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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 8th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Adi and Ayesha coming to meet the editor of the magazine. Arif’s mum Farida asks Arif how did this happen. He acts innocent and says Ayesha doubts me for this, you tell me, can I do this, I love her. She says I trust you. He says we have to support them in this bad time. Farida calls Nilofer and says Arif told me about Ayesha, how is she now, I m worried about her. Nilofer says Ayesha said Arif did this, Farida says Arif can’t do such bad thing, he loves her and can’t see her in pain. Nilofer says even I was thinking how can he do this. Farida asks her to talk to Arif. Arif talks to Nilofer and calls her Ammi. He apologizes to her and acts sweet. He says trust me, I can’t let anything wrong happen with Ayesha, we are with you, don’t worry. Nilofer thanks him and

ends the call.

Arif smiles. Adi scolds the editor and asks how did this happen. Editor says I did not do this, I was on holiday and the sub editor did this, Adi says call him now. The editor says his phone is off. Adi asks him for the address. Nilofer waits for Ayesha as its time for meeting. Sheela comes to them and asks them to do the packing, and we came here to lock the outhouse. Payal smiles and taunts Nafisa. Nilofer says I can’t hear a word against my daughters. Sheela says no one will marry Ayesha now, after she did, and then how can others get married.

Nilofer calls Ayesha and asks did she get any proof, as its time for meeting. Ayesha says no. Nilofer asks her to come home. She scolds Ayesha. Adi asks Ayesha what did she say, lets go home, I will try to get that man. Nani and Harish come there and say we will go together. Nilofer is miffed and says we don’t need you now. Harish says we are with you. Adi and Ayesha comes there. Adi says I will come with you in meeting, Nilofer says no, Allah is with us. Nani asks Adi how did he not get any proof. Adi says no but I won’t give up.

Arif says Farida we have to go in the meeting. He says sorry Ammi, everything is fair in love and war. Ayesha thinks sorry Pankhudi, people are misunderstanding you because of me, but I will clear your name. Ayesha and her family go for the meeting. The lady asks them do they have any proof. Ayesha is speechless. Ayesha says she is not Pankhudi Kumar, but Ayesha. They are shocked. Nani asks Harish to wait for Ayesha to come back. Harish gets Avantika’s call and says did she know the photo matter. He talks to her.

He is relieved as Avantika did not know, I miss you. The ladies taunt Nilofer for making her daughter become someone’s wife. They scold and taunt Nilofer blaming her for everything. Ayesha says stop it, tell me, not my mum. They scold Ayesha and says we will file a case against you and hype it in media to get you punished. Ayesha says you want to use me for publicity of your organization. Ayesha says I will not apologize as I did not do any mistake. They ask Ayesha to prove her innocence in court.

Nilofer says no, don’t do this, and asks Ayesha to apologize. Ayesha says why. Nilofer apologizes to them and says if this happens, no one will marry her. Arif comes with Farida and says I will marry her. Everyone is shocked seeing him. Farida tells the ladies that I m Arif’s mum, someone did this by planning, Ayesha is innocent. Arif says these are pics of actual shoot. They see it and come to know that Ayesha is really innocent. Arif becomes great in Nilofer’s eyes. They say we won’t case on Ayesha now.

They ask Ayesha to take police help and say Ayesha is lucky as Arif saved her. They leave. Nilofer thanks Arif. Arif says don’t thank me, make me marry Ayesha, I will keep her happy. Ayesha says I k now you did all this, I won’t marry you. Nilofer says stop it. Ayesha says he is wrong and I won’t come in his words. Nilofer stops Ayesha and says Arif is a good man, I know this, you have to marry him. Ayesha says no. Nilofer says then see my dead face. Ayesha is shocked.

Nilofer says either marry him or break every relation with me. Ayesha cries and says yes, I will marry Arif. Arif smiles. Nafisa thinsk she has to get proof against Arif, to stop their marriage, but what to do. Farida asks Ayesha to trust her as Arif will really keep her happy. She asks Nilofer to fix their marriage before Ramzan. Nilofer says fine, we will do it today. Farida says then lets do the arrangements for Nikaah today, Nafisa says I will go outhouse and come. Nilofer says I will go to Arif’s house.

Adi is hunting for proof and says Arif is very smart. Nafisa asks Adi to meet her soon at Arif’s office. She says we will get all proof there. Adi says fine, I m coming. Rubel calls Shanky for some work. Payal says you can tell me. She again brings Nafisa in the talk and he leaves annoyed. Adi meets Nafisa and she tells him that Arif is marrying Ayesha today without her wish. She admits her crime and she joined Arif. She tells him everything. Adi is shocked.

Adi says how can you be so jealous with your sister. Nafisa says I m sure Arif did this, if we pressurize Jackie, he will tell us, we have less time. Adi is stunned knowing about her Nikaah.

Ayesha and Arif’s Nikaah is going on. Ayesha does not say Qubool Hai.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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