Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 8th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 8th October 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 8th October 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Anuj saying Chachiji is right. Adi and Pankhudi did this drama for some motive. Kaira is disgusted. Chachiji asks Anuj to get ready to go to airport. Anuj says he will talk with them first. She tries to convince Anuj to leave now. Kaira says she will talk with Adi and then only will leave for airport. Chachiji says Rubel is in pain and they are after property. They don’t care for Rubel and tells Chachaji that we have to bend for our family happiness. Anuj says it is their drama and I won’t let anything bad happen to your family. Chachiji thinks Adi’s plan will backfire soon.

Kaira calls Adi and asks him why he took this decision. Adi says he took the decision for Pankhudi’s safety and well being. He says after Rubel gets fine, I will explain

to you everything. He asks her to trust her decision. Kaira asks but why divorce. Adi says Rubel and Mami needs you now. And says they know what they are doing.

Ambika tells Pankhudi’s dad about the festival. He tells he will talk with Anuj. Adi tells Pankhudi that they have to tell in Kulu. Pankhudi worries for her mom. Adi says we have to inform them before the divorce. Adi calls Ambika and says he wants to talk to her. She asks is everything fine? Adi says I and Pankhudi are taking divorce. She is taken aback and shocked.

Anuradha tells Revathi that Adi and Pankhudi are divorcing each other and cries. Ambika says she is not understanding anything. Adi says everything will remain same, just on papers Pankhudi would not be his wife. Ambika says then what is left? Adi says they will come and explain to them. She asks for Pankhudi? Pankhudi asks her to support Adi. She tells Pankhudi’s dad, who is disgusted to know that. He says they have to go tomorrow morning to Mumbai.

Avantika says I shouldn’t have let them go to the Deewan mansion. I am sure that the old lady is ready with the papers. Preeti comes and asks what is the matter. Adi and Pankhudi comes to the Deewan Mansion. Shanky tells them that Manorama is spreading false rumours. Adi says he will explain to him later. Preeti says we have to stop this divorce. she says marriage don’t work on practically. She decides to go with Avantika.

Adi and Pankhudi comes to Chachiji and says handover the CD. He says then only they will sign on the divorce papers. Chachiji gives them CD. Adi checks the CD in the laptop and breaks the CD. Chachiji asks them to sign on the papers. Adi and Pankhudi look at each other, Chachiji asks them to stop the drama and sign on the papers. Adi signs first and gives the papers to Pankhudi while the PKDH music is playing. Pankhudi is about to sign, Preeti comes with Avantika and calls Pankhudi.

Preeti asks them to stop it and asks what is the need of divorce. She says she knows how to handle these cheap people. Adi says I understand and says they don’t have any other way. Adi asks Avantika to explain. Avantika asks don’t you have any other way. Chachiji says let it be to Pankhudi. She says it is very easy to talk big and thinks to fulfill nanu’s dreams. Pankhudi signs on the papers. Chachiji smiles and takes the papers. Adi tells Preeti that they need support. Pankhudi tells Adi, that she have to do her packing. Manik Chacha comes there and recalls Adi’s words. Ambika tells Pankhudi’s dad that whether he kept the tickets. Pankhudi’s dad says how can Adi’s parents supported Adi. He gets angry and says what will he answer to people. Ambika says what they will tell to Dadaji.

Shanky asks Adi and Pankhudi, whether Anuradha said the truth. Adi says you heard right, We have taken the divorce. Shanky says he can’t allow Pankhudi to go. Adi says she is leaving now. Shanky says he will tie Pankhudi to stop her from leaving. Pankhudi requests Shanky kaka not to stop her. Adi says they are doing for her safety, to protect nanu’s dreams. Shanky cries. Adi asks him to support him.

Avantika comes to Chachiji with CD’s in her hand. She says she knew it. She asks you said you will give all the proof to Adi but you made copies. She reminds them of their deal with Adi. She says she is a fool to expect honesty with them. Chachiji asks them not to cross the limits. Avantika says do you want to call Anuj. What will you tell that you have manipulated Rubel to do the wrong thing. She says she is not telling Anuj anything as they don’t want to disturb him. Avantika says you have to pay for seperating my kids. Preeti says she can’t believe that Chachaji is her Dad’s brother. She asks how can you be so manipulaive, shrewd, wicked. Chachaji asks Preeti to talk nicely with her. Preeti tells him that she manipulated Sadanand and offered him money to seperate her and Sameer as he needed money for his daughter’s operation. The episode ends on Avantika teary eyed face.

Pankhudi asks Adi, when he did everything. Adi says he has done it and says he can do it for his wife and then stops.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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