Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 8th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 8th January 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 8th January 2013 Written Update

Episode starts Where Nanu talking with Harish in the phone .. Tells him that Adi is going to Singapore ..
Adi reached Harish’s home .. Dadi asks him why he didn’t take Pankhu with him, Adi said I can’t force anyone !! Dadi try to calm Adi but Adi said that he made his decision !! He want to go away from thisenvironment!! Adi goes to pack his Luggage!!

Nana with Shanky .. Nana is all depressed with what happened .. Things turned lot different than he thought .. Instead of getting my family together .. They are going apart!! Plus, now Pankhuri-Adi’s relations is affected!!

Adi is packing … Pankhuri crying in her room asking herself if she made a wrong decision by not going with Adi!!,

Harish in deep thinking about Adi’s words ..

In Diwan Mansion ..
Pankhuri face filled with tears .. Nana comes there and tell not to try to hide her tears from him and ask her why she didn’t go with Adi?? There is no hope left here!!
Avantika comes and agrees with her dad and tell Pankhuri that she is surprised that she still have hopes from her n Avantika .. Why she don’t think that Harish is at fault??
Nana says why you are arguing with her .. She already upset with Adi’s leave!!
Avantika says yes .. She is a nice girl but there is a difference between goodness and stupidity !! And what she is doing now iss stupidity not goodness .. By trying to solve other relations .. And not concentrating in her own realationship !!

Adi going to airport .. Harish chasing him by his car!!

Adi comes out from his car!! Harish yelled on him saying ” you wanna know the truth right? .. I will tell you the whole truth right now !! ”

Then Harish tells him the truth :/ ..

Adi is shocked and all surprised by Harish’s words!!!

Adi looks so down after that .. Harish tells him that’s why I didn’t want to tell the truth !!

Adi regrets what he done and ask forgiveness form his father .. And HUG HIM !!!

Adi says I am so fool .. How can I suspect you!! .. Please forgive me dad ..

Harish said let it go Adi .. Forget everything !!!

Scene back to Diwan mansion ..

Avantika tell Pankhu .. First solve your own problems then others’ problems !!

Preeti sit in her car .. Adi comes and stops her !! And again he regret his action!! And ask forgiveness from Maasi .. And tell her that dad tells him everything!! Preeti shocked and says that we didn’t intend to tell anyone … Becoz it only will hurt the other .. It will be so painful !! Bu This Geeta come and ..

Adi with all tears 🙁 ( saying sorry to her .. And HUG his Maasi too 🙂 ))) and how stupid he is to suspect her and Harish !!
Scenes ends after Preeti smiles 🙂 )

Sheela in her room .. Talking to that Geeta about her money .. Pankhuri comes there ..
Sheela tells Pankhu to come inside !!
Sheela said that she was talking to the Caterer about his money .. But Pankhu said I have paid all his bills !! See ( the paid bills on her hands ) ..
Sheela get confused !, and take the bills and lea be from there !,
Pankhuri feels something fishy !!!

Pankhuri calls Govardhan and ask him weather Geeta reached Kullu or not .. Govardhan said she didn’t !! Once she come I will direct her to the DM sahab 😛 .. Pankhuri asks again .. Govardhan says she is NOT in Kullu she might be in Mumbai or maybe escaped somewhere else !!

Avantika and Rubel in the office talking about a project .. Avantika says call Adi and ask him the details .. Rubel said that there is no need to disturb him .. Avantika said just listen for what I say!! Call him .. He is more experienced than you .. And keep the phone in loud speaker ..

Adi-Preeti in Preeti’s flat!! … He gets Rubel’s call!! Meanwhile Preeti speakes there and Avantika listeners to her voice !!!
Adi tells Rubel that he cancelled his flight .. He is not going to Singapore .. He is coming there and will discuss about the project ..
Avantika asks Rubel weather he want to go to Singapore Rubel agrees happily!!

Preeti’s flat ..
Preeti tells him that go and meat Pankhuri .. And tell her you are not going to Singapore !!
Adi said yeah I am so stupid .. Very stupid .. First I suspected you and dad and yesterday’s night I have said many things to Pankhuri !! I have to make her smile again .. 😉

Preeti tells him that he is so lucky to have Pankhuri as a life partner!! She always stands with you no matter what !! Adi agrees ..

Adi asks Preeti to come back home .. She said no .. We can’t tell Avnfika the truth .. We have to hide it !!

Rubel with his mom ..
Sheela asked why he agreed to go for Singapore .. He should try to impress Avantika .. Rubel said that when I agreed to go to Singapore after Adi’s call .. I have already entered in her good books :/ ..
Sheela confused for why Adi goes to Preeti .. Why happend in one night .. So that he forgets everything!!
Rubel makes Sheela sure that he will be successful in this project better than Adi !!

In Avantika office ..
Adi enters without Knocking the door!! Avantika shouts on him ..
Adi give an excuse for not going Singapore that he has many incomplete project here .. So he has to be here
Avantika says ‘Mr Aditya Kumar’ u r forgetting that our company have lots of amazing workers to do your work ( in angry manner )
Adi asks if she is angry with him.. If you want me to go to Singapore tell me I will go now .. .. .. Avantika said why you are asking me .. Go and Ask Harish and Preeti ?? Avantika said she knows that he was with Preeti!!
Avantika with tears said .. How come you forget everything ?? You were angry more than me right ?. Di you also think that Preeti and Haish are not at fault ??
Adi tries to explain .. Avantika SHOUTs don’t give me explanations now .. I understand that no one is with me .. I didn’t care so much about another relation expect mine and my son .. And now that’s also gone .. 🙁 ( ( Avantiak all shattered )

Precap: PaYa’s phone conversation. Adi tells her that he missed flight because of her and asks her to count from 100 to 0 and he will be in front of her. Pankhuri is happy.

Update Credit to: f.s.m

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