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hi guys… I know I am too late… I told I will be regular but sorry I was not able to make it up… may be from now I will try but I can’t promise as for few days I may be stuck up with some work… sorry once again and thanku for giving so much love to this ff…

today the chappy will be little serious but it is very much necessary for further chapters..–+Sangini+

“Oh God!! I challenged that mental sanky but how I will complete this report. I am not understanding at least basic details. why I should behave so stupid. what I will do now. even suraj is not attending my call” thought ragini roaming here and their in her cabin.

“come on ragu you can do it, still their is time till tmrw you can do anything. nothing is impossible for you. start the work now may be you can do it ” thinking ragini again started to go through the old files and trying to understand.
“sujatha at least sit and have something , you are roaming here and there from the time you had returned from Sanskar’s office. you are not even saying what happened their and how come Sanskar let you come by taxi that to alone, he should at least have sent driver with you ” said ap trying to figure out what actually happened which made sujatha so restless.

” what is left to happen jiji, that girl totally took Sanskar under her control before marriage only. if their marriage happens then Sanskar will not even remember us. he will become mad after that ragini no no he already became mad after her ” exclaimed sujatha.

” chachi ji say clearly what you want to say we are not getting what you want or what you are saying ” said pari wondering what happened that made sujatha so upset.

swara and uttara entered MM and saw sujatha in anger.

” swara let’s go to your home I think mom is super anger I don’t want to be her prey yaar ” said uttara leaning against door.

” shut up uttara, if aunty is angry you should cool her not make fun of her ” swara said hitting uttara on her shoulder playfully.

” devi maa, please don’t start your purana. I am tired yaar that sahil irritated a lot. I am not in a mood to listen to mom’s complaints rather you can insecurities. come Let’s go before she notices us ” saying uttara tried to drag swara but it’s too late sujatha saw them and called them in. they entered inside hesitatingly.

” look at swara jiji, she is so down to earth. she completed her graduation in fashion designing still she doesn’t ware such short clothes though she is modern girl of today. she respect elders, knows all our traditions and especially she is so beautiful. don’t know what Sanskar saw in that ragini, he became mad back of her” said sujatha caressing swara face.

swara don’t want to show that she is upset with Sanskar and ragini relation. she just want Sanskar to be happy, she accepted them but she is not understanding how to react in this situation. she don’t want sujatha or any of the family members to get upset on Sanskar because of her. she want to be the reason for Sanskar’s happiness if not being with him may be being away from him and letting him move on in his life ahead with ragini.

“we know sujatha our swara is best but what we can do now. we should not dig this topic again. you know sanskar is not like the other guys if he had chosen ragini he must be serious about it we should respect his decision ” ap said.

” ha chachi please once try to understand ragini she might be a nice girl. we should not judge her without knowing about her completely ” said pari.

” and we all love swara, it’s not that we don’t want her as our bahu but may be Swara and Sanskar are not destined to be together ” ap said.

” Hello ladies what is happening missing me ” saying Laksh came to them sliding down the railing down the staircase.

all started glaring him…

” Laksh bai can’t you see, the situation is serious and you will always be in the mood of masti ” taunted uttara.

” what can be expected from this boy, when you all not have any problem with Sanskar and ragini relation then why it will effect him. Laksh is the first among us to know about Sanskar and ragini relation and still he had not informed about it to us ” said sujatha showing her anger.

” what relation you are talking about chachi and why you all are so serious ” Laksh asked casually.

” Laksh we are not in the mood to listen your stupid talks. you are at fault. if you had informed us about Sanskar we would not have asked shekar ji for swara’s hand and now situation would have been better, no one would have been upset “. ap said.

Laksh was shocked knowing that they were trying to make swara get married to Sanskar.

” mom you have never said about it to me. how can you think of asking swara’s hand for bai ” Laksh said being upset.

” ha Laksh we know we should not have done that. at that time we don’t know about ragini being Sanskar girl friend so we had taken this step. but don’t worry now Papa ji had strictly instructed not to talk about this matter and he want to give ragini a chance ” exclaimed pari.

” what ragini is bai girl friend!!! when this happened ” Laksh said, he was getting one after the other shock.

” come on you are reacting as if you are unaware of it. how much you try to act that you don’t know about it now no one believe so don’t even try ” said uttara making him more confused.

” k leave all that, Laksh will never change but chachi ji still you had not said what made you so angry “asked pari.

” you are asking what made me angry pari, in our family none of them behaved I such way till date. Sanskar and ragini are doing romance in office. do you believe my innocent Sanskar has become lover boy ” sujatha uttered angrily.

Laksh was continuously looking at swara still he was not able to believe that their families had thought of swara and Sanskar marriage.
swara who was trying hard to control her emotions she turned to a side to hide her tears which started following after listening about Sanskar and ragini closeness. this was noticed by Laksh and even his eyes became teary but he wiped it before any one notices it.

“mom will you stop now. it’s bai’s life just live it on him. why you want to control it. me and swara are going to her house. I will be back for dinner ” saying uttara dragged Swara out as she sensed swara would be upset.

” sujatha please when ever swara is around don’t bring this topic we all know that she love Sanskar we should make her to move on not to remind her what she lost ” saying ap went inside.

sujatha was still not yet convinced she don’t want ragini and Sanskar to come close.

” Oh God please make everything fine. swara is such a sweet girl I can’t see her like that. how much she is trying to be happy but I can see clearly the pain in her eyes when she sees Sanskar with ragini ” said pari and left from their.

