Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 8th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 8th February 2014 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 8th February 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Adi asking Mr. Pathak who published the fake news about them. The newspaper owner comes and says you will get punishment for your mistake. He promised to publish a public apology in his newspaper. Adi says, you have done so much damage and you will cover it too. Payal comes to Anu’s room and pretends to cry. She says, Pankhudi dominates me everytime. I agree that I am bahu because of her but I am not her personal property. She was after me, she is asking me to stop mom from doing partition. She is blaming me for the partition. Anu says, how she can think like that. Pankhudi comes and asks Payal to come. She says, how can you tell anu about us. Payal and Pankhudi pretend to fight with each other. Payal asks Anu to come and takes her outside the room. Pankhudi

takes Anu’s mobile but battery is low. Pankhudi searches for the charger. Payal tells Anu that Pankhudi said that you are a loser. Anu says, I will go to my room. Pankhudi comes out of Anu’s room and finds Mangal there. Payal stops her and says I think you are upset. Will you leave the house for Pankhudi.

Anu says, I won’t leave. I know about Pankhudi. Let partition happen then you both will go different ways. Pankhudi tells Mangal that she came to meet Anu and leaves. Mangal senses something is fishy. Anu comes to her room. Mangal tells Anu that in 2 hours, partition will be done. Mangal tells her that Pankhudi was in her room and looks shocked. Pankhudi says, Anu is smart. She deleted her call history and messages. Payal says, we have to stop the partition anyway. Ambika tells Dadaji that what is the use of money and power when there is no peace at home. Dadaji says, happiness lies in living with family members. Ambika praises Sheela as she don’t know anything about Sheela. Anu thinks to give the good news to Latika. She searches for her phone. Mangal says, it is Payal and Pankhudi’s drama. Pankhudi might have stolen your phone. Anu says, what we will do now.

Adi and Rubel come back. Pankhudi tells her that Anu deleted everything from her mobile. Just then they get a call from Latika. Pankhudi picks the call and puts the call on the loudspeaker. Everyone hear her voice. Adi says, it is Latika’s voice. Rubel says, it means she is with Anu. Adi says, we have to teach her a lesson. Rubel asks Payal to talk to Latika. Payal picks the call. Latika says, where are you? Payal says, yes. Latika says, did they agree for partition? Payal asks her to come to the Deewan Mansion. She says everyone is alone. You can take some jewellery of Sheela Deewan. Latika says, ok. Rubel asks Payal to delete the details. Pankhudi says, I have to talk to mama, mami and Anu. Adi says, we will talk infront of everyone. But Pankhudi says, I have to talk to them first.

Nirmala tells Preeti to be practical and get her share in the partition. Preeti says, I respect you but I don’t need anything. Sameer says, decision is ours. Pankhudi comes to Anu. Anu says, my phone is with you and does a drama. Pankhudi says, lets talk in open. I know that you have instigated Sheela mami against her family. Anu says, you are very smart. Padma says, I will tell Didi that you are blaming us. Pankhudi says, bring her here so that I can show her journalist card. One card can change your life and plan. What Sheela mami will think? Mangal and Padma ask, what do you want? Pankhudi says, yes or no. Padma says, yes. We have published the fake news as we want to tarnished Avantika’s ego. Padma says, yes. We had hidden Sheela’s friend card but you don’t have any proofs. Padma says, Sheela will blindly trust her. Pankhudi says, we will make a deal. Padma says, what do you want?

Pankhudi says, I had promised Nanaji that I will never allow the partition to happen. Please stop this partition. I will keep my mouth shut and will not tell about your secret. Padma says, you will do as we says. Pankhudi says yes. Padma asks her to give her place to Anu in Adi’s life. Anu says, what are you saying? Pankhudi says, how you can think this? Anu says, I don’t want that. Padma says, you have place in Adi’s life and I will get it. Mangal agrees her. Padma asks her to do as she says. Pankhudi agrees. Pankhudi says, But I want Nani ji’s jewellery as I have promised Nanaji. I will come here to take the jewellery and then will leave from this house. Stop the partition.

Kaira asks Sheela about the jewellery. Sheela asks Mangal. Avantika says, where it is. Sheela says, I took it out. Pankhudi says, I have Nani’s jewellery bag.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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