Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 9th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 9th July 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 9th July 2013 Written Update

Adi gets disturbed by Rubel.
Dada-Nanu shares some light moments while taking tea.
Latika-Rubel reads a letter in their room and plans something against Adi and gets signature from Nirmala despande. Rubel also says that everyone knows that i had called police but nobody said anything to me!…he also says that all will suffer.
Dadaji returns back to Kullu-Manali while we see a light moments with other family members . Nana remembers that his hairs are so black due to home remedies by Nani which makes Adi uncomfortable but he says he also wants to know those remedies , he will apply them at his old age. Sameer calls Preeti , Adi teases her. Dadaji gives blessings to PaYa and teases Nanu as bhudau…and both teases eachother.
The letter made by Rubel

goes missing and all three Sheila , rubel and latika finds them.
Preeti gets that letter from rubel’s files and she tells this to Pankhuri that Sammerr told her everything that his dad is involved with rubel. Panhuri and preeti goes to hall and confronts rubel.
Sameer tells everything to Nirmala and she feels shy.
All gets to know about rubel’s cheap nuisince and anuj trries to slap rubel. Adi gets the letter which was laying on floor and he reads it…Pankhuri-Avantika tries to calm adi…but he gets in guilt. They all says that nirmala ji will clear all Adi’s doubts but adi is shattred.
Adi questiona Nanu that why didnt he told him that he did that mistake of removing Nani’s mask and its not a mistake. Nirmala enters there and clears all adi’s doubt and tells that i signed that letter in cheating by my husband…who is involved with rubel. Rubel shouts that why she is involving him? give proofs? Avantika stops him that she dont need any proofs…

Preeti breaks her wedding saying that adi is important to us…and hence i dont want this marriage. All stops preeti …
Rubel accuses Adi for whole thing and says because of hgim preeti bua is not getting married.All stops him but he says this man adi is a culprit…truth hurts and i always speak truth.(oh really mr.donkey, god will not sapre you!) All just hear him like all are dumbs…! who can not do anything to stop rubel , all satnd like useless fellows around…Harish protests adi.

All fighting like useless donkeys like always…while Adi in tears goes from Hall to somewhere…shanky shouts that adi is going somewhere…!

All goes to find Adi and avantika stops pankhuri from going but preeti tells her to go as well. Harish-Avantika discuss about adi and avantika cries…and takes harish’s mobile to call as she forgot her mobile. Episode ends here.

PRECAP – Pankhuri goes to Harish’s flat to find Aditya. Avantu-Harish goes to police station to find him but he is no where.

Update Credit to: Dev

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