little Suraj Sanju scenes also yar. I know I’m being selfish but what to do this story is making me curious about every character’s love story.

      • Jazzy


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        Yuo i was crazy after them sree i just watched even repeat episodes tooo all the day and my sis fought with me for this always hehehee but i was crazy and never loved crazily after that only i liked khushi and barun pair and now raglak tooo but not crazy about them

    • Ragz_teju



      I am not going to end it instead their will be another confusion ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜… suraj and sanju love story will be on hold for 2 or 3 more parts but after that I will give screen space for them they are first pair of this ff I will show it specially … every pair has their story…. you will get ragsan scenes in next part. .. thanku so much dear

  6. Crystal089


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    awesome yaar loved it sidrag bond was good and i am angry last time u said u would updatesooon but sooo late
    ur punishment update ur both ff’s and this time no delay

  7. Asra


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    fabulous dear….ragsid and sanlak bonding superbbb….loved it….missed ur update dear…u r so late….waiting for ragsan moments…tkcr dear….

  8. Richa19


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    Awesome update!!!!

    But doesn’t sanskaar n laksh knew that sans is getting married swara??? Or the family was just planning? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    Waiting for ragsan scenes…

    • Ragz_teju



      no dear they don’t know, family want to surprise Sanskar and dp considers Laksh irresponsible and he may say it to Sanskar so he was also not informed… thanku dear.. you will get ragsan scenes in next part

  9. Kutty

    Atlast a superb update dr. Finally some confusions are cleared. How Sanky is gonna clr all this with his family. If he clears thn again they ll speak of swasan marriage. No… My mind is working very bad. Waiting to know what ll actually happen. Sanlak convo is nice. Take care.

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