Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 9th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 9th January 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 9th January 2013 Written Update

Episode started with Adi thinking abut what to tell Pankuri and how to manage the situation, and with these thoughts, he started driving the car, called Maasi and said Avantika is anoyed with him, Preety says Avantika’s annoyance is right but they are not in a position to disclose everything now.

Adi calls Pankuri, Pankuri conveyed Adi that she was thinking about him only, Adi jokes with her, says he missed the flight due to her as she wished that Adi stay in Mumbai and so her wish came true

Pankuri was smiling broadly, Adi says in phone that now Pankuri is surely smiling, Pankuri is shocked and says how come Adi got to know, is he close by Adi says he will come but meanwhile Pankuri should have to count one to 100 in reverse order and before that he will surely arrive.

Pankuri starts counting, and a car screeches to a halt, Pankuri thought that Adi came, and opened her eyes to find Latika

Pankuri asks Latika how come she is here now, Latika asks her to relax and says she came here just to accompany a friend and see him off at the airport. Now another car appears in the scene and Rubel comes out, Rubel hugs Latika and says her that it is very nice gesture on her part to come. Pankuri gets shocked and wonders how come these two are friends, and now Adi appears on the scene too

Adi comes out of car and is shocked to see Latika standing with Rubel, Adi was about to say harsh words to Latika but Rubel stood in his path and says she came to meet him. Adi tries hard to convey regarding Latika’s character and was going to explain about how she painted a wrong image of Adi to everyone, but Rubel refused to listen all that, says it was Adi’s fault too as inspite of being engaged to Latika, he was spending time with Pankuri and taking her on date, Adi is furious and says he did nothing of that sort, but Rubel says he will miss his flight and so goes off in a huff. Rubel also told Adi before leaving that since he left the Singapore project, Avantika has entrusted him with it and also says Avantika was annoyed with Adi for talking to Preety Maasi.He asked him not to interfere in personal matters of Rubel
Pankuri was wonder-struck and left shocked on listening these words from Rubel’s mouth.

In car, Rubel & Latika chats, and Latika says to Rubel not to get tensed and she quite expected these sorts of reaction from PaYa, and the whole Diwan family now hates her including Sheila Mami. Rubel says it is bacause she brought false allegation in Adi’s name Suddenly Rubel gets a call from Sheila Mami, and she asks Rubel about his whereabouts and whether he reached airport or not, Rubel says he is in car, Mami asks why he refused taking driver, Rubel says it is because a friend is accompanying him, and then ends call. Sheila Mami is left puzzled as to how come this friend dropped out of nowhere and says these days boys do whatever they wish Latika asks Rubel why he chose not to inform that she is with him, and Rubel says then 50 more questions would have followed and he really hates the kind of question which his Mom asks on & off. Latika thinks in her mind that to get through to Diwan Mansion once again, she will have to first take Sheila Mami into confidence and the rest of the job is pretty easy for her.

In kullu, Pushkar says to Dada Ji that to recover their financial condition they will have to selll some land, and earmarks a land near to National Highway 42, Dada Ji suddenly denies that and says that plot should be left alone, Ambika tries telling that the plot is idle for many years and there won’t be any problem in selling it but Dada Ji says everyone should be given their own right to sell their respective property and that plot should be out of their purview

Pankuri wants to know why Adi changed decision but Adi tries to veer her attention to different matters, says she looks worried and doesn’t seem happy on his return, also says that he has planned to see a movie with her and hurries her into car Just then Avantika’s car came, Avantika asks Adi that if he wasn’t interested for the meeting, why he kept her waiting, Adi says he sensed that Avantika was upset, so left, and Avantika talks to Mr. Mehta on phone and straightaway tells him to consult Rubel on certain project matters, says apart from Adi there are people to handle the job and she cannot run a company with just a few handful of people. Adi tries to clear misunderstanding but Avantika is in no mood to listen, says as he chose to stay with Pankuri here in India, similarly she made her decision and goes away. Pankuri caught something that Adi was trying to say but Avantika didn’t want to listen regarding Preeti Maasi.

In Kullu, Geeta returns in house only to see Govardhan sitting right inside her house Geeta is shocked and says it is illegal to break into someone’s house without permission, and Govardhan jokes, says who is teaching law to whom, and asks her to reveal the person who instigated her to speak rubbish on behalf of Gupta family, Geeta doesn’t break down and argues with Govardhan

In city hospital, Sheila Mami went to the record room but is confronted by a staff, Sheila tries to bribe him, but the man demands 1000 rupees, Sheila says she recorded his voice on her phone and threatens to get him fire from job, and the man immediately lets her in.
Sheila praises her abilities herself and says she is adept at getting a job done by paying half the price In record room Sheila starts searching but Latika enters the room from another door and Sheila stands shocked and silent

PaYa returning after seeing movie and discussing about the movie, Adi stops at a roadside stall to eat pani-puri, and as Pankuri tries to know the reason for his sudden decision change and going over to Preety Maasi (which Adi revealed while talking to Avantika), Adi stuffs Pankuri’s mouth with pani-puri and says later that it is only due to her that he didn’t took the decision of going to Singapore. He stayed here just for Pankuri’s sake.

Precap: Seems like a PaYa argument is going on, Adi saying he changed his mind at last moment, but Pankuri isn’t convinced, says she is sure Adi is hiding something, and says she is sad that Adi doesn’t trust him and wants to know the truth from Adi at any cost

Update Credit to: SAIBALROUTH

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