Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 9th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 9th May 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 9th May 2013 Written Update

The showdown continues with Adi on full roll..He accuses her of breaking his trust, Trust, a trait that he had learnt the hard way and that lesson was taught by Pankhudi, the very lady who has now broken it ..So saying Adi drives off on his bike leaving a teary eyed Pankhudi looking after him.


Preeti is taking Nanu to task and asking how could he have allowed such a thing to happen ..Nanu admits a certain amount of guilt and being beguiled by Pankhud’s confidence ..Preeti says that she will rush to Adi’s house and placate him but Nanu stops her , says that today only Pankhudi is the only person who can calm him and bring him to even temper ..


Some surprise is being planned and guest list is being readied which includes Neha ..



is crying her heart out, she says that she understands Adi’s anger and he is right in getting angry too but the fact that he has not come home is getting her worried .. She speaks of going out and searching for Adi ..The Man friday Shanky stops her pointing out that it is late at night *Logic is a weak point in SP Heroines* ..Pankhudi sinks back on to her place ..


Adi is seen walking all alone on the road , thinking about everything that has happened .. the soft voice of Pankhudi and her words echoing , reechoing ..

Meanwhile in Kumar’s house, Pankhudi gets a call from Nanu who wants to know whether things has been sorted , on hearing the Sob of Pankhudi in reply ..Nanu replies that he is coming there but he is stopped by Pankhudi..


Kaira is having a meltdown and is raving against her family..Seeing her emotionally disturbed, Manan calms her down., tempts her with a pill that will offer her the much needed peace , He does warn her that it is dangerous but Kaira insists on having it ..Manan hands her a pill which Kaira swallows.

Latika and Shiela are gloating and wondering about the fate of Pankhudi …

Manan is looking intently at Kaira, asks her gently about her feelings , Kaira asks for another, Manan refuses to hand over the pills saying that it is dangerous, Kaira asks for 1 last time , Manan yields with reluctance but giving a solemn alert that he will never hand her another .. kaira thanks him and walks away..

Manan gives a sinister smile after Kaira leaves and promises that he will ensure that Kaira gets addicted to the pill..


Pankhudi and Shanky decide to seek Adi out and open the door , and find themselves looking Adi who has just come there.. Adi refuses to speak to Pankhudi, spends the night in Harish’s room and walks away..


Shiela begins to realize the worth of Pankhudi when she understands with no Pankhudi, It is Shiela who has to prepare the breakfast, Rubal comes in and adds his share of Salt on to her already burning heart ..Kaira comes in and almost stops Shiela’s heart by saying that Manan is unwell and will be staying on longer ..

Adi commands that Pankhudi should resign from her job ..Outside .. Pankhudi is seen with a flower bouquet and she gets the phone call from Kulu, inviting both Adi and Pankhudi for Grandpa’s birthday..Pankhudi assures him of their presence.

Update Credit to: Tanthya

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