Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 8th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 8th July 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 8th July 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Dadaji and Pankhuri coming to the police station. Harish takes his blessings. Dadaji says he came to be with them. He says dont worry and everything will be fine. He says sorry for not informing them before coming. Harish says you did right. Adi comes and Avantika says lets go home.

Latika tells Rubel that they will not get any benefit out of the police case as Adi was a kid during that time. Rubel says he knows what he is doing, and says he knows that no case can be file against Adi but emotionally and psychologically they can harm Adi. And for that he has already made a plan. Latika asks what is that? Rubel says for that you have to wait and watch.

Adi comes back home with Avantika, Pankhuri and Harish. Nanu asks him about the session. Avantika

says it was ok. Nanu meets Dadaji and greets him. Avantika asks Adi to rest, but Adi says he needs to go to office. Nanu also asks him to rest, but Adi says he have to go. He looks at pankhuri. He asks for the car keys from Avantika and leaves.

Sameer’s dad is angry because his poems are not getting recognition. Sameer comes and says he cares for other’s kid but he didn’t care for his wife and son. Sameer tells him about his mother’s struggles.

Pankhuri tells sorry to Avantika for coming to the police station against her wishes. Avantika says no need for sorry as you ultimately do whatever you wants to do. She says you want Adi to face his fears. Pankhuri says she wasn’t aware of Dadaji’s arrival. Avantika says she didn’t ask anything and her dadaji or her family members can come at anytime to meet her. She says you have to take care of him as he is our guest. Pankhuri nods in a yes. Avantika says she dont need to be formal as she dont like it. Pankhuri leaves.

Rubel meets Sameer’s dad. Rubel says he will help him in taking revenge against Dewan family. Sameer’s dad says he will not trust him. He says he just wants his wife’s signature on some papers that says Adi removes the mask from his nani knowingly. Sameer’s dad says he will not do anything wrong. Rubel provokes him to take revenge from Dewan family and makes him remember the insult faced by his family. Sameer’s dad is in thought. Rubel says it is upto you to decide.

Adi comes to the office and thinks I need to stay normal. I can’t be upset because it will effect on mom and Pankhuri. Harish tells Avantika that you are behaving badly with Pankhuri. She says she is behaving like a mom. Harish says how can you doubt her intentions, Avantika says she is giving security to Adi. She says she always respect the fact that Pankhuri cares for Adi but she isn’t mature enough to handle the situation. Harish says they united because of Pankhuri.

Dadaji tells his son Diwakar that everything is fine here. Avantika comes to him and says sorry for not speaking properly to him. Dadaji asks him to take care of herself. Avantika says Pankhuri is good but sometimes she takes the decision by getting emotional which was not good. Dadaji says you are fulfilling the duty of a mother and Pankhuri is doing the duty of a wife. He talks about their different perspectives. Adi comes and asks him to play chess. Avantika asks Adi, did he have anything. Adi says no. Pankhuri comes there, Avantika asks her didn’t she asks him to eat. Adi says she didnt feel like eating. Pankhuri says she didn’t force him. Avantika says next time if he dont eat then she will force him to eat. Adi says mom gets hyper sometimes. Adi tells Dadaji that he is fine and everything will be alright soon.

Dadaji tells him that everyone are right on their own thinking. He asks him to have faith on his loved ones. Sameer’s dad type the papers to get signed by his wife. He is in dilemma about his doings. His wife comes and asks him about the book and says to look forward in his life. He asks her to sign on some papers. She signs on the papers without reading the content. He calls Rubel and says papers got signed.

Adi is on the phone call, then he teases Pankhuri for reading the page 3 on the newspaper. Both of them tear the newspaper. Harish comes there and asks for the newspaper. Pankhuri and Adi says the other one was reading the newspaper. Pankhuri tells him that it was torn. Harish smiles and asks them to behave like a husband and wife. Adi leaves. Harish says he knows Adi is trying to be normal but he fears. The episode ends on Pankhuri’s sad face.

Adi asks Rubel to practice the catch practice. Rubel says once you read that letter, your confidence will break.

Update Credit to: Hasan

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