Laksh who listened had got the clear picture of what happening in their house . he was feeling as if ground under his legs was snatched. he was not understanding how to react. he also want ragini and Sanskar to be together as he feels they make a perfect couple he must be the most happiest person and would enjoy this confusion if his love was not in love with his brother. Yes his love… swara… he had a crush on her since childhood. he used to flirt with other girls and has many friends in girls but none of them are so special as swara to him. they were best buddies in childhood but by growing up they just remained family friends. he never tried hus Luck over her as he truly believed in love and destiny.
“I should have thought before, today everything is just spoiling and this is all because of that mad girl. now even meeting was cancelled. you know siddhant the day she came into my life everything is happening against my wish . stupid girl out of no where she is making my life hell ” screamed Sanskar after entering his cabin by bagging the door with full force.

” relax dude, it’s just cancelled due to the clients personal issues. we are no where responsible for it and what is ragini fault in it. she don’t even involved in it don’t take your angry on that innocent soul ” said siddhant by filling the glass with water and handing it over to Sanskar.

” you don’t know anything about that crazy creature, if you know then you won’t be talking like this and I suggest you better you don’t know about her. she is just a headache ” said Sanskar relaxing himself on the chair and resting his head by closing his eyes.

” you both seems like kids blaming each other for everything that happens without even if you are not part of it. great!! if this is the way you both show love on each other, it may be k with u but the people around you really get pissed of with it ” said siddhant making himself comfortable in the chair opposite Sanskar.

” where did the love come from that to with that mad girl. I would rather prefer being single through out my life than loving her ” said shocked Sanskar opening his eyes with a jerk.

” what do mean Sanskar, Just because of a silly fight you are calling of your relationship. how can you be so unfaithful. I didn’t expect such sort of behaviour from you.I never expected you to be so narrow minded blaming everything that happens to be the mistake of the girls around us. disgusting man ” saying siddhant got up from his chair and started leaving the cabin leaving shocked and confused Sanskar who was still figuring out what is happening.

” and one more thing I am happy that swara was not married to you. I am feeling of being so stupid that I want you and swara to get along with each other but I am glad something like that had not happened and now it will never happen also. I am really feeling pity for ragini, try not to hurt her may be our relation may not be real but I with my heart accepted her as a sister when she called me ‘bai’. I will not spare you if I get to know that she is hurt because of you. it’s a warning Sanskar don’t take it so lightly. you know about me more than my self hope you had not forgotten it like you forgot other things when you shifted to mumbai for few days ” said siddhant and left the cabin. anger can be seen clearly in his face.

” what the hell just happened!!! am I dreaming or it is real ” exclaimed Sanskar to himself gulping up the whole glass of water. he was shocked and confused fully.
” bai will you please drop me. I don’t want to go home with that karela ” saying ragini came to siddhant who was about to get into his car.

” k is their any need to ask about it. you will come with me only ” said siddhant smiling.

” thanku very much. wait in five min I will be back ” saying ragini left.

” ragini has some magic in her. seeing her don’t know how my mood gets lite. it’s just a day and I am feeling I know her since ages don’t know why I am feeling so protected towards her. how much I try to remember she was the reason for my shona’s incomplete love story but I am not getting angry on her, instead I am warning Sanskar not to hurt her. strange the siddhant gododia who not even talk to new people today was feeling a unknown connection with the girl he met just a day before ” thought siddhant.
ragini coming back with a bundle of files in her hands and she was struggling to walk with them.
Sanskar who was confused with siddhant behaviour and was thinking about his words was coming in the same direction without noticing bumped into ragini making her fall along with files over her.

“are you blind can’t you see your surroundings while walking and who told you to carry so many files at a time when you can’t ” shouted angry sanskar making ragini frown.

” what do you think of your self Mr sadu maheshwari. because after you I had fallen down instead of helping your are shouting on me I am correct you are a daku ” ragini said frowning while dusting her elbows.

all the staff were looking at them as if their was a picture going on.

” I am not giving you all salaries to see me do your work said Sanskar giving glares to the staff. you Ms dixit don’t forget I am your boss don’t you dare to call me with those stupid names of yours. I am not going to tolerate your madness over here. this is my office not any play ground. here talent matters and I know very well you don’t have any of such talent to stick over here. you should be glad I gave you opportunity to prove your self if you failed in the challenge which will definitely happen be ready to leave this job and even this city ” said Sanskar leaving a teary ragini and left.

” ragini made Sanskar sir upset on first day only. now she can’t stick even for a single day, I never saw Sanskar sir this angry before ” vani said.

” ha yaar, now he will not let a chance to throw ragini out of this office “adithi chukkled.

” guys please focus on work ” saying ajay helped ragini to get up and picking the files” don’t worry ragini they are like that only complete the work or else Sanskar sir really won’t spare you ”

ragini never gave a dam to any one but Sanskar always had a effect on her. if their was some other person in place of Sanskar she would have given left and right to him till now. and if it is not Sanskar she would never behaved with him the way she behaved from the time they first met. she never thought of asking anything to Sanskar as she feels she had a right on him may be that I the reason she always argues with him and make things happen in the way she want either joining in his office or staying in his home. now also she is not getting why tears are coming from her eyes. she don’t want her self to fall week. though Sanskar always scolds her but he never did it in front of others, today he shouted on her in front of the office staff which made her upset, not upset but more than that. she know that she was never mattered for him but the way he always try to get ride of her made her think is she really that bad that sanskar was trying hard to make her go away from her life.

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hope you guys are liking it.. positive and negative feedback is welcomed… keep smiling.. stay blessed… spread positivity…love you all ???

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