Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 8th August 2013 Written Episode Update


Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 8th August 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 8th August 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Sameer telling Preeti that he used to read the stories written by his dad and one day he came to know that those great stories were written by his Dad. He says Sadanand was not bitter then and circumstances forced him to his present condition.

Pankhudi thinks she needs to talk to anuradha, Kaira tells Revathi to spend time with the family. Preeti comes home and welcomes by everyone. Manik says he thought to have dinner in the hall with everyone and told Shanky to serve the food here. Anuj says it is a good idea. Latika tells Rubel that Manik chacha and family didn’t leave till now. Rubel indierctly asks Manik Chacha about their stay. Manik chacha says we will go when we gets a good home. Adi asks, did Rubel said you anything. Adi says you are a family

member and you can’t go anywhere. Anuj asks Manik Chacha to stay back. Rubel gets angry. Anuj tells him not to cross the limits. Chachiji informs everyone that he has decided to shift from Sultanpur to Mumbai. Avantika says it is a big decision. Manik Chacha says we thought to live closely to you people. Adi says but why you wants to go from here. Rubel asks Adi not to force chachaji to stay back. Avantika says it shall be Chachaji’s decision if he wants to stay here. Chachiji says we have decided. Anuj says you will not go anywhere and will stay here. He says if anyone has problems then they can leave this home. Adi says he is feeling hungry. Manik chacha says we shall eat now. Manik Chacha looks at his wife, Kapil looks strangely at Anuradha.

Pankhudi asks Anuradha will you not do dinner with us. Anuradha says she came to wash her hands. Pankhudi tells Anuradha about her friend Roshini and how she was. Anuradha accidently spills the beans that she is Roshini. Pankhudi asks what she wants to say. Chachiji comes there and asks did anything happened? Chachiji says they didn’t get angry with Rubel and says that they will stay together. Anuradha goes with her. Anuj says sorry to Manik chacha. Manik chacha says bhai saheb gave good values to their childrens. They begins to have dinner. Adi asks Pankhudi to have food with him. Avantika asks Preeti to stay here tonight. Preeti says she don’t want to stay here after Dad left them. Avantika asks about Sadanand. Preeti says she will bridge the gap between her and her father in law. Harish jokingly blesses her.

Adi and Kaira plays some game and Adi holds Pankhudi and asks her to play with them. Anuradha looks at Pankhudi. While they are playing the game.light goes off. Pankhudi goes to get the candles, She bumps into Anuradha who gives her candles and warns her to save her family before it is too late. Pankhudi gets shocked.

Anuradha tells Pankhudi not to tell anyone whatever she said. Avantika comes to take the candle. Anuradha leaves after seeing her. Avantika looks at Pankhudi and asks why you are so shocked.


Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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