Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 8th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 8th February 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 8th February 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Sheela showing crocodile tears to Avantika, saying she is feeling sorry for Anuj’s behavior -_- and she is so guilty for it!!

Diwan Mansion hall – dining table ..
Nanu, Adi and Preeti seems very happy!! Nanu says by biggest joy will be the day Harish and Avantika will reunite and start their new beginning!!
Nanu tells Adi to call his Dadi to ask about Harish, Adi says she has gone to Ahmedabad for some occasion!!
Adi asks where is everybody else ?? Meanwhile Pankhuri and Avantika passed by looking serious!!! Adi asks weather you both has Saas-Bahu argument 😛 .. Then he realized there is something serious..
Nanu comes down asking them what’s the matter, just then Anuj comes and says nothing special dad, she

just left the rights she didn’t deserve,!! She gave me all the decision making power of The business as well as this house’s!!

Adi, Preeti and Nanu shocked!!
Sheela acting nice and trying to stop Anuj!! Adi question Avantika why she did this ?? Anuj says if she didn’t then I and my family would leave this house and dad’s dream of seeing this family together could break!
Nanu speaks saying if to fulfill this dream we have to do this,then I don’t want my dream to come true!! Nanu question Anuj how dare he to do this ?? Doesn’t he has any respect for his dad ?

Anuj says not respect but fear!! Since childhood I always feared you, don’t thins only who have faced partiality .. I too !!
Anuj blames Nanu on how he used to fulfill every wish of Avantika!!
Anuj says you gave Avantika all powers of the company which by law it should be mine, u also injustice Sheela, on Adi’s comparison u always him more than my son, but yet I was silent!! But it’s ENOUGH now, I can’t li e like a looser anymore..
Anuj says whenever I speak for my right this family’s members think I am wrong!!
Anuj blames Nanu saying because of this partiality now situations take this turn!!

Nanu says if you had this much in your heart then you should tell me that day I came to you!! He says Preeti always had complains but she tell me, she speaks .. And today you did all this without speaking ?? This is wrong and I don’t want any explanations!!
Rubel tries to interface but Nanu stops him, here Anuj again shouts saying why he can’t ?? You always let Adi speaks but not Rubel ..

Anuj says to Nanu … Why you don’t accept that you a biased person!!?? 0_o you always unfair us!!

Rubel comes to his act asking Sheela why she didn’t speak for her justice!! :/ Sheela shows crocodile tears and say she don’t want anything except this family’s happiness!!

Adi now join the scene trying to sort things
saying we could solve this matter in a better way, there is no need to create this big issue!! Adi goes to Anuj tells him everyone in this home have equal right!!! if you feel Nanu was unfair to you so I am totally ready to give my position to Rubel … I have no problem .. Adi goes to Sheela Mami and tell she has the right to make decisions in this house as well as Mama ( Anuj ) has right to make decisions in the business ..

Rubel interrupt saying what do you mean by equal right ?? You are mistaken, by all mean all this is for us not for you Adi KUMAR!!! Rubel surprised that Adi doesn’t become angry this time, Rubel tells him it’s better for him!!

Preeti Maasi shouts Stop it Rubel!!
Preeti goes to Anuj to tell she is sorry to this that he is CAWORD!! You didn’t stay silent coz you fear Dad but you stayed silent Becoz you know no one can handle this big empire except Avantika Di ..
She goes to Sheela saying you always used to make things worse in this house, you never had any good intention for us and everyone knows that!!
Preet goes back to Anuj telling him yes I had complains with dad and Avantika but that was a personal issue NOT a BUDINESS ONE!!! I always used to run away from my responsibilities not my sisters … Why the hell you called dad as a biased man ??
Sheela interrupts saying what you always against me ?? Rubel tries to make things worse by supporting his mom .. Preeti shouts .. STOP IT MUMMA’s BOY!! U always ask why we love Adi more ?? It’s Becoz u are a spoilt-prat, I’ll-mannered and a bad man!! THAT’S WHY!!

Nanu now stops everyone and goes to ask Avantika why she made this dicision without asking him ?? Nanu blames himself saying its my fault!! I should not make you live together in the first place!!
Avantika says it happend for better dad, I didn’t this family to be broken again and I knew if I asked you you won’t agree .. Nanu Shouts offcourse I won’t agree Becoz it’s wrong!! Even Anuj knows this is wrong, that’s why he came to you and emotionally blackmailed you!! Becoz if he knew it was right he could some to me!!! ( Shouting )
Rubel says what in-justice you made for my dad is also wrong right ??
Adi says NO .. What Anuj mama did is wrong!!

Avantika calms Adi ..Adi asks why you are doing this ?? You always think independent then why you are bowing in front of these people ?? Pankhuri says we should respect Mom’s dicision and her intention behind this ..

Rubel finally enough discussions on this topic .. I hope it is clear to everyone .. And goes!!
Anuj is also about to go but Nanu stops him and tell him that maybe Avantika gave you those powers, don’t worry I won’t snatch them from you but yet there is one power which everyone still have .. The personal disicion power!! Nanu said I made a disicion that is you are not my son from now .. You are not … ( having tears in his eyes ) .. Anuj goes from there …

Adi to Avantika saying I don’t care about myself I don’t want anything, but the business you made it by yourself you gave it to Anuj mama this easily ??
Avantika says come one Adi … I didn’t lost something valuable .. Today in this home I finally found that love and trust which I didn’t have before ( emotional face 🙁 )

Scene ends …

Adi Pankhuri and Avantika on the hall sitting together .. Avantika says to Adi she is planning a vacation for him and Pankhuri as they didn’t have anytime together, Adi say let’s dad come first and sort our your issues with him then we will go …
In the other hand Shanky trying to make Nanu eat something, Nanu is angry .. Pankhuri goes to him and make him those sweets after a sweet argument 🙂 everyone smiles then suddenly Pankhuri looks at the main door a shocked seeing her Vedika Aunty there ( Kailaash’s wife ) as do everyone …

Vedika says she wants to talk to Preeti Diwan privately, Pankhuri asks what you wanna about ?? Adi says you can talk to her in front of us all .. Vedika says it would be better if I talk to her privately, if it wasn’t something important then I would not come by this far …
Preeti Seems a bit nervous but she agrees .. Vedika goes with her to her room ..

Anuj, Rubel and Sheela eating …
Someone from office called Avantika discussing with her about a deal .. Avantika says from now on you contact Mr.Anuj Diwan for everything regard it … Anuj is happy and give a cheeky smile :/
Sheela acting nice again saying don’t leave your brother alone, this company is nothing without you ..
That one calls Anuj, Anuj says from now on I have the authorities to make disiciong in the company :/ … Adi quite angry … .. Rubel and Anuj leave ..
Now Sheela asking what took Vedika so long with Preeti, she asks weather she knew what she is gonna ask, she says I know she wanna know about her hubby’s painful past … Avantika looks at her ..
Episode ends ..

Precap — Adi with Preeti Maasi ..
Adi says why she is feeling so insecure ?? Preeti says it happens, Kailaash was my past but for her he is her present, her future .. Adi asks Preeti weather she still likes Kailaash

Update Credit to: f.s.m

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